Newsletter 28 June - 28 June 2019
Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Everybody in the school has a spring in their step today as the community anticipates the next three weeks of rest and relaxation. I hope that families and our students enjoy a slower pace together. The school will still be open and many of our staff will work through this non-term time keeping the school ticking over for the students’ return in July. I thank everyone for their work and commitment to the school this term. Term 2 has gone so quickly and the students and staff have worked hard for good outcomes. The reports that parents receive demonstrate the work the girls have done in all facets of the FACE curriculum and we are proud of their efforts.  The centrality of relationships and learning were celebrated at this week’s Secondary School Assembly when Academic Awards were presented to Years 11 and 12. We will pick up the beginning of next term with our Semester 1 Academic Awards for Years 7-10. I congratulate and acknowledge the hard work of all students and staff this semester in striving for their personal best.

You may have seen Sr Libby Rogerson IBVM in the news this week as part of the work she leads with the multifaith advocacy group called Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. They recently wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister in relation to the climate emergency facing our world and the moral responsibility to respond to this. “We have a sacred responsibility to care for the Earth and all living beings, especially the vulnerable people on the frontlines,” she said.  It is an important reminder for us as a community, having just come out of marking Refugee Week, to appreciate the integrity of all creation and the impact climate change has on the most vulnerable of people.

Congratulations to Maye House who were the winners of the Senior School Athletics Carnival and to Mulhall House who won the Spirit Cup. Well done to all our athletes and everyone who took part in races on the day to secure House points. This leads me to commend our Loreto sport girls who display their values of being strong, committed, resilient and competitive, but don’t lose sight of their compassion and kindness. I received a letter from a mother whose daughter played in goals against our Loreto football team on the weekend, commending them for the beautiful displays of kindness in victory that they showed to her daughter who was upset at letting in the winning goal. This is what we are about as Loreto people, celebrating our success but also recognising when to offer compassion as well.

Well done to all teams who participated in ‘Write a Book in a Day’ on Tuesday in the LRC. The girls formed their teams and planned their day choosing a leader and delegating tasks to each other. The books students produce and publish for ‘Write a Book in a Day’ are all sent off to the Kids Cancer Project and are given to children in hospital. Congratulations to all teams.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the PAL Trivia Night. I’m told it was a great night, even though the staff table picked up the Wooden Spoon “prize”. Thank you to the PAL Executive for organising the event.

I wish all staff and students who are going on the NASA tour and the New York Drama and Visual Arts tour a wonderful and safe trip, as well as our staff and students heading to Yarrabah on their service immersion. 

I wish everyone a safe and happy break and look forward to seeing you all next term with classes commencing on Monday 22 July.  As you enjoy the slower pace, change of environment and the comfort of home I offer you this prayerful reflection from the Loreto Sisters’ book Prayer Times.



Take time to think;
It is a source of power.

Take time to play;
It is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to read;
It is the fountain of wisdom.

Take time to pray;
It is the greatest power on Earth.

Take time to love and be loved;
It is a God Given privilege.

Take time to be friendly;
It is the road to happiness.

Take time to laugh;
It is the music of the soul.

Take time to give;
It is too short a day to be selfish.

Take time to work;
It is the price of success.

Take time to do charity;
It is the key to heaven.

Take Time!


Ms Marina Ugonotti


Head of House: Kuring-gai

Head of House: Kuring-gai

The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are… more cooperative, [more] productive, and more likely to make positive changes [in behaviour] when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.

Ted Wachtel


As educators, we aim to create a learning environment that is supportive and caring. Such an environment entails many factors; however, a highly important one is the quality of relationships that are developed and maintained throughout the school community. There is a strong correlation between profound learning and effective teacher-student relationships.

Social and emotional learning educates young people on understanding and managing their emotions, exhibiting empathy, establishing and maintaining positive relationships and making responsible decisions. Students are encouraged to recognise that feelings are caused by needs being met or not met, not the actions of others. We want students to look at their inner world more so they can learn emotional regulation.

Restorative Practice is an evidence-based approach that assists teachers, students and parents to build, maintain and restore relationships. It aims to build capacity for behaviour self-regulation. The principles of RP are to consider the past, the present and the future rather than focussing on the past and assigning blame.

A restorative mindset holds that the best way to deal with a problem…is to bring those involved, and affected, together…to discuss what has happened and how people have been affected…to help people take responsibility for their misdeeds and bad decisions, and decide on a way that the harm might be repaired (Hansberry,2016)

Part of our job as educators is to validate our students’ struggles and give them the tools to work through them. The fine line between bullying and what is actually just a broken relationship, combined with our young peoples’ inexperience in dealing with these highly emotional moments, is a huge challenge at times. In these moments, the limbic system of the brain responds, making it difficult for students to find the language needed to clearly articulate their emotions and their needs. The ability to participate in restorative discussions is something that we can teach young people to do.

“It is useful to think of restorative practice as a pedagogy rather than a bag of tricks that we pull out to use with some students in some situations (Hansberry, 2016)

Restorative Practice respectfully challenges students to consider

  • What has happened?
  • Who has been affected? In what way?
  • What needs to happen to resolve the issue and move forward

The aim is to help students understand the impact of their choices on themselves and others. This discernment serves to encourage students to learn from their mistakes, resolve problems, facilitate a repair process and maintain healthy relationships.

Restorative Practices incorporate the principal of Fair Process, which does not set out to achieve compromises that accommodate every individual’s opinion, need, or interest. Fair process has three key components:


  • Every individual is given opportunity to tell their story.


  • The reasoning behind a decision is explained.

Expectation clarity

  • Everyone understands what is expected of them and knows the consequences if expectations are not met.

Forward-thinking and inclusive, restorative practice provides a pathway to building trust among students and staff, thereby increasing engagement and the passion for learning in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Mrs Beth Nairn

Head of Kuring-gai House

Knowledge and Learning Strategist

Knowledge and Learning Strategist

The library team recently sat down with our new principal, Ms Marina Ugonotti, to discuss all things library related. One of the concepts that came up was the idea of the library as a piazza or town square. While we often think of libraries as central to the acquisition of knowledge and learning, vital to a healthy democracy, it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that they were genuinely public. Historically, libraries were closed spaces for scholars and the well to do. I think this is why the piazza metaphor resonated with the library team so resoundingly. Rather than a throwback to libraries as gated high-end storage facilities we think of our space as free to all.

