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Now, you and I see shadows, stirring and shaping character and plot, awaiting the new…

Marlene Marburg

 Here we are in this wonderful Season of our Church Year, the Season of Easter.  And we begin with a question: What has Easter got to do with me?  

To start our reflection on Easter here is a little anecdote about the Irish visionary and eco-poet, John Moriarty: “Moriarty was walking through muddy patches near his home, wondering how those bits of heaven could emerge from such a drab place. ‘How could something so yellow as a buttercup come out of soggy brown earth’? he asked. ‘How could something so purple as an orchid and so perfect as a cowslip come out of it?  Where does the colour and perfection come from?’ ”.

We too may ask that question as we gaze in wonder at the exuberant budding and flowering that happens all over the planet, as we see a seemingly withered tree burst into life or tiny shoots of greenness.  We too are surprised by the power of life when it appears.  And often in the most unlikely of places and experiences.   

This is what Easter has to do with us.  It is about the power of life.

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator