Newsletter 19 June - 19 June 2020
Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

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Uniform Shop – School Holiday Hours

Uniform Shop – School Holiday Hours

Dear Loreto Normanhurst Families, 

The Uniform Shop will be open for two days of trading over the July School Holidays:

  • Monday 29th June – 9.00am to 3.00pm
  • Friday 17th July – 11.00am to 3.00pm

Online ordering services will be available over the holidays.  This is a great way to purchase any Winter uniform items that might need updating and be ready for collection when school resumes in Term 3.

Online ordering is available 24/7 at  

Warm regards

Uniform Shop Staff

Primary School News

Primary School News

Happy Loreto Day!

Today is a day for the Loreto community to come together and celebrate who we are as Loreto people by supporting a very worthy cause – ACRATH – Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans. In raising awareness and by looking at the choices we make in relation to the food and clothes we purchase, we can grow from reflecting on these issues which will lead to action and justice. After listening to an inspiring speech by Professor Felicity Berry this morning, we were fortunate to have the Year 11 leaders come to the Primary classrooms and lead a discussion that raised awareness and spoke about how we can be of service to help stop the trafficking of humans. After a delicious Burrito lunch, the Year 11 leaders set up a fun obstacle course for the Primary School.

Academic Plenaries

Wednesday 24 June     – Academic Plenaries via Zoom 7:30am – 8:30am  

Thursday 25 June   –  Academic Plenaries 7:30am – 8:30am / 3:30pm – 5:30pm
(Final Day of Term 2)

Friday 26 June   – Academic Plenaries 8:30am – 12:00pm


School Photographs

As you are aware, there was need for the School to postpone school photographs that were previously scheduled for Term 2.  As per the latest health advice, the School is now able to proceed with group photos, and we are pleased to advise that we have been able to secure Tuesday 21 July as the alternate date. 

Order form envelopes have been distributed to all students which contain some important ordering information.  Please note that the school does not accept the envelopes. They are only for the direct collection of the photographers on the day. 

It is preferred that you place your photo orders online directly where possible, to reduce administration and to maximise security. In this case, there is no need to return the envelope as the order will have been placed and secured online. 

Orders can be placed securely online at using our School’s unique 9 digit advanced order code.

 Go to and enter the code 6DG E39 QM6.

Please ensure that your orders are placed by Monday 20 July (the day before Photo Day) to avoid a late fee.  

Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day. Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to

Hip, hip, hooray to the following birthday girls – we hope you had a wonderful day!

Josie, Sophia, Kate, Portia, Ava, Jess, Amelia, Sophie and Allegra


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary


Music Festival 2020 – program now available

Music Festival 2020 – program now available

Get excited! There’s only one week to go until Music Festival 2020!

7pm – Saturday 27 June 2020
No registration required. The live stream link will be emailed to all students, families and staff prior to the event.

Next Saturday 27 June, tune in remotely and watch the livestreamed Music Festival 2020 from the comfort of your own home! This wonderful community event  celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of  each talent and will feature our re-imagined House, Primary and Boarder Couch Choirs, music and dance acts and the inaugural People’s Choice Award. It’s a show not to be missed!

To get you in the spirit of Music Festival, we are delighted to share the Music Festival Program here.

For families who are unable to watch the livestream next Saturday 27 June, the recording will be available for purchase after the event. More information will be communicated soon. 

A Bursary Event

The Music Festival is a bursary event, and is an important tradition at Loreto Normanhurst. There has been significant work done to re-imagine and deliver this year’s virtual event, and we hope that all families enjoy the experience. There will be no cost to access the live stream, however we ask that you consider donating the usual ticket cost to the School’s Bursary Welfare Fund, which provides financial assistance to families in necessitous circumstances. Together we can make a difference and continue to share the gift of a wonderful Loreto education.

To make a tax-deductible donations to the Bursary Welfare Fund, please click here.

To view the Music Festival invitation, click here.



Deans of Pastoral Care

Deans of Pastoral Care

The importance of connection in the time of COVID-19

If someone asked us to look into the mirror four months ago and for the mirrored reflection to be one that would be characterised by social distancing, online learning and not seeing everybody on campus each day, we would have said, ‘you must be joking’! However, the reflection has been that and so much more. It has been a challenge to adapt quickly to a changing world and to what the new normal is when faced with living with a pandemic, but, whilst we have learned to adapt, we have not forgotten the essence of what truly matters most and that is the value and significance of remaining connected to one another.

Teachers play a significant role in helping students manage their anxiety whilst they learn and live in pandemic times. Seemingly overnight, their world changed and along with this came a heightened anxiety and uncertainty. In these unprecedented times, teachers were able to rise to the occasion creatively when called upon to shift their teaching to the FACE Online platform. Even in a traditional classroom, it can be a challenge to support students with anxiety. With distance learning, this difficulty is magnified. However, there is much teachers can do to reduce anxiety in students even while teaching remotely. During this pandemic, we need to prioritise students’ mental health over academics. The impact of trauma can be lifelong, so what students learn during this time ultimately won’t be as important as to whether they feel safe.

