The Drought – from our Boarders’ Perspective

The Drought – from our Boarders’ Perspective

“My name is Anna and I am a boarder from the Upper Hunter where the drought is affecting many farmers and the livelihood of many families. The drought has affected specific areas of the town, not just farms –  the town pool is not being refilled next summer and schools are running out of water.

The area of Scone is the horse capital of Australia and its biggest industries are primary farming or produce sectors such as horse racing, cattle, sheep and crops.

My family and I live on a horse racing and breeding property that has meat cows, such as Whitebred Shorthorn. In Scone this year, it will be the driest time in recorded history and the average monthly rain fall in 2017 was 8mm.

Even though my family is affected by the ongoing drought, my mum being a teacher and my Dad running a race horse stud, means my sole livelihood doesn’t depend on the weather or crops unlike a lot of my friends in the dorm and I will always be very grateful for that as I know how stressful this experience can be for many people.”


Anna Ward-Thomas, Year 10


“My name is Sarah  and I am from a property which is 70km from the country town of Scone NSW.

At home, we have been severely affected by the drought. As an insight to our situation, people from home are being forced to truck drinking water from a nearby town, Muswellbrook (two hours away). We are also being forced to truck cattle to Queensland as there is no water or feed. The cattle travelled 2009 kms (23 and a half hours) to Julia Creek, Queensland, which is actually further away than New Zealand.

Below are some photos  showing how dry it is getting in the country and I hope my story helps raise some awareness.”


Sarah Caspers, Year 10