Year 11 Performance Evenings

Journey Through Life

Congratulations to Year 11 Drama students who presented audiences with two highly engaging evenings of theatre last week. Their show Journey Through Life, created and devised by the students, explored the different stages of a woman’s life on the evening of her 90th birthday party. Below are some reflections written by the girls about the creative process and the experience of performing the show:

“The Year 11 performances were an amazing experience! I very much enjoyed creating and working together to build a piece which connected to the experience of living as a woman. To create a journey for the audience and then seeing the connections each audience member had to certain pieces was a truly different experience. The performance was a great success and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!! “

Lihara Delungahawatte

Year 11 Student


“The Year 11 performance evenings enabled all drama students to showcase their dedication, commitment and hard work displayed in their drama studies throughout the year to an audience of family, friends and members from the Loreto community. I found that this performance was such an amazing opportunity as I was able to perform a group devised piece in an energetic and supportive atmosphere. It was such a wonderful feeling at the end of the final performance night, witnessing how much we had all grown as a drama family.”

Claudia Lyndon

Year 11 Student


A very big thank you to the Year 11 Drama teachers, Mrs. Casey Scoines and Mrs. Amy Perry for their energy, commitment and guidance of the students, Mrs Chris Woods, Dean of Extra-curricular, the Maintenance Department, and Ms Marina Ugonotti and Ms Sophie Kearns for their ongoing support.


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama