Social Justice

Social Justice

For those of us living in the city, our newsfeeds have begun to be bombarded with images and news of the devastating drought ravaging country Australia. Sadly, however, the awful magnitude of Australia’s drought crisis is nothing new for hundreds of thousands of people living in our country towns and on rural properties.

We now know how bad it is, but farmers have known for what probably seems like a lifetime. In some parts of Western Queensland, children who were born in 2011 have never seen rain. Never felt the cool drops on their skins, or watched the beauty and power of a thunderstorm roll over the sky.

We, as a community, want to help. Many of our boarders and their families have been directly affected by this crisis and so as a school, we must respond and show country Australia that we care.

Students are busy organising a variety of activities to fundraise and raise awareness of the crisis. One way we can all help is by donating as a Loreto Normanhurst supporter of Buy a Bale. Buy a Bale is a registered charity which fundraises for farmers and provides relief in the way of feed, heat, electricity, gas and many other options. You can also check out who in your area is running the ‘Parma for a Farmer’ initiative  and go and get yourself a delicious chicken parma for a good cause! The Asquith Bowling Club is one such Club who are getting behind Loreto’s initiative of supporting drought stricken farmers with the ‘Parma for a Farmer’ initiative. For every schnitzel or parma sold in the next two weeks at the Club from Friday to Sunday, the Club will donate $1 to the cause and if you mention Loreto, you will receive a free soft drink as well. 

Click here to Buy a Bale.

Over the coming weeks, some of our boarders will share their stories and experiences of the drought with you. I thank them for their courage.


Ms Rosanne Timmins

Social Justice Coordinator