Newsletter 14 February - 14 February 2020
Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Last week at our secondary school assembly we celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2019 and welcomed them and their family members back to accept the school’s congratulations as we honoured them and drew inspiration from the example and legacy they have given us.  As you know, the achievements of the Class of 2019 were excellent. Ranks and marks however don’t define our character and spirit, and nor do they define the Class of 2019. We came to know them as women of compassion and joy, who work for justice and grow in relationships with one another; cheerfully spirited women who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The holistic approach to learning at Loreto via the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model with its FACE curriculum and focus on relationships and learning has shown that all students can achieve regardless of where they sit on the learning spectrum. These results are significant because they tell the story of dedication and hard work, the pursuit of mastery and what happens when we face and step up to challenge, of how growth comes when the whole person is nurtured and nourished.

At the same assembly we heard from one of our most recent graduates, Mairead Stone, Dux of the Class of 2019, and an alumna of the Class of 1998, Lieutenant Colonel Virginia McDougall.  Mairead’s humble message of gratitude focused on the importance of collaboration and quality relationships (with teachers, peers and self) for quality learning to ensue. Virginia echoed Mairead’s words of advice and reflected on the impact of her Loreto Normanhurst education throughout her life and career.

Both Mairead and Virginia had powerful messages of inspiration for all of us lifelong learners – to pursue your interest, to know yourself, to keep a balanced approach to life, to maintain good relationships, to raise up those around you, to stride forward in the direction of your dreams, facing fears and overcoming doubts.  We wish all of the Class of 2019 well on their new adventure and congratulate them for being such great role models in their faith, their academic life, their work in community and in their extra-curricular pursuits.

In this Olympic Year, our list of Loreto Olympic hopefuls continues to grow as we congratulate alumna Ellen Roberts (Class of 2009)  and Tahli Moore (Class of 2012)  who have been selected in the squad of 20 to train for the Australian Olympic Softball team. This will be further reduced to 15 after the squad competes for 6 weeks in an American Fastpitch Competition. 

We are so proud of our alumni and we love seeing them back at Normanhurst. Today we heard from members of the Class of 2015 as they took part in a panel session for the Careers Conference.   Sophie Cullen, Sarah Croake, Maddie Benson, Polina Nesterova, and Alice Mao,  shared stories of their journey since leaving school, and left our Year 12 students  encouraged and inspired for the year ahead.

Congratulations to sisters Rebecca (Year 9 Mulhall) and Sarah (Year 7 Mulhall) Zammit, who have both qualified to dance for Team Australia at the World Dance Movement in Italy in the July school holidays. Becca won the national championship for teen student choreography. Together, for their duet, Becca and Sarah won the national championship for teen jazz duo and they were runners up in teen contemporary duo. 

Yesterday, 13 February, marked 12 years since the National Apology to Australia’s Indigenous People. Marking the anniversary of this historical point in our nation’s history allowed us as a community to pay our respects to the thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people removed from their families – our ‘Stolen Generations.’ This week also saw the 12th Close the Gap report to be tabled in Parliament; a report which has showed that only two out of seven targets are on track to be met. With our hearts and minds turned to this, in this year of Verity where we are mindful of our need to seek truth and act on it, and in the context of these months of drought, fire and floods, we ask ourselves what truth there is to find and hold in the ancient wisdom of our First Nations People and their deep relationship with the land, its waterways and all of creation.

I hope to see many of you at the Welcome to 2020 Parent Cocktail Party next Friday 21 February.


God of all Creation,

We thank you for this beautiful land,
For the First Peoples you entrusted to care for it,
For its wealth and man Second Peoples who have made it their home.
Australia has been good to us.

We ask now for this land that we will all be healed,
For our ancestors made gains at the expense of Aboriginal custodians.
Lands were taken and families destroyed by the removal of children.

We pray for those who were taken,
And those parents and grandparents whose arms lost little ones.
We struggle to imagine how this would feel, and how it could have happened.

For the pain and loss of identity and culture, we ask healing.
For a callous disregard of human rights, we ask forgiveness and healing.

For willful blindness and ignorance, we ask for your light to shine.
For the descendants still affected by transgenerational trauma,
We ask for ongoing support systems in the name of justice.

May we all be one.
May we be a nation who cares for ‘the least of these.’



Ms Marina Ugonotti


Director of Learning

Director of Learning

The Purpose of a Loreto Education – Enrichment for Empowerment

At our recent Staff Development Day our teachers were challenged to consider their purpose as educators within our current global and Loreto context.  They were challenged to consider the imperative asserted within our guiding document, the Loreto Educational Philosophy:

Students are empowered to grow towards responsible self-direction so that they may contribute to the good of society, of which they are members, and in whose responsibilities as adults they will share. Loreto schools are challenged “to generate an environment where Gospel values are appreciated, lived and imparted” and to provide an education which encourages growth towards wholeness and the building of a just world. [i]

Sometimes as students, parents and educators  this imperative can become murky; as we attempt to navigate the turbulent waters of external pressures such as the HSC, the shifting terrain of the workplace, pressures of university admissions, societal expectations about parenting, education, health and wellbeing, not to mention the litany of global crises that we arise to each day.  We can be forgiven, in the face of such pressures, for losing our self-direction and struggling with our day-to-day responsibilities. 

If we as parents and educators, with our wisdom and life experience, struggle with these pressures, then how do we maintain our sense of purpose and direction in order to guide our children?  How do we enrich the malleable beings within our care to grow into women who are empowered, who feel enfranchised to make a difference?  We often turn to the wisdom of experts and researchers within our reach to offer the guidance we are seeking.  Indeed, this week our school community did just that, as we welcomed Dr Judith Locke, psychologist and researcher into our context to share her wisdom.  Judith’s advice to parents, educators and students is to foster growth in teenagers across five necessary life-skills:  resilience; self-regulation; resourcefulness; respect; and responsibility. In her writing and presentations, she sets about to break these areas open and provide practical strategies for the development of each individual. 

If we nuance her messaging and consider her research within our particular context, what are the key learnings for us as a school community?  Primarily, it becomes apparent that the most effective education definitely takes a village; that if we are authentic to our educational model and Loreto values, if we truly stand for what we believe in, then we all need to be committed – parents, students and teachers alike – to fostering a holistic education; to supporting students to achieve balance in their lives; to challenging each other to set and maintain boundaries; to model healthy lifestyles; to actively foster strong family relationships; and to set high expectations for ourselves and others. 

At times, when we hear the experts speak, it can lead to paralysis and self-flagellation.  Personally, as both an educator and parent it is all too easy for me to dismiss the expert opinions because they seem too extreme, or they feel like an impossible gauntlet that has been thrown down before me.  However, if we all use the guiding principle of providing our children with a nurturing, supportive, consistent and respectful environment that sets clear expectations and boundaries; if we work together to navigate the turbulent and murky waters that our world presents to us, then we will, in varying degrees and at varying rates, develop human beings who are well-rounded, empowered, compassionate and well-informed.  The purpose of education is as simple and as complex as that:  enriching those within our care to become empowered individuals who have the skillset and mindset to strive forward with a strong sense of identity and purpose. 

And so the gauntlet is thrown.   


Mrs Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


[i] Loreto Educational Philosophy, Loreto Australia and South East Asia, 1977, revised 1991 & 2019.

Director of Mission

Director of Mission

None of us can think we are exempt from concern for the poor and for social justice: “Spiritual conversion, the intensity of the love of God and neighbour, zeal for justice and peace, the Gospel meaning of the poor and of poverty, are required of everyone.” (#201)

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium

What is Justice?

