Year 9 Pantomime

Year 9 Pantomime

This week the Drama space was once again filled with the very loud laughter from over 300 Kindergarten and Year 1 students who were treated to Loreto Normanhurst’s annual Year 9 Drama Pantomimes.

All three Year 9 Drama classes presented highly engaging and funny performances of Cinderella, delighting audiences with the silly antics of the ugly sisters, a Prince Charming whose pants just kept falling down and the magic of Cinderella’s transformation from mistreated servant to glamorous princess.

A very big congratulations to our students who created an array of highly engaging and comic characters. Their performances were outstanding! Our girls performed with commitment, focus and energy whilst managing an audience who were screaming and shouting at the same time – no mean feat!

Watching their performances, I was reminded of the wonderful learning that can take place when there are no marks or assessments attached. The result of their work simply cannot be measured with marks. What they created had a higher purpose and gave 300 young people the magic of theatre and reminded them of the power of storytelling. The Drama Department applauds each Year 9 student  and thanks them for their hard work.

A very big thank you also to our maintenance staff, the TAS department for some speedy costume repairs, Ms Barbara Watkins and Ms Marina Ugonotti for helping our Primary School audiences attend the shows and the wonderful Drama teachers who have supported Year 9 throughout the year and in the lead up to these pantomime performances.


Miss Anna-lea Russo

Acting Head of Drama