Year 11 Performance Evenings

Year 11 Performance Evenings

Congratulations to the Year 11 Drama students who presented audiences with two highly engaging evenings of theatre last week. Their show ‘Dream Queens’, created and devised by the students, explored the hopes, dreams and fears of teenagers today. Below are some reflections written by the girls about the creative process and the experience of performing the show:


“The Year 11 Drama Performance of ‘Dream Queens’ was an insightful experience for myself, my cohort and hopefully, the audience. I am very grateful that we were given the opportunity to band together as a year group and explore the real fears of our generation, in order to raise awareness and create change.”

Ella Nicol


“I absolutely loved the experience of performing in ‘Dream Queens’. Over the weeks of devising our group performance and rehearsing the full show, I have really enjoyed bonding with my group, the Year 11 ensemble and the staff. Although there were many challenges along the way and lots of hard work involved, together as a team, we all collaborated our best efforts to produce a great show. It feels so great to hear such positive feedback from our audiences; it has really made all the time and hard work worth it.”

Charlotte Duff-Clarke


A very big thank you to the wonderful Drama staff- especially Mrs Casey Scoines and Mrs Chris Woods, the Maintenance Department, Eileen Yang, Year 11, for accompanying the girls on Piano and our Principal, Ms Barbara Watkins, and Deputy Principals, Ms Marina Ugonotti and Ms Sophie Kearns, for their ongoing support.


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama