Newsletter 26 February - 26 February 2021
Director of Boarding

Director of Boarding

Loreto Boarding welcomed 47 new boarders and 37 new families to our community in 2021. Our families come from all over Sydney and NSW, some from interstate and a few from overseas. We also have a number of families that reside within the Sydney basin and have either made the transition from day to boarding or who have made the change to Loreto from the Sydney Suburbs.

For those young women entrusted to our care, boarding is….

  • delivered by an innovative and creative team, informed by evidence-based best practice, striving always to improve outcomes and opportunities.
  • fulfilled with a commitment to a compassionate and high-quality boarding experience.
  • provided in a open and safe environment, that allows the boarders to grow and learn with the freedom to be the best person they can
  • about the whole person. Loreto boarding provides a village that nurtures all ages and the talents of a diverse and dynamic group of girls.
  • a community for the family, a place where all feel welcome and known

We have had a busy start to the year as the boarders, old and new, settle into the routines after a long summer break. Our first weekend was Commitment Weekend, there were activities from Friday to Sunday, culminating with a wonderful harbour cruise for Sunday night dinner. Sport, homework, activities and outings keep the boarders busy after school and across the weekend.

Your daughter may have a friendship with a boarder and you may like to have her as a guest in your home either for the afternoon, a meal, a day or overnight. If a boarder is going to spend some time with you, you will receive an email or text which you respond to. If you would like to change details that have been submitted, please ring Boarder Reception on 9473 7385 by 8.00pm Thursday evening. We also encourage you to contact the boarder’s parents regarding your proposed arrangements.

The boarding school appreciates any help that you can offer in regards to sport transport, so if you are passing this way on a Saturday and can collect any boarders from your daughter’s team please let us know. The logistics of ensuring they make their games all over Sydney can be a demanding.

Our community is unique and the boarding school looks forward to sharing this with you all.


Mrs Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding

Head of Primary

Head of Primary

School camp is a rite of passage for all students and is a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills, friendships and interests. It also gives teachers an opportunity to get to know students in a different context outside of the classroom. We always say at Loreto that we want to know the student and the person behind the student and school camp is the perfect chance for this to happen.

Our Primary School camp at the Great Aussie Bush Camp this week offered special moments like this. I found myself having a deep conversation with Georgia, a new Year 5 student, and I learned so much about her story in a 5 minute fireside chat. I learned that she loves to ride her pony and all about the many extra-curricular activities she takes part in every week. She has all her activities scheduled on a large timetable on her desk so that she knows where to slot in her homework. She also has a very clear idea of what she would like to be when she grows up – a doctor or a vet – and she made it clear that she doesn’t want to marry the doctor, she wants to be the doctor!

The student also told me that her parents wanted her to come to Loreto so that she can work hard and have choices and also learn how to become a strong lady. She told me that there are many types of ladies that you can become; she would like to be a lady who is strong and confident and someone who can help others (animals included). I couldn’t help but marvel at our wonderful conversation and I never would have had the chance to know who Georgia really is and what she wants in life if I hadn’t had the time to have this conversation. This year in the Primary School we will focus on these types of conversations, as they do in the Secondary School, so that we have every opportunity to strengthen the relationships that make all the difference to a Loreto education.

This is one reason why the FACE Curriculum is such a powerful framework. The C for community and E for Extra-curricular were clearly evident at camp. We saw the girls forming friendships in their vertical house groups, facing their fears and challenges head-on as they scaled the rock wall, working as a team to create a boat that would stay afloat and displaying such joy as they tackled the challenge of the Lost Island – covered entirely in mud!

In today’s pressure-oriented society, camp provides a non-threatening environment for our girls to be active, to develop competence in life skills, to learn about and enhance their own abilities and to benefit from meaningful participation in a program designed just for them. As one student said, ‘I had the best time at camp, I made some new friends and got to spend time with my buddy. I can’t wait until we can go again.’


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary



Show yourself at all times glad and joyful, for almighty God loves a cheerful giver

Mary Ward

This week we continue our reflection on Felicity  –  a spirituality of deep and lasting joy –  as understood and lived by Mary Ward. You may remember that last week we looked at the story of the woman who encountered Jesus at a well and we saw the transformation in her as a result of that encounter. This week I would like to invite you into another story – a film, Chocolat. Chocolat is a gorgeous film and if you haven’t seen it, or perhaps not for some time, I would really encourage you to seek it out.  It’s delightful, both visually and in its depth of insight into the human heart. And it certainly speaks to us most powerfully about Christian spirituality.