In a time of change, when students were separated from their teachers, it was paramount to help them continue to feel safe, cared for, and connected. Strong relationships with teachers can insulate anxious students from escalating. Connecting hasn’t had to be time-consuming to be effective. Providing a Zoom video of yourself explaining a concept or posing a provocative question, was a wonderful way to help students feel connected to their teachers and the class in general.

Our responses to uncertainty have been heightened at this time, and we have been educating the students about the strategies they need to meet new challenges. Schools have made many plans to help mitigate risks and concerns during this pandemic, but we also have been working with students to educate them about their planning in response to uncertainty. Recognising the emotions, they feel are normal, and are different to our thoughts, is an early key concept of the COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate program. Students have been introduced to ‘what if’ and ‘what do I know?’ thoughts as those that can be responded to healthily, with strategies such as asking, ‘when will I know?’ and a step by step problem solving guide.

Using our strengths for good and finding ways to positively distract ourselves with activities that self-soothe or give us a sense of achievement (or even better – both!) allow us to recognise, sit with and self-regulate our emotions. Whilst emotional ‘inbursts’ or ‘outbursts’ are very human; they can lead to damaged relationships and further emotional distress for ourselves. Educating young people to recognise these peaking emotions and empowering them with strategies to self-regulate and plan through problems with clear thinking, are goals of the holistic approach to our pastoral program and social and emotional learning across the FACE curriculum. In classes too, teachers can draw on this holistic approach to gently challenge and encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions as they face uncertainty or worry.

Whilst we look forward to our world returning to ‘normal’, we also can reflect on what we have learned and how we have responded to these new challenges.


Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care


Head of Mathematics

Head of Mathematics

We are always trying to instil in our students the awe and wonder that the knowledge of mathematics in itself brings but we also explore the real-life applications of that understanding and build practical activities into our lessons.

Covid-19 has brought the discussion of mathematics into everyday conversations as few events have before. I cannot remember a time when the ideas of mathematics modelling, talk of exponential growth and viewing logarithmic curves has been more prevalent! The amount of data being generated and analysed has been extraordinary.

Developing our students’ skills in modelling and functions is vital but just as important is teaching them how to read, interpret and analyse the vast amounts of data being produced. Indeed, data analytics is a career that is experiencing a huge increase in demand. This increased demand for the understanding of statistics has led to its inclusion into the syllabi of our highest levels of senior study. Alongside differential and integral calculus, the girls now also learn about descriptive statistics, bivariate data analysis and investigate continuous random variables. This data literacy is something that our Numeracy Taskforce is addressing across the curriculum. We have numeracy experts working with team members from other faculties on how to build this statistics knowledge within their content areas.

This term has also seen collaboration between mathematics teachers and the Year 10 Integrated Learning Team. A unit of work on financial literacy was developed and embedded into the Integrated Learning’s sequence of lessons. The girls choose a virtual job and car. They calculated the costs of financing, insuring and running the car and whether their salary would cover these added expenses. The girls were really engaged in this task and there were some excellent life lessons learned about being realistic in our choices!

The remote learning circumstances we found ourselves in meant that we had to think about different ways of engaging and assessing the girls’ learning. We built in more practical tasks that were possible to do at home. You may have had daughters checking the nutrition labels of items in the pantry, measuring and calculating the surface area of various packets or measuring the diameter of the wheel of your car to calculate the distance travelled in 100 revolutions of the wheel. Some Year 8 girls have been looking for the different mathematics contained in bags of lolly snakes or boxes of smarties! You might like to know that blue smarties are the year groups favourite and a snake can be stretched to be more than double its original length.

You might like to have a discussion with your daughter about the mathematics you use in your job and home. Discuss the latest Covid-19 data, share with them some of your financial decision-making processes, let them work out how much paint is needed to repaint their bedroom or construct a column graph of the different coloured smarties before you eat them!

I would like to thank the mathematics staff for their adaptability, ongoing good humour and efforts during this semester. They have worked so hard to ensure that your daughters’ learning has continued seamlessly in the challenging circumstances we found ourselves.


Mrs Sally Brimfield

Head of Mathematics



Update from the Director of Learning 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well for the upcoming holiday break. It goes without saying that we all need this opportunity to rest and reboot and spend time connecting with loved ones and friends. The experiences of 2020 that we have all had thus far have been tumultuous; as such we should now step back and consider what we have been able to achieve as a school community. Our positive spirit and commitment to moving forward is a testament to our Loreto community and our shared values.

Thank you to all parents for supporting your daughters with the FACE Online curriculum and the remote experience; we know how challenging it was for you to juggle your work and parenting commitments whilst also supporting your daughters at home with their learning – we are truly appreciative of all that you have done to steady the ship over the past term. Thank you also to our teachers – your commitment to our students and the continuity of their learning experience has been exceptional and we are grateful for your expertise and steadfast support. To our Loreto students – you have been so adaptable and resilient throughout this situation– you will take this experience with you well into the future and I am sure you will share stories from these days with your own children!

As the holiday break is fast approaching I would like to reinforce that the upcoming break should be exactly that, a break.