When our news channels seem to bring story after story of fragmentation and dissent, public space is more important than ever. It can seem counterintuitive to proclaim as much in an enclosed school community so let me clarify, in our school environment the library is space that simultaneously belongs to no one and everyone. It is a space where students can be free from the demands of the traditional classroom, free from didactic messages about what to read, free from thinking about knowledge acquisition in a definitive ways may be the case in their study of particular disciplines and free from subliminal (and not so subliminal) advertising and ideas about who they should be. 

With freedom from comes freedom to. On Tuesday, 85 students stepped into the space of creators as they participated in our annual Write a Book in a Day challenge. The day involves working in small teams with the ultimate aim of writing, editing, illustrating and publishing a story within a tight timeframe. The teams raise money for the Kids Cancer Project and the students’ stories get delivered to children in hospital wards all across Australia. The girls work all through the day, their focus absorbed completely by the singular task at hand. They collaborate with one another on story ideas, incorporating their teams challenge parameters, editing and illustrating. They are free to pursue wild and outlandish plot lines and characters, to make decisions about what to include and what to discard. The thrum in our library on Tuesday was the vital sound of a community of young people coming together to create something wonderful. They brought their talents, their ideas, their artistry and their willingness to pull together in order to publish by the end of the day. 

Last week was National Refugee Week, the theme of which for 2019 was Share a Meal, Share a Story. The library worked with the JPIC girls to host a breakfast event where we shared something to eat and stories with two women who are refugees temporarily settled in Australia. As people began to congregate, sharing the news of the day over a croissant and cuppa, I was struck by just how much of a town square atmosphere there was. The barrier to entry is low, there is space for you to simply turn up and be surrounded by your people. But as with any public space there is also room for public discourse. We were challenged by Rosemary and Rebeeha’s experience, the reasons why they left their countries of origin and their hopes and dreams for the future. Their stories asked us to step outside the comfort and familiarity of a safe place to live, to step outside the relative ease with which we can see our family members and to engage with politics on a human and humane level. Through being a place for all we are invited to make new knowledge and understanding.

Another way we bring people together is through the interactive lessons we run in collaboration with departments. These lessons aim to inspire wonder and curiosity as a starting point for the given topic area. We’ve worked with the RE department to immerse Year 10 students into life before and after Vatican II wherein we set up an experiential and immersive walk through the cloisters of the chapel and simultaneously through the passage of time. It is fitting that we have the school’s archivist on our team. She is able to bring the school’s historic collection to life in new and exciting ways, from the nuns’ religious garments on display for Year 11 Textile students to engage with the religious significance of clothes to making available diary entries from our Loreto sisters about life pre and post Vatican II. Undertaking and documenting these learning experiences is simultaneously creating and maintaining the historic record of our societies and our lives. How interesting it will be in 50 years time to look back and consider what the students of Loreto Normanhurst grappled with at this moment in time as well and strengthen the understanding of where we have come from as Loreto women. In the year to date we’ve run 87 of these immersive lessons and have more scheduled for Term 3.

There’s a concept explored in a This American Life podcast that posits contemporary libraries are like the room of requirement from Harry Potter. Aficionados of Harry Potter will recognise the room of requirement as the notion that if you walk past the room three times thinking about what it is you require at that moment in time the room will magically materialise. At the end of a busy term our library is accommodating requests for quiet reading space to browse the shelves and borrow for the holiday break. We’re providing spaces for Year 10 students to meet with their parents and teachers in order to make important decisions about their subject choices and we’re supporting the senior students as they prepare for their trial examinations through serendipitously placing study guides and books in their study mezzanine that have been carefully selected for them.  I like to think about our library that way, a dynamic, responsive space whose heart beats in time with our communities needs. Libraries that are ‘rooms of requirement’ focus on the experience of human beings. They consider how people use the space as well as why, they respond to the shifting societal context and look for ways to create public discourse around questions that need solving and they carve out space for learners actively acquiring knowledge.

Next time you’re at school, I invite you to visit our library. You might just find something there to pique your interest– from succulent planting workshops, to literary afternoons teas, author talks and breakfasts. When it feels as though we are increasingly isolated from one another, whether that be politically divided or simply too busy to touch base, town squares can play an important role. They fulfil the human desire for face-to-face connection and remind us that we are not walking the journey alone. 


Ms Elizabeth Green

Knowledge and Learning Strategist

Inviting Applications for 2022

Inviting Applications for 2022

Inviting Applications for 2022!

We will shortly commence our enrolment process for 2022 and are inviting applications for entry into Years 5 and 7 2022. 

Please be advised that the Parent Information Evening 2022 will be held on Wednesday 24 July 2019.

At Loreto Normanhurst our main intake years are Years 5 and  7. All current parents are advised that an Application for Enrolment for a sibling must be received by the Enrolments department at least two years prior to the desired year of entry into the school (for Years 5 and 7) in order to receive priority enrolment consideration.

For current families who may be seeking entry in non-intake years (Years 8-12) or for those who may have missed the time frame above, please contact the Enrolments Team  to discuss.


Mrs Odette Perkins

Enrolments Manager

Annual Giving Campaign -Thank You

Annual Giving Campaign -Thank You

The origin of the word ‘courage’ comes from the Latin word ‘cor’ – meaning heart. To encourage means ‘to draw out the heart of the other.’

This is what I ask of you today. I encourage you to give generously to the 2019 Annual Giving Campaign so that, together, we can build on the legacy of Mary Ward and continue to educate and empower young women, as we live out the values that are at the very heart of Loreto Normanhurst.

Ms Marina Ugonotti, Principal


Thank you to those who have supported the Annual Giving Campaign . 

If you have not yet had the opportunity and would like to support the Bursary Program or make a donation to the Building Fund, please find the information below.


Your Opportunity to Encourage and Empower  for the Future

A Loreto Normanhurst education is one which develops independent, articulate and compassionate women of integrity. Inspired by Mary Ward’s vision over 400 years ago that “women in time to come will do much”, we encourage every student to fulfil her academic and personal potential in an atmosphere of freedom, care and respect. We celebrate a joyous Christian faith that grows from reflection and leads to justice.   There is much felicity and joy, vibrant and dynamic learning happening here every day. Our holistic model of learning prepares our students for life  in an ever-changing 21st century world. 

