Year 10 SPRINT Week 2020

Last week Year 10 students participated in the SPRINT Week program. The program is based on the Design Sprint methodology for solving problems originated by Google Ventures. It allows key members of a company or group to come together for five days with the aim of solving and testing a pressing problem. The cohort was divided into 26 teams of six students each (yes, that is 26 simultaneous design sprints) and the addition of a media team tasked with documenting the story of SPRINT Week. This year, SPRINT Week had a social enterprise and community connection focus.

On Monday morning, Ms Ugonotti opened the week. She spoke to the girls about overcoming fear in favour of risk and experimentation, both in their thinking and the ideas they bring to the table. The keynote speaker for this year was journalist and activist Sarah Wilson. Sarah’s career choices are a reflection of her personal values and of the change she wants to see in the world. Her courage in discerning the right path and her commitment to businesses that remain true to her founding principles made her the perfect person to address Year 10, as they wrap up both an extremely challenging year as well as their four years of Integrated Learning at Loreto Normanhurst.

The role of external stakeholders and real-world problems is integral to the success of the week. This year, students were presented with a variety of different problems which were provided by our organisational partners – Taboo, Studio A, The Environmental Defenders Office and Loreto Normanhurst. We equipped the students’ ‘war rooms’ with research packs in order to help them understand their topic area. This way, they more effectively targeted the problem to effectively develop potential solutions. These solutions were sent to the different organisations to provide feedback to the groups before they decided on their final solution. Students then created a pitch presentation to represent that solution.

These final pitches were judged by the representatives of our partner organisations on Friday and the top three winning groups were selected. Taboo, one of the partner organisations, has since contacted the School to tell us that they were so impressed with the proposed solutions  for their problem statement that they would like to work with the students to actually implement them moving forward!

A huge thank you  to the teachers who volunteered their time during SPRINT week. We see this program as a strong professional development opportunity for staff, during which they can see in action practices that help facilitate team decisions and collaboration. They were an incredible support to the students, both through their guidance and their ability to allow students the freedom to critically and creatively come up with solutions on their own.

It was a privilege and a delight to watch these young Loreto women engage with the challenges laid down by our organisational partners. We are enormously proud of every single Year 10 student who approached the week with passion and engagement. Of course, the journey would not be possible without our partners and we thank them for generously providing their time to help this experience be an enriching and motivating one for our Year 10 students.


Ms Michelle Albert

Dean of Learning