Into the very controlled and ordered village of Lansquenet in France where life has remained unchanged for a hundred years, and where the people live in what is called ‘tranquillite’, the north wind blows Vianne and her daughter. Vianne is a free-spirited wanderer, who is actually carrying her own burden, we discover, and is not that free at all. However, she arrives in the village with her secret for making the most delicious and irresistible chocolate and sets up a chocolaterie during the Lenten period of abstinence. The film is all about the awakening of life, hopes, dreams and passion, that her tantalizing treats bring about. Everyone in Lansquenet has a story, a secret, a burden, something hurting or binding them, and everyone is set free in some way, including Vianne and her daughter. But the character I want to focus on is the Comte.

The Comte de Renaud is a man who is very pious, austere in his lifestyle, self-denying and who runs the village with an iron fist. He would like to see everyone adopt his own rigorous moral standard and sharpen their moral observances, as he puts it. This is his way to salvation as he understands it. He even has the young village priest, Pere Henri, under his control, and is in the habit of writing his homilies for him each week. But the austerity and self-denial that he practises have left him bereft of joy, alone, living a pretense (he pretends that his wife is on holiday in Italy, but she has actually left him), and desperately trying to endure it all. In his world the gifts and the abundance of life’s joys are not for the tasting. And of course he is fighting Vianne and her chocolaterie –  to him they are evil. But let’s see what happens!

Click here to read more.

Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator

Open Day

Open Day

From the Deputy Principal:

Our annual Open Day is to be hosted on Saturday, 6 March. This is an important day for our community and presents a key opportunity to showcase our school as we open our doors to prospective families who are considering a Loreto Normanhurst education for their daughters.

Given that COVID-19 Guidelines will limit our ability to host the numbers of people on site that this event usually attracts, this year’s Open Day will be hosted virtually through our curated Open Day Microsite. The Virtual Open Day will go live on 6 March at 11:00am, and will bring families the rich offerings of our School through feature presentations, a 360 walkthrough virtual tour, a showcase of Life at Loreto, community engagement opportunities and programs, and live Q & A sessions.

In addition to the Virtual experience, onsite tours of the Day School have sold out, and will be led by a team of staff and students.  The girls are immensely proud of their school and the impact their enthusiasm has on our visitors is always something on which they comment, either on the day or in future enrolment interviews.  It may well have been the same experience for you when you were choosing a school for your daughter(s).

A lot of work by staff and students has gone into the preparation of engaging videos and content for our Virtual Open Day. In addition, many will be required to assist with setup, support and tours; therefore there will be an early dismissal from school for students on Friday 5 March.


Early Dismissal on Friday 5 March, 12.35pm

  • To assist with the planning and organisation of Open Day, there is early dismissal of students (except for Year 6) on Friday 5 March and classes will conclude at the end of period 4 (12.35pm).
  • If you require your daughter to remain at school until 3:15pm (Secondary) and 3pm (Year 5), supervision will be provided in designated areas; however, you must register her attendance in the form below.
  • Boarder students will be provided with their usual supervision and are not required to complete this form.
  • On this day, the private buses depart at 12.35pm. They will also run again at 3.15pm.

Year 6 Students

  • Year 6 students will be engaged in the Ylead Leadership program and will be dismissed at the regular time at 3pm.

 Student Assistance

  • If your daughter is involved in conducting tours, you will receive separate communications in the coming days.
  • Please note, if your daughter remains at school until 3:15pm (3pm Year 5) she may also be required to assist with some of the preparation.

CLICK HERE to register that your daughter will remain at school until 3:15pm (Secondary) and 3pm (Year 5).

Thank you for your support with this.

Parents are most welcome to join us for the virtual Open Day through the Microsite, and we hope you enjoy the highlights of life at Loreto Normanhurst.


Mrs Lynn Long

Deputy Principal

Women of Influence Evening

Women of Influence Evening

We are delighted to invite all members of the Loreto Normanhurst community to our Women of Influence Evening in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Women of Influence Evening
7pm, Monday, 8 March 2021
RSVP by Thursday, 4 March
Women of Influence Evening invitation

Join us for an evening of inspiration as we hear the stories of ex-student guest speakers, Catherine Livingstone AO (’72), Hattie Dalton (’90) and Natasha Luschwitz (’98), about their work in the fields of business, film and television and public service. 

Thank you to those who have already registered for our Women of Influence event and also a thank you to those who thoughtfully made a donation with their registration to our Bursary Fund.

Women of Influence is one of our much beloved events on our school calendar and a wonderful way to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year our Women of Influence Evening will be held as a hybrid event both onsite and over Zoom. Our COVID-safe planning is well underway and we appreciate your patience as we finalise the details. An email with with location details and the Zoom link will be sent next week to all those who register for the event.

