Newsletter 26 March - 26 March 2021
Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

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Note to members of our Loreto community:

Loreto Federation celebrations have been postponed to 2022. This is to ensure that Loreto communities across Australia can gather together safely. Until then, each of our Loreto schools will be showing how they are #proudtobeloreto with some special events planned throughout 2021. More details to come.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact


Please enjoy these photos from our Justice Fete on Wednesday.

Dean of Extra-curricular

Dean of Extra-curricular

Dance, Theatresports, Philosophy Club, Open Circle, Robotics, Film Club, Textiles Open Studio and Oratory Club are just some of our new offerings in Extra-curricular this year. There is so much on offer at Loreto Normanhurst and I invite all students to try something new, make new friends and seek new challenges through our extensive program.

After seeking input from staff and students in 2020, we have extended our range of activities for 2021. There is literally something of interest for everyone. I visited our Philosophy Club on Monday afternoon as the students watched scenes from ‘The Matrix’ and discussed the concept, ‘ the body cannot live without the mind.’ As I write this article, I am listening to the laughter and chatter of students learning a new game in our Chess and Strategic Games Club and across the hall there are students creating artwork in the Visual Arts Open Studio. What a wonderful way to develop new skills, build resilience and learn to work with and listen to others, all while having fun.

Extra-curricular at Loreto includes all Sport, Music and Oratory programs as well as our extensive Clubs and Teams opportunities. Learning does not just occur within the four walls of the classroom. In fact, our extra-curricular activities will assist all students in unlocking their potential as well as providing them with the keys to understanding themselves and others in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world.

If you would like more information on our full extra-curricular program then please visit the FACE Online Extra Curricular page on Canvas where you will find information on all of our Sports, Music ensembles, Oratory, Drama, Mission and Clubs/Teams & Activities programs.

Click here for our Extra-curricular Information Flyer.


Mrs Chris Woods

Dean of Extra-Curricular

Director of Pastoral Care

Director of Pastoral Care

We live in a fast paced, constantly changing world that requires us to interpret and respond to varied situations and experiences daily. Our capacity to respond in a way that has a positive outcome for both ourselves and others can be influenced by key protective factors; resources that contribute to supporting resilience and maintaining wellbeing. The protective factors for students as outlined by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW are connections, supportive environments, student factors, social and emotional skills and whole-school approaches to wellbeing. This highlights that protective factors extend beyond the personal development of each individual to include the environment in which they find themselves.

It is reassuring to identify these protective factors not only within our Pastoral Care framework, but also deeply embedded in our Mission and Values, the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model and the Loreto Educational philosophy. All of these remind us of the pivotal role of relationships with ourselves and others in enhancing wellbeing, and that holistic education is imperative for growing individuals and communities in our ‘person-centred’ school. 

The pastoral program is intentionally planned and delivered to amplify the scope of the protective factors for wellbeing. Quality relationships are at the core of a Loreto education and the platform with which we ensure every student is known. They are the launchpad for fostering a student’s connections and sense of belonging to the community. They help celebrate each individual in a safe and inclusive environment where self-worth and dignity is promoted.

Planning a pastoral program is a delicate balance of ensuring we include the essential themes necessary to respond to specific contexts and needs as they arise, while also recognising the importance of slowing down and resisting the temptation to over-crowd the program. With this in mind, we have intentionally embedded more opportunities for gratitude and mindfulness in the program in 2021. Gratitude is about paying attention to the things and moments we have right now, and not worrying about what we don’t have. Gratitude is a choice. It asks us to set our gaze on what adds value to our lives. Consciously practising gratitude can train your brain to acknowledge it more easily and express it more readily to other people. There is an ever-growing body of research that suggests that it enhances positive emotions and optimism and in turn strengthens our relationships. The caveat here is that it is not always easy. Some days, finding gratitude will prove challenging. Thankfully, gratitude does not always mean looking for big, grand and extravagant things. In fact, it can be more meaningful when felt in things that may seem small, discrete or not necessarily obvious to someone else.

To support the presence of gratitude and mindfulness in the program, each student will receive a ‘Listening Book’ that calls them into a space of deep listening and reflection just as Mary Ward did, informed by Ignatian Spirituality. The Listening Book heightens their awareness of what they can be grateful for and brings them into a moment of mindfulness. Next week will also see the launch of the Loreto Normanhurst Gratitude Photo Project. Students will be asked to intentionally seek moments of gratitude in their lives and contribute these to the photo gallery. Dadirri (da-did-ee), an Aboriginal spiritual practice of inner deep listening and quiet, still awareness, has also been weaved through the program. You are encouraged to speak to your daughters about these experiences. Perhaps there is scope to introduce similar practices within the home?

We continue to strengthen our whole-school approach to wellbeing and understand that it is inextricably linked to academic outcomes and success. The launch of the social and emotional learning program, OakSEED, supports this concept and strengthens the essential protective factor of social and emotional development. Social and emotional learning fosters essential skills to engage in the learning process, manage complex situations and uncertainty, communicate confidently, think critically, be aware of, control and express emotions, make responsible decisions and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically and fairly. The development of these skills provide a foundation to enhance motivation, commitment and perseverance.

Pastoral Care at Loreto Normanhurst understands the important role of a preventative, strength-based approach to wellbeing that is evidence-informed and draws upon the protective factors within our context. It is strengthened by our Mary Ward traditions and by Mary Ward’s Open Circle in its promotion of wellbeing as wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Ms Sally Munro

Director of Pastoral Care

Primary School

Primary School

Project Compassion

Project Compassion is a whole school initiative that explores how Caritas Australia is helping those in greatest need. It is an opportunity for the girls to learn about life in different countries through the personal stories of people who have participated in these programs.

