There are five Values which have come to us from Mary Ward and which express her understanding of what it means to live a Gospel-centred life in faithfulness to Jesus.  These Values are a profound way of ensuring our path is authentic, for they guide us and invite us into growing more and more deeply into the way of Jesus.  These Values are Felicity, Freedom, Sincerity, Justice and Verity.   

This year all Loreto schools in Australia are focusing on the value of Verity.  At the end of 2019 our new School Captains got together with the leaders of all the other Loreto Schools in Australia and together they explored what Verity, as understood and lived by Mary Ward, might mean for them in their leadership. They created the  beautiful Student Verity Prayer which speaks so profoundly of  all we are called to as we follow in the footsteps of Mary Ward, and of course, attune our hearts and minds to the call of Jesus. 

Verity Prayer



God of Light,

who guides us in ways of truth.

Ignite within us the courage to uncover our authentic selves and in doing so discover our greatest gifts.

Illuminate the path of integrity, so our lives are defined by love and honesty.

Inspire us to look beyond our own horizons to face the truth bigger than ourselves.

Called by Mary Ward, we seek and speak the truth:

a truth that invites us to do ordinary things well,

a truth that leads to justice for all.

This is our Verity.

In Jesus’ name and with the help of the Holy Spirit,

we say, Amen.



Over the coming weeks I hope to explore the Value of Verity in these Spirituality articles and offer some of the places it might take us.     


Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator