Gather us in, quiet before You, O God

Care for yourself. Nourish your spirit. Draw deeply from the well of peace and wisdom. The way is silence.

Our lives can all too frequently seem like overpacked suitcases, bursting at the seams. Our minds are like those monkeys, as the Buddhist teaching says, chattering incessantly, swinging from one branch to another. Our feelings are often stretched to their limit. And where is our spirit in all this? As Thomas Merton puts it, “my soul is lacerated by the noise of my activity and my desire. My mind is crucified all day by its own hunger for experience, for ideas, for satisfaction. And I do not possess my house in silence.”

I share with you a beautiful reflection by Becky Eldridge who writes for Ignatianspirituality.com. She says:

“I found myself this morning reflecting on an experience that occurred a few years ago during a Charis retreat. It was a Friday night in March, and I stepped outside the chapel into the cool air during a period of sacred silence…

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and  Liturgy Coordinator