Year 10 Integrated Learning

Year 10 Integrated Learning

At the beginning of the year we asked the Year 10 students to reflect on what they learnt in school and what they’d like to learn in school. There was a specific focus on Integrated Learning and unpacking how well students understood its purpose having now reached their final year of the course. The results have informed and continue to inform a year long process of re-imagining Year 10 Integrated. The teachers as well as the students have been in the camp of learner as we tackled the Circular Economy in Term One and more recently, Financial Literacy. 

Our students told us that would like to learn “how to survive in the real world when it comes to money and working”. With that in mind we wanted to pick up the threads sown in Year 9 Mathematics and Commerce by creating a course with your daughter firmly in the centre. We wanted to take what she’d previously learnt and directly apply it to her own life and plans for the future. We wanted to both empower her with the financial knowledge and understanding to navigate those first few years out of home as well as demonstrate the viability and desirability of a career in the financial sector for a woman.

The key areas of focus were as follows:

  • Saving/ budgeting– know what to do with your hard earned $$, as relevant to a side hustle as it is to managing a family budget 
  • Apple pay, After pay & credit cards– friend or foe?
  • Compound interest– knowing this could save you thousands
  • Tax– what it is and why we pay it
  • Superannuation– what is it and why is it important to ‘get right’ early?

We also arranged a number of guest speakers with specialist knowledge across the aforementioned areas. We are extremely grateful to all the wonderful women who generously gave up their time to share their wisdom and career journeys with our students.

Zoe Lamont, founder of Verve Superannuation spoke to the students about the importance of being in control of their financial future. Jodie Bosler (HSBC Global Banking and Markets) shared her years of experience working in Australia and abroad in the field of tax. Camilla Love, founder of F3 and Louise Baker (Agridigital) spoke to the girls about investing for long term success by covering what investments are and how investment cycles work. Loreto Normanhurst alumni and immediate past president of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Jane Stanton, tackled credit cards, Apple Pay and After Pay. Cassandra Crowe, director and board member of CFA Society of Sydney took the girls through the history of superannuation in Australia as well as its shortcomings for women who disproportionately face the burden of care. Emily Hollingum, founder and COO at Super Life shared her experiences on the trading floor in New York and what its like to be a woman in a male dominated industry as well as key tips for maintaining control of your finances.

We have crafted an assessment task designed to put the information and skills gained throughout the term into use as they relate to your daughter and her plans for the future. While there is no expectation that your daughter works on her task over the mid-year break, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time around the dinner table discussing the things she has learnt and the task she is now completing. I include a copy of the task here for your reference.


The Year 10 cohort have overall reacted favourably to the course and I share some of their comments with you below.

Learning about financial literacy this term has been very interesting and enjoyable. For many of us who are beginning to start part time work, or perhaps starting to think about saving up for something more significant, it has been extremely valuable to learn about effective ways to manage and save our money. We have also been lucky enough to hear from some amazing guest speakers who have shared insightful and useful information on topics such as superannuation, tax and investments. The knowledge we have gained in this unit has been extremely helpful and valuable, and has left the Year 10 cohort feeling a lot more confident when it comes to managing our money both now and in the future.

Erin Longney


This year, I have enjoyed learning about topics in Integrated Learning that relate closely to the real world, such as our environment and finances. The skills that I’m developing in Integrated Learning can be applied in everyday life – I’ve enjoyed learning about the costs of living and how to take better care of our natural environment. I’m learning skills that will serve me beyond year 12.

Leila Mangos


Through this financial literacy unit I have gained more insight into my life after school and I feel it came at a great time around subject selections as we look into our employment after school and what courses we will study in Uni helping me choose some senior subjects.

Kind Regards

Elyse Lorimer


We hope to use what we learn from this initial iteration of the programme and continue to develop a robust financial literacy course that supports our young women to become confident, informed, financially literate consumers and problem solvers. 


Ms Elizabeth Green

Year 10 Integrated Learning Coodinator