Wrestling with God

Each year at this time as our Year 12 students graduate and prepare to move beyond the walls of Loreto Normanhurst I wonder where their path will take them  –  spiritually, religiously.  They will each find their way and make their own choice.  But one thing I do pray for them – and I always talk to my class about this – is that they may indeed engage in the conversation, the soul-searching, the argument, that they may listen to the whispers in their heart as much as to the voices around them, that they may never walk away disinterested  –  I pray that they may wrestle with God.  And that, dare I say, as the old ascetic in the story below says, that they may lose.     

“Working up courage, I entered the cave and proceeded toward the voice.  The ascetic was curled up on the ground.  He had raised his head, and I was able in the half-light to make out his face as it gleamed in the depths of unutterable beatitude  …  .   I did not know what to say, where to begin   …   “

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Dean of Mission