To Yasmin Say (Year 7) who competed in the NSW Junior Badminton Spring Open on the weekend. Yasmin won the Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles events in the Under 15 age group.  Yasmin also represented the NSW State Team in the Under 15 Badminton Nationals in Darwin over the school holidays.

To Eloise Hansen (Year 8) who received the Golden Boot Award for highest goal scorer in the Football NSW Women’s State League U13 Competition. Eloise achieved this award by scoring 34 goals for her team in one season. Congratulations Eloise on an outstanding achievement, and we wish you all the best as you continue pursuing football at this State League level and beyond.

To the following girls who represented Loreto Normanhurst at the NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival last week. Congratulations to all girls who competed on the following outstanding results:

  • Georgia Arcus (Year 7) – placed 3rd in the 12 years 800m final, and 2nd in 1500m final
  • Alana Kavanagh (Year 7) – placed 13th overall in the 13 years 800m event
  • Amy McFadden (Year 7) – placed 13th overall in the 13 years 80m hurdles, 10th in the high jump final, and 29th in the long jump final
  •  Ella Johnston (Year 8) – placed 9th in the 13 years 80m hurdles final, and 23rd in the long jump
  •  Caitlin La Rose (Year 8) – placed 31st overall in the 14 years 200m, 36th overall in the 100m event, and 17th overall in the 400m event
  •  Madeline Playford (Year 8) – placed 2nd in the final of the 14 years 2000m steeplechase
  •  Breanna Ivankovic (Year 9) – placed 3rd in the final of the 15 years 2000m steeplechase, and 6th in the 16 years 400m hurdles final
  •  Zoe Warland (Year 9) – placed 9th in the 14 years 400m final, 9th in the 90m hurdles final, and 5th in the long jump final
  •  Eliza Harvey (Year 10) – placed 6th in the 15 years 400m final, and 3rd in the 800m final
  •  Sarah Playford (Year 11) – placed 3rd in the 16 years 800m final, and 3rd in the 1500m final
  •  Lauren Marshall – placed 26th overall in the 15 years 100m event, and 29th overall in the 200m event
  •  Isabella Rudolph – placed 4th in the 15 years high jump final
  •  Katherine Morris – placed 17th in the 16 years long jump final
  •  Cara Fagan – placed 17th overall in the 17 years 100m event
  •  Chloe Antal – placed 2nd in the 19 years 200m final


Good luck

To our secondary Gymnastics team who will be competing at the IGSSA Gymnastics Championships next Friday.

  •  Claudia Anderson (Year 7)
  • Brynnin Barr (Year 7)
  •  Catherine Baxter (Year 8)
  •  Julia Baxter (Year 8)
  •  Gabriella Cameron (Year 7)
  •  Lucy Cartwright (Year 7)
  •  Georgia Cluff (Year 7)
  •  Clare Hopper (Year 8)
  •  Bethanni Lavelle-Mangan (Year 7)
  •  Teighan Locke (Year 7)
  •  Charlotte Moffat (Year 7)
  •  Abigail O’Mahoney (Year 8)
  •  Coeli Parsons (Year 8)
  •  Lua Pellegrini (Year 9)
  •  Sian Thomas (Year 8)

To our primary Gymnastics team who will be competing at the IPSHA Gymnastics Championships next Thursday.

  •  Emily Burns (Year 5)
  •  Zoe Clubb (Year 5)
  •  Aiveen Creak (Year 5)
  •  Ashe O’Kelly (Year 5) 
  • Grace Sukari (Year 5)
  •  Georgia Tapner (Year 5)
  •  Jemma Vaughn (Year 5)
  •  Rebecca Zammit (Year 5)

To all girls competing in IGSSA Water Polo, Touch Football and Hornsby Tennis matches this weekend.

To all girls competing in IPSHA Basketball, Cricket and Tennis matches this weekend.



Supporter t-shirts and soft shell jackets are now available for purchase from the uniform shop. Sport at Loreto Normanhurst would like to encourage all supporters, parents or otherwise, to continue building the wonderful sporting spirit we have at Loreto by purchasing a supporter specific t-shirt or jacket to wear at sporting events and carnivals.



Each sporting team is allocated a coach by the school and has a nominated student captain to assist the coach where possible. However, there are occasions where another set of hands or an adult point of contact is required within a team. With this in mind, the Sport Department extends an invitation to our parent body to consider being a volunteer for your daughter’s team and be appointed as the Parent Manager. For more information, please contact the Head of Sport, Ms Jasmine Palmer.



A PowerPoint presentation of the uniform can be found on the Student Sport Portal which students can access.

Girls selected in Senior Firsts and Junior First teams will have a different uniform (top or dress) that they hire from the Uniform Shop.

To see the full range please see the power-point slideshow in the Sports Portal.