As part of our Lenten promises this year, the girls decided to support the people who will benefit from Project Compassion, led ably by Mrs Anderson and the Social Justice Team. Some girls decided that the money they might spend on a weekly treat could be put to better use by donating their money to the project.

Using the Project Compassion message of ‘Be More’ as our inspiration, this morning each class came up with a design that they created out of various silver and gold coins. This brought our total to well over $1000, which was our goal and will contribute to a more just and compassionate world.

Sporting Superstars

Georgia Mercer-Witenden, Year 5, competed at the Zone 23 one-day event in dressage and show jumping. Georgia and her pony, Bindi, rode to victory with Georgia being awarded overall champion. Georgia said that she loves her pony Bindi because she is a ‘safe’ pony, as most ponies refuse to jump and walk around the jump. Congratulations Georgia on this wonderful achievement.

Emma Dinca, Year 5, recently competed in the first Gymnastics State Championship trials. In Level 9 Under, Emma finished first in Bars and third on Floor. Last weekend in the second state trials, Emma also finished first again on Bars and third on Floors. This is a fantastic achievement! We wish Emma the best of luck for the upcoming State Championships!

Congratulations to Gabriella Connell from Year 6 who was selected for the CIS primary girls football team. She will play in the NSW PSSA championships on 16 – 18 June. Further commendations go to Gabi for her display of leadership during our recent Cross Country Carnival. After coming second in the 3km race, she joined other girls to support them all the way to the finish line.

Cross Country Final Results

House Cup – Benedicta

Spirit Cup – Clare

Happy Birthday

Hip, hip, hooray and happy birthday to the following girls. We hope you had a wonderful day! 

Sara, Zara T, Ruby, Daisy


A reminder that when students return at the start of Term 2 they should be in full winter uniform. The winter uniform includes: tunic, long sleeved white shirt, tie, blazer and opaque black stockings.

It has been a very full and rewarding term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and hard-working staff for their support this term. In the meantime, I wish you all a blessed Easter and God’s blessing for a safe and happy holiday. 


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary



With arms stretched out towards You

Next week is Holy Week. Holy Week begins with Passion Sunday and ends with the Easter Triduum, the great Christian celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection. Reflecting on Jesus and the events of the last night and day of his life, his arrest, passion and crucifixion, we of course think of what was done to him.  But as we ponder these events we also find a man who made a choice. That choice took him into the heart of life. What was Jesus’ choice?

As the meal with his disciples came to an end on that Thursday night and after they had sung the last hymn, Jesus and his disciples went out of Jerusalem, crossed the Kidron Valley and there on the Mount of Olives they went into the Garden of Gethsemane. This was a place that was familiar to Jesus for he had often gone there to pray, and that is what he did that night. His friends fell asleep, probably drowsy from the wine they had enjoyed at dinner, and he was left alone, alone with a sense of the danger he was in and a foreboding of what was to come. He asked God to spare him that suffering and Luke tells us that his anguish and earnest prayer were so intense that he sweated drops of blood. He could have run away. Just beyond the Mount of Olives lay the Judaean wilderness, darkness and escape. Yet he did not. He chose to remain. He chose to trust in God’s care, presence, love  –  all that he himself had taught and shown others.  His surrender to God was freely made and we are told an angel strengthened him. In his surrender he created a space where God’s Spirit was free to mould him, to shape him, strengthen and comfort him. This is how he had lived and this is what he chose in his hour of anguish. 

This is a profound and beautiful Easter message. We too are called to this surrender.

Click here to read more.

Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator

Passion Liturgy

Passion Liturgy

We are delighted to invite you to join our online Holy Thursday, Good Friday Passion Liturgy.

The online link will be sent to all families
at 9:00am on Holy Thursday, 1 April.

Through word and song, the students of Loreto Normanhurst will lead us through a beautiful reflection as we tell the story of the profound love and suffering of Jesus and contemplate this suffering today in our world. The link will be active until Saturday, 10 April.

For further information, please email

Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator



Year 10 Canberra Excursion

This week Year 10 day students have received permission notes and medical documentation to complete for their Canberra excursion, which will take place from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 May 2021 (Week 4, Term 2).

This exciting excursion is organised by the History and Integrated Learning Faculties in order to fulfill the site study requirements of the Stage 5 Mandatory History Course. Students will be visiting sites of national importance in Canberra and therefore gaining a deeper understanding of Australian identity and active citizenship.  Please note that this is a compulsory excursion for all Year 10 students. Each student will need to return their Permission Note and their Student and Family Detail Report confirming contact details and medical information. Both of these forms are due back completed and signed to the Learning Office by Monday, 29 March 2021 at the latest.

If your daughter is required to take any medication during the excursion, it will need to be submitted on the day in a zip-lock plastic bag with the completed Prescription and Non-Prescription Medication Form.

Please do not hesitate to email the Learning Office with any queries.

Ms Michelle Albert

Dean of Learning

Year 7 Parents & Students Study Skills Evening with Dr Prue Salter

On Monday, 29 March (Week 10) from 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Year 7 students and their parents are invited to a virtual presentation with Dr. Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services. 

To Access the Zoom Link for this event at the time of the event – Click Here 

Click here to view the presentation description.