What does it look like, feel like and sound like? How do we know if justice is achieved or if it is present in our communities both locally and globally? These questions and the way we respond to them is at the heart of a Loreto Normanhurst education. Our Mission Statement clearly articulates that we are committed to growing our students in ways that lead to justice with that definite and strong notion of being both compassionate and a person of integrity. So how do we go about this when we examine and reflect on the world in which we are faced in 2020? A world where the value and the dignity of the human person and the value of creation often takes a back seat to economics.

Catholic social teaching is a great starting point in this area; it is what we as a Catholic Christian school follow to inform our practice. Catholic social teaching addresses matters of social, economic and ecological justice in the world. It is concerned with inter-group or social relationships and it is grounded in scripture, tradition, reason and experience. There are four foundation principles which we apply.

Firstly, the dignity of the human person. This is essentially the belief where we recognise the sacredness of life and that every person has inherent dignity and worth. Our human rights and responsibilities are founded in this essential, shared human dignity. This key principle is paramount in bringing about justice. If we consider respect for the dignity of the human person is the foundation of all Catholic social ethics, then this means each person is willed into existence by God and is therefore of inestimable worth. Just by being alive each person reveals something of God’s self within in them. Nothing a person might do or that might be done to them can deprive them of their human dignity, it is God’s gift and it’s inherent. We all know that the human rights of a person or people can be abused and ignored but their human dignity always exists even if it is not respected.

The second foundation principle is common good. Essentially, we believe that humans are not only sacred, but they are also social. Our Ignatian tradition teaches us that to be fully alive and experience the ‘fullness of life’ we must be in relationship with the other. We have responsibility for one another in our life together and are called to work for the common good of all. This brings us to a essential element of justice: advocacy. Advocacy is about being active in lobbying for a just society in which all people, particularly the vulnerable and marginalised, can flourish and have their needs met. Every person is also responsible for sharing our society’s resources with others, this is for the common good. This common good must extend beyond our own personal interests, and beyond national borders, to our one global human family. If we examine what is happening in societies around the world we would have to be quite critical of how this is being applied.

The third principle is subsidiarity. This principle calls us to respect the capacity and capabilities of people and communities allowing decisions to be at the lowest local level possible, sometimes called the grassroots. This principle holds the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to decision processes that closely affect them. It also means that those in positions of authority have the responsibility to listen to everyone’s voice and make decisions according to the common good.

Solidarity is the fourth foundation principle and attests that humans are social by nature and depend on one another. Depending on one another requires us to stand in unity with each other, particularly those who are powerless or disadvantaged, and recognise each persons’ rights regardless of our differences. Solidarity requires that we see another person as a neighbour. When asked, who is my neighbour? Jesus uses the parable of the Good Samaritan to answer this. Our neighbour is the person who shows mercy and the person who needs mercy. Jesus instructs us to be merciful. When we recognise that a human who is equal in dignity to us, then we also recognise we have the responsibility to take an active role in helping others reach their full potential. Pope Francis in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium says “each individual Christian and every community is called to be an instrument of God for the liberation and promotion of the poor, and for enabling them to be fully a part of society.” (#187) It does seem a central element needed to indeed call ourselves Christian.

When you include the themes, Preferential Option for the Poor, Participation, Economic Justice and Care for our Common Home, you can see how powerful and comprehensive these principles are and if acted upon could transform the lives of millions and therefore humanity.

In pursuing these principles and committing to this mission, Loreto Normanhurst strives to provide opportunities and experiences that reflect these principles.  We challenge students to See, Judge, and Act together. We expect a critical eye to be applied through our Ignatian lens. The process which we employ to do this is simple:

  • Look at the social justice issues as they affect society.
  • Understand what is happening and why it is happening.
  • Discern the actions needed to respond.

There are many ways for this to occur. It could be through a community service activity; or while participating in the Far North Queensland Experience, Arnhem Land Immersion or India Immersion; it might be while helping out at the Exodus Foundation on a Sunday; or it could be in the classroom. Wherever the examination comes from what matters the most is that as a community we are committed to encouraging the integration of action and prayer and reflection into our approach to social justice. The action that we take will effect change and place the dignity of the other at the centre of our mission.

The student prayer about Verity this year says, “Called by Mary Ward, we seek and speak the truth: a truth that invites us to do ordinary things well, a truth that leads to justice for all.” Our desire is to accompany people. We are challenged by Pope Francis to move away from “a few sporadic acts of generosity” and create a “new mindset which thinks in terms of community and the priority of the life of all over the appropriation of goods by a few.”


Mrs Libby Parker

Director of Mission


Primary School News

Primary School News

May wisdom, truth and courage guide us; May we open our hearts in love and abundant generosity, in the spirit of Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve.

Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst is servant leadership and has its foundation in the words and actions of Jesus Christ. We choose to lead through service to others and working for the common good of the school community. The Primary School leadership structure consists of students elected by their peers in Years 5 and 6. There are two School Leaders and two House Leaders for Benedicta, Clare and Dorothea Houses. The term of office is one semester, with new leaders being elected in Semester 2.  

I am please to introduce the Semester 1 Primary School Leadership Team.

Primary School Leaders

“My name is Monique and I am one of the Primary School Leaders for Semester 1, 2020! I am extremely excited to get to know all the Year 5 and Year 6 girls this semester, and to work with the different girls in the Leadership Team. I want to be a role model to all the girls in the Primary School and to help guide them throughout the year. I hope to learn new skills and to be familiarised with other girls’ skills.”

“My name is Evangeline and I am one of the Primary School Leaders for Semester 1. I am looking forward to having a great time with the Primary School as a Year 6 student this year. As a leader, I hope to set a good example for the Primary School  so that the Year 5’s will set a good example for the Primary School after that. I love Loreto and I bet everybody else does too!”

Benedicta House Leaders

“My name is Sophia and I am one of the Benedicta House Leaders for Semester 1, 2020. So far, this experience has been remarkable and has pushed me to try new things, as well as boosted my confidence. I hope that this semester I can befriend and build closer bonds with the students in Benedicta and cheer them on in upcoming sporting events. I aspire to set a great example for my peers and help them with whatever they need.”

“My name is Anna  and I am one the Benedicta House Leaders. I am looking forward to leading Benedicta and supporting the girls to try a range of different sports. I am most excited for the cross-country and athletics carnival, as I love to run. This year I hope to encourage all girls to participate and give things a go. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting Semester 1. “

Clare House Leaders

“My name Charlotte  and I’m a Clare House Leader. While having this opportunity, I want to become more confident and I would like to meet new people that I can become good friends with. This semester, I am looking forward to continuing to make sure Clare is the best House it can be. I will try my best to make sure everyone feels confident in the events they are participating in. But most of all I am looking forward to all the fun events we can cheer at!”

“My name is Talia and I am one of the Clare House Leaders and I am super excited. As a leader I want to make sure everyone is having fun and feels like they belong in Clare House. I will support, encourage and motivate my fellow Clare House mates and can’t wait to cheer them on. I am so lucky to lead this wonderful house – Go Clare!”

Dorothea House Leaders

“My name is Patricia but feel free to call me Patti! I am one of the Dorothea House Leaders. In the upcoming weeks I am looking forward to learning all the names of my fellow peers and getting to know them better. My main goal as a leader, is for my fellow Dorotheans to have an astonishing time cheering on their teammates and to form long lasting friendships. Our first major House activity is the Great Aussie Bush Camp where we can support each other while kayaking, having fun on the giant swing and zip lining.

