Super Girl Week

Super Girl Week

This year marks the second annual Super Girl Week and it has been a fabulous time for the whole school community.

Super Girl Week is a chance for both the teachers and students to be aware of the issues faced by girls in the 21st Century and for the school community to come together to be proud of being a girl. The SRC really wanted to show the strengths and abilities that every single girl has and to embrace these strengths. We wanted the students to feel valued and know that they are able to overcome any obstacle as girls are powerful and strong. This week has aimed to raise awareness to the girls, showing them that they can do anything that they put their mind to. The week was supported by many fun activities and reflections that involved both the students and teachers during the week, run by the SRC.

On Monday we kicked Super Girl Week off with the ‘Student Teacher Activities’ in the gym. Here there were teams of a mix of both students and teachers from all year groups who had costumes and dressed up with a particular theme. They participated in both physical relays and then an awesome lip sync battle at the end. Monday was also accompanied by every staff member and students received a multi coloured ribbon which the girls could wear in their hair for the week.

Tuesday was ‘Trivia Tuesday’ where the Houses came together and the Year 9 SRC girls ran the trivia.  Each tutor group had to work collaboratively to get as many trivia questions right about inspirational women, in the hope of winning a prize.  

On Wednesday, it was International Women’s day so it was celebrated as ‘Women Wednesday’. Grace Reid our Music Captain started the fun day with a music power playlist for long recess in the main quad. Then at lunch time there was a Soapbox in the library. This began with three awesome Year 9 speeches and followed with an ‘open mic’ where girls could get up and speak on any topical issue about women. It could be a personal experience, something they have seen or even their perspective on issues.

Thursday was then celebrated with ‘Thankful Thursday’ where the SRC girls ran a cake stall at recess with all donations going to Project Compassion.

The final day of Super Girl week was ‘Feel Good Friday’ which began with a lovely communion service in the chapel led by Marissa Hussein our Liturgy Captain and the Eucharistic Ministers. This was then followed by tutor group reflection during year time on the whole week’s events. To finish up Super Girl Week we had an active session in the gym at recess with awesome music with both teachers and students getting active, led by Emily Doyle our Sports Captain.

Overall Super Girl Week 2017 was a very successful event which I am sure myself and many other girls enjoyed very much! I would like to personally thank all staff and students who got involved in Super Girl Week as without their support and commitment we wouldn’t have been able to have such an amazing week.  


Philippa Rich

SRC Communication Captain


Reflection on Super Girl Week

I have always felt very lucky being a student at Loreto Normanhurst, being part of a community which is supportive and understanding of each girl as an individual, with different goals, different aspirations, and different dreams. It’s a community where every person is equal, and treated with equity and respect. A community where being a girl is not seen as a weakness, but instead as a strength. I know that I am extremely lucky to have this kind of community, to be in a place which tells me that I can do whatever I want, and that there are no barriers to my abilities.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for women everywhere.  In other countries, girls are assigned a role of what they are going to be from the moment that are born; many sold into slavery or forced into marriages at terribly young ages, bearing children when they are a child themselves, or working in factories to support their families.  As Loreto women, it is our duty to stand up for other women who have not been given the same opportunities as us, who haven’t had the privilege of going to a school like ours or living like we do. We must use the voice that we have been given to speak for those who don’t believe they can speak for themselves.

Even on the smaller scale, as girls, we should build up other girls, not tear them down whenever we have the chance to. The sad truth is that the most negativity that girls receive are not from boys, but in fact from other girls. We are constantly judging and commenting on how other girls look, if their hair is right, what they are wearing, what makeup they have on, so much so that practically nothing can go without judgement as girls are constantly looking for something to criticise about one another. This is a major problem as how are we supposed to expect men to appreciate us, when we don’t even appreciate each other? How are we supposed to raise the level of equality, when we do not raise our fellow sisters? Annie Clarke, School Captain, stated that ‘Girls have a major untapped resource – and that resource is each other’ and I could not agree more. The best power that we have as girls is that we all have the ability to stick together, yet that is not going to happen if we are constantly tearing each other apart.

Being a girl in the 21st Century means that we stand up for other women. That we help our fellow sisters to grow and progress in their lives. As women, we need to uplift other women, not bring them down. We, as privileged girls should use our power to help those without. We need to stand and fight together against the negative stereotypes which girls are given. We need to stand and fight together against inequality between the sexes. We need to stand and fight together for our fellow sisters who are in terrible situations around the world; and the only way that we are going to do this is by joining and solving these key issues as a global community.

This is why I believe that Super Girl Week at Loreto Normanhurst is a magnificent thing. It is a community of people who are celebrating being strong and powerful women. We are coming together and rejoicing in the fact that we are all girls who are no lesser then men, no matter how many times that has been told to us. We do not have to be passive or tamed, or submissive to anyone. It is an entire week where we are giving each other hope that there will be change in our world no matter what obstacles we must pass, whether it is cat calling when walking down the street, or misogynist things that people of great power may say, we will get through it and see change when we do, but only if we stick together and support each other. Being a woman in the 21st century is a powerful and overwhelming responsibility, yet overall it is amazing.


Gabrielle Couter

Year 11 SRC