Newsletter 16 August - 16 August 2019
Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

I write today’s message after returning to Sydney with Mrs Kovacs from the Principal’s Country Road Trips 2019.  This trip draws to a close what have been three instalments of warm hospitality, nourishing storytelling and humbling insight from our families on the land, past, present and future, into the current context of the drought-affected areas of our state. 

Our most recent trip took us west to the beauty of the Central West and North West of NSW. Despite the undeniable impact of the unforgiving drought gripping the state, there was still so much beauty to behold. Beauty in the echoing cries of the thirsty land, beauty in the tenacity and resilience of the people of the land, beauty in the strength and solidarity of community.  I have witnessed and absorbed all of this and more over these trips.

When planning your weekends or holidays out of Sydney, I encourage you all to consider making a visit to the country and regional towns of NSW.  Sometimes those of us from the city can feel quite unsure of what we can do to assist those in drought affected areas. Along with prayers and assisting  the Boarding School in transporting our boarders to sport or other outings, visiting these country and regional towns is another way we can contribute to the local economy and do our little bit for families and communities beyond the city bounds.

For the past fortnight, we have been following Year 9 as they explore the beauty and wonder of Far North Queensland and this afternoon, we welcome the girls and staff home. It will be great to have them back at school and we look forward to hearing of their experience, which I know will continue to gently unfold over the coming weeks and months. I am sure that our families will be happy to have their daughters home and know that the boarding community is also looking forward to being ‘whole again’ with the return of our Year 9 boarders.

The HSC Trials finish at the beginning of next week for Year 12. The girls have handled the exams with dedication and determination, and we are proud of their efforts. In practical subjects, HSC exams and submissions draw very near, with Languages speaking exams commencing this weekend.  We continue to keep Year 12 and their families in our prayers at this time.

On Wednesday we welcomed guest speaker Melissa McGuiness who spoke to Year 11 about road safety choices and consequences. Melissa is continuing to live with the loss of her 18-year-old son from a road accident in 2012. He was also responsible for four other deaths and Melissa shared her very personal story with our community in the hope that it might serve as a lesson and warning to others about the dangers of careless and irresponsible behaviour when driving. We recognise and understand that Melissa’s story is upsetting and confronting, but we believe that it is important to expose our students to real life lessons, and this one was particularly relevant to a group of young people who are just beginning their preparation for a life of driving. If you have any concerns about your daughter in relation to this workshop, please contact her Head of House.

Today Years 10 and 11 were privileged to hear from anti-trafficking advocate Somaly Mam. Somaly is the founder of AFESIP, a foundation in Cambodia tasked with rescuing young girls (11 months – 18 years) from sexual abuse and trafficking. These girls are housed, educated, trained and reintegrated into mainstream society with financial independence. It is so important for our girls to hear about these issues in our world so they are equipped with the knowledge and education needed to be an integral part of the catalyst for change.  Ex-student, Stephanie Lorenzo, read Somaly’s book and subsequently met her, giving her the inspiration to set up Project Futures. This July just passed, five of our Year 10 students and their mothers took part in Project Futures Cambodia Cycle Challenge as part of the awareness raising and fundraising to help Cambodian girls and women in this horrendous situation.     

Congratulations to the Tech Hub Girls, Gian Ellis-Gannell, Year 11, Elle Nacard, Year 11, and Olivia Holmes, Year 10, for placing third in the state for the Years 11 and 12 category in the Young ICT Explorers Competition at UNSW last week. The judges were very impressed with their coding concept of a mentoring website for girls interested in STEM careers. Well done, girls.

Congratulations also to our Netball Schools Cup team who dug deep and gave it their all to win the Metro Grand Final! They now go on to play in the State Final in September. Brilliant work girls! 

On Thursday we celebrated The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary with a whole-school Eucharist. This is an important celebration in the Catholic liturgical year, and when we celebrate the Assumption, we honour Mary, her faithfulness to God, her example of a holy life and her role in giving birth to Jesus.


Creator God,

all creation rightly gives you praise,
for all life and all holiness come from you.
In the plan of your wisdom
she who bore the Christ in her womb,
was raised body and soul in glory to be with him in heaven.
May we follow her example in reflecting your holiness
and join in her hymn of endless love and praise.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Ms Marina Ugonotti


Head of House: Maye

Head of House: Maye

A Learning Community – Indeed!

Last term, our Year 9 students attended a presentation on the value of good sleep – “Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance” during which they all received a sleep diary to help them record their sleep patterns for two weeks. This term staff attended a workshop by Dr Danielle Einstein on “How to manage Uncertainty” and last week all of the Year 7 and 8 girls attended workshops on ‘Digital Health’.

There is a direct link between these learning sessions with digital devices the common denominator. Smartphones – a relatively new invention of humanity – quickly became an integral part of human life as it combines different sophisticated features and plays a central part of modern telecommunication. The growing number of smartphones and smartphone owners raises a concern as only a little knowledge about the side effects is known and the full impact still needs to be fully researched and uncovered.

“In February, Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham called on schools to ban phones – only to unleash a wave of angry responses from technophiles who point to the advantages of integrating technology into classrooms to prepare children for the role that super-fast areas of information will play in their lives.” Dr Danielle Einstein and Dr Helen Wright

This call was not new to Loreto as guidelines were already in place to effectively help manage the impact and use of smart devices at our school. Dr Danielle Einstein and Dr Helen Wright argues that this ban is vital for students. The benefits are clear; to increase student focus and learning in class; to enable the building and maintaining of quality relationships through face-to face social interactions, to increase the capacity to calm emotions and to withstand uncertainty. They noted that it is essential that our children need to learn how to engage with people around them when the unexpected happens and a smartphone is often little more than a comfort blanket when we are worried about the future and feeling unsure. Managing uncertainty is a critical component for resilience.

Leonid Miakotko, who studied recent scientific facts on the use of smartphones and analysed data on the impact on human health and life, listed two major concerns; the effect of electromagnetic waves on the human brain and the effect of handheld device usage on human’s upper extremities, back, and neck.

‘Blue Light’ from digital screens is currently in the spotlight as the blue wavelengths have a stimulating effect on mood and energy. While this can be useful during the day, at night it can interrupt the body’s biological clock – the circadian rhythm – and upset sleep patterns and metabolisms. This happens by disrupting the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that controls circadian rhythms and can potentially lead to many other health problems. Any kind of light at night can affect melatonin levels, but blue light with a stronger effect has shown to suppress melatonin for twice as long as exposure to light of any other colour wavelength.

As there is no single solution to managing the complexity of risks around the use of mobile devices, it is essential that we continue to educate ourselves and our students to be socially responsible users of digital technology and adopt healthy strategies.

We will soon will start to farewell our beloved Year 12’s and we thank them for their leadership, the impact they have had on the Maye House community and the way they have supported each other, their buddies and the younger girls within each Tutor Group. We wish them every success for this final part of their journey at Loreto and the upcoming HSC examinations.

We thank our House Captain, Amelia Kenny together with the Maye House Council, who has led the house this year with passion, vibrancy and generosity. Congratulations to our new Maye House Captain, Bernice O’Brien, who will soon take over the mantle of leadership within our House. We eagerly await the announcement of the new Maye House Council and Conductor who will help guide us into another exciting year.