“My name is Charlotte and I am a Dorothea House Leader alongside Patti. I can’t wait to lead the girls and have a great time with them. I hope I inspire them to be kind, trustworthy and faithful. The ‘Dorothea Darlings’ are all lovely and I’m excited to get to know them better. Another thing I am looking forward to is working together with the other leaders to create a friendly and safe environment for all.”

Research by John Hattie states that the greatest factors for student learning are the quality of the teacher and the relationship between the teacher and student. This special bond creates an immediate sense of belonging and connectedness with teachers and the wider Loreto Normanhurst community.

Currently in the Primary School our focus is on building relationships. Using the proven ‘Bounce Back’ program the girls will explicitly learn about making positive choices, displaying empathy towards others, being able to work as part of a team and having resilience, or the ability to bounce back when things become difficult.

Next week we will continue this important work in the beautiful surrounds of the Great Aussie Bush camp. This will be an exciting time for Years 5 and 6, enjoying three fun filled days of outdoor and team activities in their House and Class groups. We are greatly looking forward to sharing in this wonderful experience with the girls.


Sporting Superstars

We have so many talented athletes here at Loreto Primary. Congratulations to the following girls who have achieved great success in sport over the Christmas break.

  • Charlotte Horbach in Year 6 competed at the Nationals for the Australian Youth Water polo Championships in the Under 12s team. Her team made it to the Grand Final and came away with a silver medal.
  • Amelia Shepherd in Year 6 made the Ryde Eastwood Hawks Touch Football team and next week will begin competing with her team in the Junior State Cup.
  • Anna Drake in Year 6 made the Carlingford Cyclones Touch Football team and will also compete in the Junior State Cup.
  • Kayla Delooze from Year 5 attended the Australian Cheer & Dance National Competition with her team and they took out 2nd place.
  • Gabriella Connell from Year 5 achieved representative level in soccer and is a member of the North West Sydney Koalas team.



A reminder to all parents that Mount Pleasant Avenue is not to be used to drop off and pick up your daughter. Please use the Slip Road on Osborn Road.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 19 February Primary School Camp to Tea Gardens – departs at 8.30am
Thursday 20 February Primary School Camp
Friday 21 February

Primary School Camp returns at 3.00pm

Welcome to 2020 Cocktail Party – 7.00-10.00pm (view invitation here)

Friday 28 February

Primary School Leadership Liturgy and Morning Tea for Year 6

Primary School students and parents – 11.00am – 12.00pm


Mrs Maryanne Dwyer

Head of Primary

Open Day 2020

Open Day 2020

All families are warmly invited to the Loreto Normanhurst Open Day which will be held on Saturday  7 March from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Always a wonderful day of celebration, join us as we welcome members of the wider community, including prospective families, to our vibrant and dynamic school to enjoy the festivities  on the day.

Highlights include the Principal’s Presentation,  student-led tours of the school throughout the day, student music and drama performances, train rides, animal farm, and much more. 

The Parent Association  of Loreto (PAL) will be hosting Devonshire Tea in the gardens, as well as a BBQ, and cake stall. Please visit the Parent Association  page in this week’s newsletter to find out how you can be involved. 

Open Day is a key event for our school community, and all students will have an early dismissal on Friday 6 March and are expected to attend and fulfill at least two hours of commitment on the day.  Communications  regarding this commitment, and the relevant process, has been provided via the Heads of House. Please see the Pastoral page for more information about this.



Please note that photographs and videos will be taken on Open Day.  These images and videos may be displayed from time to time around the school and published in school publications, on its website, its social media sites and in other marketing and communications material.  If you do not wish to be included in the photographs or videos, please advise the official photographers and videographers on the day.

If you have any concerns, or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email


Ms Grace Paraino

Dean of Development and Alumni



Parent Cocktail Party

Parent Cocktail Party

The Principal, Ms Marina Ugonotti, warmly invites you to  join friends and new families of Loreto Normanhurst to mark the start of the new school year  at the ‘Welcome to 2020 Parent Cocktail Party’ on Friday 21 February. 

This event is a great opportunity to meet parents from your daughter’s year group, catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

We invite you to join members of the Leadership Team, Directors and Deans for this relaxed social gathering to begin the school year.

Tickets are $35 per person, and can be purchased online by clicking HERE

We kindly ask that you RSVP by no later than 10am Wednesday 19th February for catering purposes.

Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Venue: Gymnasium
Cost: $35 per person

Click  HERE for the invitation 

Click  HERE  to book tickets



Verity…we must search for truth

The word ‘truth’ itself is rather loaded into today’s climate of ‘fake news’ and social media through which a dizzying array of personal ‘truths’ are available!  Where do we look for truth that will satisfy us and touch our hearts and imaginations, set alight that fire in the belly and bring us peace and a sense of meaning and purpose?    

The following story is taken from a little collection called in a flash of vision, written by Sr Ishpriya.  Sr Ishpriya is an English Catholic Sacred Heart sister who, many years ago, went to live in India where she lives out her religious vocation, drawing on the practices and insights of the Indian spiritual traditions which enhance and deepen her living of her own Catholic Christian tradition. This is a beautifully poignant account of something which touched her deeply and which, in its tenderness and simplicity, most surely gives us a glimpse of truth.  

“The early morning express train from Pune to Bombay pulled into the station at Lonavala.  The tension and tiredness etched on the faces of the daily commuters to the city, seemed to incite the frenzied activity of the coolies and the chai-walas making their uneven ways among the jostling crowds on the platform.

My unseeing gaze slid over the familiar scene to be unexpectedly arrested by a small mound of sacks piled in the angle between two walls.  As I watched, the gentle fingers of the newly risen sun reached and caressed the little heap.  In spontaneous response it rose to greet the dawn.  One joyous bound and, a small boy had leapt to his feet.

His smile laughed back to the sun as he stretched his cramped body to its warmth.  Turning, he reverently retrieved the scattered sacks.  Each was folded with exquisite care and placed on top of the torn cardboard box which served as home.  A broken umbrella and a battered lota were then carefully replaced in position.  His total possessions thus lovingly set in order, he once more stretched his arms to greet another day, face radiant with the joy of being alive.

He seemed in no hurry to begin his everyday task of finding, somehow, enough food to sustain this fragile, precious, gift of life.  Time was his.  He looked at the train, bulging with anxious passengers, without anxiety.  Only slowly did he begin to move towards the nearest compartment.  But the train was late and as he approached the first window with the beggars’ universal gesture of appeal, it pulled away from the platform.

We rushed on towards the city, our duties and our deadlines, while I held quietly in my heart the love a small boy had unknowingly awakened there.  Surely never had newborn baby been more tenderly enfolded in its mother’s arms, than had those dirty sacks been folded by that child. Never had saint risen from sleep to pray with more spontaneous joy than that small boy rose from a homeless night to a hungry day.

It is almost certain that he knew neither religious creed nor spiritual practice, but can we doubt that he and God were friends?”

Read more

Ms Kerry McCullough
Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator



Academy Access Award

Congratulations to Isabella Greenhalgh on her academic achievements in Year 11 2019.  Isabella was the proud recipient of the University of Western Sydney’s “Academy Access Award” which is presented to our highest achieving student in Year 11 each year.  The award includes:

  • A $20,000 conditional Academic Excellence Scholarship;
  • A guaranteed place in The Academy of Western Sydney University;
  • A guaranteed course offer to study at Western Sydney University;
  • Exclusive VIP on campus experiences;
  • Western Sydney University Library access throughout 2020; and
  • A $500 study grant to assist with the costs of study in 2020.

Well done Isabella!  We know you are a most deserving recipient. 