There is no cost to attend the Women of Influence Evening, however we ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Bursary (Welfare) Fund, which provides the gift of a Loreto education to families in necessitous circumstances. Donations can be made via the event booking link.

Click here to register.

Please note that registrations must be received before Thursday 4 March. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the event at


Welcome to 2021 Parent Drinks

Welcome to 2021 Parent Drinks

The Principal, Ms Marina Ugonotti, warmly invites you to join friends and new families of Loreto Normanhurst to mark the start of the new school year at the ‘Welcome to 2021 Parent Drinks’ on Friday 12 March. We are delighted that we are able to host this event and we look forward to seeing families onsite once again.

Friday, 12 March 2021
Epping Club
7pm – 10pm
Tickets are $50 per person which includes a two-course meal,
a drink on arrival and a bottle of wine per table.
Click here to purchase tickets.

Thank you to those families who have already purchased their tickets. We are delighted that more than a third of the tickets have been purchased since the invitation went out to families yesterday. We do have a limit of 300 guests for this event so please book quickly to avoid disappointment.

The evening is a seated event due to current COVID-19 guidelines. Tables will seat up to 10 people and drinks and meals will be served at tables. This is an opportunity to meet other parents in your daughters year group/house and we are more than happy to facilitate seating arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

Click here for the Welcome Drinks Invitation



Year 7 Parent Information Evening – Podcast

We thank you for your attendance onsite and online at our Year 7 Parent Information Evening.

We value your feedback and welcome your recommendations going forward. Please provide your feedback HERE.

Click HERE to listen to the Podcast.

Password: Parentyear7


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director Of Learning


Learning Information Handbooks Years 7-11

Please note that all year groups will have access to their Learning Information Handbooks by the middle of next week; these will also be issued to parents via email. 

We ask that parents are aware that a key aspect of our learning model at Loreto is the development of students as independent learners. We encourage all students to adopt a proactive approach to effectively manage their time and oversee their assessment schedule.  Students can access necessary information on their assessments by referring to  the Learning Information Handbooks and viewing our internal Assessment Calendars via Outlook calendars (online).   We request that students populate their Student Handbooks and/or online assessment calendars themselves, seeking guidance from their advisor or tutor/teacher if required.   

We do ask that your daughter shares her assessment planning information with you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions via email.

Year 10 HSC Minimum Standards Tests

Year 10 students have now completed their first attempt at their HSC Reading, Writing and Numeracy Minimum Standards tests.   The writing component of the test takes at least 20 working days to mark by NESA. Once we have all the results, students will be notified via their NESA Students Online account.  

We would like to congratulate students for the way they prepared their laptops, engaged with practice tests, and for their overall performance during the Minimum Standard Tests.

There were a small number of girls who were absent for the tests and a make-up time has been arranged on Monday 8 March, during periods 1 to 3.   For students who do not meet the Minimum Standard, we will continue to assist and support them and they will have the another opportunity to undertake the test later this year. 

Year 12 Academic Plenaries

On Friday 19 February, Year 12 students and their parents attended the virtual Year 12 Academic Plenary evening via Zoom.  We congratulate the students on entering into this process with maturity and self-awareness.  A key aspect of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model is that students reflect on their learning and articulate areas for their own growth.  Year 12 students were able to engage with their parents and teachers in this process on Friday evening and successfully set goals for their HSC subjects.   We trust that parents appreciated the opportunity to hear their daughters reflect on their learning journey and gained a greater sense of their daughter’s progress towards the Trial HSC and HSC examinations.  Thank you to the teachers and parents who were available on the evening to guide Year 12 students through this crucial process in their learning.


Mme Maryse Martin

Dean of Learning

Celebration of Learning


Year 11 Aboriginal Studies Excursion

On Friday 12 February, the Year 11 Aboriginal Studies class went on an excursion to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, which is on Guringai Country.

We first met with Uncle Laurie, who showed us an array of handmade Aboriginal tools, such as: clapsticks, skinning stones, boomerangs and a woven basket he traded for. Woven animals of the different totems, such as sting rays and bush turkeys were also featured. During this time before recess, Uncle Laurie described how these tools were made, what trees they would be taken from (in order to be constructed respectfully), as well as a serious conversation about the Frontier Wars and the impact of government policies on Aboriginal Peoples.

We moved on to boomerang throwing, learning the technique and each attempting a throw or two. We continued down the Red Hands Track to see rock art of hands created with red ochre. We learnt how to identify handprints on Guringai Country: a left hand would be a woman, the right a man, while showing of the wrist or arm would depict an Elder.

