Newsletter 27 November - 27 November 2020
Year 6 Final Liturgy and Assembly

Year 6 Final Liturgy and Assembly

Year 6 Final Liturgy and Assembly

Today we celebrated our Year 6 transition into the Secondary School with a beautiful final liturgy and assembly in the Chapel which was livestreamed to families. Ms Ugonotti presented the girls with their Graduation Certificates and each student received a copy of ‘The Secret Garden,’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, from Mrs Dwyer.

In the final assembly, Year 6 had some advice to share with Year 5, which included making lots of friends and making the most of every opportunity. The most important piece of advice was not to leave their work until the last minute because it is way too stressful!

The assembly ended with Year 6 presenting the Primary School with a beautiful collaborative artwork which they had made under the expert guidance of Visual Arts teacher, Mrs Lucinda Langley. The girls then performed ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira, followed by an iMovie created by Ms Ball and Ms Speter, which highlighted the many magical experiences throughout the year, ended with photos of the girls in Kindergarten and now in Year 6. There was barely a dry eye in the house!

Following the assembly was a celebratory lunch, which was greatly enjoyed by all. Thank you to those who were able to watch virtually via the livestream. For those who would like to revisit the liturgy or were unable to attend, please see the recordings below.

Year 6 Final Liturgy 
Password: primary2020

Year 6 Graduation Guard of Honour
Password: primary2020

Year 6 Final Assembly
Password: primary2020


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary

Christmas Eve Mass

Christmas Eve Mass

You are warmly invited to join us online for Christmas Eve Mass

The glory of the Lord will shine on you. Like the sun, Holiness will rise over you. God’s glory will appear in your midst
– Isaiah

Christmas Eve. It’s that one special evening in our year, that most ‘holy of nights’, when we are both hushed and excited, filled with joy and anticipation, the promise of hope and peace. In the silence, light and peace of this evening like no other, we will tell our sacred story, God’s story in our world, and let ourselves be awakened and touched by the light and hope of God.

Please join us online for a beautiful and meditative Christmas Eve Mass livestreamed from our gorgeous candle-lit chapel at 8pm on Thursday 24 December 2020. The link to access the livestream will be emailed to the community closer to the event.

Our celebrant is Rev Dr David Ranson and leading us in prayer and celebration will be a wonderful group of Loreto Normanhurst staff musicians and singers and student singers.  Our liturgy will conclude with a Christmas message from the Principal, Ms Marina Ugonotti.

Please gather your family and friends to enjoy the liturgy.

Email Ms Kerry McCullough, Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator, with any queries  here

An Advent Reflection

An Advent Reflection

Keeping Vigil  –  An Advent Reflection

The glory of the Lord will shine on you
Like the sun God will rise over you
God’s glory will appear in your midst.

The prophet Isaiah                              

This has been a year in which every person on the planet has been called to hold on to hope.  As we have faced the unknown, the uncertain and the frightening, we have been called to keep before us that vision of something greater, wider, deeper, beyond the present moment’s trials.  We have been called to watch and to wait.  And so, with that in our hearts, we come to that great season of hope, of watching and waiting –  Advent.

To keep vigil means to wait and watch.  When we keep vigil, we gather our scattered energies and we become present in watchful attention.  Silence and prayer are the marks of a vigil, as are candles.  The light symbolises hope and promise.  In our Church Year we are about to enter this time of waiting and watching.  Next week is the first week of the season of Advent – the four weeks leading to Christmas.  There is something absolutely beautiful and utterly profound about Advent: words and images of light, hope, promise, waiting and longing, such as those of Isaiah, above.  There is gentleness, beauty and tenderness in the images and music of Advent.  It really is a holy season when everything, the liturgy, Scripture, all speak of a Reality both beyond and within what is known, a Reality that will break upon us like the coming of dawn, as Zechariah says in his beautiful prayer in Luke’s Gospel.  Everything points towards the coming of the One whose story we know will touch us.  But we are not there yet.  We prepare our hearts and minds.  There is the anticipation of the Feast to come.  The readings we hear during these weeks are all dripping with these rich images.  These beautiful words of promise from the Hebrew prophet Isaiah, speak of the abundance of life, peace, richness and joy:


Let the wilderness and the dry lands exult;
Let the wasteland rejoice and bloom;
Let it bring forth flowers like the jonquil;
Let it rejoice and sing for joy.
Strengthen all weary hands,
Steady all trembling knees and say to all faint hearts,
Courage, do not be afraid
Look, your God is coming.

Read more

Ms Kerry McCullough   

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator

Primary School

Primary School

How do we continue to glow when the lights turn out? All we can do really is keep placing one foot on the earth, then the other, to seek out ancient paths and forests, certain in the knowledge that others have endured before us. We must love. We must look outwards and upwards at all times, caring for others, seeking wonder and stalking awe, every day, to find the magic that will sustain us and fuel the light within – our own phosphorescence.

                                                                                                                   Dr Julia Baird, Phosphorescence

Here we are at the end of 2020. No one could have predicted the way this year was going to unfold, and through the many challenges, there have also been silver linings. Even though Year 5 had only been at Loreto Normanhurst for seven weeks before we moved into lockdown and online learning, relationships continued to grow virtually. Students and teachers alike yearned for that sense of face to face community, and so the return to school in Term 2 was welcomed with much happiness. I have been so impressed by the agility, flexibility and resilience that the girls have shown in this unprecedented year and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge every student for her personal efforts and achievements this year.

To read about today’s celebration of our Year 6 students, please see the page about our Year 6 Final Liturgy and Assembly.

Swimming Carnival

We were so happy that the Swimming Carnival was able to take place this year, albeit with a few modifications. Due to the fact that cheering and war cries weren’t possible, the girls came up with some inventive ways to make sure the House spirit was alive and well. It was wonderful to see our House Leaders performing their roles so capably, leading and encouraging their Houses.

The level of participation was extremely high, with many girls taking part in nearly every event for their age group. Congratulations to the following students for their impressive achievements.

10 Years Age Champion – Porsha Gill
11 Years Age Champion – Amelia Moyes
12 Years Age Champion – Charlotte Horbach
100m Invitational/Queen of the Pool – Charlotte Horbach

The House Cup and Spirit Cup will be announced at our Awards Ceremony next week. Keep your eyes peeled on the Primary School Facebook page!

