Social Justice Coordinator

Social Justice Coordinator

In our ever changing, turbulent and complicated world we are often inundated with news of tragedies, catastrophes and injustices, so it is vital that we, as an educational organisation, teach our students of our shared humanity.

At Loreto Normanhurst, we also believe that it is necessary to show our students that our response to tragedy and injustice cannot be one where we turn away and ignore or feel that our role in the world is not important. Instead, we aim to show students that our response has to be an active and positive one that aims for change and that  we play a vital role in educating students in how to become active global citizens.

This active global citizen is someone who has a strong sense of personal and social responsibility. Their citizenship can take many forms and can be exercised on local, national and global levels. Where our students see that they can help, where they can make a difference, where they can use their voice for change – they should – because they can.

The Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model offers many opportunities for our students to cultivate their sense of active citizenship, and importantly to develop skills and knowledge that will allow them to understand and challenge our increasingly more complex world. Participation in extracurricular groups like the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Group, involvement in the Week Without Words Awareness campaign, and active participation in the successful running of Loreto Day, are just a few ways our girls flex their active citizenship muscles.

Additionally, our Community Service Program that runs through Years 10 and 11 offers students significant opportunities for positive and meaningful participatory practice in their local communities. We believe that serving others allows students to experience the satisfaction of doing good work and helping others, a sense of efficacy both in self and in the collective, a sense of responsibility, and a feeling of being involved in something larger than themselves.

With participation growing in our social justice groups and awareness and fundraising campaigns, our students are very much living out the value of justice this year. They are embracing opportunities to make a difference to local community organisations like House of Welcome, on a national scale through their participation in Close the Gap Day and are being taught to ask questions and challenge their world.

They are active global citizens.


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator