Sport  attendance and nomination procedures

On Wednesday 21 June at the school assembly, Sport Captain Emily Doyle spoke to students about the issue of attendance at training sessions and fixtures. These are some of her words to the girls:

 “Over the past few terms, the Sport Department, alongside Ms Ugonotti, has held a number of meetings with students to discuss some new ways to ensure all girls who nominate for sports honour their commitment to themselves and their teams. Not only does it achieve justice for all the girls who do show up to every game and to every training session, but it also promotes the seriousness our school places on us being women in sport…So please get on board and encourage the message that we hope these changes are also providing. “

As Ms Ugonotti referred to  in her article, we have worked to update and articulate the School’s expectations in relation to student attendance at sport training and fixtures, as well as the procedures  around nominations for sport.  The Sport Department aims to provide the best possible opportunities for Loreto girls to participate in physical activity; these guidelines will provide us with the framework to provide these opportunities.


From Term 3 onwards, all coaches will take an electronic roll for attendance at all training sessions and fixtures. All rolls will be reviewed by the respective Sport Administrator and records of unexplained absences will be kept and acted upon.

All unexplained absences will be subject to the following progression:

First unexplained absence: an email will be sent from the Sports Administrator to the student’s school email address requesting an explanation for the absence. This email will also be sent to her Tutor (or classroom teacher if Primary), advisor  (if Year 7 & 8)and her parents. This explanation should be submitted to the Sport Administrator within 24 hours. If an explanation is not provided, this will be recorded as an unexplained absence and will serve as the first and final warning regarding missing training/games.

Second unexplained absence: an email will be sent from the Sports Administrator to the student’s school email address requesting an explanation for the absence. This email will also be sent to  her tutor (or classroom teacher if Primary), advisor (if Year 7 & 8) and her parents. If an explanation is not provided, this will be recorded as an unexplained absence and the student will be allocated a Saturday Sport Detention to be arranged between the student and the Sport Administrator.

Third unexplained absence: a phone call will be made by the Head of Sport to the student’s parents requesting an explanation for the absence, with a follow up email being sent to the student’s school email address. It will also be sent to her Tutor (or classroom teacher if Primary), advisor (if Year 7 and 8) and her parents.

If appropriate explanation is not provided, this will be recorded as an unexplained absence and the following consequences may apply:

1. Further Saturday Sport Detentions.

2. After school detentions with the Dean of Pastoral Care.

3. Removal from current sport for the remainder of the season.

4. Letter of application required for future sport/activity nominations .

If a student knows in advance they will be unavailable for a session or fixture for a justified reason (illness, injury, misadventure, etc), the student needs to inform both the Sport Administrator of their sport AND their coach via email with as much notice as possible. 

These contact details will be available in each Sport Booklet that is distributed to students at the start of every season. In line with the school policy on absence, supporting documentation (ie medical certificate) may be required by the Sport Department. 

If a student would like to miss a training session or fixture for other reasons, she must submit a Sport Extraordinary Leave form available from the Sport Department, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Head of Sport. Once a decision is made, the student will receive an email from the Head of Sport, which will also be sent to her parents and tutor.



A nomination time frame is necessary to allow the Sport Department to compile team numbers, submit team requests to governing bodies such as IGSSA and IPSHA, arrange coaches and provide training opportunities to all girls interested in playing particular sports.

  • Secondary sport nominations open on the Monday of Week 2 of each term prior to perspective term of sport
  •  Primary sport nominations open on the Monday of Week 4 of each term prior to perspective term of sport
  •  Activity nominations open on the Monday of Week 4 of each term prior to perspective term of sport
  • All nomination windows will be open for two weeks

In the week prior to the nomination link or form being sent out to students, all parents will receive an email informing them of the nomination schedule and available sport/activity options.

Parents and students are expected to discuss the sport/activity options and ensure they are aware of the commitment involved to training and fixtures.

Secondary students will nominate via the online portal which can be accessed by the link sent out by the Sport Department. Primary students will nominate via the emailed form which will be sent to all parents via email by the Sport Department.

