Social Justice

Social Justice Leaders

I would like to welcome our new Social Justice Captain for 2019, Isabella Mincher. Isabella is an engaged, committed, perceptive and compassionate young woman who will lead us wonderfully in all things social justice.

I would also like to welcome our Social Justice House Leaders to the team: Ainsley Mallet, Maxe O’Kelly, Piper Hall, Abigail Mulcaster, Gabrielle Elias, Grace Campbell, Emma Carrigan, Tiana Dolores.

Their first exciting initiative will be to promote our Vinnies Christmas Appeal Hamper Collection and I am sure it will be an outstanding success.


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator



National Schools Enviroweek has been celebrated at Loreto Normanhurst this week and the Green Team chose the theme “Change is something that starts with me!” which, indeed, it is.  On Monday afternoon, we hosted an intimate screening of ‘The Lorax’, which is an engaging adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book of the same title. The film explores the impact of deforestation and industry on ecosystems and follows the journey of a young boy whose actions initiate the change in society towards a better world. The film is currently available on Netflix and is a great family movie that provides an excellent dinner-conversation stimulus. Sister Libby Rogerson IBVM and Mrs Melanie Oxley sat on the panel and kicked off the discussion that was driven by the challenging and probing questions from the audience.

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

On Tuesday morning, students in the secondary school entered the online Tutor Group Environment Trivia Quiz, and the final will be held early next week to find out which group knows the most facts! On Tuesday afternoon, the LRC hosted a ‘build your own succulent’ workshop, the brainchild of Ms Liz Green and was led by horticulturist Eric Walker, who not only provided guidance on constructing the bowls, but also provided education around the biology and care of these plants. The atmosphere was one of calm, concentration and true mindfulness – the benefits to our mental health by engaging in crafts and nature should never go underestimated, and this workshop, held during Mental Health Month, allowed for both! 

Wednesday recess brought with it a little drizzle, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the House Councils, who, under the leadership of their Social Justice Leaders, whipped up House spirit amongst the students in the Great Litter Pick-Up Challenge. They were very competitive and are patiently awaiting feedback on which House won. In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be any litter to put in the bins as people are moving towards containers, but there were plenty of zip-lock bags, bits of clingwrap and snack packets in the bins as well as food waste highlighting a need for further work in this area. However, the good news was that this litter was all in the bins and not the ground.

Throughout the week, tickets were sold to staff and secondary school students for raffles of reusable, eco-friendly products. The draws took place on Friday morning and the proceeds are going to the Buy a Bale fund. A group of primary school students worked in collaboration with Mrs Katerina Beroukas to raise awareness of environmental issues in the primary school and selected bell songs which showcased the beauty of nature and the joy it brings to our lives.

The Green Team are congratulated for their enthusiasm in the planning of what is one of the biggest events on their calendar.


 Mrs  Elizabeth Cranfield

Ecology Coordinator