Year 12 Academic Plenaries – 21 February 2020

Academic Plenaries are opportunities for students, supported by teachers, to share their learning progress with  their parents. Teachers will be available for five minute meetings from 3:30pm to 6.30pm on Level 3 GBC and DRC  (subject location map attached). If you have a matter to discuss that will take longer than the allocated time, we request that you arrange a time for a phone conversation with your particular class teacher.

Bookings for the Academic Plenary meetings are made online (see instructions below). Bookings are now open via the PTO booking system and will remain open until 10pm on Thursday 20 February.  On the day of the Plenaries changes or cancellations will need to be advised by email to the Learning Office.   PTO can be accessed via the internet online, or via the free PTO APP. 

To make your bookings online:

  1. Go to the PTO Login page here.
  2. The PTO booking site will be launched. Tick OBTAIN PIN/PASSWORD and enter the email address that you have provided to the school as your contact email which should be the address at which you received this information. Your individual PIN will be emailed to you.
  3. Full instructions for making your bookings will appear on your screen.
  4. Check the times booked and either print the booking schedule or download the PTO app to refer to on the evening.

On PTO App:

  1. Download App
  2. Select Region Australia
  3. Add School Code   – 15087
  4. Follow prompts

When making your bookings, please leave adequate time to move between appointments – 5 to 10 minutes is suggested. Teachers will endeavour to meet the appointment time, but there may be delays. We ask for your patience during the evening. Some teachers may have requested an interview with you in which case an exclamation symbol  will be displayed alongside the class name.

Parking will be available on the oval (weather permitted), or another carpark on campus. Prior to attending your meetings, please sign in with Mrs Rachael Jarick at the Reception Desk in the GBC.  Tea, coffee and water will be available in the afternoon/evening in Room 39.   

Please email if you have any questions or require assistance. 


Ms Rachael Jarick

Assistant to the Deans of Learning


Reminder Subject Changes – Year 11  

A reminder for all Year 11 students that any changes to subjects need to be finalised by the end of Week 4 this term. If any students are still considering a change to their pattern of study, they will need email/meet Mr Pluss  to discuss the change. Students are encouraged to make any changes as soon as possible to minimise the amount of course content missed.


Year 10 Minimum Standard Testing – 25 & 26 February 2020

The NSW Government announced that from 2020, all Year 12 students must reach a minimum standard of functional literacy and numeracy in order to receive the HSC Certificate.  The reason for this is to help ensure that all students leave school with the necessary skills to achieve success in life.  In order to meet this benchmark, students are given the opportunity to undertake the three online tests when they enter Year 10.   The official testing for Minimum Standards will take place on the mornings in Week 5 on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 February.

In preparation for the Minimum Standard Testing, a special Lock Down browser is being installed on students’ laptops by the school.  Next week, your daughter will be given the opportunity to complete Reading, Numeracy and Writing Practice Tests in class. We wish to reassure you that if your daughter is not successful at meeting the Minimum Standard benchmark after the first tests, she will be fully supported and will continue to be offered to sit in the test rounds until she qualifies, prior to the end of Year 12.  

Below please find links providing additional key information from NESA which may be of interest to you.  If you have any further information, please email the Learning Office.

 Information for Students

HSC Minimum Standard Factsheet

Information regarding the Minimum Standard Tests

Minimum Standard Demonstration Tests


Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning


Year 11 Parent  Engagement and Education Evening Podcast now available

Presenters: Ms Kieryn Bateman, Director of Learning and Sally Munro, Director of Pastoral Care

Watch the Podcast via the link.

password: myyr112020


How to become more involved in your child’s learning

Much like in the adult world with our new year’s resolutions, many students start the school year with high academic goals for themselves. In Conversations, targets are set with the best of intentions. But all too often, students don’t know exactly how to go about using their recommended study time.

Parents diligently ask their daughters, “Have you finished your homework?” and the evening refrain follows: “I don’t have any.” Parents are left feeling helpless.

There are many fallacies around homework – firstly the misconception that if the teacher hasn’t set any, there is nothing to do. Others include the advice to revise notes from the day’s lessons, or to highlight key ideas. Parents often want to be more involved but don’t know how they can do this meaningfully.

Currently, a group of Year 12 students are modifying their study habits in English in order to improve the quality of their written comprehension responses. Students are explicitly taught to recognise and use metalanguage when responding to unseen texts like the ones they will encounter in their HSC English examination. Following these sessions, they will engage in spaced practice and retrieval, an evidence-informed study technique which has been proven to have significant benefits to knowledge retention.

In their influential book, Make It Stick, Peter Brown, along with leading cognitive scientists Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel, explain that for learning to “stick” it needs to be effortful; students need to practise the process of retrieval. One way for making this process more reliable and effective is to plan for a gap of several days between revision sessions.  

While English is not typically thought of as a rote-learning subject, the language of the subject, for example metalanguage and literary devices, along with topic vocabulary, needs to be purposefully studied by students for them to respond critically to texts. A revision program, implemented with an evidence-based approach at its core, will have positive effects not only in English, but has the potential to yield improved results in many subjects.

Remember that students often avoid study because of the effort involved – but it is precisely that effort that will “make it stick”.

Some practical ways you can help your daughter to study could include:

  • Helping her to create a spaced practice timetable with in-built gaps between study sessions.
  • Buying her index cards so she can create flashcards.
  • Testing her understanding of key terminology, in other words metalanguage, by quizzing during your daughter.


Ms Rebecca Birch

Teacher of English


Disability Provisions Volunteers for Year 11 & 12

Assessments are a major part of schooling, especially for our Year  11 and 12 students. In order for all students to be able to give their best efforts, we need to ask for assistance from the community to provide practical support as a reader and/or scribe for those students for whom this provision is necessary in order to better demonstrate their ability.

This provision is granted by NESA for those students who may have a medical condition or diagnosed reading/writing difficulties. To be a reader and/or scribe requires no knowledge of the subject content and training is provided. If you would like to assist please contact us to register your contact details and availability.

Needless to say the more volunteers we have the less onerous the time commitment. Without your help we are unable to provide this very significant form of support for our students in need. The only requirement is that you do not have a daughter in that particular year at the school. Please submit your expression of interest together with a volunteer Working with Children’s Check   to

Thank you for giving this your consideration.

Mrs Simonetta Cesamolo and Ms Megan Pickwell

Learning Enrichment


Art Program: Aboriginal Women of Influence

Calling all budding artists! Applications are open to all students who would like to participate in an after school art program commencing this Monday 17 February 2020. The Program will run every Monday from 3.30pm –  5pm.

Theme: Aboriginal Women of Influence

Students will select an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander woman who is either a public figure or member of their local community to depict in a medium of their choosing. The works produced in this program will be exhibited later this year. Students of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome.

Please see more information here: Aboriginal Women of Influence – ART Program.

If you would like to get involved with this wonderful opportunity, please contact

The program commences on Monday so please indicate your attendance as soon as possible.


Dates to remember:

Year 7 

Year 7 Parent  Engagement & Education Evening 

Monday 17 Feb | 7pm – 8pm  – GBC Level 3

YEARS 7 – 12

Assembly Year 11 RoSA 2020

Wednesday 19 February | 11:55am – 12:55pm – Gym


Year 12 Parent & Student Academic Plenary Meetings

Year 12 In Class Assessment Block

Friday 21 February  | 3:30pm – 6:30pm GBC – DRC

Monday 9 March– Friday 20 March


Year 11 Study Skills – Dr Prue Salter

Monday 6 April


Minimum Standard Testing Tuesday 25 February – Wednesday 26 February

YEAR 7 & 9

NAPLAN Online Practice Tuesday 24 March


Year 7 Parents & Student Study Skills Evening with Prue Salter

Monday 6 April   | 7:00pm – 8:30pm – DRC




Lions Youth of the Year – St Ives Lions Club

Congratulations to Gian Ellis-Gannell (Year 12) who participated in the St Ives Lions Club Youth of the Year competition this past week. Gian was a wonderful representative of Loreto Normanhurst and is commended for her powerful responses to the following impromptu topics:

  • Who is you Role Model and Why?
  • If you were Prime Minister, what would you proceed to do to prevent the re-occurrence of the 2019/2020 Bushfire Catastrophe?


