Welcome – Deputy Principal

Welcome – Deputy Principal

Welcome to Ms Sophie Kearns as she joins the Loreto Normanhurst community in the role of Deputy Principal from 2019.

It is impossible to avoid the adjectives ‘warm, welcoming, embracing, nurturing’ in response to my first fortnight at Loreto Normanhurst. To say that I feel ‘full’ would be fair, maybe even overflowing, and not in an overwhelmed sense but rather in an abundant sense. It has also been quite impossible to wipe the smile off my face! A return to Loreto does feel quite like a homecoming. One cannot escape the ever present reminders and articulation of a rich and lived spirituality and values that drive all our decision making and, more importantly, our relationships.

All good educators feel passionately connected to their academic discipline or subject areas and share an unapologetic love of learning that we know to be one of life’s greatest gifts. Yet there is something more about being an educator at Loreto Normanhurst. It is immersing oneself wholly in community with a joy-filled heart to help our students and colleagues become who we are called be – people who make great contributions to our world, starting with our daily interactions.

I am so looking forward to working closely with students, staff and parents to continue shaping the society we desire –  as one led by strong, courageous, wise and gentle Loreto women.


Ms Sophie  Kearns

Deputy Principal 2019