In our quest for God we think too much, reflect too much, talk too much.  Even when we look at this dance that we call creation,
we are the whole time thinking, talking (to ourselves and others) reflecting, analyzing, philosophizing.  Words.  Noise.

Be silent and contemplate the dance. 

And hopefully, it won’t be long before you see him – the dancer himself!


Anthony De Mello


The last few weeks of holiday time were filled for me with baby time – wonderful contemplative hours, in fact days on end, just looking into the beautiful face of my daughter’s newborn baby girl!  We all know how babies change and grow and every day there is something new to delight us, and it wasn’t long before she excitedly said one day, “Mum, I think she’s aware of being cuddled”.  A baby doesn’t analyse and reason, she responds to what is around her, she ‘goes with the flow’, and so her words got me thinking about ourselves, our lives in God, our faith journey, our spiritual growth.

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Ms Kerry McCullough 

Liturgy and Spirituality Co-ordinator