Uplift Project

Final call to send in your preloved bras, swimwear and NEW girls’ undies in support of Project Uplift!

Many of you will recall that we have supported Project Uplift in the past and have provided much needed bras, swimwear and underwear to less fortunate women and girls, for whom these items are a luxury they can ill-afford. All  good condition bras can be used, as can swimming costumes/bikinis. Bras in poor condition may still provide spare parts and bras with only one underwire can be used by removing the remaining underwire! Large sizes, nursing bras and mastectomy bras are like gold-dust. In addition to preloved bras and swimwear, we will also be collecting NEW, unworn girls’ undies for girls who are unable to attend school whilst menstruating unless they have underwear. Inexpensive packs of underwear are a good option.

As we will need to sort the bras into size categories, we ask that labels are checked to ensure sizes are easy to read. In addition, if your donation includes mastectomy or nursing bras, please can you also indicate this as it may not be obvious to our sorters!

We have extended the collection period: We will be collecting until Friday  11  March. If you are sending them in with your daughter, they will need to give them to their House Social Justice Captain. Otherwise, please bring them into the school reception.

Check out the website for more details.


Mrs Elizabeth Cranfield

Teacher of Science