A huge thank you to Mr Mulroney, Mrs Wood and the entire Sport’s Department, the House Leaders and the Primary School teachers for helping to make the day such a success.

Leadership Speeches

After a week of inspiring speeches, I am pleased to announce that the School Leaders for Semester One  2021 are as follows:

School Leaders

Portia Rowland-Stefanic

Daisy Manassen

Benedicta House Leaders

Lucinda Durston

Sasha Buchanan

Clare House Leaders

Juliet De Zotti

Gabriella Connell

Dorothea House Leaders

Porsha Gill

Alyssa Blackman


The girls will receive their badges early next year at the Year 6 Leadership Liturgy.

Happy Birthday

Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls. We hope you had a wonderful day!

Alyssa, Gia, Arabella, Sophie, Kayla, Ruby, Sophia T, Eloise, Annie, Charlotte, Emilie, Sidney, Leah, Olivia, Mia, Milly, Sophia S.


Thursday 3 December   – Primary School Awards Ceremony livestreamed at 1.30pm.

As the year draws to a close, I wish you a joyous Christmas vacation and a peaceful New Year. I leave you with this prayer.

God of wisdom,
We thank you for all the gifts you have given us throughout this school year.
We praise you for giving us life, for saving us in Christ, 
and for choosing us to be your people.
As we come to the end of this school year, 
we voice our gratitude for the good things you have done in us,
and we praise you for all who have shared in the work of this school.
We ask you to bless them in your love and give them refreshment and peace.
We praise you, God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord,
who lives and reigns forever and ever.


God bless and take care.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary

Head of House – Maye

Head of House – Maye

The Hope of Gratitude

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

When one looks back on the year that was, it is easy to mainly focus on the turmoil that affected our daily lives. Yet despite the impact of COVID-19, there were many events, processes and rituals that helped us to reflect with gratitude and hope. As we became used to the new reality of virtual learning, of Zoom meetings and virtual catch ups, we also became more aware of our inner strengths and resilience. We worked together as a community to find new possibilities, to solve challenges and to develop a new future. This past year specifically emphasised how, when working together as a group, family, community and a nation, a greater outcome was possible for all.

Throughout the year, we experienced a more pertinent sense of the need to look out for each other and to show love and kindness constantly in different ways. Gradually, with a far deeper sense of gratitude for the everyday things we used to take for granted, a new ‘normal’ evolved. The absence of close physical presence at group gatherings – a handshake, a hug – highlighted just how much we value being together.  With collective hope, we reimagined the events and rituals that have formed part of our community for so long. It is therefore with heart-felt gratitude that we can reflect on a time of new growth, new possibilities, resilience and inner strength. 

Although psychologists found that negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones, this negative bias can be ‘reversed’ with a developed attitude of gratitude. This attitude of gratitude forces us to get outside of our own situation and look to the bigger picture so that we may bounce forward when challenges occur in life. When we practice living with an attitude of gratitude, our brains are happier, our hearts are fuller, and we’re more mindful and conscious of the world around us.

Gratitude unlocks the fulness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.
It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie


It is with this attitude of gratitude that we thank each member of our school community and in particular the Maye House staff team of 2020 for their support of our girls, their calm leadership during this turbulent time and the impact they have had on the Maye House community. We also congratulate our new Maye House Captain, Thea Whittaker, together with her Maye House Council, and we look forward to their guidance, and for what is bound to be another challenging but exciting year ahead.

Wishing you the Hope of Gratitude for Christmas and the holiday ahead!


Mrs Elsa Vink

Head of Maye House





Head of House – Ward

Head of House – Ward

Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation…of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.

Thomas Berry

Mia Circosta, outgoing House Captain for 2020, addressed the House in her graduation speech saying: “Ward has always been a safe place for me, a place where I could be unapologetically myself and be appreciated, respected and loved.

One of the key messages I strive to nurture in Ward House students – from meeting incoming students on Orientation Day, to supporting them in those days before they sit the HSC – is to always be themselves. Never to pretend to be something they are not to please others; not to go along with acts they disagree with for fear of judgement; always to keep sacred their personal core values and what they stand for.

It is true that this way of being causes some challenges. Finding the confidence to say how you really feel – to share your own truths while trying to fit in – can be a very a difficult thing to navigate for anyone. Younger students often grapple with that idea of being an ‘upstander’ rather than a bystander; but as I chat with them throughout the year, during Conversations, or times of uncertainty, I always come back to the same message: You can only be you. And you are always enough.

I think one of the most valuable lessons I eventually learned as a teenager was that not everyone you come across will like you. People have widely different viewpoints, backgrounds and cultures. Some combinations just don’t work well in the chemistry of human connection. I do believe, though, that if you follow your own path, interests and passions, you will eventually find your people.

In this year of Verity, we have worked to really understand this value. It is not only your truth that matters. Verity doesn’t mean we get to speak our opinions without a thought for how others may feel. We must be true to ourselves, but we must also seek to understand other points of view. We must put ourselves regularly in the shoes of others, and always try to learn more while respecting differences.

Embracing inclusivity and diversity is one of the Student Council’s goals for this year. Ward’s new House Council, led by Jordyn Richards, planned enthusiastically during their Leadership Day. Creating a clear House vision was something Year 11 were all keen to be involved in, and how to embrace diversity was a major point of discussion.

One of our favourite activities this year was the whole-school experience of dadirri during Mental Health Month. The spiritual practice of dadirri (da-did-ee) comes from the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region, Northern Territory. Dadirri involves deep listening and respect through quiet stillness and awareness. It allows us to reflect by “tapping into that deep spring that is within us” and “just continuously making yourself aware of where you’ve come from, why you are here, where you are going now and where you belong.” (To borrow the words of Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, Aboriginal elder from Nauiyu; activist, educator, artist. NT State Recipient Senior Australian of the Year 2021)

It was also a real pleasure to witness Year 11 leading the House in learning our School song Cruci in Auslan recently. It was a powerful way to increase belonging and spirit, facilitating opportunity in the face of difficulty and raising awareness for our ‘Week Without Words.’

Mia left the House with these final thoughts as we farewelled Year 12 from their Ward family and I couldn’t put it better myself: “Try to remind yourself that you are yours before you are anyone else’s. Be kind to yourself, say your own name with confidence and be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come. I think that we are all born so beautifully and that one of the greatest tragedies is being convinced that we aren’t. Convince yourself day after day that you are enough.”

