Then the centre of my heart can become the place where God can hear the prayer for my neighbours and embrace them with his love.

Henri Nouwen


I am sure you, like me, are deeply distressed right now at the images coming out of Syria.  A few weeks ago Four Corners told the story of four children escaping from Syria in an effort to get to Germany.  I recall, almost four years ago, the most heart-breaking scenes of massacre and bloodshed in an emergency room in Aleppo which itself was being shelled while doctors and nurses continued to treat the endless flow of seriously injured people being brought in from the streets.  An image that will stay with me always is that of a seven year old boy who could not be saved, and who was carried out onto the street to be placed with the others who did not make it, past his father who was lying next to him, seriously injured and unaware that his son had just died.  And now, four years later, it all continues.  Except that now, the stream of desperate people is deeper and wider and the exhaustion and pain, the extent of human misery and fear, even greater.  There are no words to come close to this depth of suffering and tragedy.  Our silence and our tears in the face of it say it all…


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Ms Kerry McCullough

Dean of Mission