Dr. Salter’s interactive presentation will focus on creating an environment that is conducive to producing good study habits and exploring how students can organise their time productively to avoid last minute stress.  This refreshing and practical presentation will give you plenty to build on with your daughter.

Further information can be found on the Study Skills Handbook website by logging in with the details:   

Username: loretonh      
Password: loretonh

Ms Michelle Albert

Dean of Learning

Year 8 Parent Information Evening – Podcast 

We thank you to those parents who attended our Year 8 Parent Information Evening, either in person or online, on Monday 22 March 2021.

For those parents who were unable to attend this event, please click here for a Podcast of the evening.

Password: yr8loreto


A remarkable achievement

We are proud to extend our congratulations and recognition to Lua Pellegrini, Class of 2019, who was acknowledged by NESA on Friday, 12 March at the AGM of the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.  Lua received an award from NESA for her achievement as the highest ranking Aboriginal student in NSW in Aboriginal Studies in 2019.  The award ceremony was unable to take place in 2020 because of Covid-19, but we were thrilled to attend the evening this year and recognise Lua’s achievements with her and her parents. 

Lua also addressed the audience on the evening, sharing her own experiences about the power of Aboriginal Studies as a subject area and the value that she places on her educational experiences as a whole.  Lua also graciously demonstrated her gratitude to her teacher of Aboriginal Studies, Mr Tim Lennon, and thanked the school community by donating her prize cheque to the Loreto Normanhurst Bursary Fund.  We thank Lua for her generosity and want to extend our congratulations to her again – we are very proud of her and all of her achievements.

Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning

Celebration of Learning

Chinese Lessons

In Chinese lessons, students have learnt about language patterns related to their daily life and authentic Chinese culture through the celebration of the Lunar New Year. Differentiated learning activities have been created to cater for the learning needs of two different groups: students with no prior knowledge or Chinese background, and Chinese heritage students. Our Chinese Language Assistant has provided extra support to extend heritage students’ knowledge and enrich their learning experience. Please see below for feedback from students.  

“Chinese lessons at Loreto Normanhurst have given us an engaging, interactive, and fascinating experience. Chinese characters are shown in a form of pictures and scenarios so they are simple to memorise. Games are incorporated such as shuttlecock kicking which is active learning of counting in Chinese, and also an integration of authentic culture. In addition, ImmerseMe provides a platform where everyone can speak in Chinese to a native speaker virtually to widen our knowledge.”

Olivia You, Year 8

“Chinese lessons are an enjoyable and creative experience that helps us to understand Chinese language and culture. We have participated in a wide range of activities to help us memorise new vocabulary and sentence structures. We play games like Flyswatter, Find the Spider-Man and Memory Game. We reinforce our lesson contents through ICT tools, such Education Perfect, Kahoot, Quizlet and Textivate. We have also learnt about Lunar New Year celebration customs and tried traditional paper cutting.”

Sofia Storgato, Year 8

Mrs Stefania Thomsett

Head of Languages

Social Science Events

Year 7 Geography Excursion to the Blue Mountains

Year 7 Geography students experienced the magnificent heights of the Blue Mountains as an important landform through a nature walk whilst learning the importance of the interconnections and liveability of this landscape with the Indigenous communities.

Year 8 Geography Excursion to Taronga Zoo

The Year 8 Geography students had an exciting leaning experience at Taronga Zoo learning about sustainable use of recycled water in the animal exhibits for their ‘Water in the World’ topic. They also gained insight into the human impact on the ecological balance through excessive palm oil deforestation which is endangering the Sumatran tigers as well as sustainable practices like use of MSC certified seafood and waste management.

Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies AFP Workshop Incursion

An exciting day for the Social Science faculty! The AFP ran workshops in individual Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies classes using real case studies and a Kahoot quiz. This partnership with the Australian Federal Police enhances student understanding of the role of law enforcement agencies and international crime.

Ms Gauri Gupta

Head of Social Science


Dates to Remember

Years 7-11

Academic Plenaries 

7 May and 18 May

Times TBC – Via Zoom

Year 7


Year 7 Parents & Students Study Skills Evening – Prue Salter

Monday 29 March
7pm – 8.30pm – Livestreamed


11 May to 17 May


Year 9


Holistic Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and FNQE Education Evening

Tuesday 1 June

7pm – 8pm


11 May to 17 May

Year 10 

Year 10 Canberra Excursion

12 May to 14 May

Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and Subject Selection Evening 

Wednesday 26 May 

7pm – 8:30pm

Year 11

Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 13 October


Year 12

Year 12 Term 2 Assessment Block 17 May to 28 May
Year 12 Parent Information Evening

Monday 12 July 



CSDA Public Speaking

Congratulations to the following students who competed in Grand Final of the CSDA Public Speaking Competition on Friday 19 March:

Year 7

Charlotte Barnett

Year 10

Indianna Cane

Frances O’Brien

Senior Division

Erin Longney

Congratulations to:

Erin Longney for taking out 1st place.

Indianna Cane for taking out 2nd place.

Mock Trial

Congratulations to our Mock Trial participants who competed against Barker College in their first round of the season. Well done to the following students who took on an active role:

  • Scarlett Butterfield, Year 11
  • Jessica Webster, Year 11
  • Brigid Quirk, Year 11
  • Olivia Alexander, Year 11
  • Frances O’Brien, Year 10
  • Lucy Deloughery, Year 10

While the team didn’t come away with a win this round, we congratulate them on their efforts in preparing for a very tricky case.