Extra-Curricular Fair

The Extra-Curricular Fair will take place this coming Monday at lunch time. Oratory will have a stand and we are looking forward to answering all the questions students may have about oratory activities. Don’t forget to come and have a go at ‘Talk For a Minute’.


Oratory Handbook

Students will be emailed the Oratory Handbook which provides details around each event and approximate timings. Please encourage students to share this information with you. 


Public Speaking

Nominations have opened for the CSDA Public Speaking Competition and Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition. Students must use their school email address to nominate and must do so by 9pm on Monday 17 February.  For year groups that will require trials, these will be held following the close of nominations.

CSDA Public Speaking Competition Dates



6 March | 6pm registration Round 1 – Eliminations
13 March | 6pm registration Semi Finals
20 March | 6pm registration Grand Finals


Rostrum Voice of Youth

Please note that venues have not been confirmed. There is a cost assigned to this activity for students who are successfully selected from the trials.

Date: Round 1 -6th April

Venue Hornsby Girls High

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

To nominate for either of these events, please click this link.



Registration in now open for CSDA and Archdale Debating. The dates for these competitions are available for your information. Please ensure students are available for all dates before they nominate:

2020 Archdale Debating Competition Draw

2020 CSDA Draw

More detailed information will be sent to students that outlines the cost and commitment of both competitions. Students are encouraged to attend the Extra-Curricular Fair on Monday 17 February to ask further questions. You can also refer to the Oratory Handbook  for further information.

Students should use the following link to sign up for Archdale and CSDA Debating

You can also visit the respective competitions’ website for further information.




Coaches and adjudicators           

We are inviting ex-students and parents to be a part of the Oratory@LN team in 2020. We are looking for adjudicators and coaches and no experience is necessary, just simply an interest in all things oratory. You will need a Working with Children number.

If you are interested, please contact the oratory team via

For further information, there are a number of people that can help you. Students are encouraged to speak to the Academic Activities Leaders, their Tutors and Heads of House, and myself. The Academic Activities Captain for 2020 is Maanya Maini and she will also share information with students as it comes to hand.

We look forward to seeing you in 2020. #LetsGoLoreto!


Mrs Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator

Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

During Week 2, Year 10 Drama students participated in the Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program under the direction of Chris Tomkinson. Throughout the week a series of workshops allowed our students to delve into the complex and comedic world of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Their hard work culminated in a highly engaging performance on Friday evening in the Drama Space.  

It was a joy to share the hard work of our students with an audience. This is our 9th year working with Bell Shakespeare. Year after year it is a delight to see the growth and learning that takes place. Congratulations girls on your commitment, energy, creativity and teamwork! 

A very big thank you to all those who attended on Friday evening and to those who supported the program.

Below are some reflections from Year 10 students about their learning experiences during the program:

“Last week the Year 10 drama students participated in a Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence program learning about Shakespeare and especially a Midsummer’s Night Dream. Getting the insight of a professional actor and director really helped us extend ourselves and push us into our characters. What we learnt will stay with us for the rest of our lives. But the week wasn’t without its challenges. Being able to stay focused for multiple hours per day and then throughout the whole week was a challenge that everyone had. Also having the confidence to go in with your ideas and sharing your opinions was one of the challenges that we believe we all overcame. We are really proud of our year group and we thank Bell Shakespeare and the Drama Department for the experience.”

 Imogen Fish and Madeleine Campbell


“Over the last week of the Bell Shakespeare program we learnt lots of skills and exercises to help us build up to a performance at the end of the week. I learnt how to work productively and efficiently when you only have a short amount of time and how to enhance a performance and make it more engaging.

 Overall, the Bell Shakespeare workshop was very useful, and I learnt a lot of things about not only performing Shakespeare but the history of Shakespeare and the elements used in drama to create a good performance.”

Amelia Windever


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Values in Action 

Relationships: I have heard this word repeatedly since I began at Loreto this year. From staff induction and professional development days, to FACEtime meetings, House Meetings and our Opening Mass and Assembly, many staff have spoken of the importance of building relationships and knowing our students. Most importantly, in the short time I’ve been here, I have seen the demonstration of this word in action every day. I have been most impressed with the sincerity of relationship building as not just a value, but an ongoing action by both staff and students.

Knowing our students is a crucial component of supporting and growing their wellbeing across the FACE curriculum, and ultimately empowering them to know themselves and take responsibility for their own wellbeing and learning. The systems and structures and support of staff at Loreto Normanhurst in knowing our students are impressive, and elements of this contextual wellbeing at work have been very evident to me in the past few weeks, such as the time given to welcome new students or the way Heads of House converse with students in their House areas. Conversations and positive relationships are such important protective factors for ejveryone’s wellbeing. Your daughter’s tutor groups are an important place to build these connections.

The building blocks of relationships are authenticity, sincerity and sensitivity – all encapsulated by our Verity theme for 2020. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Mary Ward history, mission, values and charism, and the way staff and students reflect this rich tradition in many aspects of school life. I look forward to working closely with Justin Madigan, Dean of Pastoral Care and Sally Munro, Director of Pastoral Care along with the Pastoral Team. I thank them for their warm and friendly welcome and inclusiveness.

Please feel free to contact me via  email  if you have any questions.


Mrs Marysa Boland

Dean of Pastoral Care


Early dismissal on Friday 6 March for Open Day set up

A key aspect of the planning and organisation of Open Day is the early dismissal of students on Friday 6 March at 12.35pm.

  • All classes will conclude at the end of period 4 (12.35pm) and the girls will be dismissed to allow for the set up for Open Day to take place. 
  • The private bus service will complete two runs – the first one departing at 12.35pm and the second at the usual afternoon departure time. 


Commitment from students on Open Day – Saturday 7 March

All students are expected to commit to helping at Open Day for at least two hours.  I have written to your daughters about this commitment and outlined the following key points:

  • All girls playing sport on Saturday need to plan their day so that they can meet both sport commitments and their commitment to the school through Open Day. That is, participating in sport on Saturday does not equate to commitment to the school for Open Day.
  • Girls in the following IGSSA softball teams playing in Frensham (Bowral) on Saturday are to fulfil their commitment on Friday afternoon: LON02, LON05, LON09, LON10, LON11, LON12.
  • Year 10 girls taking part in Mary Ward Connect and the Loreto Rural Partnership Program are not able to assist with set up on Friday, so are expected to attend on Saturday to fulfil their two hours of commitment to the school.
  • Girls who cannot attend for any part on Saturday 7 March are to let their Head of House (Year 7-12) or Mrs Dwyer (Year 5 and 6) know by Tuesday 3 March and then commit to assisting with set up on Friday afternoon. They are then dismissed at the regular time.
  • Students who commit to helping on Saturday are to arrive at school in their full summer uniform.

Further information about Open Day will be communicated in the following weeks.


Tutor Group Leaders

Tutor groups have chosen their leaders for the term. Please click here for a list and congratulations to these students. I kgnow they will assist our Year 7s and new students in Tutor groups to settle in and feel welcomed.


