A mellow time

This week we celebrate the winter solstice – the shortest day of the year.  It is a mellow time.  All around us nature speaks in gentle, hushed tones.  There is a soft yet glorious light falling through the almost bare branches of the trees and catching the leaves in their red and gold splendour.  Darkness comes early and the dawn late.  We turn to simple delights –  a bowl of steaming soup, cradling a cup of hot tea in our hands, the extra duvet on the bed, reclining lazily as we half watch a movie, curling up with a good book, and with the holidays coming; slow, lazy mornings.  We seek out comfortable and warm spaces.  Nature reminds us that is okay to slow down. 

There is something within us too that echoes this mellow season.  Like the seasons around us of which we are so intimately a part, there are seasons in our spiritual life, in our faith too.  There are those times when we question and search, study, ponder, grow.  There are times of doubt when all seems dry and empty; desert times, and there are times of utter certainty, times of joy.  Then there is the mellow season of our faith when our hearts are full, mellow and content to rest there. 

A mellow heart is a surrendered heart, an undivided heart.  Step back, let go – let go of the searching, the questioning and the striving, and just let it be.  A mellow heart is one which is no longer tossed to and fro by the ego and its claims.  All that is laid to rest.  A mellow heart is one which just is – resting at ease in paradox and uncertainty – and above all in trust.  A mellow heart embodies the beautiful words of the Beatitude: “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  

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Ms Kerry McCullough
Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator