Year 11 Modern History Zoom Lecture – Decolonisation

Year 11 Modern History Zoom Lecture – Decolonisation

On  2  June, Year 11 Modern History students were fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Macquarie University Professor Kate Fullagar, who is a renowned historian, author and lecturer who specialises in Decolonisation. Her wealth of knowledge in this area, going into particular depth with Ireland and India, was very apt considering we are currently working on historical investigations which are based around the nature and impact of decolonisation in a country of our choice.

It was highly interesting and inspiring to hear from such an insightful academic, not just the valuable information she provided us, but observing her manner of speech and her eloquence in presenting us such complex ideas.

One of our highlights from the night was the opportunity to take part in a live Q&A via Zoom and ask question surrounding decolonisation globally, the specifics of decolonisation in our own chosen countries, and even considering what a process of decolonisation would look like within Australia.

This presented a highly thought-provoking discussion. It was particularly interesting as history students watching the way in which she was able to make inferences about the nature of decolonisation in just about any country presented to her, based on her knowledge about the decolonisation of surrounding countries and socio-political circumstances of the country in contemporary society, demonstrating the high levels of perception gained by those who study history at such as high level.

Furthermore, the experience of a university-style lecture gave us a taste of what university life would involve and proved highly valuable in improving our note-taking skills.

Although many of us walked out with a brain overload, we would like to say thank you to  Associate Professor Fullagar and the History Department for providing us with this incredible experience which was not only highly applicable to our current unit but deepened our understanding of the significance of decolonisation as a whole, and inspired us with her level of knowledge and expertise.


Alessia Anderson & Sophie Earle, Year 11