The 2019 Annual Giving Campaign provides you with an opportunity to contribute to the future of Loreto Normanhurst so that we can continue to encourage and empower future generations of girls to come.   


How You Can Make a Difference

The Bursary Welfare Fund offers financial assistance to families in necessitous circumstances. Through this fund, and the support of the Loreto  Normanhurst community,  these families are able to access the opportunity of a Loreto education.

Our students at Loreto Normanhurst enjoy wonderful facilities, many of which were built on the generosity of others who have come before us.  We need your help to continually improve and maintain our heritage buildings and modern learning spaces to ensure our students have access to the very best environment in which to learn and develop. 


Your support of the Bursary Welfare Fund, and the Building Fund, will help to change the lives of many, and will have a great impact on our school community. 


To make a donation or find out more, please click here.

All gifts are tax-deductible.


We value your support, and look forward to an exciting future as we continue to provide our students with a holistic education and memories of a nurturing and empowering school experience.

Please direct all Annual Giving Campaign enquiries to Ms Grace Paraino, Dean of Development.


With warm regards,

Ms Marina Ugonotti




Light from Light

Friday last week, 21 June, was the shortest day of the year with the fewest hours between sunrise and sunset. It is the darkest time of the year. We also see that all those beautiful autumn leaves are beginning to disappear and the trees are becoming barer. In the southern hemisphere we have so much light and sunshine that we don’t notice this as much as if we lived in the north, and particularly here in Sydney we are still surrounded by greenery and winter blossoms. But this time of the year, when there is more darkness than light, is a great spiritual teacher.

These months, and especially this day, the winter solstice, remind us of our need for hope and trust. The light and warmth will return. The days will grow longer. We have to wait for it. In the northern hemisphere it is no coincidence that the great Christian Feast of Christmas takes place in December, at the time of the northern winter solstice. The language and images in Scripture and in our liturgical tradition, associated with the birth of Jesus, are about light coming into the world. If we go back, thousands of years, to a world without electric lighting, we get a sense of the intensity and impact of those months and months of long dark nights, and the waiting and longing for the light to return, for the warmth and comfort of longer days, the time when new life would appear. But our ancestors had to wait in the darkness for the unfolding of the year as the earth made its slow journey around the sun. When we celebrate Christmas at that time of the year in the context of seasonal darkness, we begin to have a deeper appreciation of the images and the language of light associated with the incarnation of God and we can see why the birth of Jesus is celebrated in the middle of a long, dark winter…

Read More


Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coodinator

Dr Elaine McDonald Public Lecture

Dr Elaine McDonald Public Lecture

You are warmly invited to attend a lecture on Bearers of a Dangerous Memory: The Prophetic Legacy of Mary Ward, presented by Dr Elaine McDonald, Head of Policy and Practice at Dublin City University. This free public lecture is open to all students, parents, ex-students, past parents, staff and friends of Loreto.

Dr McDonald will explore some elements of the life of Mary Ward that mark her out as a prophetic leader and introduce us to the resilience of the followers of Mary Ward in keeping alive her memory and vision. In doing this, she hopes that we will uncover parallels between the landscape of Mary Ward’s life and the landscape of our lives as ‘bearers of a dangerous memory’.

Monday 5 August, 7pm
Curran Theatre
Loreto Normanhurst

Dr Elaine McDonald is the Head of Policy and Practice at Dublin City University and a great proponent of the vision of Mary Ward and the educational legacy of the Loreto Sisters. Sponsored by the Loreto Sisters and Loreto Ministries, Dr McDonald is undertaking a speaking tour of Australia across July/August 2019, including public lectures, and visits to all Loreto schools.

Click here to download the invitation.

Primary School News

Primary School News

We all have the duty to do good.

Pope Francis


This week in the Primary School we had the privilege of listening to a large number of outstanding speeches for leadership positions in Semester 2. All of the girls spoke with such passion about our values, being of service to others and in particular, the pride they felt in being a Loreto girl. The girls had lots of good ideas they wanted to implement in the Primary School. Surprisingly one girl sang her entire speech, it was very entertaining. As one student said ‘I think I would be a good leader and with guidance I may even be a great one. But even if I am never a leader, I will always be proud to call myself a Loreto girl.’

Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst is servant leadership and has its foundation in the words of Jesus Christ. We choose to lead through service to others and working for the common good of the school community. The current Primary School leaders have done a superb job over the last Semester. It has been such a joy to watch them grow in confidence in their roles. During the week, the girls spoke about all they had learned and what they will impart to the incoming leaders. I am extremely grateful for the way they have conducted themselves and the leadership they have displayed in their roles. 

I am pleased to announce that the Primary School Leaders for Semester 2, 2019 are as follows;

Primary School Leaders

Amy Bourke & Grace Parker

Benedicta House Leaders

Sofia Bartucciotto & Jessica Summerton

Clare House Leaders

Sarah Zammit & Indiana Thom

Dorothea House Leaders

Stephanie Wilkins & Elina Degani


Congratulations to these students. We look forward to their leadership in these roles.


Semester 1 Leader Reflections:

“I’ve learnt that being a leader isn’t just telling everyone what to do and where to go but it’s also organising things and helping people out when they need help, being a friend when they need one and caring for them when they need caring for.”

Aoife Berry – Dorothea House Leader


“My favourite things that I get to do being a leader is planning and doing assemblies, house sport and carnivals. All of these activities need cooperation and teamwork. I have become more flexible and I have been able to work with new people as a team. I have worked with Miss Ball and Mrs Dwyer and have gotten to see all of the secrets and fun things the Leaders plan. I wish the new leaders well and hope that they will have as much fun as I have had being part of the Primary School Leadership Team.”

Zara Wilson – Benedicta House Leader 


“It was an honour to be a semester 1 leader in the primary school. Loreto Normanhurst is a wonderful school and hopefully I was able to help others to feel that they belong to this beautiful community.”