You can read more on dadirri  at the Miriam Rose Foundation website and this article from ABC. 


Mrs Emma Hughes

Head of House – Ward



The Learning Office wishes all families a restful break

Holiday Period

I would like to  take this opportunity to wish you well for the upcoming festive season and holiday break.  After the year that we have experienced, it is especially important that this holiday season all members of our community have time to switch off and connect with family and friends. 

Students in Years 7-10 will not be given homework to complete during the holidays; they should have a very clear break from school and use the time to read for pleasure and pursue activities that they enjoy.  A week before the new school year begins, we advise that students in Years 7-10 begin to plan for the year ahead by organising their study areas at home, purchasing any necessary stationery items and organising their technology.   Throughout the break, we encourage all students to read their texts for English or pre-reading required for any of their subjects at their leisure. 

For Year 11 students, we also encourage them to have a clear break from school for the first few weeks of the holidays.  When we return to school in 2021 we will work with Year 12 students, via our FACEtime program, on setting goals for the year ahead and putting measures in place to keep them motivated and engaged. They will be asked to work with their tutors on their goals and have conversations about how they are currently tracking at school.   In light of this and the fact that they have already commenced their HSC studies this term, it is necessary for them to do some work in the holidays in preparation for 2021.  I will email students regarding what is expected of them over the break, but we also thought it helpful for parents to have some awareness of these expectations.  One week before school commences we advise that students spend 2-3 hours each day reviewing their notes from Term 4, consolidating these notes in response to feedback from their teachers on assessment tasks, organising their electronic and physical files and (for Day girls) organising their study spaces at home.  Returning in the new year feeling organised and engaged with all of their courses will make for a smoother transition into their HSC year. 


YEARLY REPORTS and student timetables 2021

We are in the midst of the reporting period. Yearly Reports are currently being finalised and uploaded to the Parent Portal  –  Click Here .  Please read these reports with your daughter and reflect on her learning in each of her subjects throughout the year.   Student timetables for 2021 will be issued the week before students return to school in January 2021 via the Student Portal in Sentral.  Please contact the Learning Office if you have any questions.


Years 7-11 AWARDS CEREMONY – Thursday 4 December 2020 | 11am-12.30pm | Livestreamed to parents

Please note that we are holding the Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony next week.  This is a fabulous opportunity for students to come together and be recognised for their varied achievements across our FACE curriculum throughout 2020.  The ceremony falls within the school day, so it is expected that all students are in attendance and are well presented in full school uniform.  We look forward to celebrating your daughters’ extensive efforts and achievements with them next week.  Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to host parents at this event, however it will be livestreamed for parents and can be accessed here.  (Password: Loreto2020).


 HSC Principal’s Morning Tea 2020  |  Friday 18th December 10am

I would like to take this opportunity to remind students from the Class of 2020 to attend the Principal’s HSC Morning Tea on Friday 18 December from 10:00am  in the Mary Ward Quad.   It is a great achievement to have completed the HSC and be ready to move on to the next chapter of your lives and we would love to celebrate with you. Please view the invitation  here.


Finally, thank you for your support of your daughter’s learning journey throughout 2020.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the  Learning Office.


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning

Campion Booklists 2021   – Order by 7 December

Reminder that the Campion Booklists for next year are now available and can be completed  online.   When ordering online you will need to use the following Access Code: “4SYX”.   Please place your order as soon as possible or by Monday 7 December  at the latest to ensure your daughter receives her books in time for her commencement next year.   It is anticipated that your order will be delivered to your home, office or any other nominated address by the week ending Friday 15 January 2021.  

Please see below the “Additional Purchases List” outlining the specific stationery and additional items required for each subject, as well as information  in relation to the Sustainable School Shop.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the  Learning Office.


Mrs Rachael Jarick

Assistant to the Deans of Learning

HSC Provisions 2020

Disability provisions in the HSC are practical arrangements designed to help students  who can’t otherwise make a fair attempt to show what they know in an exam. The provisions granted are solely determined by how the student’s exam performance is affected. More than 7000 HSC students   apply for provisions  each year. Provisions help students to show the HSC markers what they know and can do. These needs may be related to learning, sensory impairment, mental health, medical or physical conditions.    Examples of provisions available include:

  • Braille or large print papers
  • use of a writer and/or reader
  • use of an oral interpreter
  • extension of test time
  • rest breaks
  • separate examination supervision
  • permission to take medication

Schools are responsible for determining and approving disability provisions for all school-based assessment tasks. NESA determines disability provisions for the HSC examinations. Students and parents should be advised that there is no guarantee that NESA will grant the same provisions as those provided at school.    To apply for provisions, schools must submit an online application  to NESA. This application tells us  which provision/s a student is requesting  and includes recent evidence that supports the fact that the disability has a functional impact for the student. Evidence may include medical reports, reading results, spelling results, writing samples and teacher comments.    Disability provisions also apply to temporary and emergency-related disabilities e.g. if a student breaks their writing arm a week before an examination.

Please contact Simmy Cesamolo, Acting Head of Diverse Learning, via  email or on phone 9473 7368 to discuss the process of application if this is relevant to your daughter.  The closing date for disability provisions applications for known/stable conditions for the 2020 HSC is before the end of Term 1.

Please find all details about Disability Provisions Applications on the NESA website

Ms Simonetta Cesamolo

Head of Diverse Learning


Celebrations of Learning 



We take this opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of two Year 10 Elective Music students, who  have excelled in their Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) performance examinations despite the challenges of this year. Congratulations to Ying Li (Piano) for achieving her Associate of Music diploma (AMusA) and Chloe Lee (Flute) for passing her 8th Grade examination with High Distinction (A+). Further congratulations to all students who have completed performance and musicology examinations this year.


In Music, the main components studied by students are Performance, Composition and Listening/Musicology. Recently, students have engaged in “skill share” projects in the Music classroom, allowing an opportunity to focus on one of these specific areas and look back on their musical journey. This aims to allow them to acknowledge and appreciate their individual progress and achievements this year. Students have not only reflected on their own progress but were given the challenge to create a resource that may benefit other students’ learning.