We ask parents to note that students in Years 7-10 will not be given homework to complete over the holiday period. Students should use the time to read for pleasure, pursue any extra-curricular pursuits that you are involved in and spend time with your family and friends. A few days before next term commences we advise that you begin to plan for the term ahead by organising your study areas at home, replenish any necessary stationery items and organise your technology.

For Year 11 students, in our Learning to Learn session in FACETIME today we discussed some revision and planning techniques for study preparation. We encourage you to have a clear break from school for a large proportion of the holidays, however we also ask that you use some time to begin planning your notes and creating study schedules for Term 3. You will have some small assessments early in Term 3 and your formal examination block later in the term, so it is essential that you return to school prepared for this experience.

Year 12 have also been guided on how to structure their break so that they manage to incorporate some downtime with the revision work that they need to engage in preparation for their Trial Examinations in Weeks 5-7. We would also encourage Year 12 to re-read their English texts and complete past examination papers in order to test their understanding. It is often tempting to revise content that we are already confident or familiar with; however it is essential that you do the opposite – that you look for the gaps and revise the areas that you know you are challenging. A general guide for Year 12 students is that they complete approximately 20 hours of homework/revision per-week throughout Year 12. This should continue during the holidays but should be spaced out to ensure that rest-time is also prioritised.

When we return to school in Term 3 we will share a podcast with Year 12 parents and students to provide strategies with you on how to remain motivated in the lead-up to your Trial and HSC examinations. Also, thank you to all parents, students and teachers with their adaptability in moving our Academic Plenaries to the online experience. We know that the plenary experience is a key element of the learning journey and are grateful to all involved that we were able to prioritise these in our current context.

Finally, the Academic Reports are currently being completed. Year 12 students received their reports last week. Years 7-11 students will receive their reports early in Term 3.

Best wishes for a lovely break ahead.


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning

Year 7 – 11 Academic Plenaries

The first of our four Year 7-11 Academic Plenaries was held on Wednesday afternoon via PTO Zoom links. We would like to thank families who were involved for their support of our first online plenary event. 

There are three more Academic Plenary dates and bookings can still be made if you haven’t yet done so. 

Term 2:     26  June  – 8:30am to 3:30pm  – please note, this is a pupil free day 
Term 3:    24  July  – 1:00pm to 5:30pm – please note,  Years 7-11 students conclude classes at 12.35pm  on this day
                              29 July  – 3:30pm to 6:00pm

To book, please click HERE.   Your daughter has also been provided this link in the Daily Notices on Sentral.

Important notes:

To ensure the smooth running of the plenaries, we encourage  parents to engage with the instructions here: Academic Plenaries Parent Instructions PTO 2020

The easiest way of accessing your Zoom meetings is by using your daughter’s computer that has already been configured with the Zoom Software. If accessing the Plenaries via this method, after clicking on the PTO site, enter the login details of the parent who scheduled the appointments.   When booking your Academic Plenary, please factor in your daughter’s travel time to get home on 24 July and 29 July.

To access the Zoom meetings via a different computer, please ensure you have installed the Zoom Software.  Please refer to the PDF  Installing Zoom, and ensure you have correctly named your profile setup so teachers will be able to identify you easily.

Please note that if you have downloaded a PDF of your bookings, you cannot access your daughter’s appointments through the PDF. The best way to access the Zoom links is through the PTO site.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, we ask you to do this well in advance. Teachers will check their bookings on the afternoon before the plenary day and not after, so they will not be able to fit in late appointments. Thank you in advance for your support.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call 9473 7336.


Ms Rachael Jarick

Assistant to the Deans of Learning

Year 11 2021 Subject Selection

Subject Selection Plenary meetings for Year 10 are now underway via Zoom and these will be ongoing until Week 3, Term 3.   Parents and carers are reminded that the deadline for this is 8:00am on  Monday 3 August and no admissions will be accepted after this date.

Please note that the Year 11 2021 Subject Selection link is different from the Academic Plenaries link. Please click HERE to book. Please also ensure you log out at the when completing your booking  before closing your browser.

The web preferences online system for students is also now operational and  this allows students to select their final units for 2021.

Students will engage in a period of measured discernment about their future options. We encourage all students to have conversations with both staff and their peers when considering their options. There is also a lot of information on the Learning Office Canvas page students can access that has been prepared by the Heads of Faculty and Year 11 students.

Students can commence inserting their subject options from now and should know that they can change these options at any time between now and 8am on Monday 3 August.


Mr Marco Scali

Acting Dean of Learning 

Oratory News

Oratory News

Congratulations to our CSDA Public Speaking Zone Finalists, who did such an amazing job participating in their first Virtual Oratory Event. Further congratulations to Erin Longney (Year 11) and Frances O’Brien (Year 9) for being selected to participate in the CSDA Public Speaking Grand Finals today. This is an incredible achievement for both girls and I’m delighted to report that Frances won first place in the Year 9 division. Congratulations to all participants. 

The Archdale and CSDA Debating organisations are currently finalising their plans and draws of Term 3. At this point in time, both competitions will run in a reduced capacity. The focus for these competitions is now about providing students with the opportunity to debate, rather then a competition as such.