Nominations have now closed for the 2021 season. Students will be notified today about whether or not they will need to participate in trials. All information will be shared directly to the students who nominated.

Oratory Club

Congratulations to all those who took part in Oratory Club in Term 1. It was great to see so many students coming together to work on their individual goals and speaking in front of an audience. Oratory Club will again run in Term 2. Students will be sent a nomination form in the last week of Term 1 and students can register to attend until Wednesday, 21 April 2021.

The focus for Term 2 will be on ‘Responding to a Current Affairs Topic’. Students will be encouraged to engage with the news cycle and develop strategies to break down the content and work to form and share their opinions.

We encourage all debaters to take part in Oratory Club in Term 2 to complement their training before their respective debates.

Youth UN NSW Digital Diplomacy Summit

Registration is now open for students in Years 9 to 12 to participate in the Youth UN NSW Digital Diplomacy Summit. The event will be held on Saturday, 17 April – venue TBA.

For more information please visit the Youth UN Website. If your daughter is interested, please contact the Oratory Department, before registering.

Note: Youth UN Events are becoming increasingly popular. If you are interested, get in early so that you don’t miss out.

If you require further information about Oratory@LN, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Academic Activities Leaders.

We are also looking for ex-students and parents who wish to be coaches or adjudicators for the Oratory Program in 2021. Please contact the oratory team for further information


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Year 10 Mary Ward Connect Day: Engaging with the Bigger Picture

Last Friday,19 March, Year 10 connected to other Loreto schools around Australia and heard from Loreto sisters in countries such as Vietnam and South Sudan. The theme of this special Mary Ward Connect Day this year was ‘Engaging with the Bigger Picture’. Prior to this, Catherine Knox from the Hornsby Kuring-gai Women’s Shelter talked to Year 10 about the experiences that shaped her mission to support women and provide shelter to women fleeing domestic violence. Year 10 then reflected on their learning and explored the concepts of privilege, feminism and the integrity inherent in all of us, before brainstorming their ideas for the “Walk the Talk” project to support the shelter and its work. Enjoy reading the reflections from Year 10 on the day:

Feminism. Connectedness. Community. During Mary Ward Connect, we explored the value of female empowerment through education, particularly in developing countries around the globe. Listening to a range of speakers from different walks of life allowed us to discover intersectionality and other aspects of feminism.” – Abigail Wehrhahn and friends

“Mary Ward Connect Day and the guest speakers who attended highlighted to us what Loreto schools around the world are doing and what we can do to support girls and young women to be given equal opportunity to thrive and succeed, as well as to feel empowered and be the best version of themselves”. – Molly, Sophie, Phoebe and Alana

“Did you know that young girls in South Sudan are forced into arranged marriages before the age of 18 in exchange for cows, resulting in very few girls finishing Secondary School? Loreto Rumbek provides Primary and Secondary education in South Sudan, allowing girls to build the foundation to improve life for themselves and their communities”. – Libby Weston and friends

“Year 10 were given the opportunity to gain knowledge of other Loreto lives all over the country, as well as the benefits of a Loreto education, specifically in countries such as South Sudan and Vietnam. We also had the privilege of learning about feminism, and how we can help the broader community around us, such as the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s shelter”.Maria El Haddad and friends

“Today Year 10 had the amazing opportunity to experience Mary Ward Connect. Although in a different format to usual, it was still an incredible experience to be able to Zoom with other Loreto schools around the globe, listen to Catherine Knox (Director of the Hornsby Kur-ringai Women’s Shelter) and learn more about our school’s values. It was particularly insightful listening to Sister Orla Treacy IBVM, who works in Loreto South Sudan. It is very uncommon to receive a full high school education in South Sudan, especially for a girl. After hearing about this school and seeing a photo of school children excitedly running through the Loreto South Sudan gates, it made us realise how privileged we are to receive an education, especially at Loreto Normanhurst. Overall, it was a super fun day and we are so excited to continue the Walk the Talk program!”Becca, Jacqui, Milly, Lucy


Year 8 Camp

We are excitedly preparing for Year 8 Camp in Week 2 of Term 2 – 28 – 30 April. Year 8 students should have returned their camp forms to school by now. Please attend to this if you have not done so already. Year 8 students should take the opportunity in the holidays to be independent and gather the items they need for camp.

Lost Property

Student Services has a high volume of items in its lost property including blazers, jumpers, hats, drink bottles and other sundry items. Please do an audit of your daughter’s uniform and ask her to come to Student Services to collect items that are missing. Any items not collected by the end of Week 1 of Term 2, will be donated to the Uniform Shop.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and their families a restful term break and every blessing over the Easter season. We hope it is a time for rest and a chance to reflect on the term that has been and to think about how to embrace the opportunities of Term 2.

We look forward to seeing all students back at school on Monday 19 April in full winter uniform.


Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care


Year 10 Loreto Rural Partnership 2021

Year 10 Loreto Rural Partnership 2021

The Loreto Rural Partnership is an immersion experience offered to Year 10 in Term 1 each year where students spend a week in the rural communities of Coolah, Dunedoo and, for the first time this year, Gulgong. The partnership aims to foster connections between Loreto Normanhurst and the communities we visit.

Being a part of Rural Partnership was really important as there is a need to better understand our rural towns in NSW, build connections, create a sense of community between the city and rural experiences and engage with primary students.

