Year 8 Geography

Year 8 Geography

This semester, Year 8 Geography students have been studying a range of human based impacts on water as part of the ‘Water in the World’ unit. In early September, students completed a fieldwork experience at Penrith Lakes Education Centre. This experience allowed students to practically observe how water is managed and  they examined the impacts of water related issues.

Here is a recount from one avid geographer:

“At 7:30am on 4th of September, half of Year 8 had a long but fun bus ride out to Penrith Lakes for our Semester 2 Geography excursion at the ‘Penrith Lakes Education Centre’. When we got there, we went through a few rules and housekeeping matters before going into a small room where we listened to our instructor, Neil, as he provided us with background information on Penrith Lakes and how it used to be a mine. One of my favourite parts of the day was in the Education Centre where Neil used small yellow trucks to illustrate the mining processes in the Penrith Lakes area. 

We then had a small break for recess and hopped back on the bus. My group then went to an ecological sustainable residential area which was called Waterside. There was a small pond where the water from the road ran off into it and began its journey to the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Here we tested the water, the first thing was the colour of the water which was quite murky. Then we did phosphate testing, PH testing, turbidity testing, salt testing and tested the temperature.

We then got back on the bus and went to the last detention pond at Penrith before it made its way into the rowing space. At this place we found even though the water was still getting cleaned it was incredibly different compared to Waterside. We did the same tests and found that the water was clean, clear and a little bit warmer and according to the instructors, this was desirable to ensure rowing events occurred safely.

After that we had a short tour to all of the lakes and ponds around the place and made our way back to the educational centre. From here we had a quick lunch, said goodbye and thank you and made our way back to school.”


 Annie Walsh

Year 8 Geography


Mr Anthony Tassone

Teacher of Social Science