We have witnessed Year 7 students creating interactive games and even recording rap music videos to assist them in remembering different instruments. Year 8 students collaborated to create Guitar booklets and video tutorials to help others learn to play the Guitar, while Year 9 Elective Music students have chosen to devise practice schedules and arrange small ensemble performance items. Additionally, Year 9 have worked together to create summary sheets of shortcuts and “tips and tricks” for the music notation application, Sibelius, to make future students’ composition studies even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Ms Sarah Ashton

Acting Head of Music


Year 8 technology

Students have been working on designing pyjama shorts. They were given criteria they had to adhere to and are to be congratulated on mastering how to sew using the computerised sewing machine to produce high quality shorts.

Year 10 Technology

Students have been  cooking and preparing mini Christmas puddings and chocolate chip cookies this term for the Christmas festive season.  They are to be congratulated on their skills and creative presentation of their food products.

Mrs Amale Frangi

Teacher of  TAS


Dates to Remember – Term 4 2020

YEARS 7 – 11

Year 7 – 11  Awards Ceremony 2020 Thursday 3rd December 2020


HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea Friday 18 December – 10am in the Mary Ward Quad


Year 10 SPRINT Week 2020

Last week Year 10 students participated in the SPRINT Week program. The program is based on the Design Sprint methodology for solving problems originated by Google Ventures. It allows key members of a company or group to come together for five days with the aim of solving and testing a pressing problem. The cohort was divided into 26 teams of six students each (yes, that is 26 simultaneous design sprints) and the addition of a media team tasked with documenting the story of SPRINT Week. This year, SPRINT Week had a social enterprise and community connection focus.

On Monday morning, Ms Ugonotti opened the week. She spoke to the girls about overcoming fear in favour of risk and experimentation, both in their thinking and the ideas they bring to the table. The keynote speaker for this year was journalist and activist Sarah Wilson. Sarah’s career choices are a reflection of her personal values and of the change she wants to see in the world. Her courage in discerning the right path and her commitment to businesses that remain true to her founding principles made her the perfect person to address Year 10, as they wrap up both an extremely challenging year as well as their four years of Integrated Learning at Loreto Normanhurst.

The role of external stakeholders and real-world problems is integral to the success of the week. This year, students were presented with a variety of different problems which were provided by our organisational partners – Taboo, Studio A, The Environmental Defenders Office and Loreto Normanhurst. We equipped the students’ ‘war rooms’ with research packs in order to help them understand their topic area. This way, they more effectively targeted the problem to effectively develop potential solutions. These solutions were sent to the different organisations to provide feedback to the groups before they decided on their final solution. Students then created a pitch presentation to represent that solution.

These final pitches were judged by the representatives of our partner organisations on Friday and the top three winning groups were selected. Taboo, one of the partner organisations, has since contacted the School to tell us that they were so impressed with the proposed solutions  for their problem statement that they would like to work with the students to actually implement them moving forward!

A huge thank you  to the teachers who volunteered their time during SPRINT week. We see this program as a strong professional development opportunity for staff, during which they can see in action practices that help facilitate team decisions and collaboration. They were an incredible support to the students, both through their guidance and their ability to allow students the freedom to critically and creatively come up with solutions on their own.

It was a privilege and a delight to watch these young Loreto women engage with the challenges laid down by our organisational partners. We are enormously proud of every single Year 10 student who approached the week with passion and engagement. Of course, the journey would not be possible without our partners and we thank them for generously providing their time to help this experience be an enriching and motivating one for our Year 10 students.


Ms Michelle Albert

Dean of Learning



Good luck

To the AIS NGS Super Virtual Debating Competition Year 7 and 8 Team, who compete against The Armidale School in the Grand Final on Wednesday this coming week. What an incredible achievement to make it this far in a new competition. Good luck to:

  • Keenor Sabaa (Year 7)
  • Rose Cunningham (Year 7)
  • Isabella Tesoriero (Year 8)
  • Ella Khoury (Year 8)
  • Tahlia Moses (Year 8)

Watch out for live results via Twitter @LNExtraCurric.

Inter-House Debating

Well done to Sophie Earle (Academic Activities Captain) and the Academic Leaders. Over the past couple of weeks, they have led Inter-House Debating. See below for Sophie’s report and the wining teams.


Over the last few weeks, the Academic Activities Leaders and I were lucky enough to run and adjudicate our annual inter-house debating competition. This friendly competition runs at lunch and gives girls from all year groups and with a range of debating experience an opportunity to compete in or watch debates in a fun and supportive environment.

We had more than 100 girls participating this year, and the Academic Activities Council and I would like to congratulate everyone who competed, not only for the high-quality debates but also the great teamwork and spirit we saw from all the girls participating. It was fantastic to see some of our more experienced debaters teaching their friends the tricks of debating throughout the rounds, and some excellent and insightful arguments were being made across all year groups.

We hope all the girls enjoyed the competition as much as we enjoyed adjudicating it, and we encourage everyone to give a formal debating competition a try next year.

A big thank you to all of the Year 11 girls who adjudicated, and to the Academic Activities Leaders who were immensely helpful in organising the competition and allowing it to run smoothly.


A special congratulations to the following teams who won their grand finals:

Year 7 – Maye: Fayth Eltakchi, Leah Allan, Emma O’Brien and Isabella Hillier

Year 8 – Ward: Isabella Tesoriero, Alexis Taylor, Natalia Barone and Josephine Pek-Lowther

Year 9 – Mulhall: Becca Zammit. Elisha Paul and Eloise Rose-Helbert

Year 10 – Barry:  Abigaile Angell, Arabella Price and Alice Kevans


Congratulations to all students who have engaged in Oratory@LN this year. It has been wonderful to see our students engage, experience, be challenged, and succeed in all endeavours undertaken this year. Despite the many challenges, our students have managed to  improve in the Oratory field. While students have missed meeting other speakers face-to-face, there is much to be said for the skills of presenting in an online environment. Moving forward in education and in our careers, it is inevitable that online presentation skills will be a job requirement for many of us.

So, this year has taught us many things. We registered just one team with the AIS NGS Super Virtual Debating Competition in 2020 as we wanted to dip our toes into the waters of virtual debating… little did we know that our entire program would become virtual. Yet our students have adapted well and switched to focusing on a camera rather than audience eye contact with finesse.

2021 will see our program expand and we look forward to new experiences, challenges and wins. Information about these programs will be communicated at the start of the school year.

Thank you to the staff, students and parents who have supported Oratory@LN in the year of 2020 – bring on 2021!