Pip, Year 10

Students complete community service at local Catholic schools by helping teachers and running lessons. They also interact with the communities they are in, including many of our own boarding families, and get to participate in daily rural life. In doing so, our students gain an authentic and lived understanding of rural experiences and the students of the schools we visit gain an understanding of urban living and high school; the love of learning from both sides is infectious.

One of the most rewarding parts of our immersion was helping out around the school,
either getting to know the kids and helping them with their work or helping teachers with jobs around the classroom.

Indianna, Year 10

For the first time we welcomed All Hallows Catholic Primary School Gulgong to the partnership. They joined Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School at Coolah, who have been involved for three years, and St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Dunedoo, who helped develop the partnership initially, and have been involved for eight years.

Overall working with the kids was a really special experience
as we madeimportant connections and learnt many new skills.

Jennifer, Year 10

We look forward to welcoming the students, staff and parents from St Michael’s Dunedoo in the Loreto Normanhurst Boarding School in December this year when they come for their excursion to the big smoke!

A special thank you to Mrs Hannah Truong, Mrs Melanie Oxley and Mrs Isabelle Asquith who accompanied students on this immersion.


Mr Victor McGee

Immersions Coordinator



LN Sport Wrap

The weather’s been wild, but it can’t dampen our enthusiasm for sport! It’s the final week of Term 1 Sport for our secondary students, with teams competing in grand finals and play-offs this weekend in IGSSA Softball, IGSSA Tennis, LN Badminton and Secondary AFL. Our Primary girls wrapped up their Water Polo and Football seasons last week, but unfortunately weather has forced the postponement of the IPSHA Cross Country that was scheduled to take place this weekend. We have rowers in action at Nationals, swimmers and divers in action at IGSSA, news from hockey, netball, athletics and more!

Good luck to everyone competing in finals this weekend, and a huge thanks to our coaches, supporters, and most of all our students for making it another memorable term of LN Sport!

IGSSA Swim & Dive

Today’s the big day for our pool stars, with our team of 27 swimmers and one diver in action at SOPAC for the IGSSA Swim & Dive Championships, led by our 2021 Swim & Dive Captain, Georgia Robertson (Year 12). We’re hoping for some amazing results. A wrap will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages at the end of the Carnival – good luck, girls!


Sydney looks like the land of many rivers at the moment, most unwanted, but there was one body of water that was very welcome with our rowers taking to SIRC to compete at the 2021 Schoolgirl Head of the River.

There were some fantastic results across the board from Normo crews, with a 3rd place finish for our Year 10 3rd Quad and a fantastic gold medal for our Year 10 Double pair, Greta Perosin (Year 10) and Elizabeth Powell (Year 10).

While it wasn’t quite like the Head of the Rivers we’re used to, with parents cheering from the far bank, the afternoon was still one for celebration. Rowers and supporters gathered after the event to cap off a wonderful season and see off our two Nationals crews, the Schoolgirl VIII and the Year 10 Double.

Rowing Nationals – Tasmania

The Year 10 Double rowed a well-managed heat on Monday and were drawn in a very competitive heat in tough conditions, finishing sixth in their semi-final and missing out on a chance to row in the final on Friday.

At the time of writing, the Schoolgirl VIII cruised through their heat, finishing 1st and moving straight through to the semi-finals on Saturday. The event is being livestreamed, and you can watch along by clicking this link. The semis kick off on Saturday at 1:55pm.

Some great news for alumni rowers, with Laura Gourley being crowned National Champion in the U21’s Women’s Single Scull. There are plenty of ex-Normo students in action this week, so we’ll do our best to bring you all their results at a later date.

Tildesley Tennis Championships

It’s been an interrupted Tildesley tournament this year, with rain playing havoc with the draw. We had 23 girls representing Normo. While our singles competitors have all been run and done, we’ve still got Chenuli Jayasekara (Year 8) and Alice MacKenzie (Year 9) in the Doubles draw, which will be finished off next Wednesday. Good luck to that pairing!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Good luck to our group of Year 10 students who are undertaking their Bronze Adventurous Qualifying Journey this weekend. Fortunately, the wild weather has passed, and they’ll finally be able to get their journey program under way after an interrupted start to their Duke of Ed program in 2020.


Big congratulations to Sophie Fanning (Year 10), who was selected in the IGSSA Hockey U/16 Representative team – unfortunately with the wild weather we’ve had, the CIS Championships had to be cancelled.

Primary CIS Football

Well done to Gabriella Connell (Year 6) who was selected for the Primary CIS Football team last week! She’ll go on to play at the NSW PSSA Championships later this year.


Congratulations to Charli Fidler (Year 12) and Erin O’Brien (Year 12) who have been named in the 19&U State Netball team.

We also congratulate the following netballers who have been selected in the Representative State Title or Development Teams for the Hills District Netball Association.

12 Years:

Development Squad

Eva Cusick (Year 6)

13 Years:

State Title Team

Patricia Boland (Year 7)
Monique Travers (Year 7)

Development Squad

Grace Longney (Year 7)

14 Years:

State Title Team

Charli Davis (Year 9)

Development Squad

Krisshvi Naarayanan (Year 9)
Georgia Ogilvie (Year 8)
Sofia Storgato (Year 8)

15 Years:

State Title Team

Bella Kachel (Year 10)
Martha Longney (Year 10)
Alexia Read (Year 9)

Development Squad

Hannah De Vos (Year 9)
Lillyanna Talbott-Hatch (Year 9)

The teams will compete at the Junior and Senior State Titles in June. Wishing all our Loreto girls and their teams the best of luck!