We are currently considering how we can best engage in these competitions with our students. If we require trials, we will contact students at the start of next week.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial has recommenced and our first virtual Trial will be held on 20 July. We wish these students the best of luck as they prepare their first virtual case.

Youth UN Evatt

Goodluck to Year 10 students Michelle Hoffman  and Ella Mckenzie who are participating in the Youth UN Evatt event on 23 June. The girls have been assigned the Dominican Republic and are discussing “Penal Sentencing Laws”. The competition will be a challenge, and I thank those who are helping the girls prepare.

For any further enquiries, please contact the oratory team at

Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator

Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving

Global Issues Problem Solving

What a tumultuous but exciting year this has been so far for FPS! So many activities have been forced into lockdown but Future Problem Solving has continued strongly.

Firstly, a huge congratulations to our Year 11 International Global Issues Team consisting of: Ella Donlevy, Emily Stockwell, Georgia Cluff and Charlotte Cluff.

These girls competed at the first ever Virtual International  Competition and placed:

  • 1st in Australia and 10th in the world for their Senior Division Global Issues Problem Solving Booklet on “Terraforming” and
  • 2nd in Australia and 4th in the world for the Presentation of their Action Plan

I am so proud of these girls !  They are critical thinkers, hard workers, very creative and always supportive of each other. They truly deserve this result. When the trip to the US (Boston, Massachusetts and New York) was cancelled due to Covid-19, they were disappointed, but they did not lose their enthusiasm. They threw themselves into virtual training – they studied, they practiced, they planned extra training times, they worked collaboratively and had lots of fun. They are true Loreto girls exemplifying resilience and perseverance. They have equalled our previous best placement in Global Issues which was 10th place at Internationals in 2004. Congratulations girls!

The girls have also been coaching younger teams this year and plan to complete in the Term 3 topic – they are unstoppable!

We currently have eleven Global Issues teams training. The topics which were chosen the year before were particularly pertinent for this year. Term 1 was “International Travel”; Term 2 was on “Sleep Patterns” and Term 3 is on “Gamification”.

The girls are all competing for a place at Nationals later in the year  where the topic will be “Living in Poverty”. I would also like to thank Akshara Yogesvaran and Gian Ellis-Gannell who are also coaching younger teams this year. We could not manage the program so well without this commitment from our students.

Scenario Writing

Gian Ellis-Gannell Year 12 has recently submitted her very creative and well-written draft Scenario Writing story on De-Extinction and will submit the final story in August following feedback. She will also be competing for a place at Nationals.


You may remember that our Community Problem Solving team, Sophie Earle, Zoe Redwin, Zara Oong and Vivien Li, also qualified to compete at Internationals this year. For a number of reasons, they had to pull out of the competition once it went virtual, but they did a wonderful job on their project “Digital Eyes” and I am sure have learnt much from all the work they did.

Thank you to Mr Tyler for his work with these girls. They are now competing in the Global Issues competition for 2020; another example of adaptability and resilience.

Our students are the first generation of the 21st century and Future Problem Solving is one way we can prepare these students for emerging new realities. The Future Problem Solving Program:

  • Develops the critical and creative thinking skills necessary to adapt to a changing world;
  • Increases awareness of the future;
  • Enhances communication and collaboration; and
  • Utilises an effective creative problem solving model encouraging youth to actively shape their future.

Thank you to all our girls for staying with the program this year and to our coaches Mark Tyler, Philippa Dowers, Hannah Truong, Madeleine McLachlan, Mengya Gu and Michael Rafe, who have all adapted to virtual training and kept the program going.

In Term 4 we begin our Introductory Course for Year 7 and any year groups who would like to give FPS a try.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Future Problem Solving or you may like to look on the FPS Australia website or the FPS International site to find out more.


Ms Robyn Roffey

Future Problem Solving Coordinator



Year 11 Modern History Zoom Lecture – Decolonisation

Year 11 Modern History Zoom Lecture – Decolonisation

On  2  June, Year 11 Modern History students were fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Macquarie University Professor Kate Fullagar, who is a renowned historian, author and lecturer who specialises in Decolonisation. Her wealth of knowledge in this area, going into particular depth with Ireland and India, was very apt considering we are currently working on historical investigations which are based around the nature and impact of decolonisation in a country of our choice.

It was highly interesting and inspiring to hear from such an insightful academic, not just the valuable information she provided us, but observing her manner of speech and her eloquence in presenting us such complex ideas.

One of our highlights from the night was the opportunity to take part in a live Q&A via Zoom and ask question surrounding decolonisation globally, the specifics of decolonisation in our own chosen countries, and even considering what a process of decolonisation would look like within Australia.

This presented a highly thought-provoking discussion. It was particularly interesting as history students watching the way in which she was able to make inferences about the nature of decolonisation in just about any country presented to her, based on her knowledge about the decolonisation of surrounding countries and socio-political circumstances of the country in contemporary society, demonstrating the high levels of perception gained by those who study history at such as high level.

Furthermore, the experience of a university-style lecture gave us a taste of what university life would involve and proved highly valuable in improving our note-taking skills.