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Orientation Day 2020

On Thursday 12  November the Loreto Normanhurst community welcomed the new students into our school for their Orientation Day. Orientation Day was a buzz of anticipation and mixed emotions for the new students coming into Years 7 to 11. We began in the gym with a sea of different uniforms getting ready to learn some of the traditions of the school. There was also excitement from the current Year 6 Loreto girls to see who would be joining them in the school community next year. It was a day of spirit and a sense of emerging friendships as the new students began to build connections with the other girls and the staff through the various activities carried out on the day.

New beginnings carries mixed emotions and this would have been the case for some of the new students. We do our best to make everyone feel that they belong, and this will be no exception in 2021. For the Student Council, they got to meet the new students from the start of the day at the registration desk. The new Year 7 students spent a good amount of time with their House Captain, Advisors and Heads of House throughout the day. Students in Years 8-11 experienced Year time, as well as a Visual Arts making opportunity with the Head of Visual Arts, Ms Boardman and members of the Visual Arts faculty. All girls went on a tour of the campus to become familiar with the beautiful grounds. We thank everyone involved for making Orientation Day a success.

We hope our new students had as much fun as we did and are as excited to start the new year with us. Thank you to all the girls who helped on the day and for giving a friendly smile to any visiting students walking through the school. 

Finally, as this is the final newsletter for the year, we wish all families a peace-filled Christmas and a wonderful school holiday. Safe travels to those families travelling over the holiday period, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

The first day of school for students is Thursday 28 January 2021. Until then, be well and take care.


Mr Justin Madigan and Mrs Marysa Boland

Deans of Pastoral Care

Conversations this week

Year 11

Ecology Conversation

Year 10

In Conversations with Careers

Year 9

Ecology Conversation

Year 8

Year 8 Program

Year 7

Getting to Know Your Tutor Conversation

School TV

SchoolTV is a digital resource for parents to assist in navigating your way through the challenges of modern-day parenting. Every month, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg introduces a new topic and interviews specialists  to offer their advice. Information is presented in bite-size pieces that you can watch and read anywhere at any time on any device.  Click the SchoolTV image to access the website. Please bookmark for easy access in the future.  

Music Festival 2021

Music Festival 2021


We are excited to announce that auditions for items performed in the first half of the Music Festival will be conducted via video submission in 2021. Students are invited to submit their audition by 5pm on Monday 1 February 2021 via a link that will be published on the Music Festival 2021 Canvas Page. Stay tuned for more information.

In more exciting news, we are also inviting  budding actors to audition a piece for the 2021 Music Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students.

Students are encouraged to read through the criteria in the links below relating to Music, Dance and Drama auditions. Students should contact the relevant Head of Department before the end of term this year to ensure the content of the audition is appropriate and does not breach copyright. It is important that students maintain social distancing while rehearsing and recording.

This year due to the inclusion of Drama, a panel of Loreto Normanhurst staff will review all auditions. The top 10 performances will be selected based on the criteria highlighted in the links below. From there, these 10 audition videos will be sent to an external adjudicator where the top four will be selected. At least one Music item must be included in the top four performances.

Please note, video submissions must be not edited in any way. That is, there should be no professional or app editing  to ensure equality in the  process.

We look forward reviewing the video submissions.

Dance Audition Notification

Drama Audition Notification

Music Audition Notification


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Music Festival Coordinator

Social Justice

Social Justice

Week Without Words

Conducted and led by Year 10 students, Week Without Words is celebrated by our school to highlight the challenges of children who struggle to communicate verbally. Everyday, 95% of the children at St Lucy’s in Wahroonga have difficulties speaking due to conditions such as dyspraxia and autism. By supporting the Week Without Words cause, we aimed to raise awareness and help raise money for crucial equipment and programs for St Lucy’s. 

The week kicked off with a Zoom presentation to all the Houses which included a quick introduction using sign language and a rundown of what was going to happen during the week. A few girls were invited to go down to the Primary School to share how they could get involved in the activities.

On Tuesday, everyone participated in a fun Kahoot to test their knowledge about the valuable week and learn much more about AUSLAN. Conducted by a few students in Year 10, Midday Gong was organised to support the wonderful cause and to reflect on how the lives of the children at St Lucy’s are affected. 

On Wednesday, everyone was able to get involved in some fun silent games such as charades to put ourselves in the shoes of those who live their lives like this every single day. Thanks to the Student Council and Year 10, we were taught how to recite ‘Cruci Dum Spiro Fido’ in AUSLAN – we look forward to doing this with the whole school soon. 

Lastly, on Friday, Year 10 participated in the annual Silent Day. ‘Silent Day’ is a day where Year 10 can’t use their voices as a means of communication in order to step into the lives of those at St Lucy’s and to experience firsthand what it is like. 

Overall, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made this year’s Week Without Words possible. Although the week looked a bit different this year, we were able to conduct a very valuable awareness-raising week.  We would also like to say a big thank you to both Ms De Mattia and Ms Minto for orchestrating the whole week. We could not have done it without their help as well as all of Year 10 getting behind us. The change we were able to create will definitely not go unnoticed by our friends at St Lucy’s. 

For students moving into Year 10 next year, we suggest that you should definitely sign  up to this event as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


Suloshi De Alwis and Isabella Knox

Year 10

Be a Conscious Consumer

Christmas involves spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts and eating special foods for a large proportion of Australians, regardless of faith background.

Christmas preparations typically include shopping for gifts; for some this is a delightful experience, yet it fills others with dread! Especially when we are time-poor, a session of online shopping or a frenetic race around shops to complete our gift list can ensue. Regardless of one’s modus operandi, the JPIC and Green Team have challenged the community to choose gifts whereby more than just the gift-recipient has been considered in the decision. Conscious consumerism involves considering both the recipient of the gift and the source of that gift. Has the person who made it received a fair wage? What is the environmental impact of this gift?

On 13th November, the Green Team and JPIC groups enjoyed a presentation from Kim Pearce and Kath Davis, from The Possibility Project, about what it means to be a conscious consumer and social enterprise. The Possibility Project online store and shopfront in Wahroonga stocks ethical clothing. Their offerings include the slumwear108 range, which has been made by a community in Jaipur, India, as well as a whole raft of products made locally. The students were really engaged in the talk and took on top tips for enjoying “slower” fashion through op-shopping and swapping clothes with friends. The JPIC students are currently planning for a school-wide clothing-swap in Term 1 and are encouraging students to go through their cupboards to find items, in excellent condition, that they could donate. 