Mrs Elsa Vink

Head of Maye House

Head of Science

Head of Science

Next week we will celebrate Science Week under the theme ‘Destination Moon, more missions, more science’. In movies about the momentous series of missions to explore the moon 50 years ago, a number of stories have stood out to me showcasing the qualities we hope to instil in our students. The classic Australian movie The Dish explores the role that the Parkes Telescope played in relaying the images of the moon landing 50 years ago. Sam Neil’s character, in laconic understatement typical of the time, describe the events as “Science’s chance to be daring”. The fragility of the craft and the trust shown between the astronauts and the support teams was evident in Apollo 13 when a makeshift filter had to be fashioned under extreme pressure from the limited spare equipment on board the damaged craft. Hidden Figures follows Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson overcoming segregation and sexism in the early 1960s. Their work in calculating trajectories and other critical numbers for the Mercury Program shows the obstacles of simple technologies being mastered by women with immense mathematical skill and scientific knowledge. I see parallels in these women with Mary Ward’s epic journey across Europe and her battles with the Church hierarchy of the time.

Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in The Coddling of American Mind explore how the rise in the culture of “safetyism” is interfering with young people’s social, emotional, and intellectual development. We have noticed some anecdotal evidence of this, including the increase of Year 7 students who are lighting a match for the first time in Bunsen Burner lessons. When I started teaching, generally only one or two  students would be in that category, while in the last few years, some teachers have reported over 50% of their classes striking a match for the first time, visibly shaking and nervous. Real world experiences give us the opportunity to link to scientific learning and develop confidence to identify and manage risky situations, such as:

  • Using tools in households to make and repair things can develop an understanding of levers, inclined planes and wedges.
  • Growing a garden with companion planting allows a student to observe ecosystem dynamics.
  • Producing our own ecofriendly cleaners from vinegar and bicarb soda can show acid base reactions.
  • Building a bonfire can show the fire triangle and the chemistry of combustion.
  • Practising safe handling of food and utensils develops fine motor skills in the kitchen.
  • Exploring the origins of food and materials purchased for the home helps make sustainable shopping decisions.

One of the most powerful pieces of feedback we have received from a student came after she showed a video of her working with her dad to solder an electric circuit for a learning task. She told me she “loved having a chance to spend time and reconnect with him”.

All acts of greatness are built on many simple acts, the challenge for us is to provide chances for our daughters and students to develop their ‘daring’.


Science Week Events

The following events will be happening throughout next week at recess or lunch. Check the screens and announcements for details.

  • Science SCINEMA in the Curran Theatre (a series of short Science films)
  • Build and Fire a rocket competition.
  • Tutor Group Quiz
  • Science Demos in Primary School
  • Annual Science Week Kahoot 

ICAS Science  Competition

The ICAS Science Competition, conducted by Educational Assessment Australia (of the University of New South Wales), will be held on Thursday 5 September in Periods 5 and 6. It involves no cost to you and is a great way for students to test their science knowledge and skills against students from across NSW. The competition takes place each year in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region and provides an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation. 

All students will receive a certificate and an individual results letter indicating which questions they answered correctly, their total score as well as their average compared with the rest of the students in the state/region. These documents are suitable for inclusion in a portfolio.

Any student from Years 7 to 12 may choose to enter. If you would like your daughter to participate all she needs to do is complete her details in the survey at this link. Please check your daughter can commit to the competition before entering. Entries close on Thursday 22 August. (No entries can be accepted after this date.)


Mr David Little

Head of Science

HSC Showcase 2019

HSC Showcase 2019

A combined celebration of creativity and talent

The Loreto Normanhurst HSC Showcase 2019 will be held on Friday 30 August to celebrate HSC projects across all subjects with practical components. 

Students will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their talents and efforts in these subjects, sharing their creativity and passion with the school community. Featuring displays from Visual Arts, Music 1, Music 2, Aboriginal Studies, Drama, Design and Technology, History Extension and English Extension 2.

The HSC Showcase 2019 will be opened by Jane de Teliga (Class of ’67), fashion writer, author, editor, stylist and curator. Jane has worked for over 20 years for leading magazines and newspapers around the world, reporting on the fashion collections in London, Paris and Milan.  Jane has been the Style Director at ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’ and Fashion Editor at ‘Harper’s Bazaar Australia’ and ‘The Sydney Morning Herald.’ Jane is also the author of ‘Running away from Home’, a beautifully illustrated memoir of her life in fashion and travel.

Friday 30 August 2019
Mary Ward Quad
5pm – 9pm

Click here to download the invitation.

Ms Kieryn Bateman, Director of Learning
Email  or phone 02 9487 3488

Spring Fair 2019

Spring Fair 2019

The Loreto Normanhurst Spring Fair – Sunday 3 November

Save the date in  your diary for one of the biggest events on the school calendar! Spring Fair 2019 will be held on Sunday 3 November and this event brings together students, parents, past and future families, ex-students and friends of Loreto Normanhurst, as well as the wider community to the largest fundraiser event for the school. This country style, fun-filled, family fair will have plenty of entertainment for the whole family from amazing rides, games and entertainment to yummy food and gorgeous retail stalls, plus a whole lot more.

Preparations are well underway and we are delighted to announce the Spring Fair Committee for 2019 in the table below. Thank you to the parents on this committee who will be leading the organisation of this event.

Can you help?

We have been very successful with filling the team lead roles for Communications, Operations, Finance, Entertainment, Boarder Pavilion, Ex-Students’ Association, Retail stalls,  and Food stalls so thank you to all who  have volunteered for the challenge!

We are still seeking assistance with a Sponsorship Coordinator and a School Stalls Coordinator. If you are interested in leading one of these roles, or just helping out before the event or on the day, please email Louise, Paul or Jane (details below). 

Sponsorship Packages

The 2019 Spring Fair is an ideal opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services to an engaged community. This year we would like to invite businesses to sponsor this event and showcase their business while supporting the school community.

For further information and details of the sponsorship packages, please click here.

To download the application form, please click here.

For more information on sponsorship packages, or if you have a business or a friend or colleague who might be interested in this opportunity, please email

How can you get involved?

We have a series of meeting dates listed in the table below. For those who are interested in helping, we invite everyone to the next couple of meetings.   From Wednesday 4 September, we’ll  have  Team Leader meetings for the various sections and they will coordinate with their team members. We will bring everyone together for a final debrief on timings and procedures in the final week before the big day.

If you can’t make the next meeting, please keep an eye out for ways in which to be involved or contact one of the team leaders below or PAL at We will post regular updates in the newsletter as the planning unfolds in the coming weeks.

We look forward to celebrating a wonderful community day! 

Spring Fair Committee 2019



year group


Spring Fair Convener  Louise Wytenburg Year 7, 9, 11 and 12
Spring Fair Convener  Paul White Year 12
Spring Fair Convener  Jane Dalton Year 9
Operations Coordinator Paul White Year 12  
Finance Coordinator Jo West Year 7
Communications Coordinator Michael Cooper Year 12  
Sponsorship Coordinator Vacant    
Entertainment Coordinator Angela Quinn Year 12
Boarder Stalls Coordinator Suzie Sherwood Year 11
Ex-Students’ Stall Coordinator Janneke Chudleigh
Retail Stalls Coordinator Julie Moriarty  Year 12
School Stalls Coordinator Vacant    
Food & Drinks Stall Coordinators Margie Stephen-Harmey & Jane Dalton

Year 7 & 8

Year 9

General Assistance Joanne Cini
General Assistance Sarah Hickey

PAL – Spring Fair Meeting Schedule

Wednesday 21 August Cahill Seminar Room – 7:00-8:30pm
(All Welcome – meeting of Team Leaders & helpers)
Wednesday 4 September GBC 1.02 – 7:00 -8:30pm 
(Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 18 September GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
( Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 16 October GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
(Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 23 October GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
(Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 30 October GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
(Meeting of Team Leaders & helpers)
Saturday 2 November Set Up
Sunday 3 November Spring Fair

Relive Spring Fair 2017!