Although many of us walked out with a brain overload, we would like to say thank you to  Associate Professor Fullagar and the History Department for providing us with this incredible experience which was not only highly applicable to our current unit but deepened our understanding of the significance of decolonisation as a whole, and inspired us with her level of knowledge and expertise.


Alessia Anderson & Sophie Earle, Year 11



Parent Portal

Parent Portal

We are pleased to advise that the Loreto Normanhurst Parent Portal is scheduled for launch next week. The portal has been designed as a channel for the day to day management of your daughter’s activities at Loreto Normanhurst. FACE Online remains as a repository of information across all elements of the FACE Curriculum, and parents will continue to have access to this platform.

We will have a staged approach to the implementation of the Parent Portal, commencing with Years 6 and 8 next week; to be followed by other year groups in the coming weeks. Parents will receive communications directly via email with instructions on how to access the portal.

The functionalities available within the portal will increase progressively throughout the year as various modules are rolled out across the School.

As we progress this initiative, I am confident that the Parent Portal will be beneficial for families and further increase the sense of connectedness between school and home.


Mrs Lynn Long

Deputy Principal

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Nearing the end of Term 2…some reminders

As we near the end of Term 2, it is a good time to focus on the fun things ahead in the holidays with a sense of gratitude and relaxation. However, it is also important to maintain our usual standards and be mindful of guidelines that are in place to help our school community be the best it can be. With this in mind, we write to remind all families and students about the ‘daily details’. Doing the ‘small’ things well is an important value and habit to develop.

Use of mobile phones

  • From Monday 22 June 2020 we revert to our normal school rule about mobile phones. Students are to place their mobile phones in their lockers from 8:20am to 3:15pm and switch them to silent. Students can use their mobile phones again when they leave the campus at 3:15pm.


  • Hats and blazers are a compulsory part of the winter uniform, to and from school.
  • Year 12 Jerseys may only be worn whilst at school.
  • The Term 2 holidays are a great time for dry-cleaning, repairs and re-stocking, so uniforms are perfect for the start of Term 3. The Student Planner details uniform expectations on pages 24-25.

Sign in and out procedures

  • If a student feels unwell during the day, they cannot just contact home to be picked up.
  • Students who are unwell should be going to the Health Centre after alerting a teacher, where they will be assessed, and parents contacted if needed.
  • All students must sign in and out at Student Services at all times, including Boarders leaving for appointments.

Physical distancing on public transport and in public areas

  • A reminder to students to be respectful of members of the public when walking to the station/bus stop and when using public transport.
  • Students need to apply the 1.5 metre distance to those members of the public around you.
  • Please refer to the Transport NSW for more information.

 Social Media

Whilst social media is an important tool of connection for young people, it is imperative that parents are aware of safe practices for their children. Most importantly, social media apps should be used in an open way with parents and conversations about their use should be regular. It is important to note that most social media apps have 13 as the minimum age limit, including Instagram and Tik Tok. Parents and carers should be aware of the privacy settings for each app and ensure that these are appropriate for their child’s account.

The eSafety website offers a suite of resources for parents and here are some relevant sections for popular apps:

Tik Tok


Please discuss these matters with your daughters as the term ends and we wish all families a restful time before Term 3 commences.


Mrs Marysa Boland and Mr Justin Madigan

Deans of Pastoral Care

Social Justice

Social Justice

House Of Welcome

It is always heartening when one our students see a need in our community and then does something about it.

After being in isolation for weeks Tahlia Jones (Year 12) suggested that as we return to school for face-to-face teaching, students and staff to bring an item of food or personal care for the House of Welcome. The response from the community was phenomenal, with a huge delivery of much-needed goods delivered to the House of Welcome of Friday 21 May. It can be understandable in times like these when may become focused on ourselves however this is an excellent example of our community authentically going where the need is greatest.

For more information on the House of Welcome, see the article by Sr Libby Rogerson, ibvm,  from “Sustain” Magazine, Mary Ward International.  Click HERE

Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

Wrap With Love

The Loreto Normanhurst community are invited to participate and support the important work of the Wrap with Love charity. Wrap with Love distributes blankets to vulnerable people in Australia and overseas during the winter months.

To date, Wrap with Love have distributed over 500,000 blankets worldwide to those in need. This term, Year 7 students regularly meet each Thursday to learn to knit and make new friends under the supervision of Mrs Osborne, Mrs Emslie, Miss Lloyd and Miss McLachlan. This will be expanded to other year groups in Term 3.

There are many ways for you to get involved:

1. Create a square – using 8 ply wool and 4mm needles, knit or crochet a square 25 cm by 25 cm.

2. Assemble blankets – sew together 28 squares to create a blanket

3. Donate old wool and needles – perhaps you have some leftover balls of wool at home?

We would gratefully receive 8 ply balls of wool of any colour and spare 4mm knitting needles I encourage you and your families to get involved in any way that you can!

For more information about Wrap With Love, click HERE

We look forward to sharing more photos of the blankets that the Loreto community make this winter. 

Ms Melissa Clancy

Social Justice Coordinator

Black Lives Matter

Luka Swain, Year 12

On  25 May, George Floyd died at the hands of an American police officer. His death sparked marches, protests, and riots across America as people brought recognition to racism and the mistreatment of African American people in police custody –  issues that should have been addressed years ago.