And what about the person who has it all? Consider buying charity gifts on their behalf, sometimes referred to as Gifts that Give. Many charities, operating in Australia and internationally, offer lots of options to help those who are less fortunate. 

It’s also important to remember that Christmas can be tough for many people at the best of times and 2020 will bring challenges to people who have not experienced them previously. The focus in Term 4 at Loreto Normanhurst is on the Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal and this year, the charity has seen increased demand for food bank items as well as basic toiletries. The generosity of our families has ensured that we have several very full hampers to donate next week, but given the current shortage of stock, we are hopeful that we can surpass previous years’ contributions from the Loreto Normanhurst community – we will continue to collect until Wednesday 2nd December.

We wish you a safe and joyous Christmas.

Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield and Ms Mel Clancy

Ecology and Social Justice Coordinators



Sports Wrap 2020

What a year it has been for sport at Loreto Normanhurst! As our girls get ready for one final hurrah in 2020 – whether it be IGSSA Touch or Water Polo, IPSHA Tennis, Cricket or Basketball, HKDTA Tennis or rowing at the Loreto Normanhurst or Loreto Kirribilli Regattas – it’s that time to pause and reflect on what has been anything but a standard year of Sport at Loreto Normanhurst.

The year started with the usual hustle and bustle of Term 1, but that would all soon come to a screeching halt as we quickly pivoted from our usual offerings of sport and physical activity to figuring out how to provide the same enjoyable opportunities online and via Zoom. Whilst nothing can replicate the enjoyment of running around the court or oval with your mates, seeing our students engage with our online program as we went through learning from home was a joy to see.

From there, the next challenge was to return to our ‘new normal’ under the ever-evolving regulations. Number of participants, rules around physical distancing, and the need to sanitise and clean equipment constantly were just a few of the considerations we needed to constantly be aware of as we rolled out new opportunities across the school.

Term 3 saw a return to competitive fixtures, with regionalised competitions and spectator-free venues becoming the standard. It was fascinating to see the different reactions and evolutions of the girls when suddenly the support from the sidelines was missing and every voice on the court or the pitch mattered. We were able to take part in our very first telecast of Loreto Normanhurst matches, with the Term 3 finals being streamed online where the technology allowed.

With further relaxation of the rules coming into Term 4, we were able to burst out of our little bubble with Abbotsleigh, Pymble and Brigidine and open up competition with schools north of the harbour. The other major feature was spectators returning and the cheer and colour we love so much making its way back to the sidelines.

None of this year would have been possible without the concerted, coordinated effort of our entire community.

A big thankyou to the School Leadership for allowing us to provide as many opportunities as we could in a range of formats whilst still always complying with COVIDsafe practices.

Thank you to our parent and support network – I know it must have been hard to spend Saturdays dropping girls off and not being able to share in the fun of sport with your daughters.

I have been in a constant state of amazement and appreciation all year with regards to the efficiency and quick thinking displayed by my team of Sport Administrators and their coaching staff. This has been a year where adaptability and progressive thinking have been so important, and my team have been able to continue to offer such great opportunities to the girls of Loreto Normanhurst, so to them I also say a huge thank you.

Finally, without the enthusiasm and desire to get involved from our students, this year would have looked very different. What drove us to continue to explore all avenues for physical activity was the knowledge that there were students across all levels of experience and ability that were just looking for something else they could get involved in. Well done, girls – even the most bizarre of 12 months couldn’t shake your love and desire to get involved in sport and physical activity.

As we look forward to 2021, it seems like a fool’s errand to try to predict what it has in store, however I am confident that the students of Loreto Normanhurst will continue to look for sporting opportunities, and along with my team, I look forward to supplying those opportunities in whatever formats we can.

I want to wish everyone competing this weekend the very best of luck, and that you all cherish the opportunity to give it one last go in 2020.

Loreto Normanhurst Regatta

This weekend sees us host our annual Loreto Normanhurst Regatta on Saturday at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Much like many events this year, it won’t look or feel the same as previous years, as spectators are still not able to attend however that won’t stop us sharing the fun of Regatta Day. This year, in conjunction with Rowing NSW, we’ll be offering a live-stream of both the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta on Saturday and the Loreto Kirribilli Regatta on Sunday via the Rowing NSW YouTube channel.

I want to say a big thank you in advance to Paul Barr, Anna Boldiston, the Rowing Parent Support Group and all the parent volunteers who come together to make an event like this such a spectacle for the girls involved.

Best of luck to all our competitors!

Swimming Carnivals

One down, one to go!

Last Thursday, we held the Primary School Swimming Carnival in the Aquatic Centre as our Year 5 & 6 girls battled it out for bragging rights or just to get in and give it a go. There was some great action across the day, and also a bit of extra creativity needed; one of the highlights of our carnivals are the house cheers, however with existing COVID restrictions, Houses had to figure out how to show the best spirit they could without cheering! There were some fantastic choreographed dances and claps, which helped add to the atmosphere we enjoy so much.

We’ve got the actuaries crunching the numbers as we speak, with the announcement of the all-important Overall Point Score Champions and Spirit Cup winners being announced in the final week of term. Congratulations to Charlotte Horbach (Year  6) who was crowned the Primary Queen of the Pool for her victory in the 50m Invitational race.

Next Tuesday, we’ll shift our attention to the Secondary School as our senior girls head out to Sydney Olympic Park. Because of ongoing restrictions, this event will be for competitors only, however there might be a little surprise for students sticking behind at school when it comes time to deciding who will be victorious in the Secondary Queen of the Pool, so stay tuned…


Well done to Neve Tierney (Year 8) who competed in the Hills Triathlon last weekend. Neve competed in the Opens race, racing against all comers and was still able to finish a fantastic 2nd place! She was first out of the water and was able to put in great legs on the bike and run to hold off the competition to finish with the silver – great job, Neve!