Health Centre Notice

Health Centre Notice

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in the Secondary School

A case of Whooping Cough (pertussis) has been reported in the upper secondary school.

Whooping cough usually begins with cold like symptoms like a runny nose, mild fever and cough. The cough then gets worse, and severe bouts of uncontrollable coughing can develop.

Boosters for Whooping Cough are recommended for people who come in contact with Whooping Cough every 10 years (parents or people who work with children). Pregnant women at 20-32 weeks of pregnancy are also recommended a booster and if close exposure to Whooping Cough has occurred, an immediate visit to the GP is strongly recommended.

Please refer to the fact sheet here from NSW Department of Health for more information.




The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary

What might it have to say to us?

Thursday, 15th August, was the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.  The teaching of the Assumption of Mary is held by Roman Catholics, the Eastern Churches –  both Orthodox and Catholic –  and some Anglicans.  The teaching expressed in this Solemnity does not have a basis in Scripture, and for that reason Anglicans are divided over it.  In the Roman Catholic Tradition, it is something that developed in the hearts of the faithful over many centuries and was finally declared dogma by Pope Pius XII in 1950.  In his document, Munificentissimus Deus, Pius XII declared that Mary, “when the course of her earthly life was run, was assumed in body and soul to heavenly glory”.  This teaching expresses the belief in the intrinsic goodness and virtue of Mary who, chosen by God to bear and give birth to Jesus, is therefore considered to have been born free of the effects of original sin.  This teaching is called the Immaculate Conception.  Because of this, it is held that Mary was spared the normal process of bodily decay and was ‘assumed’ into heaven.

In the Orthodox Tradition, it is called the Dormition, the Falling Asleep of Mary.  Among Eastern Christians, both Eastern Catholic and Orthodox, the traditions surrounding this belief are drawn from a fourth century document, The Account of Saint John the Theologian of the Falling Asleep of the Holy Mother of God. This document, written in the voice of John the evangelist, the one to whom Jesus entrusted his mother as they both stood at the foot of the cross, recounts how the Archangel Gabriel came to Mary while she was praying at the tomb in Jerusalem in which Jesus had been laid and from which he rose, and told Mary that her earthly life had reached its end.  Mary then returned to Bethlehem for her final days.  All of the apostles were caught up in clouds by the Holy Spirit and transported to Bethlehem to be with Mary and together they carried her bed, again with the help of the Holy Spirit, to her home in Jerusalem where, on the following Sunday, Christ appeared to her and told her not to fear.  While Peter sang a hymn, “the face of the mother of the Lord shone brighter than the light, and she rose up and blessed each of the apostles with her own hand, and all gave glory to God, and the Lord stretched forth His undefiled hands, and received her holy and blameless soul   …   And Peter, and I John, and Paul, and Thomas, ran and wrapped up her precious feet for the consecration; and the twelve apostles put her precious and holy body upon a couch, and carried it”.  They took Mary’s body to the Garden of Gethsemane where they placed it in a new tomb, “and behold, a perfume of sweet savour came forth out of the holy sepulchre of our Lady of the mother of God; and for three days the voices of invisible angels were heard glorifying Christ our God, who had been born of her.  And when the third day was ended, the voices were no longer heard; and from that time forth all knew that her spotless and precious body had been transferred to paradise”.

This fourth century Eastern text is the earliest extant version of the story.  The earliest Latin versions of the story of the Assumption were written a few centuries later.  They differ in some detail but also proclaim that Mary died, that Christ received her soul, that the apostles entombed her body and that her body was taken up into heaven.  From the fourth century onwards the Eastern churches held steadily to this tradition and we also find homilies on the Assumption going back to the sixth century.  In the West, however, there was some hesitancy, but by the thirteenth century there was universal agreement. 

Read more

Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator

Spirituality Evening – next Wednesday

Spirituality Evening – next Wednesday

God who gives to the clouds air,
and winds their way,
their course and path,
will also find a way where our feet can go.


You are warmly invited to join us for our Term 3 Spirituality Evening – an evening of storytelling, reflection and conversation.

Pilgrim paths and pilgrim doors.  The path  across the Isle of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides, is an ancient place of prayer and pilgrimage, where we find these beautiful words on a wall in the old abbey church: a thin place where only tissue paper separates the material from the spiritual.

Pilgrimage is an ancient practice, part of many religious and non-religious traditions and journeys.  Pilgrimage engages us physically, emotionally and spiritually, and takes us to places we would not otherwise know.

Join us to hear pilgrim stories and reflect on what it might mean for you to see your own life in the light of pilgrimage.

Date: Wednesday 21 August 2019
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Loreto Normanhurst, Gonzaga Barry Centre, Room 1.02

Parking available in the Oval Carpark, entry via Gate O4, Osborn Road.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP by Monday 19 August 2019 to  Ms Kerry McCullough


Ms Kerry McCullough
Spirituality & Liturgy Coordinator

Primary School News

Primary School News

If a book is well written, I always find it too short.

Jane Austen


Book Week Parade – Reading is my secret power

Our Book Week celebrations continued this week with our Book Character Parade this morning.

The Library was transformed into a runway full of delightful and colourful book characters from across the world of literature.  Favourites included characters from the Percy Jackson series, The School for Good and Evil, Where’s Wally, a range of characters from Roald Dahl, many of the Harry Potter characters (especially Hermione Granger) and several from the classics such as little Red Riding Hood and Anne of Green Gables. Even the teachers got into the spirit donning a Harry Potter ensemble.

Parents cheered and clapped as the girls made their way down the runway and prizes were awarded to the best borrowers from each class and the winners of the colouring competition. Thank you to Madame Walton and her team of trusty helpers for a fantastic day.

The past few weeks have been a wonderful celebration of literature and books and the students in the Loreto Primary School have been extremely enthusiastic in displaying their love of reading.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students who have completed this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC):

Year 5

Year 6

Mia Basic Amy Bourke
Kaitlin Cuthbert Rose Cunningham
Anna Drake Nicole Del Rio
Amelia Korkor Grace Drake
Isabella Scotti Claudia Gibbons
Amelia Shepherd Olivia Kent
Kristina Taylor Sofia Palermo
Jessica Trovato Grace Parker
Samantha Zahra Lily Sorensen
  Abbey Timmins
  Christiana Vella


The PRC closes on Friday 30 August. Please contact me if you need any assistance with submitting your books online.


Mrs Caroline Walton

Teacher Librarian


Athletics Carnival Results

In the last race of the day, the Primary girls lined the track as the four fastest girls in the Primary School raced to be crowned Queen of the Track. The final honours went to Sofia Storgato in first place with a record breaking time of 13:90 seconds, Hannah Guvlekjian in second place, Patti Boland in third place and Ivy Hain in fourth place. Congratulations to these students for their impressive achievements.

 An astounding number of records were broken this year with Anna Drake from Year 5 taking out the trifecta in the 100m, 800m and 1500m in her age group. As a result of these outstanding performances, we have the largest team who will be competing on Monday 26 August at the IPSHA Athletics Carnival.