Once the nomination window is closed, all nominees will receive an email informing them of a successful nomination. There will be a two-week window after nominations close for errors to be corrected. It will be the responsibility of each student to ensure their nomination has been correctly processed.

If a student misses the nomination window, applications for a late nomination will be accepted within a two-week window following the close of nominations under the following process: 

  • Students complete a late nomination form and submit via email or in person at the Sport Department.
  • The student will then be added to a wait list.
  •  Sport Administrators refer to the wait list to fill out teams if required.

There is no guarantee that students on the wait list will be allocated a place within a team.

Two weeks after nominations have closed, nominations will ‘lock’. This means that unless there are exceptional circumstances, no new nominations or withdrawals will be accepted. This is decided by the Head of Sport, following communication with the student, her parents and the student’s tutor (or classroom teacher if Primary). Students wanting to withdraw after the nomination ‘lock’ will need to apply in writing to be removed from the sport and provide reason to be withdrawn. 

If the reason is justified, the withdrawal will be approved and no charge will be made. If the reason is deemed to be not justified, the student will need to discuss their withdrawal with the Head of Sport and full sport charges may apply.




In Gymnastics news, we congratulate Charlotte Moffat (Year 9) who has been selected into the NSW State Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team and will compete in Level 8 at the Border Challenge in Queensland today and tomorrow. We wish Charlotte every success in Queensland this weekend.


Primary Athletics

A fantastic day was had by all at the Primary School Athletics Carnival on Wednesday. The curse of 2017 Athletics reared its head again, with the 200m, 800m and relays requiring postponement due to track conditions; however that didn’t deter the girls from going citius, altius, fortius in the 100m races and field events. Some great results were recorded, with the blue ribbon and Queen of the Track closing out the carnival. Lara Granelli (Year 6) was crowned, recording a lightning 14.41 in the final to take the title from Alexandra O’Brien (Year 6) , Lucia Vander Heiden (Year 5) and Zoe Clubb (Year 6) .

A new date will be circulated for those events that were missed once it has been finalised by the Sport Department and Primary School.



More great news from our Equestrian program with an outstanding few days from Tahlia Coleiro who competed at the NSW Interschools Championships. Tahlia rode outstandingly, coming 6th in Eventing, receiving the highest point score in the OTT Dressage and ending the weekend as the Preliminary Overall Champion! Congratulations to Tahlia and Marvin (her horse)!


 igssa sport

After the wet shambles that was IGSSA Sport in Term 1, it was a relief to get a full set of fixtures in for football and basketball (a rare feat for football in recent years!). We had 12 football teams and 24 basketball teams compete, with football’s LON10 and basketball’s LON01, LON07 and LON22 emerging as premiers of their division! Congratulations to those teams and we look forward to the start of the IGSSA Hockey and IGSSA Netball season in Term 3.


ipsha sport

Well done to our IPSHA Hockey/Minkey teams who completed their season last Saturday. For many, it was their first introduction to the sport of hockey and they were able to pick up some new skills whilst having an enjoyable, competition-based experience with their friends. Congratulations to those girls and all the best to the touch footy girls for their Term 3 IPSHA competition.


Loreto sports girl profile: Lara Granelli

Current sport: Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country Training.
Favourite school sport: Soccer.
Highest level of sporting achievement: Winning Queen of the Track at Loreto.
Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: Watching Usain Bolt compete in the 100m at the 2016 Olympic Games.
Best subject at school: Maths and Sport.
Any superstitions before playing sport: My Grandpa passed away last year so before every race I always say that I am doing it for him.
Best tune to listen to before competing? For me it would have to be mainstream pop.



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 2017 Sport Contacts Term 3





IPSHA Touch Football

Mrs Nikki Jasprizza

Hills Netball Co-ordinator

Miss Jess Levy






IGSSA Netball

 Mr Dave Brock

IGSSA Hockey

Ms Alex Wallace

Hills Netball

Miss Jess Levy

Acting Head of Sport 

Mr Matthew Mulroney

All details of the Sport and the Sport Specific Booklets (draw, lists, contacts, training details, uniform requirements), are posted on the Student Sports Portal and on the Sports Noticeboard.

For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website here.


 Mr Matt Mulroney

Acting Head of Sport