The 2020 IGSSA Hockey season might be over but that hasn’t stopped two of our Hockey Coaches, Rachel Osbourne (Junior 1sts Coach, Class of 2018) and Courtney Schonell (Senior 1sts Coach), from producing some outstanding performances of their own. Both Courtney and Rachel recently attended the Hockey NSW Future Pride Camp which featured 42 of the best female athletes from across NSW. The camp was held at the Sydney Olympic Hockey Centre over six days from Thursday November 19th to Tuesday November 24th. The purpose of the camp was to provide an opportunity for identified elite and pre-elite level athletes from around NSW to train and play in a high-performance environment. In addition Courtney, was selected as one of 41 female athletes from across Australia to attend the Hockey Australia Super Camp which was held in Perth from 6-16 November 2020. This camp forms part of the selection process for the Hockeyroos, who will compete at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Both Courtney and Rachel not only play a key role in our Hockey program but are also fantastic role models for our students. We are so excited to see them achieving their goals and performing at such a high level. Fantastic examples of dedication, effort and hard work!

Congratulations Courtney and Rachel!


In more good news for our alumni athletes, Old Girls Emma Fessey (Class of ‘14) & Lauren Graham (Class of ‘17) have been invited to trial for the Australian Senior Women’s & U/23 Women’s squads respectively in December. They too will be aiming for Olympic selection next year – good luck Emma and Lauren!


Whilst COVID heavily impacted the athletics season this year whereby a number of competitions were cancelled, the NSW All Schools Championship will be held on Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th December.

Good luck to our 11 representatives who will be competing across 24 events!

Julia Baxter – Class of 2020
Zara Warland – Year 10
Valentina Kuruc – Year 7
Claudia Wilson – Year 9
Elli Barron – Year 9
Eliza Matthews – Year 7
Amelia Rawson – Year 7
Bella Kachel – Year 9
Lily Tomlinson – Year 11
Olivia Lee-Jackson – Year 8
Caitlin Shannon – Year 7

Rugby 7’s

Congratulations to Mia Jones (Year 9) who has been selected to play in the NSW U17s Rugby 7s championship in Bowral in December. Mia has also been taking part in the NSW City vs Country Oztag Championship and will be playing in the Senior State Cup for the U20’s in early December.

Well done Mia! We wish all the best for these competitions.

Venue Information

A reminder for all spectators this weekend to please follow the instructions at the venue you are attending. Some venues are not permitting spectators, and some have restrictions of one spectator per player – all this information is available on the Upcoming Fixtures and Events page in Canvas. All venues that are welcoming spectators will require you to sign in on arrival (usually via a QR code), maintain 1.5 metres between people from other households and follow appropriate hygiene practices such as washing hands.

Staying Safe at Sport

As a reminder, the following protocols are in currently in place for LN Sport:

  • IGSSA, IPSHA, HKDTA and Rowing NSW have advised that spectators are welcome to return to Saturday sport fixtures, with each venue ultimately responsible for deciding whether spectators are permitted to return.
  • Please comply with the track & tracing, social distancing and hygiene procedures that will be in place at each venue. If you are unsure, please ask the venue coordinator or a member of staff.
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your fixture.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and cooperation with these protocols.

Weather & Venue Closures

With some inclement weather being predicted across Sydney on Saturday, please make sure you know where to check for venue closures. The links for each Venue Closure site are further down in this newsletter, and they are also available for each sport on the Upcoming Fixtures and Events page in Canvas.

Please make sure you check the site or app relevant to your sport before leaving home on Saturday.

Loreto Sports Girl: Chloe Reeves


Current sport/activity: Tennis.

Favourite school sport/activity: Tildesley, IGSSA and Hornsby tennis.

Highest level of sporting achievement: I spent last year at boarding school in NZ, and at the end of the Summer tennis season I was selected in the Woodford House representative tennis team for Hawkes Bay. We got to compete in a four-day tournament against all the top girl players from schools throughout the North Island.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: I love going to the Tildesley Tennis tournament as everyone has trained for a long time and put in a lot of hard work leading up to the tournament. To see the whole squad there on the day is super exciting. It’s a fun day, filled with Normo spirit where everyone gets to cheer each other on, and also play some great tennis!

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: Getting to watch Serena Williams play at the Australian Open in Melbourne. This was really exciting for me because I have always looked up to her, especially when I was younger and just starting tennis. Watching her play live was a dream come true, she’s such an amazing player and inspiring sportswoman.

Best subject at school: Business Studies.

Any superstitions before playing sport: When playing doubles with Annabelle we have a handshake we must do before we begin the match.

Best tune to listen to before competing: Hall of Fame.



Wet Weather Information

Please make sure you check the relevant wet weather sites for any news regarding cancellations.

IGSSA Sports.

IPSHA Sports: (via the app)

Who to see about what?

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
  Cross Country Pathway LN Activities Program
  Hills  Netball Gymnastics
  Rugby 7s Cheerleading
  IGSSA Touch Football IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre AFL


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mr Ian Edmunds

Mrs laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis Rowing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon    
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Basketball    
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Netball     
Athletics Pathway Hornsby Tennis    
  Tildesley Tennis    
  Secondary School Carnivals    
  Swimming Pathway    



We love to see photos of our students getting physically active and staying engaged in sport. Please send through any photos or videos to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at

Sport Contacts Term 4 2020



For IGSSA competitions the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website here. 


Mr Matthew Mulroney

Head of Sport

EXTDAY@LNH Extended Day Program

EXTDAY@LNH Extended Day Program

EXTDAY@LNH  Term 1 2021

Parents with daughters in Years 5-9 are invited to enrol their daughters in our Term 1 2021 EXTDAY@LNH Program commencing Thursday 28 January 2021.  Please note applications for Term 1 2021 will close on Thursday 21 January 2021.

EXTDAY@LNH offers flexibility around school pick-up times and the opportunity for students to receive extensive after-hours supervision, homework help and guided study supported by qualified teachers and supervisors. Incorporated into this offering is a variety of supervised recreational activities plus access to extra-curricular activities held in the school grounds. 

The Program is offered to Years 5–9 students and is available Monday to Thursday from 3.00pmto 8.00pm.  Students can be collected prior to 8.00pm if necessary. Dinner is provided in the Boarders’ Dining Room from 6.00pm to 6.30pm and the cost of afternoon tea and dinner is included in the daily charge.  Please note COVID-safe procedures will be maintained  and updated as required. For additional information please  Click Here.

The EXTDAY@LNH Program provides a safe and friendly environment and is intended to meet the needs of families and improve individual student growth. Research shows that routine supervised study time improves student learning outcomes, particularly when students are supported by adults with knowledge of the curriculum demands of schools. 

An overview of the program is provided below.