Our next stop was the Basin Trail. Before we embarked on the trail, we painted our faces, arms and legs with white ochre made by Uncle Laurie in order to show our respect to the ancestors of the land before entering, and we continued on the trail. After learning about punishment systems, we took off our shoes to observe the rock carvings across the site. One of carvings depicted a girl with an initiation belt, some of the others were food sources in the area. They also illustrated the punishment systems: one carving showed a man who had eaten an entire fish, which should have fed the entire community. Next to him, there is a man with swollen elbows who was likely hit for his act of greed. Another carving shows a loving couple under a crescent moon.

We ended the day at West Head Army Track Lookout Site, where we admired the beautiful views, took group photos and said goodbye to our amazing guide, Uncle Laurie. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, where we all learned so much about our First Nation’s People’s culture. I’m sure we’ll be back in no time!

Emma Frank and Feronia Ding

Year 11 Aboriginal Studies students


Dates to Remember

Years 7 – 12

Assembly – Year 11 RoSA 2020

Wednesday 3 March
11:55am – 12:55pm – Gym

Year 7

NAPLAN Online Practice

Tuesday 23 March


Year 7 Parents  & Students Study Skills Evening – Prue Salter

Monday 29 March
7pm – 8.30pm – Livestreamed

Year 8

Year 8 Parent Information Evening – Continuing Your Daughters Journey at LN

Monday 22 March
7pm – 8pm – Face to face and Livestreamed


NAPLAN Online Practice

Tuesday 23 March

Year 9

Holistic Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and FNQE Education Evening

Tuesday 1 June

7pm – 8pm

Year 10 

Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and Subject Selection Evening 

Wednesday 26 May 

7pm – 8:30pm

Year 11

Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 13 October

Year 12

Year 12 Parent Information Evening

Monday 12 July 

Year 12

Year 12 In-Class Assessment Block

Monday 8 March to
Thursday 18 March



Lions Youth of the Year Quest

Congratulations to Erin Longney (Year 12) and Michelle Hoffman (Year 11) who participated in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest for Berowra and Hornsby in Week 4. Well done to Michelle for receiving the Public Speaking Award at the Lions Youth of the Year Quest, Hornsby. A big congratulations to Erin for being named the overall winner of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest, Berowra. Erin will participate in the Area Regional Finals in Week 7. We wish Erin the best of luck.


Public Speaking

Congratulations to all students who tried out for Public Speaking Competitions this term. All students presented interesting speeches and are to be commended for their efforts. The Junior Entrants have been confirmed and we are finalising Senior contestants this week. We wish these students the best of luck as they prepare for their respective competitions.


Mock Mediation/Mock Trial

Congratulations to the following students upon their selection for either the Mock Trial or the Mock Mediation Team in 2021.

Mock Mediation
Year 9 Year 10

Tahlia Moses

Harriet Carmichael

Jane Dobeson

Sairsha Davies

Saskia Chapman

Maria El Haddad

Hannah Cho

Xin (Monica) Teng


Mock Trial
Year 10 Year 11

Amelia Hadwen

Elli Barron

Frances O’Brien

Lucy Deloughery

Sarah Chung

Brigid Quirk

Ella McKenzie

Jessica Webster

Olivia Alexander

Scarlett Butterfield



Registrations are now open for Debating 2021. All competitions are still yet to confirm the formats for 2021. Please find below an overview of the competitions that Oratoy@LN are involved in:

Competition Dates and Times Year Groups Teams

Fridays, 3.30pm to 8.30pm approx

Click here for CSDA 2021 Dates

Years 7 to 12 2 teams per year group


Year 7 and 8: 3.30pm to 6.30pm

Years 9 to 11: 3.30pm to 8pm

Click here for Archdale 2021 Dates

Years 7 to 12

2 teams in Years 7 to 9

1 team in Year 10

1 team in Year 11

AIS NGS Super Virtual Debating Competition Various dates and times throughout the year Years 7 to 10

1 combined Year 7 and 8 team

1 combined Year 9 and 10 team

We encourage all debaters to take part in the Oratory Club in Term 2 to complement their training before their respective debates.

Please ensure you have checked the dates for the competitions. The dates are included in the table above.

Secondary students should click here to complete your nomination for Debating.


Oratory Club

Due to demand, Oratory Club was started this week. It was great to see students coming to get a taste test of what is to come in Term 1. Nominations are still open for Term 1 and will end on the 3/3/2021. The focus of this term is: Becoming a Confident Speaker.

Each student will set their own goals and each week we will focus on developing strategies and skills to help us overcome our fears and nerves. If you are a Secondary student, click here to register your interest.


The YMCA Youth Parliament

Registration is currently open for students in Years 10-12 to nominate for participation. Nominations close early March. There is a cost and time commitment required for this event. Take a look at the website here and then register your interest with


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Academic Activities Leaders.