Even though it was a very difficult decision to award the Spirit Cup, it gives me great pleasure to announce the enthusiasm and exuberance of Clare House who took it out on the day!

Thank you to, Mr Mulroney and the Sports staff, the House Leaders and the Primary School staff for helping to make the day such a success and to parents for your support and attendance.


The results are as follows:

10 Years Age Champion

Anna Drake (Year 5)

11 Years Age Champion 

Charlotte Symons (Year 5)

12 Years Age Champion

Emily Paterson (Year 6)

Queen of the Track

Sofia Storgato (Year 6)

Spirit Cup


Overall Points




2019 Record Breaking Time of:

Anna Drake (Year 5)

16.45 in the U10 100m

Sofia Storgato (Year 6)

14.50 in the U12 100m

Veronica Day (Year 5)

35.88 in the U10 200m

Anna Drake (Year 5)

3:27.29 in the U10 800m

Anna Drake (Year 5)

7:16.07 in the U10 1500m

Charlotte Symons (Year 5)

6:42.66 in the U11 1500m

Aoife Berry (Year 6)

6:39.84 in the U12 1500m

Tayla Moore (Year 5)

9.28m in the U11 Shot Put

Tayla Moore (Year 5)

25.24m in the U11 Discus

Emily Paterson (Year 6)

21.96 in the U12 Discus

Veronica Day (Year 5)

1:05.56 in the Open 4x100m Relay

Patricia Boland (Year 5)

1:05.56 in the Open 4x100m Relay

Sofia Storgato (Year 6)

1:05.56 in the Open 4x100m Relay

Stephanie Wilkins (Year 6)

1:05.56 in the Open 4x100m Relay

Sofia Storgato (Year 6)

13:90 in the Open Invitational 100m


Next week we have our first team competing at the NSW RoboCup Open Competition. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the girls to showcase their technological talents. We wish the team good luck.


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary




Year 12 post-trial experience

Congratulations to our Year 12 students who have almost completed their HSC Trial examinations, with the last examination taking place on Monday 19 August.  We wish to congratulate them on the collaborative efforts they made in the lead up to their exams, working well with their peers and teachers to revise for these assessments. 

Upon their return to school, Year 12 students are encouraged to approach the feedback they receive with positivity and a growth mindset.  Students will be asked to set SMART goals for improvement in each of their subjects.  We encourage you to discuss the examination feedback with your daughter and ask them about the goals that they are formulating.  Students should then develop a concrete and realistic study plan to map their time for the remainder of the term.  They will have the opportunity to discuss their goals and study plans with their tutors/teachers in the coming weeks.  It is also important for students to continue with a collaborative approach to their studies.  Working with their peers at this stage is a certain key to improvement. 

The following guidance comes from our subscription to Dr Prue Salter’s Enhanced Learning Educational Services website.  All parents can access this via their daughter’s log-in details.  There is a tab that is specifically dedicated to Parents.  Such resources will be used with Year 12 students to enhance their study practice in the coming weeks.  We encourage all parents to also access the site for guidance. 

Within a  week or so after the test:

  • If you did a particular section really badly, redo it  and ask your teacher to have a look and see if you have improved.
  • Rewrite and submit essay questions you did poorly in.
  • Update all your study notes and summaries with things you need to remember for next time based on what your learnt from the exam.
  • Write a list of what you need to remember for next time.
  • Check you really understand the things you got wrong. Don’t just leave them as they will come back to haunt you one day! Instead, ask your teacher to help you understand them.
  • Make a list of the topic areas your are weak on or will need to review again. Many of the subsequent topics you study will build upon these so it is important that you build a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • Talk with your teacher about what you could do to improve.


Best wishes to all of our Year 12 students in the coming weeks. 


The Learning Office staff


Dates to Remember – Term 3 2019

Year 12

Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations Thursday 1 August – Monday 19 August
HSC Showcase Friday 30 August  
Year 12 Graduation Awards Ceremony Friday 20 September – 10:30am | Gym

Year 11

Year 11 Examinations Monday 2  September – Friday 13  September


Dates to Remember – Term 4 2019

Year 12

HSC Examinations Thursday 17 October to Monday 11 November

Year 10

Year 10 Examinations Monday 28 October to Tuesday 5 November
Year 10 SPRINT & LAUNCH Monday 18 November to Friday 29 November

Years 7 – 11

Year 7 – 11  Awards Ceremony 2019 Thursday 5 December –  12:45pm | Gym

Year 12

HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea Friday 22 November – 8:30am | Reception Room


LRC News

LRC News

There’s a delightful phenomenon sprouting in local communities – the rise and rise of ‘Street Libraries’. These miniature libraries are appearing on front lawns, in parks, street corners and even in shopping centres. The books are free to borrow and can either be returned or exchanged for another book. Being an aficionado of all things books, stumbling upon a tiny outpost of literature necessarily means punctuating my journey with a quick flick through the titles. The capsule size collections never fail to enchant – from dog-eared science textbooks to classic Aussie Winton to dystopian trilogies. Street Libraries are a precious glance into the collective bedside table of the community they serve. 

Libraries have long existed, so why are we now seeing individuals choosing to open their space to passersby and sharing their reading preferences with a broader audience? I think it’s probably connected to an age old desire to share stories and to connect with one another. Reading can be incredibly social, the pleasure is as much about the conversation afterwards as it is about the book itself.

The power of conversation to connect with one another got the team at the LRC thinking about how we could bring our books alive. It occurred to us that while we have books that can be borrowed, shared and learnt from, we also have a tremendous human resource right here in our community. This year we have been experimenting with ‘living libraries’ wherein our staff have been acting as a resource for students by offering their expertise through shared stories and conversation.

In Term 1 we ran an immersive experience for Year 8 English while they undertook a unit of work entitled Road to Refuge. At one of the stations, Library Services Specialist, Ms Shah, shared some of her experience fleeing Pakistan as well as what it was like arriving in Australia. Currently, Year 7 Religious Education are undertaking research on world religions and their study has brought them to the library for a scavenger hunt. Working in small teams the students must discover items of religious significance, decide which religion they belong to and then jot down a couple of interesting points. The groups are using books as well as QR codes linking to web content such as useful sites and short videos. This year, Mrs Gupta, Head of Social Science, generously gave up her free time to join the classes and act as a living library. Mrs Gupta was able to talk to the significance of a puja table for adherents of Hinduism. Indeed, many of the items adorning the table came from her personal collection.

Living Libraries offer an opportunity to connect with people you may not normally have occasion to talk to. In this instance, we wanted to show the students the diversity of our own community. In both instances the students were invited to better understand the life experiences of others and to challenge their own assumptions. The environment is safe and mutually respectful. Where knowledge gleaned from a book may necessarily remain in the abstract, our students were able to ask questions thereby firming the connections between new information and how it relates to their worldview. Curiosity piqued, the Year 7’s gained in confidence and asked Mrs Gupta even more questions about the significance of the items on the table as well as asking her to share other knowledge. I have included a couple of responses from Year 7 students who wrote to the library after their lesson.

Thank you for helping us learn about the different religions. I liked that there were people who actually told us about their own religions in person because it gave us an insight to the rituals and customs.”

Alessandra Vumbaca


“Thank you so much for the lovely lesson on Tuesday. I recently travelled around Europe and visited a variety of Muslim and Jewish countries, and this lesson really helped to expand my knowledge. I really enjoy learning about different religions and cultures, and visiting the different stations on Tuesday was really fun!”

