UN Youth Australia

UN Youth Australia

Visit from the 2018 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations

We are pleased to announce that Loreto Normanhurst will be hosting the 2018 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, Amos Washington, on Tuesday 20 March 2018.

Mr Washington will be visiting to collect the ideas, thoughts and opinions of our Loreto Normanhurst student community and will draw upon this when he gives his speech to the United Nations later in the year. His report will be delivered to the Australian Government and also to the communities who participate in the consultation process.

This is an incredible opportunity for our students to be actively involved in democracy, political change and global citizenship. The event is open to students in Years 9-12 and will be held in the Curran Theatre from 3:30pm-4:30pm.

Click here to find information regarding the Mr Washington and the consultation process.

We look forward to seeing our students participating in this incredible opportunity. Permission notes will be emailed directly to students and are due Monday 19 March.

For further information please contact Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer via   email.


Ms Bernadette O’Dwyer

Oratory Coordinator