Social Justice Coordinator

As I sat down to write this article the school bell began to play John Mayer’s Waiting on the World to Change and I realised that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. At Loreto Normanhurst, our girls are taught that they need to live out the values of Mary Ward in their lives; they need to show that they believe in Sincerity, Justice, Felicity, Verity and the value of the year – Freedom. We aim to teach our students that they cannot wait to see changes in the world; that they need to be those changes.

As Social Justice Coordinator I have the privilege of seeing the numerous ways that our students live out these values every day. This year, there is a real sense of momentum and enthusiasm building across the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Group. Our lunchtime meetings have been packed with enthusiastic young women who have all put up their hands, asking to do work that is tangible, relevant and seeks to remedy the injustices of our world. Already this year, the girls have organised the signing of the Close the Gap petitions and letter writing to our Members of Parliament, urging them to embrace tolerance and celebrate our country’s diversity. Our girls rose to the challenge set during Project Compassion to raise at least $120 per tutor group – $6700 in total. They smashed that challenge by raising a total sum of $7210 – a huge amount that will have real benefits for people across Australia and our neighbouring countries. Additionally, this term, students have regularly given up their lunchtimes to knit squares which will be sewed into blankets and distributed to people who are homeless in our society.

Today we celebrated Loreto Day which aims to raise awareness and much needed funds for a Loreto school in South Sudan, Loreto Rumbek. Our Year 11 students have been working tirelessly throughout this term to coordinate the event, fundraise, and raise awareness of the issues facing girls in South Sudan and the importance of helping them access a quality education.

Every week our girls are not waiting for the world to change. They are actively working towards that change. They are doing real, tangible things to help those who most need our assistance and compassion. 


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator