Spirituality Evening

Spirituality Evening

Go set the world on fire with the love of God!

Spirituality Evening: Wednesday 16 August 2017

The year is 1841, the date, August 23. On the pier in Kingstown in Ireland stands a group of Loreto nuns waving off seven young women in their 20s, dressed in the habit of the Loreto Sisters and accompanied by five postulants. These 12 are embarking on a journey destined for Calcutta, India. Their journey will end on December 30 as ‘the Scotia’ sails up the Hooghly River into the Bay of Bengal. For most, it is a final parting from family, home and country.

What inspired such madness? Where was the source of such courage and faith? What sustained them in the years that followed? Their arrival in a very different culture where they were welcomed as ‘Priestesses’, the death of some of their members in the first years, the setting up of schools and orphanages, journeys up rivers to places not accessible by road, surely called on a source deep within them. When some died of cholera others were ready to come out and replace them.

You are warmly invited to join us for a relaxed and prayerful evening together exploring what is at the heart of our Christian life – God’s call to us, sending us out to love and serve.  This is the second of our series of three Spirituality Evenings this year, drawing wisdom and inspiration from the stories of three remarkable Loreto women, as we celebrate the 120th  Anniversary of Loreto Normanhurst.  In our first session we reflected on Mary Ward’s story and spirituality, and this time we turn to Teresa Ball, a passionate woman of deep faith and courage.      

Teresa was a young Irishwoman who, in her twenties, received her training with Mary Ward’s Sisters in York, England and then went back to Dublin to open a school ‘like the one in York’.  At her death 40 years later she had established 37 Loreto Houses in three different continents! Her story, and that of the sisters who followed, takes us on a journey of amazing courage, vibrancy and faith. Teresa Ball sent each successive group of missionaries, in response to an appeal from the local Church, with the words: “Go set the world on fire with the love of God.”

During our evening together we will hear Teresa Ball’s story, have time for reflection and conversation and end the evening in silence and prayer, experiencing one of The First Spiritual Exercises, a simple way of praying in the traditional Ignatian manner.

The evening will be facilitated by Sr Sandra Perrett IBVM and Caitlin Douglas (’87), ex-student of Loreto Normanhurst. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday 16 August 2017


Loreto Normanhurst
Level 3, Gonzaga Barry Centre

Parking available in the Oval Carpark, entry via Gate O4, Osborn Road.

Light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP: for catering purposes by Wednesday 9 August to:

Ms Kerry McCullough
Liturgy & Spirituality Coordinator

Mrs Alicia Maunsell
Director of Development