Francesca Davies


I suppose just as the street libraries springing into life around our community speak to the fundamental human desire to connect, in the library we have realised that we all have stories to share and in the right conditions that sharing of experience can be a powerful learning tool. In The Library Book by Susan Orlean she writes of the role libraries have in understanding and documenting human experience as, “a puzzle the library is always seeking to assemble – the looping, unending story of who we are.”


Ms Elizabeth Green

Learning and Knowledge Strategist 

Year 11 Performance Evenings

Year 11 Performance Evenings

Journey Through Life

Congratulations to Year 11 Drama students who presented audiences with two highly engaging evenings of theatre last week. Their show Journey Through Life, created and devised by the students, explored the different stages of a woman’s life on the evening of her 90th birthday party. Below are some reflections written by the girls about the creative process and the experience of performing the show:

“The Year 11 performances were an amazing experience! I very much enjoyed creating and working together to build a piece which connected to the experience of living as a woman. To create a journey for the audience and then seeing the connections each audience member had to certain pieces was a truly different experience. The performance was a great success and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!! “

Lihara Delungahawatte

Year 11 Student


“The Year 11 performance evenings enabled all drama students to showcase their dedication, commitment and hard work displayed in their drama studies throughout the year to an audience of family, friends and members from the Loreto community. I found that this performance was such an amazing opportunity as I was able to perform a group devised piece in an energetic and supportive atmosphere. It was such a wonderful feeling at the end of the final performance night, witnessing how much we had all grown as a drama family.”

Claudia Lyndon

Year 11 Student


A very big thank you to the Year 11 Drama teachers, Mrs. Casey Scoines and Mrs. Amy Perry for their energy, commitment and guidance of the students, Mrs Chris Woods, Dean of Extra-curricular, the Maintenance Department, and Ms Marina Ugonotti and Ms Sophie Kearns for their ongoing support.


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama

Agricultural Technology News

Agricultural Technology News

This year, our Year 9 students were offered the opportunity to study Agricultural Technology as an elective.

As a school we aim to develop compassionate women of integrity who use their gifts in responsible service. The study of Agricultural Technology empowers students to play a role in the global challenge of feeding and clothing the world and securing a sustainable future. Current estimates suggest that we will need 70 per cent more food globally by 2050 than we did at the beginning of this century (Pratley).

Agricultural Technology as a course offers students the opportunity to study various aspects of animal and plant production, including biology (anatomy and physiology), business management and marketing, technology and the role of Agriculture in the Australian economy. There is also a strong focus on sustainability and ethics.

In Semester One, students were challenged to be informed and think critically about the ethics, economic and environmental sustainability of Cage, Barn-laid and Free-Range Egg Production Enterprises. A visit to the Poultry Unit at Sydney University enabled them to gain further insights into the industry as a whole. Students also helped to raise day-old chicks (in conjunction with some Year 11 students studying Agriculture via Distance Education). The chickens are now but days away from laying. Who will get to find the very first egg?

Students were also given the opportunity to visit an organic farm which uses cutting-edge technology to produce both fish and herbs in a way that is highly efficient in terms of resources and physical footprint. They  have also been enjoying the experience of growing their own vegetables – harvesting beans and snow peas and have recently planted salad greens, onions, strawberries and the much-anticipated potatoes.


Mr David Little

Head of Science

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Making the right decision really matters

The decisions that young people make are important because they can have long lasting impacts for themselves and others. This is important especially as many of our older students are learning to drive. Driving a car is a huge responsibility and comes with making many decisions quickly when they are on the road. This week, Year 11 met with Melissa McGuinness, a Gold Coast resident and mother of three children, who is continuing to live with the loss of her 18-year-old son, Jordan, in a road accident in 2012.  Not only did Jordan die, but he was responsible for four other deaths. 

Melissa was introduced by Georgie Gardner from the Today Show and she has spoken about this important issue on the program in the past. Melissa has been to a number of schools sharing her very personal story with students and parents in the hope that it might serve as a lesson and warning to others about the dangers of careless and irresponsible behaviour when driving. When Melissa approached us to say that she would like to share her story with our students, we immediately realised the potential benefit of this presentation for the students. If you would like to gain an insight into what Melissa’s presentation is about, please click on this link which is an interview with the Today Show in June of this year. Her Facebook page is here also for you to peruse.

Melissa referred to the ‘grief elephant’ that she lives with every day because of her son’s decision to drive his car when he shouldn’t have. The presentation was powerful, emotional and Melissa asked the girls to carefully think about the decisions that they make when either driving a car or when they are a passenger, particularly when in the car with a young driver.  Her son made the wrong decision and the impacts of this have been devastating and far reaching. The students demonstrated incredible empathy and care for Melissa during her presentation and some of their reflections are here for you to read.

 “Melissa’s story was very eye-opening and moving for me as it personally related to an accident involving one of my family members. It has made me think that the decisions that we make will impact on the lives of others”.     

Sarah Scott

“This was one of the most moving and insightful 50 minutes of my life. I left with much so much more than just a presentation. Not only did I witness firsthand the layers of grief that a single bad choice can make but the presentation also prompted thought into just how significant choices are, and their consequences on others. It really put into perspective the responsibly and power that we are given when we are behind the wheel. Not matter what age or experience we may have. A quick peek to check a text message or driving intoxicated has real consequences, and it was when Melissa, a mother who shared the story of her child’s fateful choice, that it really put things into perspective for me. It was heartbreaking and confronting how such a tragedy happened to someone just like us and left me with a message that I will never forget”.   

Maanya Maini

“This provided Year 11 with the powerful insights into ensuring that we are constantly aware of our actions which not only affects us but also other road users and our loved ones. This presentation was a strong reminder in the importance of road safety for young people which we endeavour to carry forward”.

Lily Martin

“As a ‘P plater’, Melissa’s presentation really resonated with me as she highlighted the trauma experienced by not only the individual, but the family and the community. It reinforced the need to be proactive about our own driving, but also those who drive us, ensuring that they make the best possible decisions to keep us safe on the road. I would highly recommend Melissa’s presentation and am sure it will have a lasting impact on myself and my peers”.

Madeline Playford


School TV

SchoolTV is a digital resource for parents to assist in navigating your way through the challenges of modern-day parenting. Every month, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg introduces a new topic and interviews specialists  to offer their advice. Information is presented in bite-size pieces that you can watch and read anywhere at any time on any device.  Click the SchoolTV image to access the website. Please bookmark for easy access in the future. 

Years 7 and 8 Holistic Plenary Reminder to Parents

 The PTO for the Years 7 and 8 Holistic Plenaries closes on Sunday 18 August 2019 at 5pm. A reminder that a holistic plenary is compulsory for students in Years 7 and 8 with their Advisor.

To make your bookings:

  1. Go to the PTO Login page
  2. The PTO booking site will be launched. Tick OBTAIN PIN/PASSWORD and enter the email address that you have provided to the school as your contact email. Your individual PIN will be emailed to you.
  3. Full instructions for making your bookings will appear on your screen.


Conversations this week

Year 11 Leadership Pledge Conversation with Ms McCullough
Year 10 Pastoral Conversation with Heads of House and Kuring-gai Tutors
Year 8 Digital Health Conversation with Advisors
Year 7 Circle of Influence Conversation with Advisors


Upcoming School Events

Years 7 and 8 Holistic Plenary Meetings – Commence from Monday 19 August

Year 11 Leadership Ritual – Friday 30 August  at 1.30pm in the Gym


Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.