Lucy McKenna – School Leader


“It was such an honour to be a Clare house leader, I got to learn so much more about how to be a leader and what makes one. I really enjoyed getting to know more about the other leaders and spending time with them during the week. I thought that it was hard to think of creative activities for my house to play and that everyone would like! This might sound funny but it was also so hard to learn everyone’s name in my house since there are so many people. I hope the Semester 2 leaders have so much fun too! “

Ivy Hain – Clare House Leader


“This Semester, I have loved to run house sport and the cross country carnival because I love the House spirit that goes into it, when it comes to the cheers, the smiles on people’s faces, people having a go and the sea of colours that I see throughout the houses. Being a leader, I have loved to work with the leadership team in assemblies, meetings, liturgies, working out new ways to use something in the school and a lot more fun opportunities that I have been lucky enough to participate in and I have loved being a leader. This has been a really great experience for me this Semester, especially in overcoming my confidence when speaking, having the courage to stand up to things and so much more. I have loved to meet new girls and it has been a wonderful experience. Congratulations and good luck to the next leaders – have a go, try new things and have fun!”

Emily Paterson – Clare House Leader


“I really liked encouraging the girls at the carnival. I very much enjoyed working with Zara, as she provided a different point of view.”

Grace Drake – Benedicta House Leader


“It has been both an honour and a privilege to serve my fellow Dorotheans as House Captain for the past six months. I have come to know how deeply devoted Dorotheans are to our traditions, how the bonds that bind us as soul sisters on the sporting field also sustain us with a spirit of friendship in the competitive arena of every day life. I will always truly treasure the memory of being able to walk with you and beside you in the ups and downs, on field and off-field for the past six months, and hope to continue to do so even when not a leader, but as your fellow student, friend and best buddy.”

Christiana Vella – Dorothea House Leader


“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking openly to all the girls as it enabled them to get to know me and it also helped me use my new confidence me in a number of different areas.”

Sofia Palermo – School Leader


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary



AAS Testing – Year 10

On Friday 26 July in Week 1 of Term 3, Year 10 will complete a series of educational tests in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Written Expression.  The tests will be conducted on behalf of the school by Academic Assessment Services (AAS) and will provide valuable information as to the progress of the students.  These results, in conjunction with other results from students’ ongoing assessments, help us to plan more effectively to meet the needs of students and the year group as a whole.  Results will be forwarded families later in the year.  An email has been sent to Year 10 parents and students with more information. 


Subject Selection 2020


The subject selection process has begun for Year 8 students who, in Week 2 of Term 3, will be choosing their elective subjects. An initial presentation was made to Year 8 during Conversation Period earlier this term, and they will receive more in depth presentations by the Heads of Departments by the end of  Week 1 next term regarding the elective subject choices available to them. An Elective Subject Selection Handbook has been made available to Year 8 students on Canvas and has been emailed to all parents.


In Year 10, students complete TWO elective subjects and as a result, students currently in Year 9 need to drop one of their elective subjects. An initial presentation was made to Year 9 during Conversation Period earlier this term outlining how this process would occur. They will be nominating the two elective subjects they would like to keep for Year 10 using the Web Preferences website and a link will be sent to students in Week of Term 3 for them to make their selections.


Students in Year 10 are continuing to engage in some discernment relating to their subject choices for Years 11 and 12. There have been a number of considered, robust and reflective conversations occurring between students, parents and members of staff during the Subject Selection Plenaries allowing students to make informed and appropriate choices for their pattern of senior studies. As a reminder, the deadline for making choices is Friday July 26th 2019.


Year 12 Parent Information Evening – “Preparing for the final months of the HSC – a family guide”

Date: Monday 22 July 2019
Time: 7PM
Location: GBC 3.01-3.04

Whether you are a new parent to the HSC or have been on this journey before, each student will navigate their journey with highs, lows, struggles, achievements and joys.  This information session, held on the first Monday of Term 3, will give you some insight into preparing for the final months of the HSC, and will provide some useful strategies and information to help you support your daughter through the final stages of her schooling.  

Open to all parents/carers and Year 12 students the session will explore:

  • strategies and tips for approaching the Trial and HSC examinations
  • key milestones in the lead up to the HSC
  • careers, post school and other options

We look forward to seeing you there.


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Dates to Remember – Term 3 2019

Year 12

Year 12 Parent Information Evening Monday 22 July – 7pm | GBC
Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations Thursday 1 August – Monday 19 August
HSC Showcase Friday 30 August  
Year 12 Graduation Awards Ceremony Friday 20 September – 10:30am | Gym

Year 11

Year 11 Examinations Monday 2  September – Friday 13  September

Year 10

AAS Progress Testing Friday 26 July – 8:25am to 12:35pm

Year 7 – 10

Year 7 – 10 Academic Awards Assembly Wednesday  24 July – 11:55am | Gym


Dates to Remember – Term 4 2019

Year 12

HSC Examinations Thursday 17 October to Monday 11 November

Year 10

Year 10 Examinations Monday 28 October to Tuesday 5 November
Year 10 SPRINT & LAUNCH Monday 18 November to Friday 29 November

Years 7 – 11

Year 7 – 11  Awards Ceremony 2019 Thursday 5 December –  12:45pm | Gym

Year 12

HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea Friday 22 November – 8:30am | Reception Room
Year 10 Integrated Learning

Year 10 Integrated Learning

At the beginning of the year we asked the Year 10 students to reflect on what they learnt in school and what they’d like to learn in school. There was a specific focus on Integrated Learning and unpacking how well students understood its purpose having now reached their final year of the course. The results have informed and continue to inform a year long process of re-imagining Year 10 Integrated. The teachers as well as the students have been in the camp of learner as we tackled the Circular Economy in Term One and more recently, Financial Literacy. 

Our students told us that would like to learn “how to survive in the real world when it comes to money and working”. With that in mind we wanted to pick up the threads sown in Year 9 Mathematics and Commerce by creating a course with your daughter firmly in the centre. We wanted to take what she’d previously learnt and directly apply it to her own life and plans for the future. We wanted to both empower her with the financial knowledge and understanding to navigate those first few years out of home as well as demonstrate the viability and desirability of a career in the financial sector for a woman.