We are also looking for ex-students and parents who wish to be coaches or adjudicators for the oratory program in 2021. Please contact the oratory team for further information at


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Year 7 Open Circle Experience

Congratulations to Year 7! They made history as the first group of Loreto students to attend Tallong Campus, sleep in a tent and participate in their outdoor education program. They did so with enthusiasm, tenacity and good humour. Wholeheartedly this year’s Year 7 cohort took up two challenges in an effort to ‘open their circle’ of inclusiveness: who could spread the most joy and who could spread the most kindness. Year 7 supported each other, encouraged each other and expressed their gratitude to the Tallong group leaders and kitchen staff with kind and respectful manners. 

Activities included the ‘flying fox’, group physical challenges such as navigating low ropes, beams and problem solving activities, and a reflective session. In this session, students received their Listening Book and discussed the Mary Ward story, our School values and ways they could use “G.E.M” – gratitude, empathy and mindfulness – as strategies to enhance their wellbeing and that of the group. 

One night was spent camping under the stars. After a bushwalk, students learned how to cook a delicious Mexican meal using trangias, and share stories around the campfire. Despite some nerves and concerns about this, all students sought strategies and supported each other to complete the camp out – a fantastic result!  

A huge thank you to the Year 7 Team of Advisors and Mr MacDonald, Ms Mannes and Ms Montgomery for their attendance, wise counsel and good humour throughout the Open Circle Experience.


Applications are open for the NSW Youth Advisory Council 2021

Students have received an email from Mr Madigan which outlines the process for applying for the NSW Youth Advisory Council (YAC). Membership of the YAC is open to children and young people between 12-24 years of age residing in NSW. Applications are particularly sought from diverse locations, backgrounds and life experiences.

The 12-member YAC provides a direct avenue of communication between young people and the NSW Government. The YAC meets regularly throughout the year to discuss a range of topics and provide feedback on policies, procedures and resources affecting children and young people.

Members also provide feedback to community groups, government agencies and Departments and Ministers on issues concerning children and young people.

Applications close 14 March, 2021.

Please discuss this opportunity with your daughter. Further information about the YAC and the application process can be accessed by following this link.

If you have any questions please send an email to or you can speak directly to Mr Madigan


Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care

Theological Warriors Seminar Series – Save the Date

Theological Warriors Seminar Series – Save the Date

We are delighted to introduce our exciting ‘Theological Warriors Seminar Series’.

This series of four seminars throughout the year aims to bring an awareness, alertness and voice to Women’s Experience of Church in 2021. These highly interactive and engaging seminars, delivered in partnership with the Broken Bay Institute, will feature presentations from leading academic and theologians from around the world. 

Members of our community are invited to join us for the first lecture in the series on Tuesday 23 March, with ‘Three Questions that Drive me as a Woman Theologian,’ by Professor Anne Tuohy.

Tuesday 23 March 
Curran Theatre, Loreto Normanhurst

Professor Anne Tuohy is a New Zealand based academic and theologist. She began her career as a teacher and has completed both Bachelor and Masters degrees in Theology at the Sydney College of Divinity. Anne was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy from The Australian Catholic University for her research that critically compared the Political Theology of J. B. Metz with the Feminist Theological Hermeneutics of Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza. 



IGSSA Sport Survey

In our last newsletter, I wrote about the opportunity for the LN community to have a say in shaping the Sport Program as we move forward in response to the new IGSSA Sport model. The new model gives each IGSSA member school the choice between running each IGSSA sport across a single term (as we currently do), or across two terms (as two individual one-term seasons as opposed to a single two-term season).

Please click here for a more in-depth breakdown of the proposal.

The survey will be open until Monday 1 March. If you haven’t yet completed the survey, please make sure you do so by Monday!

Please click here to complete a short survey on your thoughts about the model change.


Eliza King (Year 10), Peyton Henderson (Year 12) and Kendal Henderson (Year 9) were selected to represent the IGSSA Rep Softball team that competed at the NSWCIS Championship on Tuesday 23 February. The IGSSA team finished second on a countback, winning 3 of their 4 games. Well done to these fabulous players! A further congratulations to Peyton and Kendal who were then selected to represent the CIS team in the upcoming NSW All Schools Softball Championship – best of luck girls!


Well done to Skye Halmarick (Year 8) who was named as a Development Player to accompany the NSWCIS Team to the State Championships later this year. You can read more about Skye and her achievements further down the newsletter, as she’s our LN Sportsgirl of the Week!