Congratulations to the following students who have all qualified to compete at the Australian Track & Field Championships in April in the following events:

Claudia Wilson (Year 10), U16 2000m Steeplechase
Elli Barron (Year 10), U17 2000m Steeplechase
Sophie Kavanagh (Year 11), U18 High jump, long jump
Arabella Price (Year 11), U18 2000m Steeplechase
Zara Warland (Year 11), U18 3000m, 1500m, 800m


Loreto Sports Girl: Regan Garufi, Year 8

Current sport/activity: Swimming.

Favourite school sport/activity: Swimming and Triathlon.

Highest level of sporting achievement: Qualifying for 2021 Swimming Age Nationals in 400IM & Placing 2nd at NSWCIS Swimming Championships for 50 Backstroke.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: The best moment of Loreto sport for me was racing at my first IGSSA Swim Championships in 2020, surrounded by amazing Loreto girls and the uplifting spirit they brought to the pool.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: My favourite, inspirational moment as a spectator was watching Ellie Cole, who was my coach at the time, win Gold at the 2016 Paralympics in 50 Backstroke.

Best subject at school: Mathematics and Drama.

Any superstitions before playing sport: Always double cap! No matter what.

Best tune to listen to before competing: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen – always an absolute banger!


Wet Weather Information

IGSSA Sports:
IPSHA Sports: via the IPSHA Sport App – search for ‘IPSHA’ in the App Store
Secondary AFL: All wet weather updates/cancellations for Secondary AFL will be announced via the Sport Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Who to see about what?

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to

Mr Matt Mulroney

Mrs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
  Cross Country Pathway LN Activities Program
  Hills  Netball Gymnastics
  Rugby 7s Cheerleading
  IGSSA Touch Football IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre AFL


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mr Ian Edmunds

Mrs Laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis Rowing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon    
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Basketball    
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Netball     
Athletics Pathway Hornsby Tennis    
  Tildesley Tennis    
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Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport.

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will NOT be allowed to play. In the case that no Loreto Sport Staff member is present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst.

Here is the list of required items for each Term 1 Sport:

  • IGSSA Tennis: LN singlet or polo, LN skort, white socks, non-marking sandshoes, LN cap.
  • IGSSA Softball: LN polo, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots or softball clears, LN cap, mouthguard, shin pads, softball glove.
  • LN Invitational Badminton: LN polo, LN shorts, white socks, non-marking sandshoes.
  • ISC AFL: LN AFL guernsey, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots, mouthguard.
  • Rowing: LN zootie, LN cap, white UV shirt
  • IPSHA Football: LN polo, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots
  • IPSHA Flippaball/Water Polo: LN racing swimsuit.


We love to see photos of our students getting physically active and staying engaged in sport. Please send through any photos or videos to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Saturday Sports BBQ 

There will be no Sports BBQ this term.


Sport Contacts Term 1 2021



For IGSSA competitions the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website here. 


Mr Matthew Mulroney

Head of Sport

Country Road Trip – Save the date!

Country Road Trip – Save the date!

We’re delighted to announce that Ms Marina Ugonotti, Principal, and Mrs Kate Kovacs, Director of Boarding, will embark on a three-part Principal’s Country Road Trip to Central and Far West NSW, the Riverina region and North West NSW. They are looking forward to meeting with current, past and future families, as well as ex-students and friends of Loreto Normanhurst in these regions. 

May to July 2021
Central & Far West NSW, Riverina region, North West NSW

Please see this Save the Date flyer for specific dates and details of the routes.

Direct Debit for School Fees

Direct Debit for School Fees

Please keep an eye out for the Term 2 invoices which will be sent out via email from the Finance Office in the upcoming student vacation period. As you would be aware, term fees are due in the first week of Term 2.

I take this opportunity to remind parents that the School’s preference for payment of fees is by direct debit, and to let you know that it is not too late to set up a direct debit arrangement for this academic year.

One of the benefits of direct debit is that it provides our families with a longer period throughout the course of the year in which to pay the school fees. In addition, it offers the convenience of a ‘set and forget’ approach, with school fees paid automatically through either a termly or 10-monthly direct debit arrangement for the year (if you are joining now, it will be over 7 monthly payments).

Set up your Direct Debit

Thank you to those families who have already completed their direct debit setup. If you have not already done so, please click on the link below:

Click here to set up your Direct Debit

In order to process your payment schedule, please set up your direct debit by Monday 19th April.

Loreto Normanhurst 2021 Fee Schedule

Fee Collection Policy

EXTDAY@LNH – Extended Day Program

EXTDAY@LNH – Extended Day Program

Bookings are now open for Term 2 EXTDAY@LNH – our after-school program offered to all day students in Years 5 to 9.

The program operates from 3:00pm-8:00pm, Monday to Thursday, during term time.

Bookings: to enroll or re-enroll your daughter in EXTDAY@LNH for Term 2, please email:

EXTDAY@LNH offers flexibility around school pick-up times and provides an engaging environment where students can enjoy social interactions with peers from different year groups. It also delivers the opportunity for students to receive attentive after-hours supervision and participate in sustained periods of guided study, ably supported by qualified teachers and homework helpers.

Incorporated into this offering are a variety of supervised recreational activities plus access to a wide range of extra-curricular initiatives held on the school campus. Each evening, participants will join the boarding community for components of their daily schedule. Dinner is supplied to the students from 6.00pm to 6.30pm, with boarders joining with the group at various times during the term. Afternoon tea and dinner are included in the $50 daily charge.