Loreto Day Raffle Prizes – can you help us?

In preparation for this year’s Loreto Day, we are looking for donations for the Loreto Day Raffle prizes. If you are able to help please click on this link which outlines what you need to do. Our parents and families are always generous and very supportive. I thank you for your support in making the Loreto Day Raffle a great one for the entire community.

Conversations this week:

All year groups were part of the House Induction this week where our Year 7 students and our new students in Years 8-11 are officially welcomed into their respective House.

Upcoming School events:

February 26 – 28

Year 12 Retreat

March 2 – 6

Supergirl Week 

March 7

Open Day


Social Justice

Social Justice

Community service at Loreto Normanhurst

Community service is an important facet of a Loreto education. Our school song Cruci states that we are “Freed to live a life of service” and at Loreto, we believe in the capacity and responsibility of our students to make meaningful contributions to society.

Through working in their local communities, students gain a greater understanding of the needs and experiences of those who are less fortunate and gain an increased sense of social responsibility. Students also develop transferable life skills such as improved collaboration and problem solving, greater independence, enhanced communication and application of academic learning to real life events. It is hoped that volunteering during their school days is the start of an ongoing commitment for students to ‘give back’ during their lifetimes.

Community service for Loreto students begins in Year 9 as part of the Far North Queensland Experience. Students in Year 10 and Year 11 are required to log 20 hours of community service each year as a requirement for graduation. This work is unpaid and is done in the student’s own time. Students should look within their local community to seek out opportunities to contribute and these could include volunteering at nursing homes, community centres, environmental organisations, hospitals and charities. Approval will need to be given prior to commencement to ensure that it meets the school’s requirements.

It is best to start considering options for community service early in Year 10 as they can take time to organise. Please discuss community service options with your daughters and if they are having difficulty gaining sufficient hours of service, please direct them to the Loreto community service page, Mrs Parker or myself as there are some possible school-based options.

One such opportunity is volunteering at Exodus. Loreto Normanhurst has an ongoing commitment to provide volunteers to serve lunch once a month at the Loaves and Fishes Restaurant, run by the Exodus Foundation and Bill Crews. Students (under the supervision of Loreto staff) assist with the preparation of the lunch service, serve the meals to the customers and clean up the restaurant afterwards, leaving it ready for the next shift. Volunteering at Exodus is eye-opening, inspiring, rewarding and a lot of fun.

Recently, students were sent an email offering the opportunity to volunteer at Exodus and parents and carers are welcome to accompany their daughters on this experience.

If you know of a charity or community project that would benefit from volunteers, please contact Mrs Libby Parker.


Ms Melissa Clancy

Social Justice Coordinator





It was a wet and wild weekend last weekend, but our rowers were still in action out at the NSW State Championships at Penrith on Saturday and Sunday. There were some awesome (oarsome?) efforts, with the highlight being our Schoolgirl Coxed 4 of Lillian Dean (Year 11), Grace Gillies (Year 11), Paige Critchlow (Year 10), Molly Pringle (Year 12) and Elizabeth Bolster (Year 11) finishing second in a strong field to bring home a silver medal! Big congrats to all our competitors in what were very challenging conditions.


Well done to Eliza King (Year 9), Chelsea Gleeson (Year 8), Peyton Henderson (Year 11) and Kendal Henderson (Year 8) who were all selected in the IGSSA Squad for the upcoming CIS Championships! All four girls trialed really well and we look forward to hearing how they go representing IGSSA later this term.

Some more fantastic news from the Normo Softball world, as ex-students Tahli Moore (’12) and Ellen Roberts (’09) have both been included in the 20-woman preliminary squad for Olympic selections! This is huge news for both girls and we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that their names are both on the list when the final squad of 15 is announced ahead of Tokyo – good luck girls!


A huge congrats to Greta Kraszula (Year 12) and Tayla Moore (Year 6) who are being honoured tonight at the CIS Awards Evening for their awesome achievements in representative sport in 2019. Greta was a member of the National Championship winning NSW Football squad, and Tayla won a National Championship in Softball for NSW as well as performing amazingly well at the National Athletics Championships. Two incredible sportswomen – well done, girls!

Saturday Sport

With a bit of a false start last weekend for most of our sports, I hope you’re all looking forward to a big weekend this weekend! Just a reminder for all students and parents around the expectations for Saturday sport:

  • -Please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your game to sign in and meet your coach. This 30 minutes is really important to ensure that you get a really good warm up in and be full prepared for your fixture.
  • Please make sure you are in the appropriate sport uniform for your fixture and that you have all necessary equipment and safety gear, such as mouthguards or shinpads. Each sport has a different uniform and equipment requirement, so please check the Correct Uniform section below for what you need.

Good Luck

  • To all our students competing in the Victorian Open Swimming Championships in Melbourne this weekend.
  • To all our students competing in the Junior State Cup Touch Football Competition in Port Macquarie.
  • To our swimmers taking part in the Pymble Invitational event on Wednesday 19th.
  • To our tennis squad, who are competing for the title of Loreto Normanhurst School Tennis Champion over the next two weeks in singles and doubles.
  • To our triathletes who will be competing in the NSW All Schools Triathlon on February 27th and 28th.

Wet Weather Information

A reminder for how to access information regarding ground closures due to wet weather for weekend sport. Please make sure you check the relevant website prior to leaving home to ensure your venue is open for play.

IGSSA Sports

IPSHA Sports

Who to see about what?

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
  Cross Country Pathway LN Activities Program
  Hills  Netball Gymnastics
  Rugby 7’s Cheerleading
  IGSSA Touch Football IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre AFL


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mr Ian Edmunds

Mrs laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis Rowing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon    
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Basketball    
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Netball     
Athletics Pathway Hornsby Tennis    
  Tildesley Tennis    
  Secondary School Carnivals    
  Swimming Pathway    


Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport.

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will NOT be allowed to play. In the case that no Loreto Sport Staff member is present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance, for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst.

Here is the list of required items for matches for each Term 1 Sport:

– IGSSA Tennis: LN singlet or polo, LN skort, white socks, non-marking sandshoes, LN cap.
– IGSSA Softball: LN polo, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots or softball clears, LN cap, mouthguard, shin pads, softball glove.
– LN Invitational Badminton: LN polo, LN shorts, white socks, non-marking sandshoes.
– ISC AFL: LN AFL guernsey, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots, mouthguard.
– Rowing: LN zootie, LN cap, white UV shirt.
– IPSHA Football: LN polo, LN shorts, gold socks, moulded football boots.
– IPSHA Flippaball/Water Polo: LN racing swimsuit.

Loreto Sports Girl:  Zoe Lawson

Current sport/activity: AFL for school and club (Westbrook).

Favourite school sport/activity: AFL.

Highest level of sporting achievement: State Softball (2016).

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: Running in the All Schools relays and coming third in our age group (Year 8).

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: watching the Richmond vs GWS Grand Final.

Best subject at school: PAS and PDHPE.

Any superstitions before playing sport: Pumping myself up before any game.

Best tune to listen to before competing: Up in the Clouds by Skegss.




We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport but, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at

Saturday Sports BBQ

Week 2, Saturday 15 February

Team   & Game Time

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON01 & LON02 – 8:00am 7:30am-8:45am North, Pollard, Orth
LON03 & LON11 – 9:15am 8:45am-10:15am Rakuljic, Bordignon, Byrne, Hillier
LON07 & LON12 – 10:30am 10:00am-11:15am Granger, Harris, Gibbons


Duties involve cooking on the BBQ or serving. If you are unable to fulfil your duty you must arrange a replacement (contact other day girls’ families in your team from the team contact list).

