The Burning Bush

Moses was just like any one of us!  He engaged with God, he struggled with God, he was sent, he resisted, he went, he did well, he did not so well, he got angry, felt disappointed, hopeful, he learned and grew  …  .  Yes, he is one of the great biblical figures in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition, but I think he is that because, like any one of us, he depthed his humanity and grappled with God right there in the heart of who and what he was, right there in the midst of all that was happening in his particular world.  And because of his ‘yes’, just like that of Mary and other biblical figures, the Divine Presence broke into human affairs.  There is debate about whether Moses did actually exist and lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt into the Promised Land, the land of Canaan, or whether this story refers to a number of other ways the Jewish people came into identity in Canaan and eventually established a kingdom there.  However, historical or not, and if we put aside the ‘Cecil B De Mille Moses’ leading thousands of Hebrews in grand epic style across the Red Sea, and we consider the man himself, I think we may be surprised to see something of ourselves there.  And Moses may become a spiritual guide for us…

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Dean of Mission