These events from America were discussed and analysed in the Australian media as non-domestic problems, however, the truth is that we have equivalent concerns in our backyard. Aboriginal people make up only 2% of the Australian population, yet they represent about 28% of the adult prison population. Aboriginal people are fifteen times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Indigenous adults. Indigenous youth are twenty-six times more likely (than non-Indigenous youth) to be incarcerated.

Statistics like these are reminders that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is not just relevant to the United States, rather it is as applicable in modern Australia. Just one week following the death of George Floyd, a 17-year old Aboriginal boy was slammed face-first into the ground after confronting police officers in Surry Hills. Sadly, this is but one case out of the hundreds of altercations that occur every year across Australia. In 1991, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody called for the decriminalisation of public drunkenness – yet last year, Aunty Tanya Day was arrested for being intoxicated on a train, and then died in police custody from neglect. Her uncle also died in custody years prior.

People around Australia, including many Loreto girls, have begun to question the prevailing community silence shrouding Indigenous lives, and the horrific treatment of our First Peoples, who have suffered so many unacknowledged injustices. In response, last week, JPIC held a “Black Lives Matter” workshop where we discussed the origins and meaning of the “Black Lives Matter Movement” and recent events around the globe. The year groups split into different rooms and Year 12 Social Justice leaders ran the separate sessions with Powerpoint and video presentations, and discussions. The girls learnt that the Black Lives Matter Movement actually began in 2013 after Trayvon Martin’s murder, and that there have been 437 Aboriginal deaths in custody since 1991. We discussed what we thought about marches during Covid-19, and the problems with saying ‘All Lives Matter’.

Towards the end of the session we discussed how we can get involved and support the movement. It’s often difficult to know how to help and be part of such a significant world-wide cause, but we decided on the following actions: donating to trustworthy charities, signing online petitions, having conversations with friends and family, following inspiring people on social media, watching movies, reading books and listening to podcasts on the topic, buying from black or Aboriginal owned businesses, and contacting local representatives pressing for change.

Arguably, what is most important is educating yourself on the movement and standing up to racism. Acknowledge our privilege, and use your disproportionate influence and power to bestow justice to the vulnerable and deserving in our society.

Although hearing the stories and facts was confronting and eye-opening, sitting in the rooms observing the passion and discussion of the girls has made me hopeful, even confident that we can create change and transform to a fairer and less discriminatory society.


Exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture – Q&A Session with Year 7

Grace Parker, Year 7

During our Wednesday conversation period, Year 7 had a Q & A session with two of our own Year 7 peers Tyra (proud Kamillaroi woman) and Jess (proud Wadi Wadi woman) with the support of four of our senior Aboriginal boarder students Polly (proud Barkindji woman), Shayarnee (proud Barkindji woman), Maria S (proud Wiradjuri woman) and Maria T (proud Kija woman). The purpose of the Q & A was to give us the opportunity to gain a unique insight into Aboriginal culture from the perspective of girls who we see every day.

The most common questions raised were related to racism and the girls’ experiences of this. The girls shared their experience of direct and indirect racism, and the importance of educating people to address this common issue.

We learnt that different Aboriginal tribes have different totems. A totem is a specific plant or animal that is sacred, and the tribe is forbidden from hunting and is obligated to care for their totem instead. We were told the different totems of their specific tribes. For example, Polly is from Bourke and her totem is the Bony Bream. Shayarnee is from Wellington and her totem is the Wedgetail Eagle. Tyra is from Mungindi and her totem is the Carpet Snake.

The girls explained that the term ‘Dreamtime’ only refers to stories from the past and a period of time, which is why they told us that they prefer to use the term ‘Dreaming’, which refers to stories from the past, present and into the future. When questioned on their favourite Dreaming story, Polly and Shayarnee both reminisced on Tiddalik the Frog and Tyra shared that she enjoys the story of the Rainbow Snake.

A few weeks ago, during conversation time, we watched a movie called ‘In My Blood It Runs’ which is a movie about an Aboriginal boy and his challenging experience of education. When questioned about the film, the senior girls said that they enjoyed watching it as they got to see the different tribes and the differences in their cultures, but they did not like the way the teachers acted toward the Australian Indigenous students. The senior girls said that the film was a good insight into Aboriginal students’ experience of the education system in some parts of Australia.

The senior Aboriginal girls assured us they enjoy being asked questions their culture and homeland, as they love the opportunity to educate people. When given the opportunity, be sure to ask them any questions you might have!

On behalf of Year 7, I’d like to thank Tyra, Shayarnee and Polly for speaking to half of the Year 7 cohort. I’d also like to extend my thanks to Jessica, Maria S and Maria T who spoke to the other half my peers, and to the teachers who helped organise it. It was fascinating to hear the stories from students my age, and how different our journey to Loreto has been.




Sport is back!

It has been so great to see the girls back out on the netball courts and hockey pitch and enjoying their sport again. It’s still not quite sport as we know it just yet, with restrictions still in place until July 1st, but it’s been amazing to see the ways girls have adapted to those guidelines. Hills Netball training is back in full swing, and we’ve begun trials for our Senior 1sts, Junior 1sts and Year 7 1sts, IGSSA Netball and IGSSA Hockey teams. I encourage everyone to get out and about over the holiday break and continue preparing for the return to competitive fixtures.