Date & Time



 21 October 6pm Rowing Season Opening Dinner  Gonzaga Barry Centre 
27 October  IPSHA Gymnastics Championships  SGAC, Rooty Hill 
28 October IGSSA Gymnastics Championships SGAC, Rooty Hill



What’s Due

Due Date

Secondary Term 1 2017 Sport Online Nominations Friday 28 October



Week 2, Saturday 22 October

Team & Game Time 

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON 12 8:00am  7.30am-8.45am  Larsen, Rorke, Meharg, Nicol 
LON 13 9:00am  8.30am-9.45am  Costi, Hoffmann, McManus, Weston 
LON 8 10:00am  9.30am-10.45am  Coady, Donnison, Fairbairn, Phillips 
LON 29 11:00am  10.30am-11.45am  Forwood, Collins, Sheridan, Weinress 
LON 23 12:00pm  11.30am-12.45pm  Hall, Parslow, Smith, Solomon 


Week 3, Saturday 29 October

Team & Game Time 

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON 27 8:00am  7.30am-8.45am  Pauly, Pollard, Bryant, Bailey
LON 14 9:00am  8.30am-9.45am  Beer, Conlon, Dalton, Leonard 
LON 17 10:00am  9.30am-10.45am  Allen, Kelly, Kraszula, Osbourne 
LON 18 11:00am  10.30am-11.45am  Forrest, Smith, Sukari, Ursem 


Duties involve cooking BBQ or serving. If you are unable to fulfil your duty you must arrange a replacement (contact other day girls’ families in your team from the team contact list).


Term 4 Activities

Term 4 Secondary School Activity online nominations have closed. Girls who still wish to join an activity must obtain a hard copy nomination from the Sports Office.

Activities available in Term 4 are:


  • Dance – Hip-Hop/Contemporary Tuesday 3:15pm-4:30pm Gym Stage
  •  Taekwondo Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm Mary Ward Centre
  •  Gymnastics – Artistic Wednesday 3:15pm-4:15pm Gym
  •  Cross Country/Long Distance Monday 6:45-8:00am Oval
  •  Cross Country/Long Distance Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm Oval
  •  Cross Country/Long Distance Thursday 6:45-8:00am Oval
  •  Jumps/Sprints Tuesday 3:30pm-5:00pm Oval
  •  Jumps Thursday 3:30pm-5:00pm Oval


  •  Pilates Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm (Years 7-9) Mary Ward Centre
  •  Pilates Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm (Years 10-12) Mary Ward Centre
  •  Taekwondo Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm Mary Ward Centre
  •  Cheerleading Saturday 12:00-3:00pm Gym
  •  Dance Ensemble Wednesday 3:30pm-5:00pm Gym Stage
  •  Dance Troupe Thursday 3:30pm-5:00pm Gym Stage
  •  Dance Troupe Saturday 1:30pm-3:00pm Gym Stage
  •  Gymnastics – Artistic Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm Gym
  •  Cross Country/Long Distance Monday 6:30-8:00am Oval
  •  Cross Country/Long Distance Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm Oval
  •  Cross Country/Long Distance Thursday 6:30-8:00am Oval
  •  Jumps/Sprints Tuesday 3:30pm-5:00pm Oval
  •  Jumps Thursday 3:30pm-5:00pm Oval


Sport Contacts Term 4 2016





IPSHA Basketball

Ms. Jasmine Palmer

IPSHA Cricket

Ms. Jasmine Palmer

IPSHA Tennis

Ms. Jasmine Palmer






IGSSA Water Polo

Mr. Matthew Mulroney

IGSSA Rowing

Miss Jess Levy

Touch Football

Ms. Jasmine Palmer

 Hornsby Tennis

Mr. Matthew Mulroney

Surf Life Saving 

Ms. Jasmine Palmer

Head of Sport 

Ms. Jasmine Palmer

All details of the Sport and the Sport Specific Booklets (draw, lists, contacts, training details, uniform requirements), are posted on the Student Sports Portal and on the Sports Noticeboard.

For IGSSA competitions the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website here.



Nomination forms for Private Tennis Lessons in 2016 can be found on the Sport Portal (Tennis Page). The Lessons are co-ordinated by Absolute Tennis with 2 very experienced coaches.\

Coaches Profiles

Head Coach: Stephen Thompson

  • Former NSW State Selector
  • Former Top 400 World Ranked Singles
  • Former Top 300 World Ranked Doubles
  • Former Top 30 Ranked Australian Men
  • Played and Coached German Club Tennis 1987-1995
  • 2001 State Squad Coach
  • Has coached students to International and National Titles
  • Selected as a Talent Development Coach by Tennis Australia

Coach: Scott Noble

  • Former NSW ranked Junior
  • Head Coach Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Inter-district Representative
  • Head Coach Junior development Absolute Tennis
  • 7 years experience at NSW Country Development Camps
  • Graduate Diploma – Bachelor of Health Science – Majored in PD/H/PE 1997-2000
  • Graduate – Master of Teaching (Secondary) 2000 -2002
  • Lessons and Cost

Lessons options and cost are listed below. All lessons are billed per semester (two terms). The Semester consists of 15 lessons.

  • TE3 ¾ hour Semi Private (2 Students) $400
  • TE4 ½ hour Semi Private (2 Student) $300
  • TE5 ¾ hour Private (1 Student) $645
  • TE6 ½ hour Private (1 Student) $500

Contact Mr Thompson on 0414 708 701 for more information.



Any girl who has completed the Bronze or Silver Award and would like to continue on to the next level Award should contact the Sports Office for joining forms and details.

All girls undertaking any Adventurous Journey must complete/update their medical forms online via the Southbound Adventures website. Instructions to do this are available via Canvas and from the Sports Office.

Important Link:  Southbound Adventures.

All information regarding the Duke of Ed program is available via Canvas and from the Sports Office.

Girls should only direct questions regarding Duke of Ed to the Sports Office after they have made their own attempt to find answers using the Duke of Ed web site. This program encourages girls to make their own enquiries and use their own initiative.

Address queries to



Repetitive information has been removed and is available on the Sport  section of the Student Portal.

If you have news that you would like to see included in the Sports Report  please email


Ms Jasmine Palmer

Head of Sport