The key areas of focus were as follows:

  • Saving/ budgeting– know what to do with your hard earned $$, as relevant to a side hustle as it is to managing a family budget 
  • Apple pay, After pay & credit cards– friend or foe?
  • Compound interest– knowing this could save you thousands
  • Tax– what it is and why we pay it
  • Superannuation– what is it and why is it important to ‘get right’ early?

We also arranged a number of guest speakers with specialist knowledge across the aforementioned areas. We are extremely grateful to all the wonderful women who generously gave up their time to share their wisdom and career journeys with our students.

Zoe Lamont, founder of Verve Superannuation spoke to the students about the importance of being in control of their financial future. Jodie Bosler (HSBC Global Banking and Markets) shared her years of experience working in Australia and abroad in the field of tax. Camilla Love, founder of F3 and Louise Baker (Agridigital) spoke to the girls about investing for long term success by covering what investments are and how investment cycles work. Loreto Normanhurst alumni and immediate past president of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Jane Stanton, tackled credit cards, Apple Pay and After Pay. Cassandra Crowe, director and board member of CFA Society of Sydney took the girls through the history of superannuation in Australia as well as its shortcomings for women who disproportionately face the burden of care. Emily Hollingum, founder and COO at Super Life shared her experiences on the trading floor in New York and what its like to be a woman in a male dominated industry as well as key tips for maintaining control of your finances.

We have crafted an assessment task designed to put the information and skills gained throughout the term into use as they relate to your daughter and her plans for the future. While there is no expectation that your daughter works on her task over the mid-year break, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time around the dinner table discussing the things she has learnt and the task she is now completing. I include a copy of the task here for your reference.


The Year 10 cohort have overall reacted favourably to the course and I share some of their comments with you below.

Learning about financial literacy this term has been very interesting and enjoyable. For many of us who are beginning to start part time work, or perhaps starting to think about saving up for something more significant, it has been extremely valuable to learn about effective ways to manage and save our money. We have also been lucky enough to hear from some amazing guest speakers who have shared insightful and useful information on topics such as superannuation, tax and investments. The knowledge we have gained in this unit has been extremely helpful and valuable, and has left the Year 10 cohort feeling a lot more confident when it comes to managing our money both now and in the future.

Erin Longney


This year, I have enjoyed learning about topics in Integrated Learning that relate closely to the real world, such as our environment and finances. The skills that I’m developing in Integrated Learning can be applied in everyday life – I’ve enjoyed learning about the costs of living and how to take better care of our natural environment. I’m learning skills that will serve me beyond year 12.

Leila Mangos


Through this financial literacy unit I have gained more insight into my life after school and I feel it came at a great time around subject selections as we look into our employment after school and what courses we will study in Uni helping me choose some senior subjects.

Kind Regards

Elyse Lorimer


We hope to use what we learn from this initial iteration of the programme and continue to develop a robust financial literacy course that supports our young women to become confident, informed, financially literate consumers and problem solvers. 


Ms Elizabeth Green

Year 10 Integrated Learning Coodinator




To all teams in the Elimination Finals for CSDA last week. In particular, congratulations to the 11A’s who won their debate and now advance to the Quarter Finals with 8b’s. The Quarter Finals will be held at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield this Friday night. Coin Toss at 6:00pm and debates to start at 7:00pm. We love an audience, so please join us for a great night of debates.

To Gian Ellis-Gannel who received a runners up award in the Pat Fischer Public Speaking Section of the ZONTA YOUNG WOMEN IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS competition that  took place last Sunday. Gian submitted a resume of her achievements to date and presented a two minute speech on the topic of “what will I do to empower women”.  


Reminder that Archdale Resumes Week 1 on Tuesday for Round 6. Debates will be hosted at Loreto Normanhurst.


For further information, please contact the Oratory Team.


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Leadership and Building Networks

At Loreto Normanhurst every student is encouraged to build her leadership capacity regardless of what year she is in or which House she belongs to. We have many varied ways in which this can occur and through various formal and informal leadership opportunities. This is exciting times for Year 11 after their successful Loreto Day work. Last week, our School Captain, Evelyn O’Brien and Boarding Captain, Ella Anderson had the opportunity to meet Alister Henskens SC MP, Member for Ku-ring-gai and other student leaders in what was an evening of networking and discussing issues that are important to them. I am sure you will enjoy reading about their experience below. Currently, our Year 11 students are involved in their self-nominations for Student Council and they have been provided with a timeline outlining the voting process which will occur in weeks one and two of Term 3. 

“On Wednesday 19th June we were invited by Ku-ring-gai local member Alister Henskens SC MP to attend a School Captain’s Dinner at NSW Parliament along with other school leaders from the area. The dinner was a great opportunity to engage with School Captains from our electorate, talk about our schools, the HSC and how our leadership roles have shaped us as young people. We were provided with a very valuable opportunity to discuss concerns that as young people we have about the future of our electorate and of Australia. It was great to be able to voice our opinion directly to our member and hear his outlook on such issues. Mr Henskens also answered questions about our individual schools and offered his advice on certain issues. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity that we are both so grateful to have been a part of and we are thankful for the new connections that we have made as a result of this experience.” – Evelyn O’Brien & Ella Anderson,  School Captain & Boarder Captain


Conversations this week:

Year 12

Heads of House Conversations

Year 11

Tutor Conversations

Year 10

The Girl In the Mirror (1) Conversation with Ms Hallinan and Mr Madigan

Year 9

FNQE Preparations Conversation with Mr Merchant

Year 8

Healthy Minds Conversation with Advisors

Year 7

Advisor Conversations


Upcoming School Events

Tuesday 23 July Years 10, 11, 12 Paul Dillon Presentations
Friday 26 July from 6pm to 10pm   Year 10 Dinner Dance


As this is the last Pastoral Newsletter for Term 2, I take this time to wish you, your daughters and families a restful winter break and I look forward to seeing the girls back safely on Monday 22 July.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns about your daughter.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care

Social Justice

Social Justice

A few weeks ago, the Green Team held and attended our new initiative, ‘The Green Team Breakfast’ which took place before school in the GBC. The morning aimed to inspire and provide awareness surrounding the environment, climate change and the negative impacts of plastic. We began the day sharing some delicious food which we had pre-ordered to reduce food wastage and plastic, and had the opportunity to chat with our teachers, peers and guest speaker, Sophia Scaporis.

