Congratulations to Elizabeth Parington (Year 11) who won two gold medals and a bronze at the recent Archery State Championships. Elizabeth has now been selected to represent Australia in the Trans-Tasman Archery Championships in Auckland at the end of this term. Well done Elizabeth!

Cross Country

Well done to Georgia Arcus (Year 10), Elli Barron (Year 8), Arabella Price (Year 9) and Zara Warland (Year 9) who represented Ryde Athletics Centre and placed 2nd in the NSW Waratah Series Cross Country Relay Championship Under 20 event.

Balmoral Burn

Amazing efforts from our Balmoral Burn teams, who took on the Head of the Hill on Sunday morning. Two teams of Normo girls took on the 420m grind up Awaba Street, with special mention going to the team of Georgia Arcus, Arabella Price, Sophie Kavanagh  and Charlotte Curran who finished an amazing second overall!

Balmoral Burn Participants:

Year 8

Elli Barron, Alexandra O’Brien, Charlotte Rigney

Year 9 

Charlotte Curran, Sophie Kavanagh, Arabella Price, Zara Warland

Year 10

Georgia Arcus

NSWCIS Football Championships

Greta Kraszula (Year 11) and Eloise Hansen (Year 11) were both part of the IGSSA Open Football team competing in the NSWCIS Football Championships earlier this week. Both girls played some exceptional football across the two days, helping IGSSA to a second place finish in the tournament. There was further good news for Greta, who was selected in the NSWCIS Combined team that will take on the best footballers CHS and CCC have to offer at the NSW All Schools Football tournament later this term. On top of that, Greta was also awarded the prestigious ‘Player of the Tournament’ award for her consistent excellence across the two days. Big congrats to both Eloise and Greta!

Netball Umpires

Congratulations to Chloe Oong (Year 10), Elizabeth Travers (Year 10) who have been certified as Netball Australia C Badge Umpires.

Well done to the following girls who have received their Netball Umpires’ Certificates: Hannah Saw (Year 9), Ella Kissick (Year 10) and Maya Vander Meeden (Year 10).

North West Equestrian Expo – Coonabarabran

On Thursday, our 14 equestriennes (see table below) set off from Sydney to Coonabarabran to compete at the North West Equestrian Expo. It’s always a fantastic week of competition and it gives a great opportunity for families across NSW to congregate and enjoy the festivities of the week. A big thank you to the parent manager Jane Denny and ‘kitchen coordinator’ Kerri Barr, who will keep our students fed and ready to ride each day. We’ll bring you a full wrap of the results in the next newsletter.

Year 7

Ruby Dew, Jala Fitzsimmons, Sophie Maclean

Year 9 

Felicity Orman

Year 10

Brynnin Barr, Juliette Denny, Bella Dent, Elise MacKay, Scarlet Pidcock, Samantha Schiffman

Year 11

Catherine Baxter, Julia Baxter, Sarah Caspers, Bridie Cooksey

Wet Weather Information

A reminder for how to access information regarding ground closures due to wet weather for weekend sport. Please make sure you check the relevant website prior to leaving home to ensure your venue is open for play.

IGSSA Sports

IPSHA Sports

Who to see about what

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who are responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquires about sport at Loreto should be sent to


MRs Kristie Greville

Ms Emily Wood

Snowsports IGSSA Tennis IPSHA Sports & Carnivals
Swimming Pathway Tildesley Tennis LN Activities Program
Rowing Triathlon Gymnastics
Equestrian IGSSA Basketball Cheerleading
Athletics Pathway Cross Country Pathway IGSSA Football
  IGSSA Netball  
  Hornsby Tennis  
  Hayden Fitness Centre  


Mr Stephen Charters

Mrs Chloe Congdon 

Mrs laura Bryan

LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Softball The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
IGSSA Hockey Hills  Netball  
Mollie Dive Hockey Rugby 7’s  
IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Touch Football  


Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport:

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will not be allowed to play. In the case that a Loreto Sport staff member is not present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance, for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst. Please see your sport specific booklets for full details on what uniform is required for your sport.


Loreto Sports Girl:  Bridget Whittaker, Year 9

Current sport/activity: Hockey.

Favourite school sport/activity: Hockey.

Highest level of sporting achievement: The Central West Polding team.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: Saving my first ever goal for the senior team.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: To watch Jodie Kenny score her 100th goal on TV.

Best subject at school: English.

Any superstitions before playing sport: I wear my lucky inners to every game.

Best tune to listen to before competing: Anything that is upbeat to get me pumped 😉



We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport but, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Events Calendar

Date & Time



30 May-6 June North West Equestrian Expo Coonabarabran
8 June Long Weekend – No Saturday sport N/A
11 June Secondary School Athletics Carnival Homebush


Saturday Sports BBQ Roster

Week 5,  Saturday 1 June

Team  & Game Time

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON 05 – 8am 7:45am – 9:00am ASNICAR, REDDY, TZIOLIS, VOZELLA
LON 06 – 9am 8:45am – 10:00am NALYWAJKO, OONG, REDWIN, WILLIAMSON
LON 08 – 10am 9:45am – 11:00am ARCIULI, GRANELLI, KYRIAZIS
LON 01 – 11am 10:45am – 12:00pm COADY, DOLORES, FLANNERY, WHITTAKER

Week 6,  Saturday 25 May

Team  & Game Time

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON 11 – 8am 7:45am – 9:00am HESSEY, HOSIE, LACKENBY, PARRY
LON 02 – 9am 8:45am – 10:00am HARTNETT, HEWITT, ROGERS
LON 10 – 10am 9:45am – 11:00am BUGEJA, CHO, FRASER, GOSLING
LON 08 – 11am 10:45am – 12:00pm LOCKE, MONTANO, PELLARINI

Duties involve cooking on the BBQ or serving. If you are unable to fulfil your duty you must arrange a replacement (contact other day girls’ families in your team from the team contact list).


2019 Sport Contacts Term 2




IPSHA Sports Ms Emily Wood
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood





IGSSA Basketball  Mrs Kristie Greville
IGSSA Football Ms Emily Wood
Hills Netball Mrs Chloe Congdon
Equestrian Mr Matt Mulroney
Mollie Dive Hockey Mr Steve Charters
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood
Cheerleading Ms Emily Wood
Duke of Edinburgh Award Mrs Laura Bryan
Loreto Normanhurst Swimming Mr David Brock
Acting Head of Sport Mr Matt Mulroney


For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details see the IGSSA website here.


Mr Matt Mulroney

 Acting Head of Sport