Hills Netball

HDNA has announced that Hills Netball fixtures will resume on July 4, with the first three rounds being held during the School Holiday period. If your daughter is playing Hills Netball this season, please keep an eye on your emails for further information regarding the upcoming season.

Term 3 IGSSA Sport Nominations

The nomination window for IGSSA Netball and IGSSA Hockey closes today! If you haven’t yet completed a nomination, we will keep the nomination form open until Monday 8:00am so please make sure you get your nomination in ASAP!

Other Term 3 Nominations and Info

As we move towards the end of Term 2 and turn our attention to the holiday period and Term 3 Sport, please read on for information regarding all the happenings in Sport over the next period:


Term 3 Activities Program

Term 3 Activities for Primary and Secondary Students will be returning as normal. Nominations for all activities will open on Monday and will close on Friday 3 July at 3:00pm. The link for students to nominate via will be distributed via the Canvas Announcement as well as being posted on the Sentral Daily Notices.


Secondary Cheerleading

Unfortunately, due to the disruption to the season as well as uncertainty around the competition schedule, we will keep cheerleading on hiatus for the remainder of 2020.


IPSHA AFL & IPSHA Touch Football

Nominations for IPSHA AFL and IPSHA Touch Football will open for all Primary School students on Monday and will close on Friday 3 July at 3:00pm. All Primary parents will receive a follow-up email with details on how to nominate. If you have completed an expression of interest for either of these sports, you will still need to complete a nomination form. If you did not complete an expression of interest, you will still be permitted to nominate provided there are spaces available.


Secondary Rugby 7s

Expressions of interest for the Term 3 Secondary Rugby 7’s program will open on Monday and will close on Friday 3 July at 3:00pm. The format of season will be different to previous years with the seasonal concept replaced by a series of gala days. The link for students to complete their expression of interest will be distributed via the Canvas Announcement as well as being posted on the Sentral Daily Notices. Students can also find out more information on the Rugby 7s page on LNH Extra-Curricular Canvas page.


Tildesley Tennis

IGSSA has announced that the Tildesley Tournament will be rescheduled for the weekend of July 18 & 19. Students who were involved with Tildesley have received information from Mr Brock.


IGSSA Athletics

We are currently awaiting confirmation from IGSSA regarding the Athletics season, including the status of Friday Night Athletics meets and the IGSSA Track and Field Championships. To allow us to prepare for those events, we are asking all girls who would be interested in competing at the IGSSA Track and Field Championships to register their expression of interest to indicate our likely numbers for participation should the events go ahead.


Who to see about what?

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
  Cross Country Pathway LN Activities Program
  Hills  Netball Gymnastics
  Rugby 7s Cheerleading
  IGSSA Touch Football IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre AFL


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mr Ian Edmunds

Mrs laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis Rowing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon    
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Basketball    
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Netball     
Athletics Pathway Hornsby Tennis    
  Tildesley Tennis    
  Secondary School Carnivals    
  Swimming Pathway    


Whilst we aren’t able to engage in our usual sporting program on Saturday mornings and midweek trainings, we would still love to see photos of our students getting physically active and staying engaged in sport. Please send through any photos or videos you have of LN girls staying active at home to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Mr Matthew Mulroney

Head of Sport

School Photographs Update

School Photographs Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware, there was need for the School to postpone school photographs that were previously scheduled for Term 2.

As per the latest health advice, the School is now able to proceed with group photos, and we are pleased to advise that we have been able to secure Tuesday 21 July as the alternate date. During this day, we will prioritise taking individual photos, House and Boarding School photos, Year 12 photo and sibling photos.

Order form envelopes were distributed to all students this week which contain some important ordering information. Please note that the school does not accept the envelopes. They are only for the direct collection of the photographers.

It is preferred that you place your photo orders online directly where possible, to reduce administration and to maximise security. In this case, there is no need to return the envelope as the order will have been placed and secured online.

Orders can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique 9 digit advanced order code. Go to and enter the code 6DG E39 QM6.

Please ensure that your orders are placed by Monday 20 July (the day before Photo Day) to avoid a late fee.

Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day. Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.

Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to


Mrs Lynn Long

Deputy Principal



Careers Events at LN

Tertiary Speaker Series – year 11 and 12

We are pleased to be hosting our last speakers on Monday, 22 June:

Bond University – Lunchtime in the Curran (we will be streaming the event live)

TAFE NSW @ 4.30pm via zoom  

TAFE NSW is Australia’s largest vocational education and training provider, based in New South Wales. TAFE is an alternative tertiary pathway to university studies and is worth considering if you are not sure whether you would like to go to University.

UNSW Lunchtime Workshop at School: Exploring the Different Dimensions of Media – 27 July 2020  

UNSW will be running an online workshop for students in Year 10, 11 and 12 during Lunchtime at LN (it will be held at school).

