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An Easter Reflection

Easter begins in darkness: the emptiness and silence of the tomb.  “They have taken away my Lord, and I don’t know where they have laid him,” said the distraught Mary Magdalene.  The disciples are afraid and are behind closed doors in the upper room.  They fear they will meet the same fate as Jesus at the hands of the Romans.  They are distressed and stunned by what has taken place and wonder what the future holds.  But the risen Christ meets Mary in the darkness of her distress.  He takes her by surprise.  She had come to the tomb to carry out the proper Jewish burial rites that they had not been able to do after the crucifixion.  What she was expecting was a body in the tomb.  The frightened disciples, huddling in the upper room, believed they would not encounter Jesus again.  He was gone and it had all ended in a horrible death.  But the risen Christ meets them in their fear and confusion and in their dashed hopes.  He appears to them and shows them his hands where the nails had been and he gives them his blessing of peace. 

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Liturgy and Spirituality Co-ordinator