Find your truth in God and live from it

Verity is one of the five Mary Ward Values we hold dear –  the others are Sincerity, Freedom, Justice and Felicity –  and each year we focus on, celebrate, explore and live one of these Values in a special way.  So what are these Values?  I think the best way to describe them is to say that these Values are stories about God.  They are both a way to God and they are the face of God.  I say this because each of these Values is firmly centred in the Gospel.  Their particular meaning is drawn from the truths and worldview, the life and words of Jesus, and as we explore them and live them we find that we are taken into the heart of a Gospel-centred life.

Verity means Truth.  Truth is a multi-faceted thing and indeed in our post-Modern world of relativism and individualism we may question whether there is any such thing as objective truth.  Many would say there isn’t and that at best, ‘truth’ is the sense each one makes of the world, life and how best to live.  Truth, thus understood, is seen as rather personal – we all know the expression, ‘speak your truth’.   In fact truth, in this sense, may more properly be thought of as perspectives, often held without sound rational or philosophical argument and often emotionally based.  Truth can be a pragmatic and functional thing too –  whatever works for you –  serving a purpose, helping us find our way through the dizzying array of options life offers us.  Getting to the truth of any situation can often be a messy business for these very reasons.  Conflicting truths, as we know, can lead to heated argument, stand-offs, broken relationships, violence.  Truth can become a fortress in which we hide.  Two extremes seem to characterize much of the approach to truth today.  On the one hand, an iron-clad grip on often narrowly defined positions and beliefs, and on the other hand, an attitude which says, ‘hold to whatever is good for you, whatever feels right for you and serves you well’.  So, certainly a complex thing!

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Ms Kerry McCullough

Spirituality and Liturgy Coordinator