Emma Romeo (Year 10) and her horse Gracie competed at the Sydney International event on the weekend, coached by ex-student Ginger Soames (2019). Emma came away with 13th place overall. There were 150 riders competing at the event including some very strong Olympic horses and riders.

What a fantastic achievement, congratulations Emma and Gracie!

IPSHA Swim & Dive

Good luck to our Primary pool stars. They’re off to compete at the IPSHA Swim & Dive Carnival on Tuesday next week, and we’ll bring you all the highlights in next week’s newsletter.

Primary Cross Country Carnival

There’s more sport action for our Primary students – the Primary Cross Country Carnival is taking place on Thursday 11 March, so keep an eye out for all the results and colour from that event in next week’s newsletter.


Best of luck to our U/16’s hockey players – they’ll be off trialing on Friday 12 March against the best of the rest that IGSSA has to offer for a spot in the IGSSA U/16’s Hockey Representative Squad to compete later this year at the CIS Trials.

PAL x Sport

If you’re coming along to watch fixtures at Loreto Normanhurst tomorrow, pop into the PAL stand where you can pick up an LN Supporter cap! Look the part and stay sun-safe as you support Normo Sport!

Loreto Sports Girl: Skye Halmarick

Current sport/activity: Soccer, Cricket, AFL.

Favourite school sport/activity: Rugby 7s.

Highest level of sporting achievement: Representing NSW for Soccer and Cricket.

Best moment of Loreto Sport: Playing Rugby 7s as it was my first-time playing sport for Loreto.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: It was definitely watching my team win Nationals from the sideline.

Best subject at school: PDH/Religion.

Any superstitions before playing sport: I listen to music before games.

Best tune to listen to before competing: On My Mind by Diplo.

Wet Weather Information

IGSSA Sports:
IPSHA Sports: via the IPSHA Sport App – search for ‘IPSHA’ in the App Store
Secondary AFL: All wet weather updates/cancellations for Secondary AFL will be announced via the Sport Facebook & Twitter accounts.


Who to see about what?

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to

Mr Matt Mulroney

Mrs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
  Cross Country Pathway LN Activities Program
  Hills  Netball Gymnastics
  Rugby 7s Cheerleading
  IGSSA Touch Football IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre AFL


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mr Ian Edmunds

Mrs Laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis Rowing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon    
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Basketball    
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Netball     
Athletics Pathway Hornsby Tennis    
  Tildesley Tennis    
  Secondary School Carnivals    
  Swimming Pathway    

Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport.

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will NOT be allowed to play. In the case that no Loreto Sport Staff member is present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst.

Here is the list of required items for each Term 1 Sport:

  • IGSSA Tennis: LN singlet or polo, LN skort, white socks, non-marking sandshoes, LN cap.
  • IGSSA Softball: LN polo, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots or softball clears, LN cap, mouthguard, shin pads, softball glove.
  • LN Invitational Badminton: LN polo, LN shorts, white socks, non-marking sandshoes.
  • ISC AFL: LN AFL guernsey, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots, mouthguard.
  • Rowing: LN zootie, LN cap, white UV shirt
  • IPSHA Football: LN polo, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots
  • IPSHA Flippaball/Water Polo: LN racing swimsuit.


We love to see photos of our students getting physically active and staying engaged in sport. Please send through any photos or videos to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Saturday Sports BBQ 

There will be no Sports BBQ this term.


Sport Contacts Term 1 2021



For IGSSA competitions the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website here. 


Mr Matthew Mulroney

Head of Sport



Year 12 Update 

Thank you to Year 12 for their participation and enthusiasm at our Year 12 Careers Info Day last Friday.

Students heard from various expert speakers on various topics including Early Entry, ‘what is my Plan B,’ Alternatives to University and Interview Skills. Students also heard from ex-students of the Class of 2016, who updated us on their career plans since school.

We continue to encourage Year 12 students to make an appointment with us to follow up what they have learnt from the session, and to speak to us about their plans for 2021.

We are running further Early Entry and Applications to University information sessions in Term 2.  

Some upcoming Year 12 Dates and Deadlines

  • The University Admissions Centre (UAC) will open for applications on 1 April. You will be emailed your PIN to login – more information to come. 
  • ANU applications will open next week and close at the end of May.
  • Why Choose a Professional Cadetship? Professional Cadetships provide unparalleled opportunities. As a Cadet, you combine study at the university of your choice with paid work at a leading company. Business Cadetship applications are made online and open on 8 March 2021, closing on 26 May 2021.

