Sport over the break and getting back into it!

July 4th marked the return to competitive sport for LN students, as our Hills Netballers returned to the courts to strut their stuff. Next, it was our Tildesley Tennis squad’s turn as they hit the courts on the weekend just gone for the rescheduled 2020 instalment of the Tildesley Shield. Come this weekend, it will be (almost) business as usual, as our IGSSA Netball, IGSSA Hockey, IPSHA AFL, IPSHA Touch and Rugby 7’s programs kick back into gear. I want to start with a huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to enable our girls to get back into some regular physical activity – coaching staff, parents, officials, our tireless Sport Administrators and the students themselves!

Staying safe at Sport

As sport resumes, we ask that you stay actively engaged with the rules and regulations associated with each sport, particularly when it comes to attendance for spectators. As Ms Ugonotti outlined in her letter to families last week, different competitions are governed by different restrictions, and those restrictions are also subject to change.

  • IGSSA have advised that there will be no spectators permitted to attend IGSSA events in Term 3, including all Saturday Sport.
    • All parents are asked to comply with this requirement. There will be a drop off/pick up plan in place for all fixtures hosted at Loreto Normanhurst on Saturdays.
  • IPSHA have advised that spectators will be permitted on a ‘1 parent/guardian per student’ ratio.
  • Hills Netball are allowing 1 spectator per player, however they have requested that spectators stay away if possible and only attend matches if it’s necessary, a position supported by Loreto Normanhurst Sport
  • Rugby 7’s Gala Days are currently conducting all planning for gala days to operate under a ‘no spectator’ rule.

There are going to still be some differences from our standard operating procedure for the foreseeable future, and the Sport Department will make every effort to communicate all necessary information with students and families in a timely manner. We thank you for your patience and support during this period.

This weekend – Saturday 25th July

With wet weather predicted, please make sure you check your relevant venue closures site prior to leaving home tomorrow. Remember – no news is good news! These sites will be updated as best they can by the relevant governing bodies, however if there is no information or it lists your venue as open, your venue is still open.

  • Year 7 IGSSA Netball/IGSSA Hockey training
    • Students will receive an email from Mr Brock or Mr Charters by 8am on Saturday confirming whether or not their session is on. Please make sure you check your email at 8am for that update.
  • Rugby 7’s training
    • Students will receive an email from Mrs Greville by 12pm on Saturday confirming whether or not your session is on. Please make sure you check your email at 12pm for that update.
  • Year 5/6 IPSHA AFL/IPSHA Touch Football training
    • Families will receive an email from Mrs Wood by 6:45am on Saturday confirming whether or not their daughter’s session is on. Please make sure you check your email at 6:45am for that update.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards

Congratulations to year 12 students Ashleigh Leck, Luka Swain and Gian Ellis-Gannell who have been granted their Duke of Ed Gold Awards! Attaining the Gold Award requires self-motivation, dedication and persistence and these ladies have displayed these qualities and more. Well done, ladies.

Hills Netball

Last Saturday saw the 3rd round of games for our Hills Netball teams and it was blue skies and bright smiles all round! There were some great games across the two zones that are in place at Pennant Hills Park. I want to acknowledge the efforts of our program to get as many games as possible on during the holiday period with players always generous to fill in and back up for multiple games. Thanks also to the parents who have facilitated this and amended holiday plans to ensure their daughters were able to play!

Tildesley Tennis

Saturday and Sunday saw Sydney at its wintry, blue best. Whilst the breeze may have been cold, the tennis action was red hot as 22 Secondary students (finally) got the chance to compete at the 102nd edition of the Tildesley Tennis Shield. Saturday morning was for all the singles ladies, and Jodie Drever (Year 9) was the pick of the bunch as she had back to back wins before bowing out in Round 3. On Sunday, we were seeing doubles and it was with similar success as 3 of our pairs progressed through to Round 3 before being knocked out – well done to those pairs; Lillian Dean (Year 11) & Emma Worner (Year 11), Lauren Herbert (Year 11) & Charlotte Black (Year 11), and Hannah Nicholson (Year 12) & Annabelle Gohl (Year 10).