EXTDAY@LNH is overseen by teaching staff from Loreto Normanhurst. Families can choose which day(s) of the week their daughter(s) will attend each term.

For any further questions or queries you can contact us at

Daily Program Overview




Sign in and afternoon tea


Recreation time & Extra-curricular

5-6 Primary Sport ends 4.30pm

7-9 Secondary Sport ends 5.00pm


Supervised study with the boarders




Quiet activities (eg. reading and board games)


Supervised study with the boarders


Pick-up time

Students may be collected prior to 8.00pm if necessary.


School Photographs 2021

School Photographs 2021

Wednesday 5 May 2021 and Thursday 6 May 2021

Order now at

Enter the code: 6DG E39 QM6

School photographs are scheduled to be taken by advancedlife School Photography on Wednesday, 5 May and Thursday, 6 May.

An envelope will be distributed to students next week which contains ordering information and also allows those wanting to pay by cheque or cash to return the envelope directly to the photographers on the day. Please note that the School does not accept the envelopes; they are only for the direct collection of the photographers.

It is preferred that you place your photo orders online where possible, to reduce administration and maximise security. In this case, there is no need to return the envelope as the order will have been placed and secured online.

Orders can be placed securely online on the advancedlife website using our school’s unique 9 digit order code.

Go to and enter the code: 6DG E39 QM6.

Please ensure that your orders are placed by Tuesday, 4 May (the day before Photo Day) to avoid a late fee. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day.

Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them to


Parent Association

Parent Association

A big thank you to the School for organising the Welcome Dinner at the Epping Club on Friday 12 March. Thank you to those parents who were able to attend. It was a lovely evening and fantastic to see more than 280 parents join us on the night.  

Despite the inclement weather over the last few days, we managed to have a great turn out at two parent-organised events last week. Last Thursday evening, Year 10 parents met for drinks at the Hotel Pennant Hills, and on Saturday evening over 100 Year 8 Parents had drinks and canapes at The Greengate Hotel in Killara.

Thank you for the Year Parent Reps for organising and leading these events.

This weekend our Year 12 Mothers are heading to Leura for the Year 12 Mothers’ Weekend Away. This annual event for Year 12 Mothers is always special as mothers celebrate the friendships and bonds that have been created among them during their daughters’ journey at Loreto. The Year 12 Parent Reps have organised several events over the weekend with the highlight being the long lunch at the Ambermere Inn. We wish them a wonderful weekend.

Our Spring Fair is a biennial event which was due to take place in October this year. The School and the PAL Committee have jointly decided to postpone this event to next year given restrictions can change at short notice. The Spring Fair will be back better than ever in 2022! If you would like to get involved with the Spring Fair 2022 Committee please contact Jane Dalton at

The PAL Committee wish everyone a happy and restful Easter break. We look forward to seeing you again in Term 2.


Mrs Jane Dalton

PAL President

Upcoming Events – Term 2


Year 9 Parent Dinner

Saturday 1st May


Mother Daughter Eucharist

Sunday 2nd May

9.15am – Gymnasium

More information regarding the Mother Daughter Eucharist will be sent out to families next week.


Year 5 Parent Drinks

Friday 7th May – 7.30pm

The Atrium

Greengate Hotel, Killara

Click HERE for the Invitation

Click HERE to book tickets


City/Country Mothers’ Weekend Away – Escape to Wagga Wagga

Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd May


PAL Fathers’ Luncheon

Friday 4th June

The Parent Association is delighted to announce the inaugural Loreto Normanhurst Fathers’ Lunch on Friday 4 June at The Union Hotel in North Sydney. Please keep this date in your diary, with further information to follow. We hope you can join us for this exciting new event.

Click here for the Save the Date flyer

Enquiries: Preston Foster (Year 8) –


Year 9 Dads’ Drinks – Save the Date

Friday 28th May


Upcoming Events – Term 3

City/Country Mothers’ Lunch

Friday 20th August

Aqua Luna Waterfront Drummoyne



LN Careers Events

In the Careers Office, we cannot believe how fast Term 1 has flown by and we are looking forward to lots of exciting activities planned for Term 2.

Activities already scheduled include:

  • Bond University – Lunchtime presentation – 29 March
  • University of Newcastle – Lunchtime presentation – 20 April
  • LN Careers Week (26-30 April) – this will include a Medicine information session, Family Career discussion, LN Staff Careers Panel and many more exciting activities.
  • University Admissions Centre (Year 12) – FACEtime – 3 May
  • UTS Co-op Program – Lunchtime presentation – 10 May

We are also looking forward to holding our first Year 11 Career Exploration morning, with more information to come for Year 11 parents and students.

Study Work Grow Early Entry Handbook 2022

The new university Early Entry 2022 Handbook has been released through Study Work Grow. In the guide, early entry is explained, options are given, the breakdown of early offers and much more.

2021 Rural Health Careers Forum 13 May

Registrations are now open to Year 10, 11 and 12 students (and a parent/carer) for the Rural Health Careers Forum. This expo will be held in the Senior School Centre (Kate Mason Building) at Pymble Ladies’ College. Parking will be through Gate 3 at Centenary Car Park (Map). Please note that Pymble Ladies’ College have to be strict on accommodating the amount of guests onsite. Please RSVP as quickly as you can.

The forum will encompass a wide range of health careers including medicine, nursing and midwifery, Aboriginal Health and allied health (including physiotherapy, dietitian, speech pathology, pharmacy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology).