Sophia is a 16-year-old student from Monte Sant’Angelo Mercy College and has accomplished much regarding plastic elimination and awareness. When just 14 years old, she set out to make a change within NSW – the only Australian state that has not legislated to ban single use plastic bags. She gathered over 12,0000 signatures to forbid single use and heavy retail plastic bags in NSW and presented the petition to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Sophia’s dedication and commitment to the cause was commendable, as she spent many of her weekends at markets and shopping centres collecting signatures and support. The Premier then presented her petition in Parliament in 2018. Although the motion was unsuccessful, it has continued to have a long-lasting and major impact.

Many sustainable brands such as ‘surf-rider’ (a company which aims to protect Australia’s beaches and coaches) reached out to work with Sophia, and she was presented the Australian Geographic Society Award, and Young Conservationist of the Year. Sophia now lives a virtually waste-free lifestyle (even making her own toothpaste) and has pushed her school to become more environmentally friendly. Last year her school’s canteen eliminated all plastic use, which our canteen has also achieved; it’s heartening to see the progress our society is making. However, our past actions cannot be reversed, for as Sophia reiterated, plastic never fully disappears: “There is no such thing as ‘away’ when we throw ‘away’ our trash… it merely ends up in the ocean and our environment”. Nonetheless, it is never too late to switch to a sustainable lifestyle and help our Earth; its as easy as bringing your own ‘green bags’, carpooling, hanging clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer, BYO cutlery, plates and metal straws and turning off lights/heaters when not in use. And, if you want to go that bit further, installing solar panels or LED lights.

Sophia is a clear example of how we can achieve change via small steps and personal discipline. We encourage everyone to check out Sophia’s Instagram: @plasticfreesophia and her website ; she’s evidently doing big things and we want to support her in any way. A further thank you to Mrs Cranfield, Mr Merchant, Mrs Parker, and the mission staff for their organisation and support in creating this thought-provoking event.


Luka Swain, Green Team Member

Italian for Travellers

Italian for Travellers

Would you like to experience an authentic Italian language class?

Come and learn Italian for Travellers at Loreto Normanhurst. It is a course offered to current Loreto Normanhurst parents only; students unfortunately cannot participate.

Learn how to order food, ask for directions, use public transport, find the right accommodation and understand authentic cultural elements.

The course consists of eight sessions and will be run by professional teaching staff from the Loreto Normanhurst Languages Department.

The cost is $20 per person for all eight sessions.

The classes will run from 4.00pm to 5.30pm on:

  • Friday, 26 July
  • Monday, 29 July
  • Friday, 2 August
  • Monday, 26  August
  • Friday, 30 August
  • Friday, 6  September
  • Monday, 9  September
  • Friday, 13  September – Dinner

Our last lesson, Thursday 13th September, will be at an Italian Restaurant where you will be able to order authentic Italian food in Italian. We will travel from school and  back by the school bus. The exact time of departure and the cost of the dinner will be discussed.

Unfortunately, no make-up classes or refunds will be offered if you are unable to attend your class. If the teacher is unable to take a class due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, another day will be arranged to make up the time. 

To guarantee your enrolment please register by Thursday 25 July. 

Register here

If you would like more information please  send me an email .


Cordiali saluti,

Signora Thomsett

Head of Languages



Term 2 IGSSA Sport

What a fantastic season of sport for our IGSSA Footballers and Basketballers! Last Saturday saw the final round of matches and there were some tremendous results.

In football, our Junior 1sts team capped off an amazing season, winning their final game to confirm their status as J01 champions and going undefeated. The LON06 team also achieved an undefeated season to take out 1st place and LON09 were unlucky to go undefeated but finished 2nd in their division.

In basketball, LON03 went through undefeated and in 1st place, as did LON04, LON08, LON12, LON13 & LON14. LON20 also finished top of their pool.

A huge thanks to everyone who made this season possible, including coaches, officials and supporters, but mostly thank you to all the students who trained and played each week and had a great time doing it.


Athletics Carnival Results

The results from the 2019 Secondary School Athletics Carnival have been finalized and it was Maye that took home the big one, finishing on top of the Point Score tally for the 2nd year running. Mulhall was awarded the Spirit Cup and Zoe Warland (Year 12) repeated her 2018 success by winning the 100m Invitational. The following girls were our age and divisional champions:

2019 Athletics Age and Divisional Champions

12 Years Charli Davis – Year 7
13 Years Bella Kachel  – Year 8 (Junior Division Champion)
14 Years Caitlin Blackburn – Year 8
15 Years Georgia Arcus – Year 10 (Intermediate Division Champion)
16 Years Olivia Colman – Year 10
17 Years Julia Baxter  – Year 11 (Senior Division Champion)
18 Years Rosemary Hogan – Year 12


All Schools Football

Congratulations to Greta Kraszula (Year 11) who represented NSW CIS at the NSW All Schools Football tournament this week and has been selected for the NSW All Schools Football team to play at the SSA Championships to be held in Queensland later this year. Greta was also named as the Most Valuable Player for CIS.



Massive congratulations to Charlotte Horbach who has been in camp in Brisbane for the past week at the Australian Elite Diving Nationals. She has just completed her first event today and did fantastically well to come 3rd in the 3m springboard and take home bronze! She has 3m synchro tomorrow and then 1m springboard on Sunday so we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for her for those events as well – go Charlotte!


Netball Schools’ Cup

Well done to our Year 10 Netball Schools Cup team who have qualified from the Northern Suburbs Netball Association for the Sydney Metro Regional Finals that will take place early next term. They were dominant throughout the day and showed some excellent skills to confirm their spot in the next stage – well done girls!


Interschools Snowsports

As most students put their feet up and take a well-earned rest from Sport, our Snowsports team will be carving up Perisher as they compete in the Northern NSW and Queensland Interschools Snowsports Championships during the middle week of the holiday. Good luck to all the girls involved and I’ll have a full recap of results in the first newsletter in Term 3.


Wet Weather Information

A reminder for how to access information regarding ground closures due to wet weather for weekend sport. Please make sure you check the relevant website prior to leaving home to ensure your venue is open for play.

