Weep for the world

We do not see your face Infinite Love, but you do have eyes for you weep through the oppressed and look upon us with a shining gaze that reveals your forgiveness


Following is an article I wrote a few years ago in response to the crisis in Syria at that time.  Since then, the deeply heartbreaking and disturbing mass of humanity fleeing war and persecution has grown and grown.  That mass of human suffering is made up of women, men and children, just like us, with hopes and dreams and fears, enduring what for us is unimaginable terror and the loss of so much we take for granted.  Their faces tell this story.  This week here in Australia we find ourselves looking into the eyes of those suffering yet another wave of abandonment, fear and loss as the detention centre on Manus Island is closed and Australia withdraws.  The sight of garbage bins filled with water, to which is added a little sugar and salt for sustenance, says it all.  How did we come to such cruelty?  With these images and these cries before us this week I thought it might be worth offering that reflection again. 

This is also the week, the first week in November, in which we remember those who have died as we celebrate the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls and the eve of those Feasts, Hallowe’en or ‘Hallowed evening’.  With an increasing focus on the secular festivities of Halloween here in Australia, the desperation on the faces of those people on Manus Island might indeed prompt us into a reflection on something other as we think of all those who have died in the search for a country in which they might find rest, security and a future. 

Here is the reflection…

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator