Year 12 Bursary Committee

Year 12 Bursary Committee

At its core, the Bursary Fund Program distributes our values in action and contributes to the rich diversity of students here at Loreto Normanhurst. Through the Program, our school is able to provide support to both students and families through the generous donations that we receive. Following the years of drought, flash-flooding, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing families in necessitous circumstances seek financial assistance in order to give their daughters a Loreto Normanhurst education. 

In light of the challenging and unprecedented year which 2020 offered, we would like to extend a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who so kindly donated to the Bursary Fund last year. Due to your amazing support, we saw the largest amount of funds raised from our annual Music Festival, with a record breaking $47,587 raised! Similarly, a new ‘Staff Carwash Initiative’ with the help of our phenomenal car-washers and part time Year 12’s, was able to raise an enormous $935. Thank you to all staff members who donated to the cause and put your cars in the very capable hands of our students, and thank you to all staff who assisted with organising and setting up the day. 

The Year 12 Bursary Committee consists of a dedicated group of Year 12’s, all fundamentally concerned with helping to provide to others the education which we are so incredibly lucky and appreciative to have. We are driven by our Loreto mission to help others and to give back to our school community. Over the upcoming year, we have numerous awesome initiatives planned and we cannot wait to build a stronger, more connected community by raising both awareness and funds for the Bursary Fund. We understand the true value of a Loreto education and aim to strive for equality through generating funds to provide the same educational opportunities for others. 

Again, we would like to say thank you; we are so incredibly grateful for your support over 2020, and your support for our Bursary Fund. We look forward to what 2021 has to offer.

To begin our year and make a genuine difference, you are able to make a donation at any time, anywhere! If you would like to donate or are curious and want to find out more about the Bursary Fund Program and the vital role it plays within our community, you can visit our Giving Page on the website.

Lucy Perosin, Isabella Leonardi, Brynnin Barr, Charlotte Hartmann, Eloise Carey, Emma Wills, Sally Kearins, Chloe Reeves, Lucy Findlay, Ashlea Ahmed, Chelsea Tran, Elizabeth Bronk, Jorja White and Lilly Dean.

Year 12 Student Bursary Committee