A few words.  A little bread.  A splash of wine.

Next week is Holy Week, and one of the most moving and beautiful ceremonies of that week, is that of Holy Thursday evening, The Mass of the Lord’s Supper.  Acts of love always touch our hearts in a profound way.  I always think that their poignancy has something to do with the humble stance of the lover, the open heart and vulnerability in the act of self-giving to another.  And so it is when we ponder Jesus’ act of love that night.

 “This is my body”, said Jesus, as he took the bread, gave thanks to God for it, broke it and passed it around to his friends gathered at the table with him.  “Take and eat”.  He did the same with the cup of wine.  “Drink from it, all of you” (Matthew 26).    

These familiar words echo down through the millennia.  They are uttered every day in the ritual of the Roman Catholic Mass and still they speak to us today.  They invite us, as we gather together around the altar, the table of the Lord, into something quite remarkable.  Mitch Finley, in his powerful little book, The Joy of Being a Eucharistic Minister, writes: 

“A few words.  A little bread.  A splash of wine.  But the words and the bread and the wine, no longer mere words, no longer just bread and wine, mysteriously they carry the Love that makes the cosmos spin and sparkle in an orderly fashion, the Love that keeps life pulsing in our hearts, now and forever, world without end, in this life and the next”. 

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Dean of  Mission