The squad finished 19th overall, which was an improvement of 4 places from last year, a very commendable effort particularly with the interrupted preparation taken into account.

CIS Cup Football

Unfortunately, it was one of the shortest football seasons in history for our Normo footballers! With the Term 2 IGSSA comp cancelled, our Senior 1sts finally got a chance to dust of the boots in a rescheduled Round 3 CIS Cup match vs The Illawarra Grammar School. The challenge was set early, with no preparation making the job that little bit trickier. If there were spectators allowed, they would have been treated to a goal fest, with TIGS taking a narrow 3-2 lead into half-time. It was more of the same in the second half, with TIGS pushing their lead to 5-3 before a late Normo goal with 5 minutes to go set the cat amongst the pigeons. A last minute equaliser was just out of reach, with the game finishing a very entertaining 5-4. The Normo goal scorers were Eloise Hansen (Year 12), Grace Thomas (Year 12) and Sophie Kavanagh (Year 10) who got herself a brace.

Rugby 7’s

Thank you to all the girls who filled in expressions of interest for the Rugby 7’s program – a formal nomination form is now live and has been distributed to all students via Canvas and the Sentral Daily Notices.

Term 4 Sport

With Term 2 Sport being mostly cancelled and Term 3 Sport only just kicking off, it’s time to already start thinking about Term 4 Sport! Nominations for IGSSA Touch Football, IGSSA Water Polo, Hornsby Tennis and Rowing will open on Monday morning; students will receive a notification via Canvas and can also find the nomination link on Sentral’s Daily Notices page. Nominations will be open until Friday 7th August, so please make sure you get your nomination in before that date to guarantee your spot in your Term 4 sport of choice!

Wet Weather Information

Please make sure you check the relevant wet weather sites for any news regarding cancellations.

IGSSA Sports:

IPSHA Sports: (via the app)

Who to see about what?

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquiries about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Mrs Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Softball IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
  Cross Country Pathway LN Activities Program
  Hills  Netball Gymnastics
  Rugby 7s Cheerleading
  IGSSA Touch Football IGSSA Football
  Hayden Fitness Centre AFL


Mr Stephen Charters

Mr David Brock

Mr Ian Edmunds

Mrs laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Tennis Rowing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Triathlon    
Mollie Dive Hockey IGSSA Basketball    
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Netball     
Athletics Pathway Hornsby Tennis    
  Tildesley Tennis    
  Secondary School Carnivals    
  Swimming Pathway    

Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport.

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will NOT be allowed to play. In the case that no Loreto Sport Staff member is present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance, for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst.

Here is the list of required items for matches for each Term 3 Sport:

  • IGSSA Netball: LN Netball singlet, LN netball skort, netball white socks, netball shoes.
  • IGSSA Hockey: LN polo, LN skort, long gold socks, moulded football boots, LN cap, mouthguard, shin pads.
  • Rugby 7’s: LN Rugby jersey, LN Rugby shorts, white sport socks, football boots.
  • Hills Netball: LN Netball singlet, LN netball skort, netball white socks, netball shoes.
  • IPSHA AFL: LN navy sport polo or navy singlet, LN shorts, long gold socks, moulded football boots.
  • IPSHA Touch Football: LN navy sport polo or navy singlet, LN shorts, white socks, moulded football boots.


Whilst we aren’t able to engage in our usual sporting program on Saturday mornings and midweek trainings, we would still love to see photos of our students getting physically active and staying engaged in sport. Please send through any photos or videos you have of LN girls staying active at home to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at

Sport Contacts Term 3 2020



For IGSSA competitions the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details are also available from the IGSSA website


Mr Matthew Mulroney

Head of Sport