Information – Studying Medicine 

If you are a Year 11 or Year 12 student who is interested in studying to be a Doctor, you might be interested in some of the below events:

University Medicine Info Nights

UCAT Info Sessions

  • Balancing UCAT and ATAR; Fraser’s UCAT Live Online Workshop – please click here to find out more about the event and register.
  • UCAT NIE – National Institute of Education – Intensive UCAT training workshop, 27 February 2021. For more information and to enrol, click HERE
  • Study Medicine has information about 59-degree paths that lead to medicine, as well as monthly offers, interviews and application info and a quiz to assess a student’s chance to be accepted into medicine. Detailed degree pathway information can be obtained by subscribing to Study Medicine.
  • Are you sitting the UCAT Test in 2021? (You will need to have subscribed to Study Work Grow to read this article)

Interesting reads 

This week’s engineering fact…

Did you know wombats have square poo? Scientists believe this is because wombats communicate with each other by their poo. A circle-shaped poo could roll away, meaning the wombats message could get lost. But a square shape stops the poo from rolling, so the wombat’s message will be seen by his friend! 

Pick your favourite animal and find out something interesting about them – why does this interesting thing happen and how does it help the animal live or improve the animal’s life?

Do not forget to check back in for next week’s engineering fact and research activity!

Design Thinking

Avanade Australia is running free Design Led Thinking virtual workshops this year for high school students.

Job Spotlights

IT Support Officer

If you love IT, enjoy customer service roles and you would love to work as part of a team but take responsibility for your own workload, then a career in IT Support could be worth considering.

Watch the YouTube clip or read the Job Spotlight.

Music Therapy as a Career

Everyone loves listening to their favourite tunes, but did you know that music can be used to improve people’s health?
A career in Music Therapy could see you using music to help improve people’s physical and mental health, functioning and overall wellbeing. Find out more HERE

Other Career News 

Microsoft Mondays

Girl Geek Academy and Microsoft have teamed up to present weekly online workshops to high school girls interested in coding and technology.
Each Monday you will get the chance to hang out with other like-minded girls online, and learn something new about tech. The classes are perfect for both beginners and more experienced students.
Classes start Monday 22 February, register HERE.

Women in Science at the Australian National Maritime Museum 

Join the Australian National Maritime Museum for Women in Science, encouraging High School girls to look beyond the lab coats and explore career possibilities in STEM. Visit the museum on Friday the 5th of March or join in online, with virtual programs from the 8th – 12th. Read more here or email

Complimentary Introduction to Entrepreneurship Evening

This evening will be held on 4th of May 2021 for students who are entering a rapidly changing environment. Find out about entrepreneurship and how being an entrepreneur and starting a business can be a viable career path. RSVP to learn more.

US University Admission Requirements are changing. 

US universities will no longer require nor recommend students to sit SAT Subject Tests nor the optional writing section of the SAT. Both these tests will be phased out globally by June 2021. Internationally Educated has written an article with further details.

What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a 12-month program which will allow our candidates to work, gain practical experience, achieve a nationally recognised qualification, and get paid!

What are the benefits?

  • Gaining hands-on, industry experience
  • Obtaining a qualification, with no debt upon completion
  • Working with a host company who is dedicated to the candidate’s growth and development.
  • Full time employment with all the perks (leave entitlements, weekly pay)
  • A high chance of securing a role with the host company after completion.

How does the training work?

While working at their host company, the candidate will be allocated time each week to study.

ARC Group Training will arrange for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver the qualification and provide monthly training sessions via an online, digital platform.


Ms Katrina Smith and Ms Alexi Kayes

Careers Advisors


Parent Association

Parent Association

Year Parent Representatives

The PAL Committee thank those parents who have volunteered to be Year Parent Representatives for 2021.

The Year Parent Reps play an important role in bringing the Loreto Parent community together and provide every parent with the opportunity to develop friendships within the community.

Please see the bottom of this page for a full list of Year Parent Representatives and their contact details.

Communication among parents is important especially in these times when we have limited opportunity to meet physically. Below are the Year Parent Facebook pages. These pages are a way parents can communicate, assist and support one another.

Parent Year Facebook pages

Year 12           LN Parents 2021

Year 11           LN Parents 2022

Year 10           LN Parents 2023

Year 9             LN Parents 2024

Year 8             LN Class of 2025 Parents

Year 7             LN Parents 2026

Year 6             LN Class of 2027 Parents

Year 5             LN Parents 2028

These Year Group Facebook pages are closed pages and you will have to ask permission to join. They are not set up or moderated by Loreto Normanhurst. As such the school does not accept responsibility for managing group pages and does not accept responsibility for any content posted on group pages.

Please note the Year Parent Facebook pages are a secondary source of information. All invitations and other important information from Year Parent Reps are always emailed.

