The moment when one thing turns into another is really magical –
it’s the best moment

Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz


There is nothing quite like a good story to teach us and touch us.  And the story I want to share with you this week is Wasteland.  It’s a story about the transforming of people’s lives, a story of justice.  This week and next, as we set out on our journey into the Loreto Schools’ Year of Justice, I would like to offer you an insight into justice, in two parts.  So this week, let’s reflect on our Judaeo-Christian understanding of justice, and next week, we’ll think about what is asked of us if we are to be people who live justice.

Wasteland, which was screened on SBS during the summer holiday several years ago, is a film about Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and how he entered and transformed the lives of a group of marginalised people.

Vik himself grew up poor, in the favelas of Rio, and after achieving renown as an artist and rising up out of poverty, he wanted to give something back to the poor.  He wanted to use his art, his talent, to help others, and so he came up with a project.  He went to a place called Jardim Gramacho in Brazil (which no longer exists as it was closed in 2012) which was the world’s largest garbage dump on the outskirts of Rio, and he went there to photograph the catadores, the garbage pickers.  His intention was to create art using these photographs and the garbage itself and then to sell these works and give the proceeds to the people.

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator