CIS Softball

Well done to Bailey Henderson (Year 11), Peyton Henderson (Year 10) and Samantha North (Year 11) who represented IGSSA at the CIS Softball Championships on Monday. They all played big roles in guiding the IGSSA squad to an equal-first placed finish on the day. More great news for Bailey who has been selected in the CIS Squad to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships later this year.

School Tennis Championships

As we ramp up the preparation for Tildesley, our School Tennis Championships are underway. Last Friday was the Singles event and play got all the way through to the semi-final stage before rain cut the event short, so the semis and finals will be played at a later date. The Doubles event is on this afternoon and we’ll have news of the day in next week’s newsletter.


It was a long weekend for our rowers with back-to-back regattas at SIRC, culminating with the IGSSA Regatta on Sunday. There were some sensational results and terrific rows as the squad continues to build their preparation to the Head of the River on Saturday 16 March. Congratulations to all the girls who competed so well.


The Regatta Centre at Penrith saw some action of a different kind this week as we swapped boats for bikes and oars for arms, with students competing in the NSW All Schools Triathlon Championships.

On Thursday, the individual event took place, with some fantastic results chalked up by the Normo squad. In the Intermediate Division, Arabella Price (Year 9) finished 39th overall and 22nd in the CIS and Georgia Robertson (Year 10) finishing 90th and 43rd respectively. In the Senior Division, Gabriella Black (Year 12) was tremendous, finishing 21st overall and 8th in the CIS, along with Ainsley Woods (Year 12) who finished 39th and 16th respectively. A tremendous effort from all girls!

Today, the teams take centre stage and we’ll have the results of those events in next week’s newsletter.


We wish the very best of luck to our primary school swimmers who will take to the water at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on Tuesday to compete against the best IPSHA has to offer. Go well, girls!

In the excitement of swim season, some names didn’t make it into the IGSSA squad announcement in last week’s newsletter. Also swimming for LN at the IGSSA Carnival this year will be Gabrielle Ryan (Year 8), Maddison Hinds (Year 8) and Claudia Stratton (Year 9). Congratulations to these girls!

Wet Weather Information

With a few clouds around, a reminder for how to access information regarding ground closures due to wet weather for weekend sport. Please make sure you check the relevant website prior to leaving home to ensure your venue is open for play.

IGSSA Sports:

IPSHA Sports:

Who to see about what

As a handy reference guide, the table below outlines the staff members who will be responsible for sports and activities throughout the year. All enquires about sport at Loreto should be sent to




Snowsports IGSSA Tennis Rowing
Swimming Pathway Tildesley Tennis Equestrian
  Triathlon Athletics Pathway
  IGSSA Basketball  
  Cross Country Pathway  
  IGSSA Netball  
  Hornsby Tennis  
  Hayden Fitness Centre  


Ms Emily Wood

Mr Stephen Charters

Mrs Chloe Congdon

Mrs laura Bryan

IPSHA Sports & Carnivals LN Invitational Badminton IGSSA Softball The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program
LN Activities Program IGSSA Hockey Hills  Netball  
Gymnastics Mollie Dive Hockey Rugby 7’s  
Cheerleading IGSSA Water Polo IGSSA Touch Football  
IGSSA Football      


Correct Sport Uniform

An important note regarding correct sport uniform for Saturday competition sport:

Students who are not dressed in the correct uniform for competition will NOT be allowed to play. In the case that a Loreto Sport staff member is not present, your team coach will have the authority to remove a student from play and/or not allow a student to start play. Thank you in advance, for your cooperation in this matter. It is our expectation that you will be appropriately dressed and in uniform while representing Loreto Normanhurst. Please see your sport specific booklets for full details on what uniform is required for your sport.


Loreto Sports Girl:  Madeleine Campbell

Current sport/activity: Badminton, netball and dance

Favourite school sport/activity: Badminton and netball.

Highest level of sporting achievement: Winning any game in badminton is an achievement and outside of school, winning multiple tap, jazz and musical theatre Eisteddfods.

Best moment of Loreto Sport for you: For me, sport is about fun and fitness and I loved watching the Loreto versus Riverview netball game as it was very funny.

Favourite sporting moment as a spectator: Seeing all the new people pick up a new sport and seeing their joyous reactions when they win a point in badminton.

Best subject at school: Music, Science and Drama.

Any superstitions before playing sport: No specific superstitions, but I do like to make sure that as a team we are as pumped up as we can be.



We love seeing photos of our girls enjoying sport but, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re out and about over the weekend at your daughter’s fixtures, please send through any snaps you get to

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us at @loretonhsport – tweet us and use the hashtag #LetsGoLoreto and we’ll retweet as many as we can!

If you’re on Facebook, our page is at


Events Calendar

Date & Time



6 March 3.30pm Bronze Duke of Ed Registration Session Curran Theatre
17 March Bronze Duke of Ed Training Day DRC



Week 4 Saturday 2 March

Team  & Game Time

BBQ Duty Time

Families Rostered

LON07 – 8:00am 7:45am – 9:20am Hartley, King, Saw
LON03 – 9:15am 9:10am – 10:20am Madigan, Middleton, Thomas
LON08 – 10:30am 10:10am – 11:30am Alexander, Baker, Frith, Harsas


Duties involve cooking on the BBQ or serving. If you are unable to fulfil your duty you must arrange a replacement (contact other day girls’ families in your team from the team contact list).


2019 Sport Contacts Term 1




IPSHA Sports Ms Emily Wood
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood





IGSSA Tennis  Mr Dave Brock
IGSSA Softball Mrs Chloe Congdon
IGSSA Rowing Miss Jess Levy
Badminton Mr Steve Charters
Midweek Activities Ms Emily Wood
Cheerleading Ms Emily Wood
Duke of Edinburgh Award Mrs Laura Bryan
Acting Head of Sport Mr Matt Mulroney


For IGSSA competitions, the full draw points table, venue lists and wet weather details see the IGSSA website here.


Mr Matt Mulroney

 Acting Head of Sport