The forum to be held at Pymble Ladies’ College at 5pm on Thursday 13 May will provide students the opportunity to:

  • Speak one-on-one with health students, recent graduates and health professionals about their journeys;
  • Participate in hands-on activities run by health students to give an insight into a day in the life of a health professional;
  • Attend an information session with an interactive Q&A session; and
  • Talk to universities and rural workforce agencies about study and career opportunities.

To register, please click here

Free Webinar, Video and panel access for students and parents

Schindler Lifts – Women in Construction Panel

Schindler Lifts Australia brings together a panel of Schindler female employees to share their experience within the construction industry. Led by women in various roles, the panel will discuss why they pursued careers in the industry, and the successes and challenges they have experienced along the way. The panellists will also share recommendations that they have for any woman considering pursuing a career in the construction industry or applying for a trade qualification.

Monday 19 April, 2021

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM AEST

Learn more about careers with Schindler HERE

Register for the online panel HERE

Skills and Thrills Digital Parent Showcase

TheSkills and Thrills Digital Parents Showcase is a 30-minute video available (FREE) to all parents, but of most benefit to parents of high school aged students.

Available until 31 May 2021

Access the video HERE.

The video covers industry trends for the next 5-15 years, post-COVID impacts, apprenticeships and traineeships, opportunities in Vocational Education and Training and how to support your child in making informed career choices.

SkillsOne will additionally be hosting a video panel discussion with industry representatives and ambassadors on Tuesday 11th May (evening). Parents can pre-submit questions to be addressed on the evening via

Interesting News 

Emerging in-demand roles and skills in Australia – The Future of Jobs Report 2020

AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Data Analysts and Scientists and Information Security Analysts are some of the most in-demand roles that are emerging in Australia according to the World Economic Forum – The Future of Jobs Report 2020.

Top emerging skills that have been identified as being in high demand within organisations include analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies and critical thinking and analysis.

COVID Recession vs. the Great Recession – Podcast with Lisa Kahn

The COVID recession isn’t like anything the economy has experienced before. To make sense of what’s going on, we need new information sources.

As the leader in real-time labour market data, Burning Glass Technologies interviewed Professor of Economics at University of Rochester and former member of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors Dr. Lisa Kahn to show how job posting data can tell us about how the labour market is doing and guide the economy out of the recession.

Listen to the full podcast to find out more about what Dr. Kahn shares.

Job Spotlights

(Please note you will need to be a member of Study Work Grow to access the following.)


A farmer is not only a person who owns or manages a farm. A farmer is responsible for so much more. There’s never a dull day! The soft skills useful to a farmer can include problem solving, good work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork, flexibility and patience, not to mention being physically fit and having essential technical and mechanical skills. Find out more by clicking this Job Spotlight.

Financial Manager

If you’re mathematically inclined, love figures and spreadsheets, but also enjoy working with people, then it could be worth exploring a career as a Financial Manager! Read the Job Spotlight

ANU Direct Entry Webinars

Through the direct application period (3 March to 24 May), ANU will be holding a series of webinars for students and parents. Student webinar topics, dates and times can be found HERE.

Please note that the Tuckwell Scholarship will also close on 18 April. Students who are applying and who have not already contacted Careers are urged to do so ASAP.

University of Newcastle – New Bachelor of Data Science

The brand new degree of a Bachelor of Data Science will allow students to develop core skills in data science including data wrangling and visualisation, statistical modelling, programming, data security, and applied artificial intelligence including machine intelligence. Students could apply these skills by engaging in current workplace projects alongside industry partners of the University, giving them a competitive edge when entering the workforce. Read more here.

UNSW Events

  • Experience UNSW Days – 13-15 April (ON CAMPUS)

Year 12 students can experience firsthand life as a university student with hands on workshops, inspiring talks by our academics, and interactive panels with current students:
Arts, Design & Architecture
Law & Justice
Medicine & Health

  • Law Admission Test (LAT) Information Evening will be online on the 6 May from 6:30pm. Registration is essential.

Army Information Sessions

Information Session for students to learn about the Army and the variety of roles available. You’ll hear about life in the Army from current serving military members and you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about the recruiting process.

When joining the Army, you’ll get to use the latest technology and receive world-class military training for both peacekeeping and defence operations. You’ll face unique challenges, learn new skills, and gain memorable experiences – strengthened by the bonds you’ll form with your fellow recruits.

Register below to discover your Army.

 22 April

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Administration Careers (Virtual)

 27 April

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Military Police Careers (Virtual)

 28 April

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Warehouse Coordinator Careers (Virtual)

 29 April

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Communication Systems Operator Careers (Virtual)

 3 May

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Telecommunication Careers (Virtual)

 4 May

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Driver Careers (Virtual)

 5 May

6:30PM – 8:00PM

Information Systems Technician Careers (Virtual)


Wishing you a wonderful restful Easter period.


Alexi Kayes and Katrina Smith

Careers Advisors 


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

The last term day of trade for the Uniform Shop is Wednesday, 31 March 2021.

The Uniform Shop will be open for two days of trading over the April school holidays:

  • Tuesday 6 April – 9am to 3pm
  • Friday 16 April – 9am to 3pm

Our online ordering services will be available over the holidays. This is a great way to purchase any winter uniform items that might need updating and will be ready for collection when school resumes in Term 2.

Students in Years 5 to 12 are to wear full winter school uniform when classes resume for Term 2 on Monday, 19 April.

Online ordering is available 24/7 at  


Uniform Shop Staff