Last week I was privileged to attend Retreat with Year 12 and their teachers. What struck me immediately was how well the students embraced the idea of letting go and how well they embraced the idea of practicing silence in order to listen to the stirrings within their heart.

We provide the students with a range of readings and activities to help them reflect on the person they are, the person they want to be and the person God asks them to be.  One of the spiritual readings included in the journal was written by Ms Kerry McCullough, Liturgy and Spirituality Coordinator. It examines the type of marks a person should leave on this earth and is a beautiful reflection on love, grace and the importance of living in right relationships with others.

As I read through her writing I couldn’t help but be inspired to live a life grounded in the Christian values of compassion, forgiveness and empathy with all aspects of creation. It is a powerful read and I encourage you to explore the words that follow and allow your heart and thoughts to be open to the grace of God.

Read  Ms McCullough’s  article  Footprints of grace here.


Mrs Libby Parker

Director of Mission