Year 11 Drama Performance Evening

Year 11 Drama Performance Evening


On Thursday and Friday evening last week, Year 11 Drama students took audiences on a wild ride through the past, present and into the future. Their self-devised show PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE…TENSE showcased the many talents and skills of the Year 11 Drama cohort. These students not only entertained their audiences but also challenged them to consider the important issues faced by our society as we try to build a better future.

Congratulations to the girls below on their hard work!

Elizabeth Bauer, Lily Black, Clodagh Bray, Isabelle Briggs, Sophie Brockelsby, Hannah Buckley, Yvette Crouch, Lily Finlayson, Annabelle Leonard, Alexandra Malmgron, Katherine Morris, Natasha Nogueira, Minjee Noh, Taylah O’Brien, Claire O’Connor, Claire Phillips, Kate Roberts, Sophie Roche, Leana Scott, Jacqueline Sharah, Charlotte Smith, Lily Tancred, Emma Thompson.


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Acting Head of Drama