Studies of Religion News

Studies of Religion News

Saturday/Sunday Worship Guest Speakers

On Tuesday 2 April, Year 12 Studies of Religion students engaged in a ‘forum’ style discussion with some local ministers from a variety of Christian denominations and some staff members from faculties other than Religious Education. The special guests from our local community that were in attendance included James McFarlane from Hornsby Presbyterian Church, Pastor Ian Miller from Hornsby Community Church, Minister Pete Tong from St Andrew’s Anglican Church Hornsby and Mrs Melanie Oxley and Mr Mark Tyler from our own teaching staff. This was a great way for both staff and students to engage with members of the local community and also participate in Christian ecumenism. The special guests gave insightful information on their particular denomination and demonstrated how scripture is lived out in the world today.

Our very own Year 12 student, Lucy Illek was our facilitator for this event, where she asked a series of questions surrounding the Studies of Religion syllabus, focusing on the key component of Saturday/Sunday Worship. These questions included the key features, core beliefs and the significance for individuals and the community of Saturday/Sunday worship. Lucy led the school community with dignity and pride, showing qualities strong leadership. Students in the audience also had the opportunity to ask questions to our guests, think critically and analyse the different forms of worship present in our Christian faith.

I would like to thank our special guests and staff for giving up their time to speak to the students and participate in our first ever forum on Saturday/Sunday Worship.


Mr Jason Currao

Head of Religion