wet weather

We simply can’t take a trick this term – with Week 1 being cancelled due to the heat and now the successive weeks of rain, all we’re missing is a dust storm and a plague of locusts to complete the line on our “Sports Cancellation” bingo cards.

Unfortunately it looks like another wet weekend – as always, the most up to date information for all our IGSSA and IPSHA sports can be found directly at their wet weather websites.


All Loreto venues will be closed tomorrow – this includes IPSHA football and IGSSA softball on our Oval and IGSSA tennis on the school courts and at Westleigh. At the time of publishing, Mills Park is still pending, however please check the website for the latest.

FYI – once a venue is closed, it will not reopen for the remainder of the weekend. Some venues have begun closing already, so if your venue has closed already, enjoy your sleep in and we’ll try again next weekend.



On Saturday the 11th March, a few of our Tildesley Cup tennis girls participated in the 2017 North West Secondary Schools Challenge at Pennant Hill Parks. Throughout the evening, all of our girls played some excellent tennis, and this was highlighted in some of the results. Faith Zalm (Year 9) and Annabelle Gohl (Year 7) were able to clinch first position in division 4 and Tara Savell-McKean (Year 9) and Hannah Nicholson (Year 9) won division 6. Congratulations to both of these pairings on their success which will put them in good stead for the upcoming Tildesley Tennis Competition.


athletics trials – Update

Unfortunately, the weather has not been kind to our trials plans, with all attempts to make our girls go higher, faster, stronger dampened by wet, wet, wet. We will be scheduling new dates for the 200m and 400m trials as well as all field events as the opportunities present themselves. All girls will be emailed with new times and dates once they have been confirmed.

As always, the 100m, 800m and 1500m races will require girls to nominate via the portal link they’ve received via email. Please note: no late nominations will be accepted on the day of the carnival so all nominations will need to be in the system in advance.


Loreto Sports Girl Profile: Jessica Willathgamuwa

Current sport/activity: Cricket
Favourite school sport/activity: Cricket
Highest level of sporting achievement: U15s NSW Cricket Academy Squad 2015
Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: When our Milo Competition Team made it to Nationals, played on the MCG and won the “dance” competition trophy.
Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: When Peter Siddle got six wickets including a hat trick on his birthday.
Best subject at school: Maths (kind of).
Any superstitions before playing sport: Always wear my donut socks and have strawberry flavoured extra gum.
Best tune to listen to before competing: “Keep your eye on the ball” by Raven Symone.



We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport, but unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

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Date & Time



17 March IGSSA Sport, IPSHA Sport, Badminton, Surf Life Saving, Cheerleading & Dance Various
22 March Tildesley Tennis  Pennant Hills Park 
23 March Tildesley Tennis Pennant Hills Park



Week 6 Saturday 18 March

Team & Game Time 

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON01, LON02 – 8:00am 7:45am – 9:20am Reeks, Heuston, Say, Watts
LON03 – 9:15am 9:10am – 10:20am Anderson, Coetzee, Houghton, Mallet
LON6, LON07 – 10:30am 10:10am – 11:30am Adlam, Akerboom, Baker, Baxter

Duties involve cooking on the BBQ or serving. If you are unable to fulfil your duty you must arrange a replacement (contact other day girls’ families in your team from the team contact list).



Term 2 2017 Secondary School IGSSA Sport online nominations have now closed. Girls who would like to request a late nomination for IGSSA Sport, Cheerleading or Dance Performance Troupe or Hills Netball must speak to the staff in the Sports Office.


2017 Sport Contacts Term 1 





IPSHA Modball/Softball

Miss Vicki Linton

IPSHA Football

Miss Vicki Linton






IGSSA Softball

 Mr. Dave Brock

IGSSA Tennis 

Mr. Dave Brock

 IGSSA Rowing

Miss Jess Levy

Invitational Badminton

Mr. Matthew Mulroney

Acting Head of Sport 

Mr. Matthew Mulroney

All details of the Sport and the Sport Specific Booklets (draw, lists, contacts, training details, uniform requirements), are posted on the Student Sports Portal and on the Sports Noticeboard.

For IGSSA competitions the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website here.



Mr Matt Mulroney

Acting Head of Sport