IGSSA Sports

IPSHA Sports: Via IPSHA app


Who to see about what

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Ms Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Tennis IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
Swimming Pathway Tildesley Tennis LN Activities Program
Rowing Triathlon Gymnastics
Equestrian IGSSA Basketball Cheerleading
Athletics Pathway Cross Country Pathway IGSSA Football
IGSSA Softball Hills  Netball  
IGSSA Netball Rugby 7’s  
Hornsby Tennis Cricket  
  Hayden Fitness Centre  
  IGSSA Touch Football  


MR Stephen Charters

MRs Laura Bryan

Mr David Brock

LN Invitational Badminton The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program Loreto Normanhurst Swimming
Mollie Dive Hockey    
IGSSA Hockey    
IGSSA Water Polo    


Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport:

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will not be allowed to play. In the case that a Loreto Sport staff member is not present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance, for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst. Please see your sport specific booklets for full details on what uniform is required for your sport.


Loreto Sports Girl: Beatrice Rogers

Current sport/activity: Soccer + Rugby 7’s.

Favourite school sport/activity: Soccer.

Highest level of sporting achievement: Most improved senior rower.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: Winning my double scull race at the IGSSA regatta with Brahnie.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: Ainsley Woods bowling Mr. Mulroney over in the Students v Teachers basketball match in 2018.

Best subject at school: PDHPE.

Any superstitions before playing sport: Always face the sun in the first half of the game if you have a choice.

Best tune to listen to before competing: One Direction – calms the nerves.



We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport but, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Events Calendar

Date & Time



Thursday, 25 July, Lunchtime Term 2 Secondary Sport Awards Presentation Gym



2019 Sport Contacts Term 3




IPSHA Sports Ms Emily Wood
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood





IGSSA Hockey Mr Steve Charters
IGSSA Netball Mr Matt Mulroney
Hills Netball Mrs Kristie Greville
Snowsports Mr Matt Mulroney
Rugby 7’s Mrs Kristie Greville
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood
Cheerleading Ms Emily Wood
Duke of Edinburgh Award Mrs Laura Bryan
Loreto Normanhurst Swimming Mr David Brock
Acting Head of Sport Mr Matt Mulroney


For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details see the IGSSA website here.


Mr Matt Mulroney

 Acting Head of Sport



Everyone’s career journey is different. Let’s Find Yours.


 Year 12 Career Conference – ‘Life after Loreto’

 On Thursday, 27 June, Year 12 students had an opportunity to look beyond Year 12 and the HSC and consider life after Graduation.

The day offered insights into current industry trends, career tools and employer expectations from Kathryn Taylor, at Turning Point Consulting.

We were also delighted to welcome back a number of Loreto Normanhurst alumni. The ex-students joined our Year 12’s in round table mentoring discussions and shared their personal stories of success and failure. The Year 12’s had the opportunity to ask their ‘pressing questions’ about work, study, transition from school and more.

The day was a fantastic success with excellent feedback from the students and alumni involved. A big thank you to all who assisted with the day.


Careers Guest Speakers at School during Lunchtime

During the last 4 months, Loreto Normanhurst Careers has hosted 14 different lunchtime guest speakers, including universities, colleges, internship and GAP providers.

Our Year 10-12 students showed great interest in exploring their career options, with many excellent, varied questions being asked.

We encourage all the girls to attend tertiary provider open days throughout August and September, to further insights to life on campus.

Our next lunch time presentation will be in week 1 of term 3 – 23 July – TAFE NSW.


Job Spotlight

Sports Physio

Ever wanted to work with your favourite sports team? Becoming a physiotherapist or another type of sports support person might be what you are looking for.


Online Resource Subscriptions

You can still register as Loreto Normanhurst community member for our subscription careers resources:

Study Work Grow – school code: LRNH19

Job Jump – click on “I’m new” – school code: lnh

Note, you will need to log in to these sites and become a member to access some of the content below.


Contact careers if you require assistance.


Ms Alexi Kayes and Ms Katrina Smith

Careers Advisors


Sydney Uni Scholarship Information Evening

Tuesday 30 July 2019
6 – 7.30 pm

Eastern Avenue Auditorium, the University of Sydney

If you are a Year 12 student interested in studying at the University of Sydney, join us on campus for an informative evening where current students and staff will answer your important questions on the scholarships available and how to apply for them.

If you would like to attend, please register now.

TAFE NSW Music Info Session – Sydney

2 July 2019, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
TAFE NSW – Ultimo, Harris Street, Ultimo NSW, Australia

Attend the Music information session to meet with teaching staff, discuss the course, and get more information about enrolment and next steps.

Find out more

Journalism and Radio Course Info Session

3 July 2019, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
TAFE NSW – Ultimo, Harris Street, Ultimo NSW, Australia

Come and meet us, check out our studios and creative learning spaces, and get some career advice at one of our info sessions. TAFE is an inclusive place to learn and have fun while you do it! You’ll graduate with a fantastic portfolio of work, and all the skills you’ll need to work in the media industry.

Find out more

University of Sydney | HSC Preparation Workshops

The University of Sydney’s intensive HSC holiday workshop is a valuable complement to your school studies. Students will receive a solid induction into HSC exam technique, and critical subject-matter knowledge.

They are running workshops in many subjects, including:

  • Biology
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Legal Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Exam Preparation
  • Mathemtics
  • Study Skills

The workshops will be running throughout the July school holidays. You can view a full list of available workshops and enrol  here.

RSPCANSW School Holiday Program

The RSPCA is offering a school holiday program in New South Wales. It is an opportunity for children and teens to spend either a half or full day at an RSPCA NSW shelter or Care Centre.

The school holiday program sessions are held at the Hunter Shelter and the Sydney Shelter.

The program is a great way to gain experience working with animals, and explore some of the careers available with the RSPCA.

Sessions are available from Monday 8 to Friday 19 July. Half day sessions are $40, and full day sessions are $80.

View the full list of sessions and sign up  here.

Sydney Design School Information Session

5 July 2019, 1:00 pm
Sydney Design School, Oxley Street, St Leonards NSW, Australia

If you’re passionate about becoming an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator then we invite you to join us for a free information session to learn more. While you’re here, have a look around and view our graduates’ exciting work.

A presentation from our Director, Amanda Grace will give you a clear idea about what it’s like to study at the School and provide you with information about career opportunities in the interior design and decoration industries after you graduate.