2020 Sport Contacts Term 1




IPSHA Sports Mrs Emily Wood
Midweek Activities Mrs Emily Wood




IGSSA Water Polo  Mr Stephen Charters
Hornsby Tennis Mr David Brock
IGSSA Touch Football Mrs Kristie Greville
AFL Mrs Emily Wood
Hayden Fitness Centre Mrs Kristie Greville
Midweek Activities Mrs Emily Wood
Cheerleading Mrs Emily Wood
Rowing Mr Ian Edmunds
Duke of Edinburgh Award Mrs Laura Bryan
 Head of Sport Mr Matt Mulroney

For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details see the IGSSA website here.


Mr Matt Mulroney

Head of Sport

Parent Association

Parent Association

PAL Meeting

Our next PAL Meeting is Tuesday 18 February, at 7.30pm in GBC 1.02. All parents are welcome to attend.

Open Day – can you help on the day?

PAL’s plans for Open Day on Saturday 7 March are well underway and we are coordinating the Cake Stall, BBQ and Devonshire Tea stall. We are looking for volunteers to assist on the day and have assigned year groups to the stalls so you can volunteer alongside other parents from your daughter’s year group.  See  the links below to sign up:

Year 11 and  Year 12  – BBQ Click HERE to volunteer
Year 9 and Year 10 – Devonshire Tea Click HERE to volunteer
Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – Cake Stall Click HERE to volunteer
Year 6 – Drink Selling Click HERE to volunteer 

Year 7 Parents – Cake Kit Working Bee
Thursday 27 February, Boarders’ Dining Room, 9.30am – 12.00pm
Thank you Sally Lee  for organising.

Click HERE to email Sally 

Other Events

The ‘Welcome to 2020 Parent Cocktail Party’ is on next Friday 21 February from 7.00pm in the Gym. I hope you can all attend to catch up with friends and welcome new parents to Loreto Normanhurst. To RSVP, please click  HERE.

Save the date for the Year 7 Family Dinner on Saturday 28 March. Parents and students will have the chance to put on their ‘bootscooting’ gear and join in the fun. Every year this event is attended by many Year 7 families  and a link to purchase your tickets will be sent out shortly.

This year the annual City/Country Mums’ Weekend away will be on 21-23 August in Wagga Wagga. Thank you to Nicole Sykes and Emma Trippe-Boulding who kindly volunteered to coordinate this weekend. Look out for more details to come in the following weeks.

See below for more events.


Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Jane Dalton
President, Parent Association 


Upcoming Events

Welcome to 2020 Cocktail Party

friday 21st february

7.00pm – 9.30pm

Loreto normanhurst GYMnasium  

$35.00 per person

The Principal, Ms Marina Ugonotti, warmly invites you to join friends and new families of Loreto Normanhurst as we mark the start of the new school year at the Welcome to 2020 Parent Cocktail Party, on Friday 21st February. For catering purposes, please reply no later than 10am Wednesday 19th February, 

Click HERE for Invitation 

Click   HERE  to Book Tickets 


Year 12 Mothers’ Weekend Away to Orange

Friday 13th – Sunday 15th March

For some, another daughter is entering her last year of school, for others, it’s our first time experiencing the beginning of all ‘the lasts’ with the Year 12 cohort of 2020.  To mark this occasion we have booked a weekend away to share our stories and laugh and reminisce about the very special years we have shared together at Loreto Normanhurst with the Year 12 graduating Class of 2020.   This weekend is open to all Year 12 mum’s and we hope you can join us! Even if you don’t know many  people in your year group,  this is a very inclusive event and we hope you can join us.  If you have any concerns please contact Joanna McDonald via email. 

Information regarding the weekend has been sent to Year 12 Mothers but can also be accessed HERE.

To book  for one or more of the events that are happening as part of the weekend, please click HERE. Please book by Monday 2nd March 2020.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out  to  Danielle Pringle, Joanna McDonald or Sim Madigan.


Term   1 Events



Tuesday 18 February Year 7 Parent Reps Group Meeting –  6.00pm,   GBC 1.02
General PAL – Parent Association Meeting –  7.30pm, GBC 1.02  (all welcome)
Friday 21 February Welcome to 2020 – Parent Cocktail Party –  7.00pm, Gym
Thursday 27 February PAL /Year 7 Parents’ Working Bee -Open Day Cake Kits – Boarders’ Dining Room, 09.30am – 12.00pm
Wednesday 4 March Women of Influence Evening – 6.30pm, Curran Theatre
Saturday 7 March Open Day – 11.00am – 3.00pm
Friday 13th – Sunday 15th March

Year 12 Mothers’ Weekend Away to Orange

Saturday 28 March

Parents, Ex-Students and Staff Spirituality Day – 10.00am – 3.00 pm (GBC 1.02)

Year 7 Bootscooting Family Dinner – 6.30pm, Gym

Wednesday 8 April City/Country Mothers’ Lunch – Details TBA


PAL Meeting Dates 2020

The first Parent Association meeting of the year will be on Tuesday 18 February, at 7.30pm, in GBC 1.02 – all welcome.

If you are interested in getting involved in PAL or have any questions please  please contact us via email.

PAL Contact

PAL Executive Committee 2020 & Year Parent Representatives


Jane Dalton

Co-Vice Presidents                         

Sally Lee/Vicki Kevans


Lukas Aviani


Jo West

Boarder Liaison                                  

Suzie Sherwood
Primary Parent Coordinator                                   Janet Doyle

Committee Members      

Peter Bentley
Sally Oong

Year 12 Parent Representative 

Joanna McDonald
Danielle Pringle

Year 11 Parent Representative 

Sally Oong
Charlie Pidcock
Pip Schiffman
Louise Shand
Cath  Stockwell

Year 10 Parent Representative

Anna Boldiston
Louise Hyde
Jane Dalton

Year 9 Parent Representatives 

Gerri Hadwen
Samantha Briggs
Prue Durham
Kylie Le Leivre
Georgie O’Halloran
Barbara Paul
Leah Rigney
Rachel Stephen
Margie Stephens

Year 8 Parent Representatives

Sarah Aviani
Jane Harvey
Evette Murray
Sally Souma
Clare Friend

Year 7 Parent Representatives

Sally Lee

Jenny Stout
Melissa McCormick
Meg Summerton
Rosie Trindall
Kath Walton
Michelle Whelan
Jane Wilkins

Moya Preece

Year 6 Parent Representatives

Gabrielle Drake
Katrina Travers

Year 5  Parent Representatives

Toni Hayek
Kylie James-Forder
Kristen Pennington


Ex-Students’ Association Contact 

Ms Patsy Shannon, President:           

The Ex-Students’ Association  meeting will take place on  Tuesday 25 February at 7.00pm in the Cahill Seminar Room, LRC



Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

The Careers office is open to all students. Girls are most welcome to drop in but at times we can be busy with students, so the best thing to do is to send an email indicating your availability (study lessons for the seniors and break times for junior girls) or drop in with your diary to schedule a time. Please email

Would You Like to Receive Careers News Directly?

Loreto Normanhurst has subscribed to Study Work Grow. This is free for all parents and students to access. It is easy to register and allows access to all their resources individually here at school or at home. To help with this process, Study Work Grow have created a ‘How To’  guide:  to show you step-by-step on how to register. Just scroll down to the ‘Use your unique school code’ section and enter the code below

Our new unique school code is: LRNH19 Remember, the school code is unique to our school, so please ensure that wherever possible you keep this code within our school community.