With COVID restrictions easing and expected to ease even further in the coming weeks, PAL are optimistic that parent events will be able to be held in a way close to the normal we know. Some year groups have already held or are soon holding events that fall under the COVID restriction guidelines.

On Tuesday, Year 5 Parents held a “Meet & Greet” morning in the rotunda at Wahroonga Park. It was lovely for these parents to meet other parents in the year group.

Upcoming Events

Year 12 Mums Weekend Away 26- 28 March

The Year 12 Mums have organised a weekend away for all Year 12 mums in Leura. It will be a wonderful weekend to catch up with old friends and meet some new friends as their daughters complete their final year of school. To book please click here.


Year 7 Picnic Afternoon Tea – Sunday 7 March

Year 7 Parent Reps have been very ‘COVID-creative’ and organised a “Meet & Greet” afternoon at different park locations around Sydney. Year 7 families are invited to come along and meet other families in their local area, with Boarding students most welcome, even if their families can’t make it.

Click here for the Year 7 Afternoon Invitation and to RSVP


Year 8 Drinks – Save the Date

The Year 8 Parent Coordinators are planning a Cocktail evening for Year 8 Parents on Saturday 20 March from 7pm. Further details will be sent out shortly. We look forward to getting together and meeting one another. Hope you can come!

Click here for the Save the Date flyer

Year Parent Rep Contact Details

Year Parent Name (and daughter’s name) Email address Phone number

Neidra Motha 

Primary Rep (PAL Executive) 0438 068 141
Year 5    
Anna Bartlett (Abigaill) 0413 885 898
Lyndal Boyle (Abigail) 0408 612 005
Lisa Hooper (Maybel) 0411 446 395
Ari Sperlby (Adele) 0418 976 574
Year 6    
Toni Hayek (Sarah) 0439 634 434
Kylie James-Forder (Isabella) 0412 746 262
Kristen Pennington (Elizabeth) 0407 498 852
Jo Jenkins (Lucy) 0411 618 638
Year 7    
Georgina Boots (Gabriella) 0423 478 083
Melanie Benbow (Ainsley) 0416 146 116
Rachael Carroll (Sophie) 0431 496 675
Kerri Cooley (Sophie) 0413 019 985
Prue Durham (Claudia) 0413 230 865
Amelia Carolan (Annabelle) 0409 229 947
Georgie O’Halloran (Sophie) ggand 0403 081 644
Jennifer Single (Charlotte) 0418 296 515
Zeena Skelly (Isabella) 0418 446 465
Lucy Trumble (Patricia) 0422 677 822
Venessa Xiberras (Allegra) 0403 222 133
Year 8    
Sally Lee (Georgia) 0411 331 666
Melissa McCormick (Rosemary) 0429 499 304 
Michelle Whelan (Annabelle) 0405 654 416 
Meg Summerton (Jessica) 0418 784 044
Rosie Trindall (Meka) 0413 990 128
Kath Walton (Sabine) 0407 276 439
Jane Wilkins (Stephanie) 0417 237 433
Year 9    
Sarah Aviani (Sophie) 0417 283 081
Jane Harvey (Paris) 0415 302 516
Sally Souma (Trinity) 0400 570 572
Evette Murray (Lauren) 0414 459 267
Year 10    
Gerri Hadwen (Millie) 0414 703 490
Georgie O’Halloran (Lucy) 0403 081 644
Margie Stephen-Harmey (Lana) 0425 253 428
Dominque Johnston (Sophia) 0403 911 490
Rachel Stephen (Cordelia) 0414 467 699
Prue Durham (Charlotte) 0413 230 865
Kylie Le Lievre (Abbey) 0409 031 999
Leah Rigney (Charlotte) 0410 460 776
Samantha Briggs (Eva) 0400 815 958
Barbara Paul (Elisha) 0412 055 502
Year 11    
Louise Hyde (Charlize) 0419 190 367
Jane Dalton (Sophie) 0410 300 402
Anna Boldiston (Ella) 0431 522 583
Year 12    
Gin Cluff 0438 467 715
Giannella Merhi (Jodhi) 0409 700 932
Sally Oong (Zara and Chloe) 0425 210 369
Louise Shand (Emma) 0415 809 882
Cathy Stockwell (Emily) 0432 718 203


Community Notices

Community Notices

Positive Partnerships – NSW Parent/Carer Online Workshop

Join the Positive Partnerships online workshop for the opportunity to listen, share and learn with parents and carers who support young people on the autism spectrum, from across New South Wales. 

This online workshop runs across two sessions and is for parents, full time carers and grandparents who are new to learning about autism. This workshop will give participants a chance to learn more about the strengths, skills and supports available for young autistic people.

Click here to read the flyer for more information.