Good luck to our equestrian team competing at the North West Equestrian Expo at Coonabarabran over the coming week.

Year 8

year 9

year 10

year 11

Felicity Orman Juliette Denny Catherine Baxter Arabella Barr
Elise Coleiro Bella Dent Julia Baxter Ginger Soames
  Elise MacKay Molly Broad  
    Sarah Caspers  
    Heather Hanigan  
    Kate Finlayson  
    Bridie Cooksey  
    Tahlia Coleiro  
    Annabel Malouf  


Hockey – Field State Championships

Congratulations to Tilly Rose Keogh (Year 9) and Alana Kavanagh (Year 9) who competed at the 2018 Hockey NSW Under 15’s Field State Championships in Grafton recently. Tilly Rose’s team (North West Sydney 2) won Division 3 and Alana (North West Sydney 1) finished 2nd in Division 1.


Netball – IGSSA

Congratulations to Charli Fidler (Year 9) who has been selected for the 15U NSW All Schools Netball team. We wish Charli the best of luck in her preparations for the School Sport Australia Netball Competition in Melbourne.


Football – CIS

Congratulations to Victoria Martin (Year 12) and Eloise Hansen (Year 10) who represented IGSSA at the NSWCIS Football Championships last week. The IGSSA team were Champions on the day and Victoria Martin was successful in making the NSWCIS Football team to represent at NSW All Schools. We wish Victoria all the best as she now trials for the NSW All Schools Football team.


Balmoral Burn

Congratulations to Georgia Arcus (Year 9), Zara Warland (Year 8), Arabella Price (Year 8), Charlotte Curran (Year 8) for their participation in the Balmoral Burn and for their 5th place position in the Senior School Relay category.



Congratulations to Kiarra Williams-Browne (Year 12) who took part in a two-game series against South Australia as part of her selection into the Northern Territory AFL team. Kiarra was named in the run-on team for both games, which is an outstanding achievement. Kiarra played amongst an incredibly high calibre of players, including players currently being drafted for a VFL Women’s team. Congratulations Kiarra on a wonderful achievement.


Sport Training Next Thursday 7 June

As Thursday 7 June will be a pupil free day at the school, there will be no sport or activity training sessions running in the morning or afternoon.


Sport Training Tuesday 12th June

Sport and activity training sessions will continue to run in the morning and afternoon, despite the Athletics Carnival being held on the same day. If you are unable to attend training for reasons associated with the Athletics Carnival, please inform your Sports Coordinator and Coach.


correct sport uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport.

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will NOT be allowed to play. In the case that a Loreto Sport Staff member is not present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst. Please see your sport specific booklets for full details on what uniform is required for your sport.




Current sport/activity: Club and school rugby 7s, equestrian, CrossFit, wakeboarding, gymnastics.

Favourite school sport/activity: Equestrian and wakeboarding.

Highest level of sporting achievement: Competing at nationals in equestrian and winning multiple state events for equestrian, and state champion for gymnastics.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: Competing at Coonabarabran with the Loreto equestrian team. It’s an experience that I will never forget because the girls are just so amazing as well as all their parents. We all sit round the camp fire at night and it’s just a really nice atmosphere to be a part of.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: Watching my little brother score his first try.

Best subject at school: Maths and biology.

Best tune to listen to before competing: Can’t Be Beaten by Rose Tattoo.




We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport but, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

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Date & Time



31 May-5 June North West Equestrian Expo Coonabarabran
9 June Long Weekend – No Saturday Sport N/A
12  June Secondary School Athletics Carnival Homebush




Week 5 Saturday 2 June

Team  & Game Time

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

 LON01 8:00am 7:45am – 9:00am KEVANS, MORRIS, MARTIN, PIERIBONI
LON02 9:00am 8:45am – 10:00am FLANNERY, HEWITT, RODGERS, DUFF
LON03 10:00am 9:45am – 11:00am ABRAHAM, BELL, COOPER, QUINN


Week 6  Saturday 9 June

There will be no sport BBQ this weekend due to the long weekend.


Duties involve cooking BBQ or serving. If you are unable to fulfill your duty you must arrange a replacement (contact other day girls’ families in your team – from the team contact list).


2018 Sport Contacts Term 2




IPSHA Sports Ms Emily Wood
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood





IGSSA Basketball  Mr Dave Brock
IGSSA Football Mr Matt Mulroney
Hills Netball Mr Tim Higgins
Equestrian Miss Jess Levy
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood
Cheerleading Ms Emily Wood
Head of Sport Mrs Jasmine Palmer


For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details see the IGSSA website here.


Mrs Jasmine Palmer

 Head of Sport