Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

The changeover to winter uniform is Monday 27 April.  Therefore, our NEW Loreto Normanhurst students are invited to make a winter uniform fitting appointment.  Fittings are by appointment only, with dedicated appointments during Term 1 and on Open Day.

Given the number of new students requiring a winter uniform, and to make the service as efficient as possible, we request that you follow the link below to make your daughter’s appointment:

Appointments are available in the periods noted below and can be booked by following this link

Monday Before school & lunch time
Tuesday Before school
Wednesday Before school, lunch time & after school
Thursday After school
Friday Lunch time & after school
Saturday 7 March 9am – 3pm (School Open Day)


 Fitting appointments take approximately 20 minutes and we are happy to assist the student if a parent is unable to attend.

If you do not feel it necessary to have a fitting please feel free to order online  www.flexischools.com.au

Primary School orders will be delivered to the Primary School.  Senior School orders may be collected from the Shop.

If you can please ensure your order is placed prior to Friday 3 April this will allow ample time for collection or delivery.