Mr Justin Madigan

Dean of Pastoral Care



Netball Schools Cup

Awesome news from Homebush on Thursday as our Year 10 netballers were victorious in the NSW Netball Schools Cup Sydney Metro Finals! The team showed fantastic resilience after a shaky start to storm back into contention. They navigated the semi-final to come up against the powerhouse of Westfields Sports High in the Grand Final. Despite trailing late in the 4th quarter, the Normo girls dug deep and came up with a couple of crucial plays to win by a single goal! Huge congrats to the whole team! They have now qualified for the Schools Cup State Final later this term – best of luck for that one, girls!

Primary School Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to Dorothea, who were the victorious House in the Primary School Athletics Carnival! Clare may have not won the points score, but they scored plenty of points with Mrs Dwyer, with their colour and cheer seeing them take away the Spirit Cup.

Well done to Anna Drake (Year 5), Charlotte Symons (Year 5) and Emily Paterson (Year 6) who were our Age Champions, and Sofia Storgato (Year 6) who won the 100m invitational Queen of the Track! There were also an amazing 12 records broken on the day – well done to Anna Drake (Year 5), Veronica Day (Year 5), Charlotte Symons (Year 5), Tayla Moore (Year 5), Sofia Storgato (Year 6), Aoife Berry (Year 6) and Emily Paterson (Year 6) who all broke individual records and to the Dorothea relay team who set a new quickest time in the 4 x 100m House Relay.

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent Loreto Normanhurst at the upcoming IPSHA Athletics Carnival:

Under 10

Under 11

Under 12

Anna Drake (Year 5) Ainsley Benbow (Year 5) Aoife Berry (Year 6)
Ashley Merhi (Year 5) Amelia Shepherd (Year 5) Emily Paterson (Year 6)
Carina Wen (Year 5) Charlotte Symons (Year 5) Hannah Guvlekjian (Year 6)
Tara Doyle (Year 5) Patricia Boland (Year 5) Ivy Hain (Year 6)
Veronica Day (Year 5) Sophie O’Halloran (Year 5) Lily Sorensen (Year 6)
  Tayla Moore (Year 5) Sofia Storgato (Year 6)
    Stephanie Wilkins (Year 6)


Primary CIS Cricket

Well done to Audrey Kirk (Year 6) who trialled for the NSWCIS Primary Girls Cricket team on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Audrey didn’t make the final squad, but put on a great show. Great job, Audrey!


Good luck to our State Interschools Snowsports team who are off to Perisher next week to compete in the SSA Northern States Interschools Snowsports Championships! Dominique Rossell (Year 12), Millie Price (Year 12), Isabella Price (Year 11), Eliza Rossell (Year 9) and Aoife Berry (Year 6) will all be tearing up the Snowboard GS and SnowboardX events, and Laura Woods (Year 10) will be in action in the Alpine Downhill. Dominique and Laura with also team up with Emmaline Fountain (Year 12) to take to the Cross Country course as part of the XC Relay. Best of luck to all girls and fingers crossed for some great snow!

Wet Weather Information

A reminder for how to access information regarding ground closures due to wet weather for weekend sport. Please make sure you check the relevant website prior to leaving home to ensure your venue is open for play.

IGSSA Sports

IPSHA Sports

Who to see about what

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquires about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
Swimming Pathway IGSSA Basketball LN Activities Program
Rowing Cross Country Pathway Gymnastics
Equestrian Hills  Netball Cheerleading
  Rugby 7’s IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre  
  IGSSA Touch Football  


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mrs laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon  
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Netball   
IGSSA Water Polo Hornsby Tennis  
Athletics Pathway Tildesley Tennis  
  Secondary School Carnivals  

Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport:

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will not be allowed to play. In the case that a Loreto Sport staff member is not present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance, for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst. Please see your sport specific booklets for full details on what uniform is required for your sport.

Loreto Sports Girl: Erin O’Brien

Current sport/activity: Netball.

Favourite school sport/activity: IGSSA Netball.

Highest level of sporting achievement: Selection into the U16’s Australian All-Star Indoor Netball team.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: Winning the IGSSA Junior 1sts competition or winning my race at Head of The River.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: Watching the Sydney Roosters win the 2018 NRL Premiership.

Best subject at school: PDH and PASS.

Any superstitions before playing sport: I like to wear a coloured ribbon in my hair.

Best tune to listen to before competing: Hall of Fame by The Script.




We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport but, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Saturday Sports BBQ Roster

There will be no Sports BBQ this  term.

2019 Sport Contacts Term 3




IPSHA Sports Mrs Emily Wood
Midweek Activities Mrs Emily Wood




IGSSA Hockey  Mr Stephen Charters
IGSSA Netball Mr David Brock
Hills Netball Mrs Kristie Greville
Rugby 7’s Mrs Kristie Greville
Midweek Activities Mrs Emily Wood
Cheerleading Mrs Emily Wood
Duke of Edinburgh Award Mrs Laura Bryan
Acting Head of Sport Mr Matt Mulroney

For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details see the IGSSA website here.


Mr Matt Mulroney

 Acting Head of Sport

Parent Association

Parent Association

Thanks to all the mums who joined  in the City Country Mothers’ Weekend Away at Mudgee last weekend. The event was a sellout with over 120 mums attending. From the relaxed welcome event on Friday night at Roths Wine Bar, to the long lunch on Saturday at Burnbrae, and then right through to the Sunday brunch at Pipeclay Pumphouse – we all had a wonderful time. The feedback  has been tremendous and not even the cold weather could dampen our spirits. We hope everyone had a wonderful time and that some of the ‘relaxing’ will stay with you for a while. We are already looking forward to next year!

The Spring Fair  is on Sunday 3rd November and we have a series of meeting dates in the table below. We are still seeking a Sponsorship Coordinator and a School Stalls Coordinator so if you’ve done anything like this before or would like to learn what it involves then please call or email Paul or Louise to find out more.  

We would love lots of Loreto parents to get involved so please see the Spring Fair page in the newsletter for further details.

 If you are interested in joining a team, please contact Paul (M:  0448 107 496), email PAL or come along on  21st August at 7:00pm, in the Cahill Meeting Room (in Learning Resource Centre)  to find out more.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable weekend as we continue to enjoy more gatherings together with friendship building, fundraising and being a  Loreto parent! 

To get in touch please contact us via email.

Paul White & Louise Wytenburg

PAL Co-Presidents



Upcoming Events


Father Daughter Eucharist

Sunday 25th August 2019

Chapel & Front Drive

9.15am for a 9.30am start

Join us for our special Loreto Normanhurst Father Daughter Eucharist on Sunday 25th August in the Chapel followed by morning tea on the front drive. Please be seated in the Chapel at 9.15am for a 9.30am start. Students are reminded to wear full school uniform including their blazer. 

Click HERE for the invitation

Click HERE to RSVP

Father Daughter Dinner

Saturday 7th September 2019

Epping Club


Please join us for this special event for Loreto Normanhurst fathers and daughters.  Tickets for this event are limited so get in early to avoid disappointment! The evening is always  fun with plenty of dad dancing, laughter and fantastic prizes in the raffle! We look forward to seeing you there!

Click HERE for the invitation

Click HERE to book tickets 

Year 7 Parent Dinner 

Friday 13th September 2019


Hanuman Thai, Turramurra

The Year 7  Parent Coordinators have organised a Year 7 Parent Dinner on Friday 13th September at Hanuman Thai, Turramurra. Please see invitation for further information and the link to book tickets, we hope you can join us!