Sign in at the Mary Ward Centre

Afternoon tea


Recreation time & Extra-curricular activities

5-6 Primary Sport ends 4.30pm

7-9 Secondary Sport ends 5.00pm

4.30-6.00pm Homework help/guided study with teachers, overseen by a supervisor in the  DRC (note change of location).
6.00-6.30pm Dinner in the Boarders’ Dining Room.

Homework help/guided study with teachers.

Pick up is from the Slip Road (entry via Gate 02) on Osborn Road.  Upon arrival, please contact your daughter or call the EXTDAY@LNH mobile number on 0400 385 144. EXTDAY@LNH staff will escort your daughter to meet you at the Slip Road. (Please note, this is a change of location.)


Please Click Here to apply

Please note applications for Term 1 2021 close Thursday 21 January 2021






Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Thank you

For the last newsletter of this year, I wanted to acknowledge the generosity of our Loreto Normanhurst community. Your willingness to support our fundraising efforts during this most uncertain of years shows the depth of commitment and support of our community, and I didn’t want to start the holidays without a warm and generous thank you to you all. Whether you made a donation to the Music Festival Bursary Fund Event, or at  the Mother and Father Daughter Eucharists, purchased a gingerbread house or an Advent Calendar, please know that we deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness.

In regards to the Advent Calendars, you may be interested to know that in addition to the 450 Advent Calendars we gifted our Golden Jubilarians (ex-students who left the school 50 or more years ago) we sold more than 200 Advent Calendars and received an additional $1,100 in donations for the Bursary Fund. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you would like further information on your donations or our Bursary (Welfare) program.  

Thank you and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and blessed holiday season.

Mrs Liane Giuliano

Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Advent Calendars

Would you like to countdown to our Christmas Eve Mass with a Loreto Normanhurst Advent Calendar?  Online bookings will remain open until Monday 30 November 2020.

Please click here to order.

100% of profits from the sale of these Advent Calendars will go to our Bursary (Welfare) Fund which enables families in necessitous circumstances to give their daughters a Loreto Normanhurst education.

Parent Association

Parent Association

LAST CHANCE – ONLY four tickets left!

The PAL Tuition Raffle only has four tickets left, so be quick if you would like to purchase a ticket!

This time next Friday, one lucky Loreto Normanhurst family will be celebrating that they have won $15,000 off their 2021 tuition fees.


Terms & Conditions of the raffle can be found HERE

Tickets are $100 each and the prize is $15,000 to be credited against the tuition fees for 2021. There were only 350 tickets available, with only four now remaining  to purchase until 5pm Wednesday 2  December, unless sold out prior. The winner will be drawn on Friday 4  December at Loreto Normanhurst.  

For further information, please contact PAL at

On behalf of PAL, we wish all our families a very merry Christmas and we look forward to connecting again in 2021.


Jane Dalton

President, PAL

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

The last day of trade for the Uniform Shop is Thursday 3  December 2020.

The Uniform Shop will be open for two days of trading over the holiday period:

  • Wednesday 20  January – 9am to 3pm
  • Thursday 21  January – 9am to 3pm

Online ordering services will be available over the holidays.  This is a great way to purchase any Summer uniform items that might need updating and be ready for collection when school resumes in Term 1.

Online ordering is available 24/7 at  


Uniform Shop Staff



The Careers Team wishes you and your family a wonderful festive season and a joyful 2021.

 Thank you to all our Year 11 students who attended Careers information sessions in Term 4 – US/UK study processes, GAP year programs, Studying to be a Vet, ANU applications (more information below) and Medicine.

If you missed these, and would like to know more, don’t hesitate to call Careers. 

Ms Katrina Smith and Ms Alexi Kayes

Career Advisors

Careers Subscriptions:

The Careers Department:

Login to The Careers Department

  • School login: Loreto Normanhurst
  • School password: LNH

Study Work Grow:

Login to Study Work Grow and scroll down to the ‘Use your unique school code’ section and enter the code: LRNH19

Remember, the school code is unique to our school, so please ensure that wherever possible you keep this code within our school community.


Interesting Reads

Tertiary Info Days 

Many of the main universities are offering Information days in the first few weeks of holidays. A great opportunity to see the universities if you missed out this year due to COVID. This list is not exhaustive, so please ensure you check your preferred  institutions for more information.

  • Sydney Uni  –  Info Day, Saturday 19 December.
  • UTS – Join us on campus and online on 18 and 19 December: to learn more about your undergraduate study options, alternate admission pathways and get your last-minute questions answered before close of UAC preferences. 18/19 December. Choose from 1-1 live chats, webinars, advising sessions and tours of our city campus. Simply register for each session you would like to attend. But hurry! Places are limited.
  • Macquarie – Explore your options week . Starting on Wednesday 16 December through to Wednesday 23 December 2020, MQ are available for one-on-one consultations, enrolment support and campus tours.
  • ACU – Come along to Know Your Options, an event where you can learn about alternative entry and admission pathways, chat to our staff about your course and career path. 18 December 2020
  • TAFE – Info-fest Whether you’re joining us online or on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with industry-expert teachers, join interactive workshops, explore state-of-the-art facilities and get the help you need to finalise your enrolment. Dec and Jan sessions.
  • And many more… visit the events page of the University, college or TAFE you are interested in.

Women’s College Information Evening

To help you navigate your way into university and to answer any last minute questions before university preferences close, register for our Online Info Evening on Thursday 17 December 2020 at 6.00pm – 7.00pm AEST. Prospective students, current applicants and their families are most welcome.


The Australian National University (ANU)

Applications Open in March 2021

ANU encourages all domestic school-leavers interested in studying at ANU in 2022 to apply directly to us in March 2021.

  • Applications open 3 March 2021
  • Applications close 24 May 2021
  • August offer round released 9 August 2021
  • September offer round released 22 September 2021
  • We will provide additional information around the application process before applications open. 

Students who are interested in applying directly to ANU,  can sign up to receive information on applying by completing  ANU’s form HERE


Community Notices

Community Notices

Changing our Nation documentary 

The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) has recently announced the premiere of Changing Our Nation, a special documentary which follows a group of students who are part of the AIEF Scholarship Program.

In a one-hour television special, Sky News Australia will take viewers on a journey from our country’s most remote towns to the cities leading classrooms.  Changing Our Nation premieres Thursday 10 December at 7:00pm.  You can visit here to meet the students and watch a sneak peek of the special documentary.

This is a great opportunity for members of the community to engage with the documentary and to learn more about the AIEF Program.