Holy Spirit Come

Blow winds of change, breathe in our lives

Stir in our hearts, shine through our eyes

Come and pour out your gifts, work through our hands

And renew the face of this land

(Contemporary Hymn, Holy Spirit Come)


Imagine a group of people, faithful followers of the Jewish teacher Jesus, having witnessed his arrest, trial and execution, felt the deep sorrow, shock  and fear of that terrible event, their hopes dashed in the darkness of that apparent ending, and then, his presence among them again, giving them courage and stirring their hearts with hope and, finally, strengthened and filled with a power that literally drove them out into the world – to teach, to spread this good news, to heal, guide, encourage, to do all that we know to be the work of the Church.  This presence and power, the Holy Spirit, is something Jesus had spoken about, something he had promised he would give them and which would teach and inspire them, and most importantly would send them out into the world in his name to do everything – and more in fact – that he himself had done.  This is the Pentecost story and it is what we celebrated last Sunday. 

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Dean of Mission