Find out more

Endeavour College of Natural Health | Info Breakfast – Sydney

18 July 2019, 7:45 am – 8:30 am
Endeavour College of Natural Health – Sydney Campus

Join us at our Info Breakfast to discover how Endeavour can help you realise a truly rewarding career in natural health.

  • Be introduced to Endeavour College of Natural Health and our degrees.
  • Tour the campus – this includes our library, teaching clinic, break out areas and teaching rooms.
  • Find out about our pathway entry options – your prior learning or work experience could assist you in meeting our entry requirements or even take time off your degree.
  • Meet with our student enrolment advisors to discuss your study options, which course is right for you, fees and payments, applying and enrolling.

Find out more

Study Overseas Information Evening – Sydney

28 August 2019, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Ascham School, New South Head Road, Edgecliff NSW, Australia

On Wednesday 28 August from 5.00 – 7.30pm Ascham School is hosting the annual ‘Study Overseas Information Evening’. The intention of this evening is to provide Year 10, 11 and 12 students and their parents with an opportunity to meet representatives from a range of international tertiary institutions from North America, UK, Asia and Europe. There will be talks about the USA and UK application processes.

This event will be held at Ascham School, 188 New South Head Road, Edgecliff with easy access directly across the road from Edgecliff train station and 2 hour free parking at the Edgecliff Shopping Centre. The event will be free and registration is essential . The Trybooking registration link will open on Monday 29 July, details to be advised.

Any enquiries may be directed to Gillian Sloan, Tertiary Education and Careers Adviser at Ascham School

Scholarship Information

Avondale College of Higher Education – Scholarships up to $8000!

Applications are now open for the Avondale President’s Scholarship  valued up to $8000 (one allocation per school) and Avondale Service/Leadership Scholarship valued up to $5000 (seven available for Australian students).

Please note that applications close on Friday, 2 August 2019.

In addition to these, we also have an extensive list that any student can apply for: scholarships

Talk with industry series

Join ACU online or on campus for a Talk with Industry event to hear from health practitioners, business graduates or teachers on what it’s really like to work in their field.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • hear from graduates about their experiences in their industries
  • get tips and advice for pursuing a career in education, health or business.

For a list of upcoming events and to register, click here.

Parent Association

Parent Association

As we head into the holidays for a much deserved rest, firstly on behalf of Louise and myself we’d like to thank everyone involved with setting up and hosting the Trivia Night last Saturday. Our thanks to Margie Harmey for organsing the event, and to Suze Barron and Angela Quinn for setting up the gym. Also to John Lee who entertained everyone with his spruiking for all the games and the live auction.

Also, thank you to everyone who joined us for what was a very entertaining and colourful evening with so many of you taking time to dress up with our “Go Green” theme – and even make your own costumes which is exactly what the “Cyclists and Recyclists” team did  – and this earnt them the prize of “Best Dressed Team” on the night.

The very generous donation of items for the raffle baskets by all our parents led to a hugely successful raffle and also the donation of the fridge filled with wine and also a beautiful Burberry purse added to the atmosphere with parents bidding against each other with great generosity.

Congratulations to our winners and runners up on the night who were only separated by one point!  This made for a thrilling climax to the evening when the places were called – with the first place  winners raising the coveted trophy aloft  and our runners up  held tightly to their boxes of chocolates!

Mudgee Update – Thanks to all those mums who have registered for the weekend it should be a lot of fun. We have had so much interest that we have now reached capacity. If you missed out and would like to join the waitlist, please send an email –  Click HERE 

We will be sending out more information to those who have registered soon.

Spring Fair, on Sunday 3 November, is a highlight of the Loreto calendar and provides a great opportunity for parents to get to know each other whilst having a ton of fun and making a lasting contribution to our wonderful school.  To join the organising team please drop an email to PAL.  Do you have a business  or product you would like to include in this year’s Spring Fair? Perhaps you have a skill or talent to contribute? Or maybe you would like to meet other parents and get involved in our community?  Please get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

We wish all families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to Term 3  as we continue to enjoy more gatherings together with friendship building, fundraising and being a  Loreto Parent! 

To get in touch with us please contact us via email.


Paul White & Louise Wytenburg
PAL Co-Presidents


Year 10 Parent Dinner

Friday 26th July

Pennant Hills Golf Club


Year 10 Parents are warmly  invited to join us for the Year 10 Parent Dinner whilst your daughters are at their Dinner Dance. A two course meal will be served and drinks can be purchased at the bar on the night. 

Click HERE for the invitation

Click HERE to book tickets 

PAL Contact

NEXT PAL MEETING: The next Parent Association meeting will be on Wednesday 31 July at 7:30pm in Curran Theatre – all welcome 

2019 Upcoming Events  – Term  3



Term 3

Friday 26 July Year 10 Parent Dinner – 6.30pm – Pennant Hills Golf Club – Click HERE for Invitation
Saturday 27 July PAL Exec 2020 Planning Day 09:30 – 3:30pm, Cahill Seminar Room
Wednesday 31 July PAL Exec Meeting – 6:30pm –  Followed by regular PAL Meeting – Curran Theatre, 7:30pm
Friday 9 – Sunday 11 August City / Country Mothers’ Weekend – Mudgee – Click HERE for the invitation
Wednesday 23 October PAL Spring Fair Executive Meeting – 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Cahill Seminar Room


Ex-Students’ Association Contact 

Ms Patsy Shannon, President:           

The next Ex-Students’ meeting will be on Tuesday 23 July, 7:30pm in the Cahill Seminar Room (LRC)

Community Notices

Community Notices

Trial Exam Revision Lectures 2019

Students can save significant amounts of stress and time before their exams by having an experienced HSC teacher guide them through the revision process. Our ‘Trial Exam Revision’ lectures have been designed with this purpose in mind, and to give students the skills and information they’ll need to perform to the highest possible standard in their trial exams.

 Monday 8 – Friday 19 July 2019
 University of Technology, Sydney

Click here for more information

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury’s  major book fair

This event will again be held at Knox  Grammar School, Wahroonga on Thursday and Friday July 18th and 19th from 9:00am to 9.00pm and Saturday and Sunday July 20th and 21st from  9:00am to 5.00pm. 

Read more