Interesting Reads

After the ATAR Report

YouthSense’s After The ATAR reports reveal the state of the world for Gen Z.

The data gives insight into young people’s life during high school and their transition from school into employment, VET and higher education.

Find out more and read the report here

Job Spotlight:

Occupational Therapist

What do they do?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are qualified health professionals who work with people of all ages if they’ve been sick, injured or disabled. OTs help their patients to adapt, develop or improve abilities that allow them to participate better in all aspects of life.

People who enjoy helping, are patient, good problem solvers and great with people from all walks of life could suit a career as an OT.

Ms Katrina Smith and Ms Alexi Kayes

Careers Advisers



UTS | Campus Tour

5 March 2020, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

University of Technology Sydney

Explore Australia’s most innovative campus, located in the heart of Sydney with the best the city has to offer. Our experienced Student Ambassadors will lead you through the Broadway and Haymarket precincts, including a stop at the iconic Dr Chau Chak Building and the 220 seat multi-disciplinary Super Lab. They can help you answer your questions about courses, university life and all the exciting opportunities available to students at UTS.

Find out more here

University of Sydney | Campus Tour

6 March 2020, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The University of Sydney, Camperdown

Are you considering studying with us? Come and join us for a guided tour of our Camperdown/Darlington campus led by our Student Ambassadors. Our tours allow you to gain an insider’s look at the campus and get the answers to any burning questions you have about university. Friends and family are welcome.

Find out more here 

ACU Campus tours

Visiting and exploring an ACU campus is the perfect way to find out if we are the right university for you. One of the ways you can do this is by joining a campus tour.

ACU runs scheduled campus tours at all our campuses. Register now to attend a tour and hear about what it’s like to be a student at ACU from one of our friendly student ambassadors.

Macquarie In a Day

Macquarie University is opening their doors to year 11 and 12. Click here for Macquarie’s undergraduate events

Study Visual Communication Design at UON

The University of Newcastle’s Bachelor of Visual Communication Design is your first step towards a career in design, graphics, animation, and more.

The degree integrates a variety of modern technologies and channels so you can learn how to effectively communicate your ideas and information. There are four majors you can choose from to enhance your studies:

  • Animation
  • Graphic Communication & Typography
  • Illustration
  • Interaction and User Experience Design

This course could be ideal if you are looking for a career in graphic design, web design, UX design, illustration, animation, and more.

Find out more about the degree here

Workshops & Courses

US College Masterclass | Insights from an Admissions Officer

20 February 2020, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

For families around the world, receiving an offer from colleges like Stanford, Yale, Harvard or Princeton would be a dream come true. But getting in the way of that dream are big application questions like:

How do I become a “fantastic match” for my dream uni? and How can I show the passion, determination and heart to help me stand out?

Flying in from California is former Stanford Admissions Officer and lecturer, James Warren Dean.

In his presentation, James will help families understand how to go beyond the academic elements of the SAT and ATAR/IB scores to create a truly well-rounded application that stands out in the world’s most competitive pool of students.

James will focus on three key areas:

  • How to find your best-fit universities
  • How to create a unique and authentic profile
  • Learning how to “sell” yourself

Find out more  and book your tickets here

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

What are Pre-apprenticeships?

If you’re wanting to kick start your career, you might be looking at doing a pre-apprenticeship. But what exactly is a pre-apprenticeship? Do you need to do one? And how do you find them?

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways has written a handy guide all about pre-apprenticeships, including information about what they are, where to find them, and some stories from people who have done pre-apprenticeships.

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Work Experience 

Please note, where possible, all Loreto Normanhurst work experience should take place in the holiday period.

Work Experience at Carla Zampatti

Carla Zampatti offers work experience in their head office, with the opportunity to get an insight into how the fashion industry works. Positions are subject to availability. You are encouraged to send your resume for the opportunity to gain insight and experience with them.

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Exercise First Look – Army Officer Entry Experience

Exercise First Look is Army’s Indigenous Flagship Work Experience Program and allows Indigenous students from across the country the opportunity to get a taste of life as an Army Officer. Exercise First Look is a five-day residential program designed to give aspiring students aged 16-18 a comprehensive overview of life in the Army.

If you are successful in obtaining a position on this work experience placement, Army will fund your travel to and from your home location and accommodate you at a Defence Force establishment within Canberra.

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Work Experience with Monkey Baa Theatre Company

Monkey Baa welcomes students to take part in activities including front and back of house duties, administrative support, attending and observing performances of shows, and creating foyer activation activities.

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Opera Australia Manufacturing Work Experience

The Manufacturing Department offers work experience placements to high-school and tertiary-level students to give them the opportunity to gain practical experience and an insight into the varied departments and professions encountered within the Live Performance industry.

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Other information

Indigenous Scholarships Portal

The Aurora Education Foundation has created a website filled with scholarship opportunities for Indigenous students.

Whether you’re looking to go to uni, TAFE or other studies, there are heaps of scholarships to find. They also provide information on how to apply.

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Volunteer Overseas with Projects Abroad

Looking for something to make your holidays a bit more special? Travelling overseas is great, but you can really enhance your experience by volunteering while you travel as well.

Projects Abroad offer specialised travel packages for high school aged students, helping you get the most out of your holiday.

They have a variety of countries and volunteer opportunities to choose from, so there is something for everyone. You could do medicine, journalism, teaching, community work, conservation, archaeology, and so much more.

Best of all, their trips are organised during the school holidays, meaning you don’t have to take extra time off school.

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Bond University Short Film Competition

Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA) would like to invite you to participate in our annual BUFTA Academy Roadshow.

BUFTA is a short film competition for aspiring filmmakers from Year 11 and 12 secondary schools across Australia. Originally started in 1996 and offering a grand prize of a full fee paid scholarship to study Film and Television at Bond University, the competition has grown to become one of the most well-respected competitions in the Southern Hemisphere!

Are you a Future Leader?

Year 11 and 12 students can win $1,000 cash just by writing 800 to 1000 words on a topic of your choice. Entries are open until the end of May, and this would look great on your resume. Find out how to enter here

Ocean Youth Program

Ocean Youth is about building tomorrow’s leaders and change makers to conserve and protect our oceans. As part of the program you will gain skills and implement solutions to some of the big, hairy issues our oceans face, and influence others to do it too.

The face to face program is aimed at high school aged students and delivered over a calendar year through SEA LIFE aquaria in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Sunshine Coast. The program consists of interactive, immersive, and skills building activities.

The program costs $250 for the whole year.

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Simulated UCAT Day Workshop – Sydney – NIE

8 March 2020 (Sunday), 9.00AM – 6.00PM

Venue: UNSW Kensington Campus

While the Simulated UCAT Day is extremely beneficial for Year 12 students, who will be attempting the real UCAT in July 2020, this workshop is also highly recommended to anyone in Years 10 – 11 aiming for a head-start in UCAT preparation. Students will find out details about the test, as well as how to guide their exam preparation over the next 18 months and various techniques and skills for build

ing up and strengthening personal profile for medical school application and entry. 

Parents are invited from 4.30pm onwards.

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Community Notices

Community Notices

Alex Noble Gala Benefit

You can win a Sport Fanatic’s Golden Ticket and help Year 12 Riverview student Alex Noble, who was injured training in the NSW U17 Youth Seven’s Squad in October 2018 and is now a quadriplegic.

Simply visit: and enter the raffle for your chance to win the 1st Prize draw.

2 tickets to a MAJOR Australian sports event every month for 12 months with flights and accommodation included for events outside of Sydney.

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