Click HERE for invitation

Click HERE to book tickets

PAL Contact

NEXT PAL MEETING:   Please refer to the Spring Fair Meeting Schedule below:

PAL – Spring Fair Meeting Schedule

Wednesday 21 August Cahill Seminar Room – 7:00-8:30pm
(All Welcome – meeting of Team Leaders & helpers)
Wednesday 4 September GBC 1.02 – 7:00 -8:30pm 
(Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 18 September GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
( Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 16 October GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
(Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 23 October GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
(Team Leader Meeting)
Wednesday 30 October GBC 1.02 – 7:00-8:30pm
(Meeting of Team Leaders & helpers)
Saturday 2 November Set Up
Sunday 3 November Spring Fair

2019 Upcoming Events  – Term  3



Sunday 25 August Father  Daughter Eucharist – Click HERE for Invitation
Friday 6 September Year 12 Mothers’ Eucharist & Lunch
Saturday 7 September Father Daughter Dinner (Years 5 – 12) – Click HERE for Invitation
Friday 13 September Year 7 Parent Dinner – Hanuman Thai – Further details to follow


Ex-Students’ Association Contact 

Ms Patsy Shannon, President:           

The next Ex-Students’ Association meeting will be on Tuesday 10 September 2019 at 7:00pm  in the Cahill Seminar Room.



Everyone’s career journey is different. Let’s Find Yours.

Job Spotlight:

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers and Draftspeople help create the spaces where people live, move, and work. They design, build, operate and maintain all sorts of structures, including roads, ports, railways, mines, dams, structures and more.


Online Resource Subscriptions

You can still register as a Loreto Normanhurst community member for our subscription careers resources.

Study Work Grow – school code: LRNH19

Job Jump – click on “I’m new” – school code: lnh


Note, you will need to log in to these sites and become a member to access some of the content below.

Contact careers if you require assistance.


Interesting Reads

What are soft skills and why do you need them?

UAC discusses entry requirements to degrees as a ‘mature’ aged student – experience counts 


Are you ready to leave school?

There’s a lot to think about, and while the ‘head in the sand’ approach can look enticing, we don’t recommend it. 

Find out what you need to do before the end of the year in this article. 


Ms Alexi Kayes and Ms Katrina Smith

Careers Advisors

Higher Education Information

Open Days | 12 – 18 August 2019

Here’s our list of open days that are happening in your state this week.

For more information, click on the links, or you can search in our events calendar.


Southern Cross University | Open Day Lismore | Saturday 17 August | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Macquarie University Open Day | Saturday 17 August | 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

William Blue College of Hospitality Management | Saturday 17 August | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

William Angliss Institute | Open Day, Sydney | Saturday 17 August | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Billy Blue College of Design | Sydney Open Day | Saturday 17 August | 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

CSU Open Day | Albury-Wodonga Sunday 18 August | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Western Sydney University | Open Day 2019 | Sunday 18 August | 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Academy of Interactive Entertainment | Sydney Open Day| Sunday 18 August | 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


CQUniversity | Online Open Day | Wednesday 14 August | 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Callaghan Open Day

Saturday 31 August 2019 | 10:00am – 4:00pm

Open Days are an exciting time for prospective students and their friends and families to check out the University of Newcastle!

Students considering university study in 2020 and beyond, along with family and friends, are invited to come to one of our campus Open Days to experience the University of Newcastle and gain access to any support or guidance needed.

At Open Day you’ll be able to speak directly to academic teaching staff and current students for support and advice on choosing a degree that’s right for you. You’ll also have a great opportunity to explore campus life with demonstrations, tours and activities running all day.

Click here for more information

Register, here, for your chance to win a pair of Beats by Dre Headphones.

Download the Open Day app (myUON: Official) to plan your day ahead of time!

For help downloading the app, click here.

Early Entry Scheme for Indigenous Students Studying Law

The University of Newcastle Law School is offering Indigenous students the opportunity to gain early entry to our Law degree. Recognising the need to increase the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Australian legal profession and allied fields, Newcastle Law School is inviting Indigenous students currently preparing for their Higher School Certificate to apply for entry to the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Combined.

Not only will students get early entry into this degree, they will have access to:

  • A guaranteed place in University Accommodation at the Callaghan Campus
  • A pre-law orientation program
  • A mentoring scheme pairing new Indigenous students with more senior Indigenous students and legal practitioners
  • Support services available via the Wollotuka Institute


Applications close 12 September 2019. Click here for more information.

Western Sydney University

HSC True Rewards Program

Applications for the 2020 HSC True Reward program are open until 13th December 2019.

Students can compare their subjects to the subject matrix and must apply directly through the Western portal.

Click here for a HSC True Reward information sheet. Find Out More


The Academy Global Leadership Program

Have your students demonstrated academic ability as well as leadership in their school or community? Do you want to help them gain a competitive edge and aspire to great things? 

The Academy Global Leaders Program will challenge and engage them, exposing them to new and exciting concepts. 

Participants in this program will receive: an early offer to Western Sydney University; membership to The Academy; a scholarship; a university funded overseas experience; and a program specific workshop series. More Information


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information Evenings

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Future Students Information Evenings at Western Sydney University are an opportunity to hear about what courses are on offer and how Western can help students during their studies. They are an opportunity to learn about the different pathways to study, the support services available, scholarships on offer and life on campus.

The Information evenings will be held:

Penrith campus, Monday 16 September 2019, 6:00pm–7:30pm

Campbelltown campus, Tuesday 17 September 2019, 6:00pm–7:30pm

Find out more

Charles Sturt University

What is the Charles Sturt Advantage?

Applications for the Charles Sturt Advantage are closing in three weeks – 31 August. Don’t let your students miss out!

It’s a chance for your students to get a head start applying for uni. We’ll be looking past their test scores and using their soft skills to assess their application.

Our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions your students might have about the program.


Communication and Creative Industries update

Considering studying the Bachelor of Creative Industries (Acting and Performance Design) or the Bachelor of Theatre Media?

Now’s the time for them to book their audition! 

Auditions and interviews will be held in Bathurst, Canberra, Sydney and Wagga Wagga. 

Are your students keen to find out what to expect from their audition? Watch this  video  


Medicine is coming to Charles Sturt       

The five-year undergraduate degree (a partnership with Western Sydney University) will be offered at our Orange campus, and construction of the new state-of-the-art medical teaching facility will kick off shortly.

Keen to stay up with news around this program? Click here


Elite Athlete Program

Students can apply for special consideration through our Elite Athlete Program. We support enrolled athletes with flexible study, tutorial assistance and dedicated student support. Learn more about how we support our elite athletes

National Art School

2019 Open Day – 7 September 2019.

The National Art School (NAS) will be opening their doors to interested students, who will be able to get a glimpse into life on campus and find out everything they need to know about becoming an artist or kick-starting their career in the art industry.

The full program for Open Day will be released soon via the website – students are encouraged to register online.

Le Cordon Bleu | Open Day

17 August 2019, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Are you interested in studying with Le Cordon Bleu and would like to receive more information? Do you want to work in the hospitality industry but don’t know where to start? Find out why Le Cordon Bleu is the world’s most acclaimed culinary art and hospitality management institute in a discovery tour of Le Cordon Bleu.