This workshop enables student to sample three different dimensions of media: screen and sound; public relations and advertising; and communications and journalism. Students will undertake a communication consulting approach to provide a solution to a key problem for a business while developing an understanding of the breadth of skills and careers possible within the media industry.

Register your interest with Careers here

Year 10 Subject Selection 

Morrisby Assessment Tips

Most of Year 10 have now finished their Morrisby career assessment and are commencing their subject selection plenaries.

We hope you have found the Morrisby process to be very interesting and helpful.

We recommend you spend some time exploring the Morrisby online report to make it work effectively for you, and to toggle the settings if you need the report to more accurately reflect your career aims.

For example, you can:

  • Toggle the Qualifications that you wish to receive in your report, to generate more career options (eg are you considering TAFE, uni, high ATAR, apprenticeships etc – use the ‘What if’ Function).
  • Change the emphasis on your report depending on the component of your results that resonates with you (eg your special interests, career interests, aptitude etc)
  • ‘STAR’ the careers that you are interested in, and to view the information that sits within the careers you are interested in.
  • Share the information with your parents/carers (which we recommend)

If you would like any assistance in making the tool work more effectively, don’t hesitate to contact Careers for an appointment or pop in to say hello.

TAFE Courses

If you are in Year 10 and you are interested in a TAFE TVET course in Year 11, please make an appointment to see Careers.


We suggest Year 10 students visit this UAC page for information regarding University entry.

Early Entry Information – Year 11

Ms Kayes ran an early entry workshops last week for Year 11. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact Careers. We suggest all students interested in early entry explore the below Early entry guide from study work grow (school code: LRNH19)

Early Entry Schemes | Apply now

Get an offer for university before you’ve taken a final exam

There are lots of early entry schemes that you could be eligible to apply for; check out our Early Entry Guide and our alternative pathways database for more information.

Careers Subscriptions:

The Careers Department – login page.

  • School login: Loreto Normanhurst
  • School password: LNH

Study Work Grow Subscription: Click here and scroll down to the ‘Use your unique school code’ section and enter the code below

  • Our new unique school code is: LRNH19 Remember, the school code is unique to our school, so please ensure that wherever possible you keep this code within our school community.

Would you like to make an appointment with a career advisor?

The Careers office is open to all students. The best thing to do is to send an email indicating your availability (study lessons for the seniors and break times for junior girls). Please email


Ms Katrina Smith and Ms Alexi Kayes

Careers Advisers

Career News and Events:

You can now view ALL Careers Events via this link: Study Work Grow Events

You will need to login to study work grow, and select our school.

NB: The new unique school code is: LRNH19

We suggest you search by the following categories: industry/job areas, institution names or areas of interest (e.g. GAP years). We suggest you browse in list format, which is more user friendly.

As a guide, Year 12 students should be visiting this link each fortnight to ensure they are clear on events that are relevant to their future studies.  

Please note students may not be excused from class to attend events and must attend those outside of school hours/during lunchbreaks/study periods.

Upcoming Highlighted events:

UON | Joint Medical Program Info Session
23 June 2020, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: New South Wales

UNSW Undergraduate Info and Insights Week

UOW Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation Webinar

Please register HERE:

Thursday 2  July 2020,  6:30 – 7:20pm

CSU | Early Offer Program Webinar

23 June 2020, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: New South Wales

UTS Business School | What Does Learning Look Like in our Bachelor Degrees?
30 June 2020, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Location: New South Wales

ICMS Early entry is now open

FYA Future Communities Challenge

Looking for a project to do whilst some of your activities may not be back on? Do you ever look around you and think, ‘this could be better’? Maybe something at home, in your local community or even bigger than that. Check out the future communities challenge.

Introducing the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship

In summary: The undergraduate scholarships are for students that will study a ‘technology’ related course, at any one of five universities. They will receive $5000 each year for three years to purchase equipment, attend events or on any opportunity that is related to their learning; but most importantly, they receive mentorship and leadership training from Westpac .

Bond University Scholarships Workshop | Tuesday, 30 June 2020

30 June, 2020, 5:00pm -6:00pm
 Zoom. Join from school or home!

Register HERE

Gap Year positions with the Australian Defence Force open now

InspirED Virtual Expo 


Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme applications are now open.

Engineers Australia are pleased to announce that registration is now open for:

Engineering your Future – the Winter Engineering online event for students in Years 10-12+

Click HERE to find the current program for Monday 13 – Friday 17 July, and Register.

ACU Guarantee Program

Launching this year is the ACU Guarantee program, which will allow Year 12 students to gain entry to ACU based on their Year 11 results. Opening in August for 2021 applications, the ACU Guarantee program will see offers made as early as September – although students must still complete their Year 12 exams to qualify. Those concerned about their Year 11 results can also choose to apply for additional adjustment factors by
submitting a statement outlining personal circumstances and motivation for university study.

Notre Dame – Early Offer Info Week

Date: 29 June – 2 July 2020

Synopsis: Join the Early Offer Info Week for tips on submitting your best application and taking the right steps through to enrolment next year. In the last week of June, Notre Dame will deliver a series of program information sessions to connect you with Academics and current students so you can get the best picture of study options and life as a student at Notre Dame University.