  • Meet world-class chefs who are now sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with our students
  • Tour our state-of-the-art facilities
  • Learn about our prestigious programmes in Cuisine and Patisserie
  • Experience culinary delights including champagne and oysters and wine and cheese with freshly made baguettes
  • Participate in making your own chocolate truffles
  • Witness cooking demonstrations
  • Discover why Le Cordon Bleu is recognised as the world’s most famous cooking school

Find out more

Monash Info Evening: Webinar

28 August 2019, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


Monash knows that choosing a university is a big decision. Get all your questions answered at their online information evening, conveniently from your own home.

Hear everything you need to know about life at Monash. They’ll tell you all about their undergraduate courses, accommodation, scholarships and student life. Hear from a current student or graduate about where their Monash degree has led them.

Find out more

Studying Online at Endeavour College of Natural Health

4 September 2019, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Did you know that our courses contain subjects that can be completed online? Plus, our Bachelor of Complementary Medicine is delivered 100% online. Endeavour students have access to a complete robust Learning Management System that can be accessed at any time of the day.

Join the Student Enrolment team for an interactive webinar to find out all you need to know about enrolling and studying online at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Find out more

Monash Info Evening: Sydney

4 September 2019, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

State Library of New South Wales

Monash knows that choosing a university is a big decision. Get all your questions answered at their information evening.

Hear everything you need to know about life at Monash. They’ll tell you all about their undergraduate courses, accommodation, scholarships and student life. Hear from a current student or graduate about where their Monash degree has led them.

Find out more

Flexible First Year Engineering at UNSW

Thinking about studying engineering but not sure what you want to specialise in just yet?

At UNSW, their Flexible First Year Engineering degree lets you experience a variety of study areas without having to make a commitment. You will undertake five core subjects, and can choose from a wide variety of elective subjects. At the end of the year, you can then transfer into the speciality of your choice.

This is an excellent option if you are interested in engineering and want to start studying, but don’t want to commit to a speciality straight away.

Read more here

US College visit, University of Pennsylvania Information Evening

When: Tuesday, 10 September

Where: Redlands, The Roseby Library

RSVP: Click here

Centre for Applied Research in Youth Sports – USA ‘Game Changer’ sports program

Centre for Applied Research in Youth Sport (CARYS). We are a not-for-profit organisation that provide research-driven development programs that empower young people to realise their potential both athletically and personally.

We are currently reaching out to schools to generate awareness about one of our programs that helps student-athletes secure both academic and sport scholarships so they can study and play sport at American universities after Year 12.

For more information click here

Scholarships & Competitions

Relocation Scholarship for the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Value: $3,000 – $5,000

Open/Closing Dates: August 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) is a centre of excellence for both research and education. IMAS’ research is innovative, relevant and globally distinctive. IMAS delivers first-class programs resulting in highly trained scientists and researchers serving the needs of academic institutions, industry, government and the community. These generous scholarships are offered by IMAS to encourage high achieving students relocating from interstate, or Tasmanian students who are required to move away from home, to study at IMAS and to assist with relocation expenses.

Available to domestic students relocating from interstate, or Tasmanian students (i.e. students with a permanent residential address in Tasmania at the time of application), who are required to relocate to either Hobart or Launceston to study, and who are commencing their first year of study (year 1) in either Semester 1 or Semester 2 2020, for the first time, in the Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science (P3L). Students must have achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR) of 85 or above, OP8 or above, or IB30 or above in 2019. The bursary will commence in the first semester of study.

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teach.Rural Scholarships

Value: $80,000 AUD

Open/Closing Dates: July 29, 2019 – August 30, 2019

Go where you’re needed and become a teacher in a rural or remote NSW public school. With substantial financial incentives and a guaranteed permanent teaching job upon completion of your studies, a teach.Rural scholarship is a great way to kick start your teaching journey.

Up to 60 teach.Rural scholarships are available to HSC students, and university students.

To apply, you will need to:

  1. be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and be completing the HSC in a NSW or ACT secondary school or TAFE NSW institute in 2019, and
  2. intend on enrolling in teacher education studies at a recognised Australian university or tertiary institution. Your studies will need to meet the department’s and the NSW Education Standards Authority’s (NESA) academic requirements for employment as a primary or secondary school teacher, or
  3. be a current university student completing your initial course of teacher training no earlier than the end of 2020.
  4. be willing to accept an appointment as a permanent full time teacher to a NSW public school in a rural or remote location on completion of your studies for a minimum period of three years.

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Teacher Education Scholarships – Aboriginal

Value: $18,000 AUD

Open/Closing Dates: July 29, 2019 – August 30, 2019

Make a difference in your community today and become a teacher in a NSW public school. Be the inspiration – become a primary or secondary teacher with the support of a Teacher Education Scholarship – Aboriginal.

There are up to 80 of these scholarships available to Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders.

To apply, you must:

  1. be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  2. identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
  3. be accepted as such by the community in which you live or have lived
  4. provide confirmation of your Aboriginality to the department as outlined in the Confirmation of Aboriginality Guideline
  5. be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  6. intend on enrolling or be currently enrolled in initial teacher education studies at a recognised Australian university or tertiary institution that will lead to a qualification that meets the department’s and the NSW Education Standards Authority’s academic requirements for employment as a primary or secondary teacher
  7. be willing to accept an appointment as a permanent full time teacher to a NSW public school in an agreed location on completion of your studies for a minimum period of three years.

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Engineering Work Experience – Indigenous Students

From 12-18 January 2020, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney will host the Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES), funded by Engineering Aid Australia. For students who will be in Year 10,11 or 12 in 2020. Any Indigenous students with a high aptitude in Maths and Science that are interested in engineering, we would strongly encourage you to apply.

The week-long program will involve site visits to key Sydney locations, curriculum exercises and participation in cultural activities. Further highlights include networking opportunities with engineering industry representatives and recreational activities on Sydney Harbour.

Application closing date: 18 October 2019. For the application form please click here or contact Careers or visit

The University of Sydney (USYD) – Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program

USYD invite students to apply for the 2019 Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program, to be held on Monday 9 December – Friday 13 December 2019 at The University of Sydney. This program is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students currently in Years 9, 10 and 11, who will be commencing Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2020. 

The Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program is a residential program that brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students from across the country to experience and explore university life. Students have the opportunity to connect with each other, learn about university life, future careers and opportunities for scholarships and support.

Please refer to the 2019 Summer Program brochure for more information about the program and faculty streams.

The University of Sydney will cover all costs for successful applicants including travel, accommodation and meals. The Program is extremely popular so it is essential that your students complete an application by the due date to avoid disappointment.

Applications open: Monday 12 August 2019

Apply here

Applications close: Monday 2 September 2019

Students should begin collecting the following documentation:

  • Their most recent school report
  • A letter of support from their principal, teacher or careers advisor (template attached to application form)

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Northern Sydney Apprenticeship & Traineeship Expo

With the infrastructure boom we are experiencing, the future need for apprentices, trainees and skilled workers has never before been in such high demand.

Exciting opportunities are available for all career and job seekers.

If you are seeking a career or looking for a job, these events are not to be missed.

Tuesday 20 August 2019 – 3pm to 8pm
The Concourse – Civic Pavilion – 409 Victoria Ave Chatswood NSW


Community Notices

Community Notices

Sacred Heart Church Trivia Night

When: Saturday 24 August
Where: Marian Hall – Sacred Heart Church
Time: 7:00 – 10:30pm

Click here for download the invitation.